Apply for Part Time Insurance for Cars Not in Use

Has the recession forced you to start using public transport and avoid driving your car? If yes, then you are one of the many people who have cut down on using their private vehicles in order to save costs on fuel and maintenance. Many families who have multiple vehicles have also stopped using some of their vehicles.

Although you would have been successful in reducing your vehicle running expenses, you may not have considered the possibility of cutting down on insurance premiums. When your vehicle is lying around unused but fully insured, it means you are wasting a lot of money.

A good solution is to look for part-time auto insurance. Most insurance companies would allow you to remove a vehicle from your insurance policy temporarily if you are not using it for some time. Antique cars that are treated as collectibles, or seasonal vehicles like snow plows that are not used for many months, are usually insured through such policies.

All insurance companies will have their own processes and rules for removing your vehicle from insurance on a temporary basis. In order to avail this scheme, you should call the insurance company and tell them that you are not going to use a vehicle for some time. They will process your request and you can stop paying premium for that vehicle and reduce your annual insurance expense.

Insurance companies also have certain rules about how many times you can include or remove a vehicle from the insurance policy. You’ll have to check with the insurer on what their policy is for these requests and how frequently you can use this facility.

Many insurance companies also require policyholders to retain comprehensive coverage that covers cases like vehicle theft or damage caused to the vehicle through a fire or a flood. For seasonal vehicles, insurers have an option of garage time or sleeping time during which you only need to get comprehensive insurance.

Make sure you do not drive the car after removing it from your insurance policy. If you get involved in an accident, then it can prove to be very expensive. You can get stuck with a claim for thousands of dollars, which would be more than hundred times the money you saved by not paying for coverage. So remove the vehicle from the insurance policy only if you are absolutely sure that you are not going to use it in that period.

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