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Credit card business is a huge profitable venture for credit card companies and banks. In bigger and consumer-based economies around the world, credit cards have become very popular. People keep demanding them from banks and financial institutions for convenience as well as for a host of other benefits offered by them. Although banks and financial institutions implement some cautions in rendering credit cards to customers, there are still being distributed to a vast number of people every year.

Credit cards are actually short-term loan or credit offered to the credit card holder. But it is still different from a conventional loan offered by a bank or any other financial institutions. For instance, the loans offered by banks or financial institutions are for a longer period of time and usually are offered on the basis of certain securities.

The rate of interest is also very low compare to the rate of interest fixed in a credit card. In a credit card, a low amount of money is fixed as a credit limit till the amount is recovered by the credit card company. It charges a high rate of interest, but this interest is usually charged after a certain period of time, when the purchase has already been made by the customer. The interest-free period is one of the biggest attractions for the credit card holder. However, if the interest-free period is not managed well by the credit card customer, he can end up paying higher rates of interest in addition to other finance charges. Hence it is important to be careful in this context.

Credit card companies profit from the interest charges and a host of other finance charges they charge to credit card customers. In order to attract customers to use credit cards to a maximum extent, credit companies provide offers and deals. Credit card holders find credit card deals that motivate them to make purchases. They also find credit card deals in discounts on various products. They also find credit card deals in airline tickets, especially if they are frequent travellers, they can also gain reward points. Since various credit card companies offer deals, customers can compare credit cards for the best advantage. They can compare credit cards for the various discounts associated with different products and services they use on the basis of the credit card transactions. They can also compare credit cards for interest rates and finance charges.

Credit cards also offer cash benefit to customers. One way of getting cash through a credit card is the cash back offer given by the credit card companies. Though it is not cash in the real sense, yet the credit card companies market it in such a manner that the customers are used to getting attracted to the offer and make use of it. The other way of getting cash is more realistic. Credit card companies allow credit card holders to withdraw cash through the credit card from the ATM. However, unlike credit card transactions, credit card cash is not interest-free in many cases.

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