Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit

Click this link to apply for personal loans for people with bad credit. We have the highest approval rate online and take great pride in this. Our goals is help you get back on your feet and start the credit repair process.

With the state of the economy these days, it is easy to find a lot of people feeling the burden of the financial crunch. It is therefore not surprising that the number of cases regarding personal loans for people with bad credit is on the rise too. In fact, it seems as if more and more lending companies that specialize in personal loans for people with bad credit are popping up almost everywhere. If your credit score is not exactly considered credit worthy, you might be looking for some financial relief. If you are, here are a couple of things you ought to consider first before applying for personal loans, especially if you have bad credit rating.

1. Personal loans for people with bad credit rating probably have the highest interest rates among all kinds of personal lending options. Aside from the usual interest rate piled on for unsecured loans, your high risk (non-payment) status adds another 10% to 20% to the total amount you have to pay back. Some people, especially those who might be desperate for cash, usually ask sub-prime lenders for loans immediately. Unfortunately, these aforementioned lenders also add another 5% to 25% interest rates to their policies. And that makes the overall debt rather staggering and extremely difficult to repay within a specific time frame.

Market experts recommend looking into prime policies instead. Although few in number, there are still prime lending establishments and smaller companies that offer personal loans for people with bad credit. Their policies usually have lower interest rates and easier repayment options too. It might do your finances some good if you approach a number of prime lenders first before you look into sub-prime loans.

2. You should be extra wary of lending companies that seem to easily give out personal loans for people with bad credit. Naturally enough, any person would appreciate going through the paperwork quickly; that is, if there are papers to be filled out or submitted at all. Sadly, there are several unscrupulous lending companies out there that will transfer “instant” cash into your account, and ask for the completion of your papers later on. This may sound great, until you belatedly realize how exorbitant their interest rates are, and how short a time you are allotted to pay back your dues. Not only will this get you into legal trouble (non-payment of debt,) but your credit score may plunge even further.

Try to check and re-check the lending companies’ credentials. Always read the clauses and sub-clauses for the lending policies before signing anything or giving away personal details. If there are issues in the paperwork that you do not understand or approve of, ask the company’s agent or a loan officer to explain these out to you. Negotiate for better repayment options, if possible. This way, you do not get trapped under an escalating debt.

If the lending companies are unwilling to provide you better repayment options, then it would be best to look for other lenders instead. Assuredly so, there are more lenders out there who might be willing to take on your case.


  1. Anonymous-HR Clerk says


    i am having a big problem of paying my debt but i am working and have too much loans and straggling to pay off my debts, can you please assist me how to get out of this life because really i am living difficult life now. when it become month end my heart become painfull. please help me.

  2. my name is noe says

    I would like a loan for 2000.00$ to put down on home.

  3. Regina Morris says

    I am permanently disabled. I accumulated approx $20,000 in debt including several small bills and a car payment. My disability payments will not allow me to live comfortably while trying to pay all these $15-$30 payments per month plus my car payment. If I could get a loan it would more than likely help me to pay everyone off, plus the auto and live comfortably.

  4. I’m in need of a loan for $15000 asap to payoff my credit card. I have a steady, good job and can make monthly payments of up to $400/month for this loan. Somebody can help me?

  5. I need a personal loan to pay off a high interest loan, purchase a washer and dryer and buy food. I just moved into a cheaper apartment and I am a single parent. I work full-time an make a decent salary 3080 gross per month. I would like to borrow $2,500.

  6. Hi,

    I’m in need of a loan for $3000 to bring my checking account current for overdraft payments and bills. I have a steady, good job and can make monthly payments of up to $200/month for this loan. Please contact me.

  7. Can someone help me with a loan to consolidate my debt? I am a sinlge mommy and battling to support my children. I have to much debt. I want a loan so I can pay off all my debt and pay one person back over a longer period. I am not a thief just in trouble.

  8. I am like most of the people around today that are behind in bills. The last few years either myself or my husband has been laid off and we have tried very hard to catch up, but keep taking one step forward and about 80 steps backwards. If I could just find someone to give me a loan to payoff back house payments and back taxes on property and payoff a couple of payday loans I could probably breathe. It would take about $7500-8000 to do that and because of our credit the past couple of years no one wants to take a chance. Also because I am trying to get the loan in my name only so I can remain married. If there is any way that you can help, I would be very grateful.


  9. It’s so hard coming back from an illness that shatters your life. I need to secure a 40,000.00 loan to purchase a place to live in a 55+ community. No one will lend me a dime because my credit was ruined from illness. Even now that my finances are guaranteed, I get turned down. How do I get help? I just need a place to live!

  10. I am in need of a loan asap in the amount of 2500.00 to catch my house payment up and payoff some small bills. I need a loan that I can make payments on.

  11. I need 1000.00 to get chrismas for my kids and grand kids. I live on SS so I need to make paymets.

  12. laura pickett says

    I need a 5000 loan to save my house. do you think you can help me?

  13. I need a loan to pay off these smalls bills, other loans and make one monthly payment. I am in need of 7,000 dollars to get everyone paid off and also be ahead since I am having a major surgery soon. Looking for three years to pay off will be sooner. Please help not looking for games I am a hard worker and just need help to get back on my feet like before with just one bill instead of many small bills please.


  14. I need 2,000 dollars to pay off 3 loans and get cought up on other things. I have a good job but bad credit. Can you help me?

  15. I need help to pay off my credit cards I can’t get any help from the bank or anybody can you please help me?

  16. I need a loan of $15,000.00 to pay off existing multiple small loans, pay off debts leaving me with one easy payment. It will also stop the high interest on all other existing loans and bills debt.

  17. initia matavao jr. says

    I need to come up with $3000 within the next 9 days so I can move in to my new place. My landlord now is kicking us out on such short notice to find a new place and come up with the funds to pay for our new place. Any help would be awesome.

  18. I am single mom with an autistic son and 11 yr old daughter. I have full time and part time job but have fallen behind in my rent due to cut in hours over summer months. I need a loan for 2500.00 to catch up rent and not evicted. Can someone please help me?

  19. I have a personal loan with an interest rate of 29.39% and am looking to refinance at a lower rate, however because of some online enquiries I have made with lenders, I now have a bad credit report rating, even though I only made enquiries and did not apply for any product nor receive any product. Are you able to help me? ($6,000 required)

  20. I need to buy back my home by paying off the mortgage company and the individual that purchased my home. In total I’m looking at $30,000.00.

  21. I need a loan to catch up bills, I am a single mom with 3 children at home. My oldest has cancer and the bills just got out of control. I need about 2500.00

  22. I’m trying to get a personal loan to pay off some of my bills.

  23. I am behind on all my payments for the past 4 months. I need the loan to pay all my payments which equal 10,000. I want to start all over again and get causght up.

  24. I need a loan to pay off all bills but all banks declined me. Do you think you can help me?

  25. I need a 6,000 dollar loan for tomorrow can anybody help me or else I will loose my home.

  26. My husband and I make decent income he has worked 3 weeks out of the last 2 months. He is a journeyman painter and things just got slow. I was reduced from full time to 24 hours per week working in a grocery store.

    Taken care of four of my husbands family members over the last 4 years with only one of them working! I finally had to get rid of them because they were not helping us at all. Im way behind in my mortgage besides everything else. I figure a little pesonal loan can kind of catch me up on a few things, of course our credit is bad from years ago when we first started out.

  27. im looking for a loan to catch up on bills. 2500.00

  28. i need a loan to become current on mortgage 2 months behind and catch up on other bills can u help me

  29. Sheila senior says

    I need help with my utility bills and my qas bill im a single mother unemployed and barley getting enough ssi benefits

  30. I need $3,000 more in a month for my wedding because our car broke down and we had to get it fixed with the money we had saved up. Is there any way u can help me I am young with hardly any credit.

  31. I am a mother of two children, ages 3 and 6. I am an unemployed college stident as well. I lost my job and have fallen behind on my car payments. My light bill is almost due and my children need clothing, shoes and dressers for their rooms because their clothing is on the floor in their closets. Is there any way I can be helped?

  32. I need a loan for $4000 so i could pay my back rent and my gas. as so as possilby.

  33. I have a job but I fallen behind on my rent need $3200 so I will not be on the street.I need small monthy payment

  34. NI need a small loan of $600 to pay off two payday loans and pay rent and eat. I will be homeless if i can’t pay them off now. I didn’t realize they would ttcharge so much.please help i need monthly payments. I suppose to be getting a settlement but taking longer then thought

  35. I need a loan to help cover moving expenses. Do you think you could help me?

  36. I need atleast 3000 dollars to pay off some bills and buy some nessities for my grandson that im tryn to get out of foster care. Can you help me I have no where else to turn.

  37. I need a 3000.00 loan with small monthly payments

  38. I need a loan to get caught up on my bills and fix my truck so i have my ride for work .

  39. in need of 15000 to consolidate car pmt, credit cards, and get caught up on my utilities…credit score under 600. Husband lost his job in Oct. and I’ve fallen far behind. If I could get everything into one pmt. I can get this debt out of the way. Any possibility of being helped?

  40. Lynette Richey says

    My 7 month pregnant daughter needs $6,000.00 to pay off a old apartment bill and CANNOT move in with me or get an apartment for her and the baby unless it is paid off. Do you think you could help me?

  41. south african need a loan of R30 000. have bad credit. just want to pay all my debts and pay only one amount a month.

  42. I have fallen behind on my bills I’m currently recieving disability and I need money asap to pay some bills needing a response asap.

  43. Thomas - ADMIN says

    Hello Rob,

    I’m sorry to hear about your situation. You can fill out a loan application and our team will do the best they can to get you set up with a loan.

  44. I am a Single Dad who was injured on the Job at my place of Work. I have fallen behind on my electric bill and on my heat bills. I have been able to pay my rent but I feel if I don’t catch up on my utilitys they will be disconected very soon. Can you help me?

  45. i want a loan of 30000 naira for to improve my hair business

  46. I am looking for a loan to put a new engine on my car. The total cost is 2100.00 and I have looked everywhere for help.

  47. I need a loan to pay off my car so that it doesn’t get reposessed, is this something that you do?

  48. i need a loan, i have necessaties i need to get. can u help me?

  49. hi my name is larry my credit score is not great i work full time but have still fallen behind in my bills if a loan officer could contact me @ 724.472.#### I would like to discuss a loan application thank you.

  50. Thomas - ADMIN says

    Darnell you can apply for a loan using the link above your message.

  51. I really need a loan for 1200 i will bet evicted in 10 days i lost my job. But now i have 2 full time and a part time 600 a week i will pay it back asap please help me thank you

  52. Thomas - BCLC says


    Please follow the “Apply for Cash Loan” link under the Menu in the upper right hand corner of this page or click here

  53. I need to loan to payoff my credit card but many bank refuse but nobody will help me. Do you think you can help me?

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