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  1. Any one know anything about Jamison financial group in San Francisco? Are the legit

  2. BEWARE OF DANNY WADE – He is an African claiming to be living Columbus, Ohio or Phoenix, Arizona and claims to be CEO of Retro-Funds – . He is a SCAMMER and will rip you off your money by claiming to provide easy loans. See below:

    The CEO Danny Wade of Retro-Funds LLC, website: (not sure if this is real person) is a
    fraud and have swindled me of $2000 for providing an international loan. I was asked to pay another $10,700 for
    insurance fee which was not correct. I believe this person is using fake identity, he has shared passport of a Danny
    Wade living in Ohio, Columbus. He has also shared a video on whatsapp with me of illegal US Dollars in millions,
    not sure of the location, but I can share the video with you if required. I’m not sure how many people have been
    victim of this fraud company. He also states his address in Ohio as 20 S 3rd St Suite 210,Columbus, Ohio, USA, his
    phone number is listed in Phoenix, AZ as +1 623 232 8774. He has few associates, Mauro Federico Haubey
    (Skype:maurofhaubey) & Fernando Castillo (Skype: fercast74). I paid $2000 to the below bank address:
    Bank Name : Wells Fargo
    Account Name: Tracy Moore
    Account Number: 8843839328
    Routing Number: 055003201
    Bank Address: 7700 Landover Road,MD,20785
    Swift code: WFBIUS6S
    ACCOUNT NUMBER 4365287741
    ROUTING NUMBER 054001725

  3. An expensive lesson…I was scammed by someone presenting as Mason Steiner. This person was working with Sebastian Gallagher of “Fidelity Finance”. I did my full research too late. Fidelity Finance is a scam website – there is no such legitimate financier. Before you fall for any scam do your research. Look on “scambusters” and other similar websites there are a lot of resources available online – invest your time to find and use them, carefully scrutinize the document (header, footer, logo, research the phone number…keep digging). Any legitimate lender will meet with you – if it’s too good to be true it usually is and you’ll pay a big price.

  4. I have a loan with the real lend up company and they do not request for upfront cash. Th requirements you have to pay in your next pay period.

  5. I went through the same ordeal. Sent fake money to my bank for $1450. Told to buy vanilla cards and call him back with card numbers. He did this 3 times before i caught on and by then my bank account was 0. Now i have no rent food, or bills money. Where can you get money to pull through this?

  6. I was almost scammed by a guy named Roger under a false “Lending Club” personal loan service. I received a text from 1-315-221-8711 saying that I had a loan offer, just go to a link and complete the form, i completed the form and someone called from the same number within 10 minutes posing as if he was an agent with The Lending Club. I fell for it all the way up to when he told me that i have to go to CVS and look for a gift card called “Steam” or “Amazon” then he said look for any card that has a scratch off for pin on the back.

    He funded my account up to $1200 (at least i thought he did at first) and told me that i must buy $400 in gift cards because I was funded $400 over the amount that I was approved for so i told him i was standing in line to pay while the whole time i check my bank account transactions and come to find out, he obtained my account info, disputed $1200 worth of charges and planned on getting me to pay $400 out of the disputed amount and have me out of $400 with all kinds of other charges and fees one the dispute process expires and they take the credit back out of my account. Once i found out i hung the phone up on him and he had the nerve to text back asking what is the problem. I changed all passwords and usernames then texted him back making him aware that im reporting the entire scam.

  7. On Wednesday July 24 2019 I was online applying for loans. I visited numerous sites to apply. On Thursday July 25 2019 I received a email stating that I had been approved for a loan through a company called Northwood Capital Service. While I do not remember specifically applying to this company I did visit a number of sites that asked for my information so that they could find a company that would loan to me. I assumed that this was through them.

    The email stated that I should call in to finish my application and go over the loan terms. When I called in a gentleman answered the phone and I asked to be transferred to John who was the person listed in the email as “My Representative”. When I spoke with John he went over the details of the loan and asked if I had any personal property or car that I owned as that would be needed put up as collateral to secure the loan.

    I told him I did not have either of those, he advised me that I would need to make a 10% deposit to secure the loan. The loan amount was for 20000 to which 10% down would be 2000. I told him that I did not have these funds at the moment but I would be able to pay it the following day July 26 2019. On July 26 2019 I called back 1-519-350-3319 to ask how I would sent the funds. “ John” told me that I could etransfer the funds to them. He provided the email to send a transfers of $2000. I was told once they received the Etransfer they would then deposit the loans funds into my account. After sending the transfer John called back from 1-519-350-3319 to tell me that he tried to get me the lowest down payment possible but the department that approves the loan advised him that because of my credit score I would need to pay the full 25% deposit which would be another $2500 which would make the total $4500 to secure the deposit.

    I told him that I did not have this kind of money but I would try to see what I could do. He kept saying that I could borrow the money from someone because I would be getting my loan the same day and would be able to pay it back. I asked that my loan be cancelled but John stated that it would take 3-5 weeks for this to happen and for my money to be returned. I could not afford to wait this long for the money to be returned so I asked my Mother If she would lend the money to me. She was only able to lend me $1750. I called John back and advised him that this was all I was able to send and he stated that he would see what could be done. When he called back he told me that they would approve the loan if I was able to sent the $1750. I once again was given another Email address by John to transfer the funds too.

    He advised that the transfer was to be sent to When I asked why a different email account he stated that the persons who collect and release the loans are different because they switch during shift changes. I tried to send the $1500 but because I had previously sent $2000 my bank would only allow me to send $1000. After this was sent John advised that I could send the remaining $750 in the morning Saturday July 27 2019 and I would have the loan within a Hour. On Saturday I started looking into the company to see if anyone else had this experience when dealing with them. When I searched for Northwood Capital Service Nothing came up. I was not able to find any reviews for them or any details at all about this company.

    I tried searching on the BBB and was unable to find anything. I began to think it was a scam and contacted my back about it. They told me that they were unable to do anything about the transfer but that I should contact the police to file a complaint. I have tried several times ask for the funds to be returned but am still being told that it cannot be done sooner than 2-3 weeks. I spoke with John today and asked again if there was no way to have the funds returned sooner and he told me to think about it and that he would be calling me back in a hour and hung up. Now when I call I get no answer.

    Im out $3750 and as a single mother all I can say is that im devastated! Do NOT FALL FOR THESE SCAMS DO YOUR RESEARCH

  8. Daritel Mbia says

    I think the advice came rather too late. I was looking for loan and emailed the guy He asked for 100$ fee and transferred through Abraham travels and tours to a Nigerian Union Bank account two days ago.

    Yesterday he said I need transfer 150$ otherwise my application won’t completed. Have contacted Union Bank and they only replied they can only help if Abraham travels and tours through which I did the transfer contact them. Your loan has being approved and here is the loan terms and
    condition of your loan show to you below.

    Please read carefully okay…


    Loan Balance: $2,800.00
    Loan Interest Rate: 2%
    Loan Term: 3 years

    Monthly Loan Payment: $80.20
    Cumulative Payments: $2,887.17
    Total Interest Paid: $87.17

    Note: The monthly loan payment was calculated at 35 payments of $80.20 plus a final payment of $80.17.

    Below Is Our Loan Condition..

    1. The Applicant monthly payment installment will start five(5) months
    after the loan has been transferred to him/her.

    2. Applicant will keep to our loan terms and condition that
    this loan will not be use as drug traffics.

    3. Applicant who is unable to meet with the repayment will be given
    three weeks more as a grace period before legal actions will be taken.

    4. Failure to pay back the loan at this expected date/ period, legal
    actions will be taken against the applicant by our attorney immediately.

    5. The company policy states that all loan must be recorded or
    registered. What I’m saying is that you are to pay for the
    registration fee of your loan. This fee has to be made before your
    loan can be transfer to you.

    Am still chatting with him now. He sent me a mail this morning just now to the same account. He said I can’t get pack the fee because that is the registration fee.

    Have been crying all night cause that money I sent was the one I attained from Hawking. Just recovering after being discharged from the hospital. My Grandma really sick. And just realising this am traumatized. I just received his mail again will post it:

    Alright, You have nothing to worry about, once the transfer fee is paid and confirm your loan will be transfer to you immediately okay.

    Have contacted both banks and hopefully to receive a positive feedback. Another agent has contacted me as : and she also request 100$ fee and she says to transfer the money to:

    ACCOUNT NUMBER: ‭2054365539‬


    Please am in this mess because I was desperate. Please do not do not attempt to transfer money to anybody over a promise of millions.
    Don’t be tempted cause it a trap.

    Am still stalling them for the banks to see what they can do to help me. This is not a film or movie. And even when you make a report I tell you can die and come back and the team you report to wether the bank or police they will now mention diplomatic steps and grammar to you. Please be careful because not even if I get back my money replace the pain I felt from these scammers. They have Facebook page.

    “I Need A Loan Today”

    Google and search the email and you find the on Facebook. Hoping my advice can reach you!

  9. James Prince says

    This happened to me but this guy actually used capital ones web page logo. It was for 8000 but as soon as he got my info he told me he would put a 2500 dollar check in the bank and for me to take it out, send it back to him so he could see if the account was real.

    I went it until he put check in then I had my bank freeze my accounts until that check cleared turned out was not even a capital one check. It was some kind of life insurance check on me so I let it sit there he keep calling and calling left message that capital one will sue me take my house. Joke on him I rent then he was coming to get me if I didn’t send him his money and of course it was a fraudulent check but worse put was my bank charge me.

    That same guy tried two more times so I play with right till the check thing and ask him if he is going to put a bad check in my account again and try to still from me then ask what are you talking about.

  10. My mom owed back taxes and was going to lose her duplex. She lives on one side and I live on the other side. She applied for loans totaling 5,500 dollars and no one would give her one. She was going to lose her duplex where her and I live in 8 days so she was desperate.

    A man named Mike Wilson claiming to work for Cash Net USA contacted her saying she was approved for an 8,000 dollar loan. He wanted her routing number, account number, and last four of her social security number texted to him. He told her to call him back after she sent that information to him.

    When she called him back he wanted her to send money for insurance to insure the loan.

    Luckily I was at her house and I was googling his phone number and his name while she was on the phone with him so we were able to find out he was a scam. These people work in India and have cloned phone numbers so reporting then will do no good unfortunately.

    Be aware of MIKE WILSON. My mom feels so stupid. I told her “don’t feel stupid, you were just desperate.” Anyway my awesome Uncle lent her the money and we saved our homes… God is so good!

  11. Eric Watson is running scams on people for loans also he claims to be with Advance America , but like most people my credit aimt good at all so why loan me 15 gs scam all over it the number he is using now is 908 818 8075 BEWARE OF THIS GUY

  12. Mac Donald says

    Another SCAM


    Are you in need of a loan? Do you want to pay off your bills? Do you want to be financially stable? All you have to do is to contact us for more information on how to get started and get the loan you desire. This offer is open to all that will be able to repay back in due time. Note-that repayment time frame is negotiable and at interest rate of 3% just email us ( (

    Call number +14805267557

    Another SCAM

  13. This is in regards to the Ryan Donna Loan Company and what your about to read was my response after 9 days of non sense from this group.

    You can stop waiting. Ok this has been fun but lets put an end to this circus you got going on here. Let me elucidate some things for you so that if your going to try this hustle again you get it right from the beginning. First and foremost lets start with your first email to me. You gave me 2 different addresses as business addresses. One in Newark NJ and the other in Manitoba Canada.



    Tel: text or call +1406-404-3671

    Phone number (914) 826-5655

    Address :16 Harbor front plaza 2.

    State : New jersey, City Elizabeth,

    Country USA Zip Code :07206




    Phone number (914) 826-5655

    Now upon checking with the BBB your Newark office has been vacant since 2015 and there is no record of any office in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada . Then the number you supply to both offices is a Montana area number.

    BBB Business Profile | Ryan Donna Loan Company
    This Business is not BBB Accredited. Loan Modification in Elizabeth, NJ. See business rating, customer reviews, contact information and more.

    It took you almost 8 emails to give me your office in Montana which after checking with the State Of Montana and their Department of Consumer Affairs there is not such business on record. Then you go on to tell me that you do business with Wells Fargo but not in your home state of Montana but in San Francisco California. Well after checking with both they have never heard of you and by the way the manager at the California branch laughed at your idea that he lost his mother. I also check with Sun Trust Bank and lo and behold they have never heard of you either. With that being said let me give you another piece of information. All wire transfers have a standard rate. 200 dollars sounds like money you wanted to pocket for yourself and then ofcourse never come thru with the so called loan you wanted to give me. Tell me if this sounds familiar to you,
    “rynn has sent me e mails telling me he has a loan for me for $ 5000.00. Great, but he had me send $ 100.00 to some one in Az. to handle this.. I, like a dumd .did it. Now he tells me I need to send more money, $150.00 for a cert. of insurence to be able to transfer the funds to my bank. He sent me… info on him but it out of East Helena, Montana.. His license is out of New Jersey..”

    That complaint came off the BBB profile of your company. The poor guy that you suckered there didn’t do his research like I did so you took him for his money and never delivered. Now lets get down to the nuts and bolts. Wire transfer fees for all banks are located here so that your stupid ass can get educated.

    Wire Transfer Fees: U.S. & International Rate Comparison …
    A wire transfer from your bank is one of the quickest ways to send and receive money both within the United States and throughout the world. MyBankTracker compared …

    If you bother to look you will see that even on an international wire transfer the amount doesn’t exceed 40 dollars. What is the 200 for then?? To further your education in rodeo school or are you planning on buying bullshit business cards. Lastly as a point of business let me say this, when it comes to money and loans and such, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE lends money without a contract. What I mean to say is that if your going to scam people make it believable by at least supplying a bullshit contract, something with a letter head, a business address, with a phone where you can have that bimbo who’s with you answer it and at least make it seem like she’s your secretary. This bullshit about doing business based on faith, courage and hope……..PLEASE what century are you living in.

    So with that being said let me just let you know that because of my job and all the law enforcement connections I have, you have been put on blast. Your emails have been sent not just to the FBI but the FDIC and every bank in your immediate area and surrounding areas. I have also put in a complaint with the BBB about you and have put you out there on my social media page, and I have about 3000 followers all over the world. So your little game is up. After perfecting your craft with the tips and tricks that I have given you why don’t you try and con your mother out of some money and see how that works out for you. In other words, FUCK OFF DUMBASS and pick another scam because you absolutely positively suck at this one. If your waiting I hope that your not holding your breath.

  14. Third times a charm says

    First it was the Chasteon Financial Group. I got a call saying I was approved for a loan, but I needed to wire $325 for half of the first six month payments. When funds weren’t deposited into my account, I was told the bosses wanted a full payment of $650, not just half. When I couldn’t pay the second amount, the loan was pulled, and I never received a refund of my first payment.
    Second, another company offered me a loan (can’t remember the name), but because of my poor credit, they would deposit the funds which I’d have to immediately return before they could give me a final loan. Since my bank account was already in the hole, I knew this wouldn’t work.
    Third, today, I returned a call from someone saying he was from ACE Cash Express. He said I was approved for an installment loan and could get it today for a refundable fee or get it in 24 hrs. for no extra money. I told him I didn’t have the money so I’d have to go with the longer wait. He called back saying they couldn’t wire the money directly to my bank, so I’d need to accept the quick loan—I’d just have to pay the “refundable” Western Union fee. I explained again I have no money. I decided to check the ACE Cash Express website and contacted customer service. I was told they do not charge any upfront fees. They suggested I go directly through their website. It turns out they don’t even offer installment loans in my state.
    I consider myself a well-educated person, so these are three examples of how easily these scammers can trick people who are desperate for money.

  15. Diane,
    I got a call from Prosper loan, They even sent me a loan agreement . Then when I called Them back . They told me that I was aprooved for a 8000.00 dollar ;oan. Then told me I would need to pay 50.00 with a prepaid card . I ask them before I gave them the card number if there would be any more fee . They told me no. they told me the money would be in my account in 15 min. I waited about 30 min and called them back. They told me I would have to pay the taxes on the 8000.00. When
    I said you told me that there wasn’t going to be any more fee. When I told them I didn’t have another 175.00Dollars to give them . they told me to go borrow the money from some where.f Then call them back. and hung up on me. Icalled them back and said that I wanted my money back or for them to put the loan amount in my account like they said they would . He then told me I would be in trouble for accepting the loan and then not following threw . that I would have to pay the loan back any way.

  16. Any info on a Nicole Patterson? R and R investment group? out or NYC and or Las Vegas.

  17. Does anyone know anything about hotsten lending services/company

  18. Gail Franson says

    Ok, Here is my story. Happened twice and I never once went through with it so good for me but want to warn others. I am trying to find a loan to help pay down my credit cards to lower my monthly payments. I received two different calls at two different times and two different companies, supposedly. they called saying you qualify for an x dollar amount loan. Here is your ssn number, bank account number, and your employer. We can wire the money into your account asap but here is what has to happen. I will wire a small amount of money into your bank account then you withdraw that and wire back to me to show your bank is valid and you can pay your loan. I immediately said no thank you and hung up. Read and learn.

  19. I received a letter stating I was approved for a loan of $4000.00 and they ask for copy’s of dr.lin. ect. a man named eric brown called me and told me I need to prove I had $250.00 to make a payment for 08/15/2016 eric told me I needed to go to Walmart and call him when I got there, I called and he told me to go inside and he is still on phone with , eric then says to buy 5 iTunes card at $50.00 per card total is $250.00 and he says he will tell me how to get money back ,he never does and wants another $450.00 due to my credit score is not high enough, I said no and want my $250.00 eric says pay the $ 450.00 and he will give me my $250.00. I said no and he says report me I do not care and hung up on me.

    Company Name: LOANS NOW 2601 NORTH LAMAR BLVD. AUSTIN TX 78705 PHONE NUMBER 1-979-212-7951 ERIC BROWN EXT.119

    I have reported them to the bbb and will report to all I can. BAD COMPANY.

  20. OMG thank you so much for this! I almost took a loan from one of the fake lenders listed here and would have been devastated. I applied through your site and got a very small loan which was exactly what I needed!

  21. I applied for a loan for 250. Got Cash Advance and they said we can’t do 250 but we can give you 1000
    Need to do 100 to prove you can pay this loan back
    Do Walmart bill pay to this RUSH card # 4373090014203485
    And I’ll get the 1000 to my bank or by moneygram or western union
    My choice
    I picked bank account
    Fee to send to bank account was something like 253
    I said well don’t do that then
    But it’s on the way
    Send this money to ensure it gets to your account
    I said 100 was all I had
    This mans name went by Kenny
    Then he gets his boss Jeffrey Snyder
    And Jeffrey says to do it western union please send 110 only and send it by Western union to Jamaica (Big Red Flag!)
    So I did
    Then they say the loan company can’t send 1000 it’s too much but you can pay
    180 and it will go through and since this is taking so long we are adding 1500 for your trouble that you don’t have to pay back
    Plus you get these fees back
    I refuse to send them more money
    Now I get the manager of cash advance transaction department mr James anderson.
    And he calmly states everyone pays these fees
    He even handled loans for his own family
    He is going to reduce this 180 from Saturdays business since it is now
    Wednesday. To 150 So we can conclude this
    Also they have a plan to reduce my credit card balance
    But I was too tired to figure out what he was saying
    When he calls tomorrow I’m giving him a fake mtcn
    And taking this as a loss
    Hope this helps. Also he stated he is in Washington, D.C.
    And the FBI and us treasury were listening to our conversations
    Western union got on the line mr Ron Dixon
    To assure me everything was ok

  22. I just seen some one on here say get the money from your friends and family! That is the biggest laugh I have heard of and biggest joke! But its not funny! I heard that same thing from a banker and it made me sick to think all the people that got screwed in the second greatest depression 77% unemployment for men 23 % unemployment for women in the US So these scammers need to be hunted down! I see a lot of the same names on here so I wonder is there any legit consultants in this country? I guess I will never get any answers!~?

  23. I received a call that I had been approved for $5000 and went through approval process as soon as they started telling me I had to send them the first payment but it would be refunded back to me I told them never mind I was not interested. I almost got scammed. Her name was Sandra with lend up at 253-214-3863 ext. 6167.
    After reading this I was glad I didn’t send them anything, something just wasn’t right.

  24. Hey all. Ive been getting calls from us capital finance. They called and said that i had been approved for a 4000$ loan. When i told them that i didnt apply they hung up. They had continued calling me almost 20 times a day saying i had to confirm and work out details. Ive tried googling them and nothing comes up. When they call it sounds like they are calling from their own home with lots of children in the background. Im positive its a scam. So please watch out!

  25. People, please stop sending money to these companies to get a loan!. You are trying to get loans so why are you sending money to get money.
    It’s obviously a SCAM, and they are preying on you. If a company is real they will at least add their approval fees into the loan so that you do not have to pay anything upfront.

  26. I cannot believe that you people sent money to get it. Hard up or not your common sense should have kicked in when you were told to purchase a green dot card or to sent the money up front first. If you are that stupid, you need to be scammed. There are a lot of companies legit that will honestly lend you the money, the rate ARE high but it’s better than getting scammed by rude and greedy people. This is why they continue to do it because they can get away with it. Judging by all these responses these scammers cleaned up.


  27. Bull saies says

    Masco Lending Solutions in New Jersey they say but work out of Canada I sent them nearly 7,000.00 and can’t even get them to return a call. They told me they would return my money but that was a lie. They tell you they can get you a loan for people with bad credit are high debt but all you do is send money for insurence for the loan then it is one fee after the other after being told that your loan would be sent. Stay away from them they are crooks.

  28. Michael McMoore says

    I recently have been applying for short and or long term loans to help out my family my kids dont stay with me til the summer time so i thought getting a little help long the way could come in handy. I was told that i was approved for a 2000 dollar loan which I could payback in 24 months for a installment of 95 dollars a months I could see doing this could either help me or hurt me so. I leaned more towards the help me then hurt me web site cash (323-375-6640) i was asked to put 100 dollars on a green dot card then call to give them the pin number praying that i don’t get burnt by a scam no sooner then i gave the guy the code he then stated that my funds will be deposited into my account in 20 mins to an 1hr. Then after that time frame had expired he called back can not remember the guys name for nothing Im so upset.

    This just happened yesterday. Any way the guy then calls back and says that i have to purchase another green dot card and put 200.00 on the card to protect my name and identity from other scams and hackers . He then stated that when Im done doing this call him back in a hr and 2300 would be put into my account by the next business day. this is my story 2 kids to support and its clear that some people dont care about how they get ahead in life nor do they care whom they screw over to get there.

    I hope I have helped someone be careful and may god help you out of you struggling times.

    Thank you

  29. Beware of Fairbridge financial Services they clam to be out of VA. They say you are approved for the loan but you have to take out a insurance coverage on the loan they demand you to pay by Green Dot Money Pak card. I didn’t fall for the scam if you read the bbb they say it’s illegal for companies to ask for up front money.

  30. THANK ALL OF YOU says

    I should have check this site first before trying to get a loan online. I to had to pay 200.00 on a green dot card. I talk to a guy named john carter. Told me i was approve.Stupid me i sent the 200.00. Then call me back and ask w2hy i did not give him my credit score. Tells me to send 300.00 more to get my credit score up. This is started about 9am friday the 2nd, went on until 5:30 that afternoon. Pissed i finally said i would call them later. My boyfriend told me it was a scam, but told him i was out 200.00.

    I told my boyfriend i would call that guy back, but after reading all of your comments. I am glad i did not call him back. So i want to thank all of you for letting me see that this jerk was trying to screw me out of money i do not have. Thank you again, and i am also very soory for what happen to all of you

  31. On 04/02/2014 i received a call from edward jones of cash advance america 817-400-7060 he stated u approved for a loan $5000.

    He verified my info and he will be making the deposit and he will call me back when the money was in my account. Several hours went by i phoned him back. He stated that the bank would not accept the money. I phoned the bank and they stated that no one tried to deposit any money into my acct. I then phoned him and asked him what acct was he trying to deposit the money into he then gave me the wrong acct number. He stated he tried three times to make the deposit and he can’t try again. He then told me to get a greendot moneypak card and apply $155.00 to it and he can wire the money through western union.

    I got the card and gave him the number on the card. He told me to hold on while he contact western union and transfer the money. I was on the line for 30 minutes and he came back and gave me tracking numbers and told me where the western union location was near me.. He then stated, oh my god irs has placed a hold on the money. He then gave me a number to irs 202-241-8309 and stated for me to call them and they would take the hold off. Phoned the number and mr. James murphy stated that i had to pay the taxes of $248 more and he would release the money. I told him i didn’t have the money and he threaten that i would be charged with a felony and they are flagging my social sec #,seize my bank acct and don’t leave the state for 6 mos. He told me if i give him the money then he could lift the hold and i can get my money from western union. I asked him to give me an hour to get the money. I then went to western union to see if any money was there for me and was told that tracking numbers were no good anon 04/02/2014 i received a call from edward jones of cash advance america 817-400-7060 he stated u approved for a loan $5000.

    He verified my info and he will be making the deposit and he will call me back when the money was in my account. Several hours went by i phoned him back. He stated that the bank would not accept the money. I phoned the bank and they stated that no one tried to deposit any money into my acct. I then phoned him and asked him what acct was he trying to deposit the money into he then gave me the wrong acct number. He stated he tried three times to make the deposit and he can’t try again. He then told me to get a greendot moneypak card and apply $155.00 to it and he can wire the money through western union.

    I got the card and gave him the number on the card. He told me to hold on while he contact western union and transfer the money. I was on the line for 30 minutes and he came back and gave me tracking numbers and told me where the western union location was near me.. He then stated, oh my god irs has placed a hold on the money. He then gave me a number to irs 202-241-8309 and stated for me to call them and they would take the hold off. Phoned the number and mr. James murphy stated that i had to pay the taxes of $248 more and he would release the money. I told him i didn’t have the money and he threated that i would be charged with a felony and they are flagging my social sec #,seize my bank acct and don’t leave the state for 6 mos. He told me if i give him the money then he could lift the hold and i can get my money from western union. I asked him to give me an hour to get the money. I then went to western union to see if any money was there for me and was told that tracking numbes were no good and that the $155 fee was not paid to them either.

    I phoned mr jones and asked about my money he stated “i done my part, now u have to do your part and pay the taxes.” i then told him that he scammed me and i was going to report him because i am at the western union and there was no transaction done. He stated why did you go there, ” i am withdrawing your app because i done my part and u are not complying with us.” i phoned mr. Murphy back and told him that i know that he is part of he scam and he insisted that he worked with irs. I called them both back several times and they were very rude and continue to hang up. Just be aware of these people who prey on people and be safe.D that the $155 fee was not paid to them either.

    I phoned mr jones and asked about my money he stated “i done my part, now u have to do your part and pay the taxes.” i then told him that he scammed me and i was going to report him because i am at the western union and there was no transaction done. He stated why did you go there, ” i am withdrawing your app because i done my part and u are not complying with us.” i phoned mr. Murphy back and told him that i know that he is part of he scam and he insisted that he worked with irs. I called them both back several times and they were very rude and continue to hang up. Just be aware of these people who prey on people and be safe.

  32. I’ve been receiving phone calls like this for months now. The first time I did, I was out of state for work and had tried to get a payday loan online. (Yes, I know, very stupid of me.) His name was “Alex Cooper”. He was of Indian decent. He said that he was with the FTC, and that I had defaulted on a payday loan and needed to get in contact with him ASAP to prevent this from going to court.

    So I called him back to find out more information about “my case”. He would’ve been more than happy to tell me more about it, as soon as I sent him a check for $500 to get me in good standing so that the payday place “Cash America” doesn’t proceed with charges. That was when it struck me as odd, even though I knew I hadn’t received any payday loans prior. (I’m slow witted I guess) Then other factors popped into my head, he said he was with the FTC which is government. So I decided to call them directly from a number I would get off their website, but wait, I couldn’t get their number due to the government shutdown.

    So I called Mr. Cooper back. We exchanged greetings and then I asked him to tell me how the FTC was still operating during a government shutdown. He stated that it was only for one day, and I told him that the shortest government shutdown that I can recall was when Clinton was in office and even that was for 5 days, not 1. He then proceeded to call me derogatory names, if I didn’t know for sure before I definitely did now. The very next day he calls me and reads me all of my information, my DOB, my SSN, my full name, my phone number, my place of employments phone number, my bank account number along with my routing number. This man had all my information. With this I hung up the phone and called the cops. Of course they told me there is nothing they can do but told me to tell him next time he calls that I had spoken to law enforcement.

    Well the next time that he called me and I told him that I had spoke to the cops he then tells me that there is no need for that. He then threatens me. His threat was that if I found him a girlfriend he wouldn’t drain my bank account and open numerous credit cards with my name (which would piss me off especially if he got approved for them and I can’t even do that!), but if I didn’t get him a girlfriend the. He would proceed with draining my bank account and ruining (my already bad) credit.

    He also called my work so extensively that I was wrote up and even almost terminated because of it. I have a voicemail on my phone of the last time he tried to contact me because I had started ignoring all his calls. In the voicemail he tells me again “You know what you must do, you must find me girlfriend. If you don’t find me girlfriend, then you know what I will do. I will keep calling your place of work, and take all the money out of your account, I’m sorry but you must find me girlfriend.” Well when he first threatened me with draining my accounts I called the bank immediately and closed the account and reopened another, which lead me to go two weeks without money for food, due to my bank not having branches in the great state of Mississippi. My experience could have went horribly wrong and I could be in serious trouble with people if he had gone through with his threats.

    I have since then been receiving calls from what I can only imagine is his relatives all looking for their soulmate as well!!

  33. john lavayen says

    Wow im reading all of these comments about being scammed and like so many of you i was a victim of one my self. Like so many of you i was desperate for a loan i went online for bad credit loans filled out my application. And within one hour i got a call from mr fedderick worked for a loan company and the number showed up on my caller id was a man with a pakistani accent. He said i was approved for a loan up to 10000 and like a dummy i fell for it hook line an sinker. Mr federick stated cause of my credit was below 640 i had to prove i had to pay a deposited amount of 205 on a money pak card at first i questioned by like a dummi i fell for it. I’ve send them the money and was told money would be in my account within the hr. Hr passed by nothing was in my account.

    I called the guy the next day he gave me a number to call a woman named ms francis she too had a pakistani accent she tried to extort 680 processing feels i was shocked. Needless to say i called the other guy back and he stated had no ideal i had to pay another fee told them i did not have the money then mr fedderick as h e likes to be called want me to send two twenty dollars ultimate games cards in order to get the 5000 i was supposed to get and it just kept getting me madder and madder the weekend went by i called him again i asked him why i needed to do that and changed the arrangement again he now wanted me to send another deposit of 250 in order to get the loan after that point i felt like the biggest idiot on the face of the earth. I told him i wanted my money back and he stated that it would take up to four to five months for me to get it.

    It was that point i realized im not getting the money back. And it cost me dearly that money i gave was supposed to go to my father.. I had to beg him for money to help me out with the rent and i gave him my word i would pay him back, with me being out of two hundred dollars i could not pay him back and now he is not talking to me as a result. I feel ashamed and embarrassed on what i allowed to have happen im such a fool. I recieved many calls from many different people claiming i got approve they all have the same pakistani accent and says the same thing all the time they are running from a script hope all dont make the same mistake i did there are alot of scammers out there i’ve meet a few on facebook begging me for money i had a woman claiming to be a broker i’ve been hurt and stabbed in the back i hate my life right cause im desperate like so many of you i hope those people rot in hell and feel the wrath of god when they died.

  34. I was contacted by an Asian accented man telling me I qualified for a $35K unsecured loan (this was from all of the online loans apps I’d applied for-desperate like everybody else in the US right now & these people KNOW it!).

    1st of all, I have crap credit, so NOBODY is going to just hand me over $35K w/o some type of collateral, esp w/the credit scores I have! He then went on to say that I would have to send him an “application fee” & it would be returned the next day along with my “loan”. Needless to say, I told him I wasn’t born yesterday. He even told me I could go online & see the company (like nobody can create a fake web site). If anyone asks you for money up front for “fees” or some other crap-RUN LIKE HELL!!! No reputable loan company would ask you for anything up front. They always include interest in the loan amt to be repaid.

    Right now the US is in a financial meltdown with people in desperate financial straits. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THESE PEOPLE MONEY!!! They’re getting rich & living large off of the misfortune of people like us who have money issues. Most of us have families, bills & rent/mortgages to pay. They do not give a damn about any of that! If you are unsure, go to the BBB or even Angie’s List (though I think her list charges a fee to join, but I’m not sure). Once you send these predators (they’re just like any other lower than turds predator), you will never, ever recover your money.

    Remember the 1st Rule of Thumb: If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is. I’d rather return cans & suffer for awhile than give my limited money to these pigs. My heart goes out to those who fell for their crap. It’s NOT a reflection on YOU…they are VERY VERY good at what they do, that’s why they’re able to do it over & over. P.T. Barnum once said: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” & that’s what these low life forms depend on. They will never go away entirely, but if more people post on sites like these exposing them for what they are (they’ll change business names, so keep posting all the ones you did out about), it will put a serious dent in their ability to bilk hard-working Americans out of their money they depend on to take care of their families.

    Remember this: while your children are suffering because you sent them money in desperation (NOT out of stupidity!), THEIR children are living large! There will ALWAYS be someone out there who, instead of working a legit job, would prefer to scam people out of the money THEY actually work hard for! We MUST NOT let them continue to prey on Americans (we’re the country they go after the most)! Thank you for allowing me to post here & add my “voice”. I absolutely HATE people who prey on the misfortune of others & personally, I have a very good solution for the “disposal” of such people (though I loathe to even call them “human beings”), but of course I can’t post it here, but anyone who’s been taken advantage of by these people I’m sure can come up with some pretty good ideas on what they’d like to see happen to them.

    Thank you again, take care & God Bless!

  35. First does the name John Martin sound familiar number 917-4777? This company is called Cash America they scammed me for over $2,000. They still call me so I can send my final payment of 155.00 to receive this package. I have ask many people to lend me money then the even tell you the government has approved for free grant money free just but they need $349.00 because of your credit score. Then they tell you they will wire your money through Bank America but they need $309.00.

  36. I got the call today from a Tim Brooks from First Financial, (yeah, like that is his real name, when he can hardly speak English) Telling me that I qualified for a $10,000.00 loan. But as the conversation went on he wanted to know my source of income (first red flag) How can I qualify for a loan if they do not know my income? Second red flag was that I needed to send them $250.00 today, but I would receive the money back tomorrow with the loan amount I had requested. I told him that I have NO money until next week, He tried to pressure me to “Borrow” the money from family or friends. He gave me his number 415-275-0161 with the extension of 142 to call him back next week. Yeah like I am stupid enough to do that. I may be financially desperate, but I am not an idiot.

  37. Beware of 2 companies:
    Ohmex Solutions Inc. supposedly out of NY
    Loan Agent: Amy Powers
    Office phone: 1(877)240-0744 or 1(855)207-4489
    Office Fax: 1(877)745-0171


    Loan Agent: martin Harris
    Office phone: 1(866)374-1688 ex 4 or 1(772)882-6897
    Office Fax: 1(860)218-9560
    Website: North Chesterfield, VA

    I was scammed out of $500 by Ohmex Solutions Inc sent via western union to their so called receiving agent Melisa De Orellana with the so called guarantee that upon receiving this partial payment the lender would release the loan and the remaining loan insurance premium of 480.90 would need to be sent within 48 hrs of receiving the loan. Only to get a call at the end of the business day on the Friday from Amy Powers indicating that the lender refused to release the loan until the balance was paid in full.

    I was in such desperate need for the funds that I had already sent the $500 and didn’t know what to do. When Amy called to say she needed the balance I said I had no other funds to send that I would pay the remainder upon receiving the loan. Needless to say, I did not receive the loan funds, I have not sent the remainder and now I cannot get a response from Amy via email or telephone. They are also claiming its going to take 3-6 weeks to refund my $500 which is BS if you ask me…they can return the funds the same damn way they received them. So yeah I say suckered…I do not expect to see my $500 bucks but I will continue to hound them for it!

    Martin Harris on the other hand – said I was approved, just send them the 3 months of loan payments up front and the funds would be released. Needless to say I have not fallen for that scam again

  38. Was scammed last week out of $595. The company is Consumer Payday Loans Inc. an Illinois corporation. The phone number is 217-759-242 I can’t get an address.Employees are Brook, Alex, Joe Williams and Micheal Phillips. Applied for a payday loan online then Brook called Was approved fir $5000 only needed $200 . I was told $500 was the mim. amount . Got 3 moneypak cards for fees. My money was supposed to be refundable . I did not get the loan so I asked for my money back and was told I had to pay another $275 to get my money back. I am going to piss some prople off I am going to call everday to get my money back. If anyone can help me get an address and website that would be nice.

  39. FCS / First Carolina Solution

    Scammers from feb of 2012! Just like Gary previously same scenario $7500 promised and upfront I gave $1900! I trusted people And believed God was watching out for me. I was down and out needed a loan then lost all I had. I never saw my hard earned money again. I hope and pray what goes around comes around!

    Names at FCS are:
    Rob Blackburn
    Gertrude Yuman
    Jeff Lin
    Tracy Clements (western union receiver)
    Hillary white
    Miami and Detroit were the transfer locations.


  40. I was trying to get a loan from IFC Cash Advance Payday Loan Servicing, LLC (American Finance) , actually they contacted me and they cost ME $374.95 in advance of the loan to #1 prove that I could make the payments of $205.00 and then to pay for international taxes, and they they wanted $118.00 because they said MY BANK was charging them this to make the transfer to my account! When I decided I did not want to do business with them and that I wanted a refund they became rude, disrespectful and told me that If I did not pay the $118.00 I would not get MY MONEY for 45 days! It has been 4 months and I have yet to receive my money. Now I have reported them to the FTC, FBI, NY Attorney General and the NY BBB. These [people are foreigners, this is a scam. I tried calling yesterday to speak to the Sr. Finance Manager …Mr. Michael Fernandez and wanted to hold until he was available. I was told to “SHUT UP” and then the ignorant woman hung up on me! THIS IS A BAD COMPANY TO DO BUSINESS WITH!!!!!!

  41. Greenwood Holding Group (Internet PDL)

    These people are a huge scam and when I looked them up they are not even licensed. They are claiming that I took out a loan for 500 dollars. They told me a date it went into my account and everything. So I went to the bank and printed out a list of transactions two months before and after that date for evidence. No such thing had happened as I was sure was the case. I have never heard of them before and they probably got my information from another lender that I did actually use. They threaten to look into my financials and take me to court and possibly my money. I would like to see them try. I do not act on threats like your average person who is scared of what these companies can do. They will have no affect on me and they wont be taking me to court… I am not stupid, they know full well that if they take me they will be revealed for what they really are and lose so much money its not even funny. Dont listen to threats they wont take you to court, they are full of crap. They try to give you bogus settlment “deals” dont fall for it. Stay away from these people.

  42. Stay away from Silver-Thorne they are scammers! Took me for $627 and of course the guaranteed loan has not shown up

  43. michael roush says

    Had a call from the number 516 324 2125 say his name was Peter Johnson and he was Abrian or something but they told me they were from a loan company called American Finance. Well they would give me a 500.00 i just had to go to Walmart and put 140.00 on a green dot card to just show them i can afford the 140.00 monthly payments and thy would not touch the card. Well was i scammed big time i gave them all my info like ss number bank account number and everything else well after two hours they said the irs put a hold on my money cuz i owed the the irs 200.00 but if i went back into walmart and got another green dot card with 200.00 they would pay the irs for me. Yeah ok i am going to fall for that cuz after a hour i called the green dot card that i put 140.00 on and it was gone so ya i got scammed and that company or people need to be put into jail.

  44. Did anybody hear of a company called ever-green loan. i received a e-mail that I could get a 5,000.00 loan but I had to pay 140.00 origination fee. Is this ok?

  45. I’m joining the ranks of the scammed ….. My story is exactly the same. I was needing $$ and thought this was an option. I WAS SO WRONG! Here’s another to avoid like the plague …..
    American Finance AKA International Finance Corp.
    Cash Advance Pay Day
    Michael Fernandez (other names are Angelina, Ryan, and Adam)

    They say they’re doing business out of New York ….. who knows where they really are.

    The best part is that they are now calling me and saying that I owe them more $$ and that they are going to have me arrested for “bank fraud and other crimes” at my place of employment if I don’t send them $610.00. I laughed and told them I was in Cancun and to come and get me.

    Be safe everyone ….. don’t fall for it!

  46. Ripped off says

    Cash jar a loan company in Belize is a rip,off. They charge a crazy finance fee every month but you’re paying nothing on the initial amount borrowed. I only borrowed 800 and have paid over 2000 back. I still owe then 1280 according to then. Is this legal?

  47. Beaware of James Anderson 347-394-4525 with Cash Now Usa..scammedme for 225$ claiming he needed proof of financial stability and asked for a greendot money pak card. This incident happened 6/20/2013 and I immediately filed a police report as well as a report to the Fbi and to greendot moneypak as well they said they would try their best to get me my refund ooh and of course he has that Arabian accent.

    After taking my money admitted himself that he scammed me and to not call him again. These people disgust me but I know sooner or later he’ll go down they all do at some point. …..this number is also another one that tries scamming u using a vanilla reload network voucher (646) 396-1249. Caller id says NY but he claims hes from Miami and says hes with Usa cash advance.

  48. Watch out for First Action Financial Services ( stating the are out of CT. Didn’t fall for it, but it is the same scam, “Brian Phillips” is the person’s name. Total fraud. Wanted $1,000. Legit looking loan docs.

  49. Lisa Marie Gay says

    I can not beleive i fell for it but i did I think i have been scammed. I was offered a $2000.00 unsecured loan from someone using Cash Adavance loan company.

    On the 6/10/2013 i was on my way home just thinking if i had about $3000.00 right now a lot of my finical problems would be over..A guy by the name of James Robinson and Micheal Smith Arabian speaking..( I should have known the English name).told me if i send $200.00 i could get $2200 i would get the $200 back. i was hesitant at first really didn’t believe it.. so i sent the money by money gram.

    He assured me that he would be on the phone with me until i got the money , he did just that until he got his money and hung up on me. when trying to call the number back line was busy 818-850-7772. 0r 661-748-0240 this number says its a Sype user… if you call the 818 number theirs a recording ariban speaking guy saying sorry not in right know leave a message.

    Yet sill today they want me to send $380 say my credit score was to low they need this so it will raise my credit score and release my check totaling $2580.00.. That was part of my rent money know i’m facing eviction..

    I feel so stupid.. I told them is was gonna give it to them ,really just trying to by time to find someone to help me . HELP ME PLEASE.

  50. I was scammed for 500 dollars total, I received a call on behalf of “Quick Cash Loans” and I was told that I was approved for 5000 dollars. All they needed was to verify my info and release funds. I was then told I needed to send in 300 to see if I can make my payments, I needed to get the money put on a green dot card. they said I was going to get my money back so the next day I being blind and in need of money did as I was told. then the guy by the name of ryan dwane told me on the following day that I needed to send 200 dollars more because of the fee release of the lender. I hesitated and he assured me I would get my funds.

    I send it out and he stood on the line with me trying to make conversation and after 2 hrs the line cut off. I called again and he said he had to attend a meeting and to call back in 5 min, I did and no response. the weekend passed and I prayed it wouldn’t be a scam since I was put in debt by this making me late on my payments. Monday came and no response and then I realized it was a scam. two weeks later I called the number same guy answered and I said where is my famous loan he recognized my voice said oh shoot and hung up.

    So as the comment above states do not believe a person with a American name and sounds Arabian or something else. I don’t understand why people would be cruel like this so just be very careful when applying.

  51. BEware of United Cash Loans . and Vanilla Reload Cards !! They Got me , for almost 600.00 / first payment and taxes on the loan upfront wow really!? and u cant get it back crazy how they can do that and get away with it ! Lesson Learned

  52. anonymous 05-16-2013 says

    Theres a company right now their using two different names Jackson howard and james keyes. They told me I was approved for 65000 dollars but then they say I gotta pay a insurance fee before I can get the loan. My monthly payments are high they call theirselve loan market association ,then theres also claiming ppl have won lottery drawings thru facebook their scammers to,then theres ppl talking about ppl been approved for grants and they want u to send money before u can get the grant their scammers too.

    I was scammed for $300.00 dollars, stupid me but when I refused to send more money they got demanding that I had to send more by western union or money gram . Hope they are holding their breath until I send that money. I learned a painful lesson with this scam. It is easy to be scammed when you are in dire need for extra cash and your credit is poor and you can’t get a loan.


  54. Anonymous Doe says


    A woman that goes by Carmen Sinclair sends me a e-mail that I was approved for $10,000. I called to verify if it was true, due to I received the documents via e-mail. She stated yes. Then, all I need to do is pay the collateral of $972.45 via Greendot card with the Paypal or eBay logo.

    Ok, I called back and ask her the status of my loan. She stated sorry for not calling you back it is on hold due to I was a high risk and would need to pay for the insurance. I told her well how come I was not told in the first place that this was the issue. Well, to sum it all it. This claiming to be Carmen Sinclair is bogus and there company main office is based in New York or they are using a bogus address.

    I hope that company shuts down PERIOD.

  55. Someone call me from Lakeland Borker & Associates. Name Kelly there was app. for loan of at 9% – $10,000 dollars and need to send $1,334 (5 monthly) payment of $ 209. I will get a $10,000 loan, check in 24 hour it sound like a scam to me 51 Broadway ST N. Suite 5c Fargo ND 58102.


  56. Beware of : Clearmont Loans
    100 Bank St
    Burlington, VT

    Davis Chan – 1-800-230-0780

  57. I applied through ‘Elite Lending Solutions’ just after Christmas. I was guaranteed $10,000 within 3 hours. After they faxed over the documents to me, I had a Lender at my office read through, he said it looked okay, all the wording looked legit…ya right.

    They called me back and the girl I talked to Annette Birch, phoned me back and reviewed it with me. She said since I had no collateral, I would have to put 3 months down. I said if I had that money, I wouldn’t be doing the loan. She said she could negotiate it down to $550.00 and when I sent it to call her right back and give her the number on the Money Transfer as they reimburse the fees from Money Mart.

    I feel sick thinking about this. I went and sent her my money (all the money in my account due to being a single mom with no support!!), and when I called her back she said they were unaware I was a first time loan applicant and that I needed to pay the insurance of $970 before the money could be sent to me. I started to cry and said you have every dime I have, how can you take more. Deduct it from my loan! She said she would talk to her supervisor. I never heard back from her. After many many many calls, I still haven’t talked to her and am now in debt, can’t pay my rent, bills, etc. +

    I am a single working mom and about to not have a place to live. This disgusts me that people do this. I reported them to the Anti Fraud, Money Mart, and Better Business Bureau. Ironically they are out of business or have moved and they are unable to be located. The website was, phone number 1-888-699-8839. Please be aware, they prey on innocent victims that are in need!!

  58. Can't believe it! says

    I was contacted by Ryan Kelly and Kevin WIlliams of USA Cash Advance. They called from several phone numbers, but here are the most used numbers: 321-800-5894 is their main line, 630-491-0147 and 202-800-5654. They told me because of my credit I had to put $265.46 on a green dot card and assured me the money would not be taken off.

    I put $270.00 just to show it as covered, they removed the full amount and lied and said they had blocked the card. Then I was told I requested cancellation of the application and he told me my money would be on the card after 4 hours. After 4 hours no funds, I called back that Monday and was told the application was pending for government taxes and fees $150.00 needs to be put on additional green card and then I would receive $3000.00 within 2 hours.

    I argued and finally Kevin Williams told me Ryan should have told me about the $150.00 fee and that he was making the company look bad and he assured me he would be fired. I told him I wasn’t trying to have anyone fired, I just need either my $270 released or give me the loan. He assured me it was not a scam and to pay the $150. I didn’t receive and they blocked my number anytime I called, I received a voice mail. I called from a different number and Ryan Kelly answered and placed me on hold. After holding for about 10-15 min, they finally hung up on me. Every time I call, its a busy signal. I left him a voice mail concerning his God or Allah or Jehovah, whomever he serves. “For the Lord knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish” Psalm 1:6…they may enjoy our suffering today, but they will suffer worse.

    On another note, I received a call from an Joe from Cash Advance America…not buying it…he wants me to take $239 to Western Union and wait 10 minutes in order to receive a $3000.00 loan…he emailed all kinds of loan documents…I just don’t trust them and I need funds, I can’t keep giving them away.

    Be blessed and don’t fall prey!

  59. I was scammed by a man going by the name of Harry Max or Maxwell. The name of his company is Maxwell Lending Corp in New Delhi, India. He went so far as to send me “legitimate” letters on Bank of India letterhead. Even gave me numbers to transfer the money directly from India into my bank acount. Of course, each time I got to a certain point in the forms I was asked for more money.

    This man pretended to be a widower who got into the business when his wife died because he wanted to help people like me start their business. He even went so far as to call me on the phone and ask me to meet him in London – because I reminded him of his wife.

    His story was always I am sorry but there is another fee. You pay half and I’ll pay the other half! I sent him over $2700 and have never received a dine. The phone number he gives you is answered by someone in English (probably depends on what country you are calling from) say Maxwell Lending Services but Harry is never there.

    He also had me send the money to India via MoneyGram – not Western Union – and it was always picked up in just minutes after it was sent. MoneyGram now has his name and hopefully no one else will be stupid enough to send him a dime!

    Beware of these people. If it sounds too good to be true, you can bet it is.

  60. I was scammed about 3 months ago from a company called California Credit Union League (phone # 1-800-475-6554)

    I spoke with a rep he used the name: Simon Felix- and he sent me what looked to be a legit contract for a $10,000 unsecured loan. He told me due to me credit I would have to have some type of collateral to secure the loan which he said would be 500.00 so since i had signed a contract stating that i would pay the 500 for the 10,000 I went ahead and sent it to him! When I asked if I could mail him the money he said no I had to go to a western union and send it that way-I felt deep down in my heart this was suspect but I really needed the money so i just went ahead and did it-the money was supposed to have been deposited into my bank acct the next day-never saw it! so I called him back and he said that again due to my credit I needed to pay an additonal 300.00-why is that when I signed a contract stating that I was only supposed to be out of 500 for my collateral?! I didn’t send the 300 and he all of a sudden got a nasty attitude and began to block all of my calls!! I boworred that money from my brother in law and the holidays are approaching and I feel soooo bad that I’m not able to pay him his money back-he was an innocent party that had nothing to do with what I was doing-he was just being generous and trying to help me get some money for my family!! I just try to keep my head up and pray to God about how I’m going to somehow get my brother’s money back and have some christmas money for my family this year

  61. thank god i found this site!!! i was cautious about young lee loan firm. kept bugging me to pay an upfront fee! and here comes another lender, saying there are no upfront fees but in the end requires you to pay something due to blah blah blah.

    I am from the philippines, online student, part time entrepreneur, and small business owner.

    i tried the banks but the requirement is 2years employment and 2 years self employed
    i am only 11months self employed.


  62. Walter Baker Loan Firm – FRAUD and SCAMMERS !!!
    Clarkson Investment Company – FRAUD and SCAMMERS !!!

  63. All these Scammers need to be arrested, and put against a wall and and killed. Scamming our money is just like rape! They scam us and leave us with our family to live on the street, and be hungry. Right now I am being evicted from my apartment because I was scammed $668.00 by Cash Advance America in WA their number is 360-362-5993. The thief I spoke with there is Neil Johnson. I leave him and his family to suffer, because I am praying very hard for that animal. He has no heart and is just a scammer.

    Beware people- I was stupid to send my money to them, because looking into it- I was looking for a loan to help make up my rent, so why did I have to pay someone to get a loan? I was stupid, but is the way in which the handle it. They are animals! Stealing money from American Citezens. They need to go back where they came from! I sent my money to Philipeens.

    God will bless all of you who got scammed. Just pray because what goes around comes around!

  64. I was scammed by US Cash Advance. Supposed to be from Washington, D.C. Phone number 360-362-5993 by a Neil Johnson/ I was robbed $668.00 that I had to make up my rent. No all my rent is gone and me and my family is left to live on the street/ So instead of getting a loan to make up my rent Neil John at US Cash Advance robbed me the money I needed to make up. God is going to Punish that man

  65. Yes, I was scammed also by American Bankers Mortgage Corp. ( I was working with Donald Anderson at 800-897-1848 ext. 500. I was offered a $25,000 loan, sent money via wire, and now the phone number is no longer in service. I feel so ashamed and I can’t believe I fell for something like this. Please do not trust American Bankers Mortgage Corp at all!

  66. dont know whaqt to do now says

    Venture capital and credit got me for over $600, then wanted me to pay more to secure another deposit on the “loan” and also told me that it would be refunded in 30 days only to change their story and tell me that my payment had drawn interest and was now $1500 and i would have to pay $300 to have my “refund” released from a federal trust! What can i do? I need my money back, that’s literally every penny i could scrape together…. Please help. Please.

  67. I received a $25,000 loan offer via email from a Donald Anderson American Bankers Mortgage Corp located at 22736 Vanowen Street, Suite 101 West Hills CA 91307 phone number 800-897-1848. This is a scam!! This office does not reside in CA because I contacted the building that manages the offices. I was told by the office manager that I was the second person that called. The contract I was sent looks very legit. They required $1,000 for collateral due to my bad credit. I was told once the money was received I would be wired the loan to my account. I called to check on the wire and was asked to send more money that I needed insurance. It’s a shame that there are people who prey on people when they are down and out! I hope he “ROTS IN HELL”!!

  68. Phillip Echardt SCAMMER says

    I applied for a loan through HEXTREL FINANCE THEY said i was approved then they send me a check that was a fraud check now I have loast my bank account and reputation with my bank.


  69. Adrian C. Jackson
    11706 Boxhill Drive
    Houston, Texas 77066
    DL# 19173140

    I worked for this guy about two months ago and he is a consummate scam artist. He goes around in the same green shirt and talks to people about his startup companies. He even makes websites and everything. He is like a car salesman. He will get you to buy into it and you do all this work and become friendly with the guy and he will draw up contracts for you to sign but then he will not pay. He becomes an outrageous, raging, control freak of a tyrant who complains only to his mama.

    He scammed almost 40 people into helping with his business and we did not see a dime. Nothing at all. I have a contract that says at least 10000 was promised to me. But see he has NO MONEY whatsoever but claims he knows ll these people and has built 40 million dollar campaigns for Verizon. So shouldn’t he have something? His name is Adrian C. Jackson. His company is or org. I haven’t looked at it in awhile. He claims affiliations with the University of Houston but he never graduated from there. Here is his address:

    I have a lawsuit pending against him.

  70. I have been scammed in some devious ways but you just have to be mindful I’ve had all the same stories as everyone on here. Sent upfront fees, had small loans become big loans without being told how I was supposed to pay back, Been sent money before and it will clear but then wipe out your account. I just play with them for awhile send them to my empty bank account that is closed if they ask for financials and then send all emails to the FTC or or check with the bank to verify the cheque.

    Like I said be careful don’t send money upfront EVER it is a scam.

  71. Never ever send money to get money .. just tell them if they can take what ever fees out of the loan then u will accept then hang up.. I will sauteed u they won’t email u back nor call u .. also an American name with an Indian accent hang up as fast as u picked it up… Remember let’s keep all this in mind .. no western union or moneygram nor pre paid cards its all a red flag……. Why it doesn’t happen to me cuz those are my rule of thumb … I understand all of you on here who were scammed . We get desperate its in our nature but trust your gut.. its god talking to u listen

  72. I was scamed for 289.00 dollars from a suppose company named Circle Finance they were supposed send me a loan for 10,000 in a hour this was about 24hours ago. N till right know they still want me to send them more money to get the founds out. Circle Finance are scammer and is a fraud please dnt fall for it. So this supposed company Circle Finance is a scam and there number is 1-888-823-0345 names are jason wilson and mark brown ext43

  73. Antonio: Lendcare Financial Services of Pickering Ontario has acted on fruadulent financing agreements. Report them to the police!

  74. Watch out for Walann Inc. as well. Beware of Mr. Martin Doyle of this company, he is the one whom I dealt with. They are just like the others mentioned, they ask you to send money transfers to someone, then ask for more to secure a loan.

    I fell for it before I found this place and finally told them I wanted a refund on my security funds, they say it’ll be here in a week or two…not likely according to the Fedral Trade Commission and the Anti Fraud Agency in Canada. At least they better watch themselves next time they use the same guy to pick up the transfer, Western Union now has his name and location, can’t wait to see what happens the next time Curtis Cordaye goes to grab someone’s hard earned cash for these scum bags!

    Mr. Doyle actually tried to tell me the FTC and AFA were incorrect and that to get a secured loan, you have to send the funds in advance…LOL! I also asked about them on Yahoo questions, and while nobody had heard of them, someone did post links to 4 or 5 websites that were the EXACT SAME duplicate of the Walann one, just with a different lending company name. So it would seem they re-use the website model, and just change names when the heat gets to close to them from what I see, that way they look clean as they have few or no complaints for a time period.

  75. Please do not use loanuk, a bunch of scammers

  76. I was scammed out of 810.00 dollars by a company by the name of US Cash Advance. Supposed to be from Washington, D.C. Nationa capital how wonderful. Was for a 3,000.00 dollar loan.

    First it was a lenders fee of 199.00 by western union to some forgein company and then state taxes on a unsecured loan, 332.00. Then a 197.00 western union active fee, to recieve the loan money though western union. Used a mobile phone 202-657-5011. Most of the time the phone rang busy unless it was time for them to talk to you and tell you that there was another fee to be paid and promised it was to be all refunded back though the loan. Bull s**t and a 3000.00 dollar loan got up too 4200.00 dollars in a few days.

    Now i am trying to get myself out of this mess i have gotten into and trying to repay my elderly mother the money i borrowed from her it isn’t easy but what a hard lesson learned. Never again I hope this helps someone.

  77. When applying for a personal loan never give them money. A personal loan is not like a car loan when you put in a down payment. Let’s face it if you are looking for a personal loan chances are likely you do not have a lot of money to spare. If they asked for collateral then that would be another story. But never in the form of money.

    Collateral is a physical object that can be taken if you don’t pay. Also if someone calls saying you owe money always check into the company first. Even if they claim to be a lawyers office. They use this to scare you. I had an instance where I actually found the company they said to be legit but my gut told me to check further especially when their name was not on the lawyers web site. I contacted the lawyers office via email and they told me it was a scam and thanked me for bringing it to their attention.

    I fell for it once because I do have cash advances out and figured they got sent to a collection agency. Always research any name of someone you are borrowing from or who you are wanting to loan money from. I lost over $2000 in order to get a loan for $15000. I figured even though I did not have it to spare that the loan amount will put it back and still have plenty to pay my bills off. So never give a company money as a collateral payment to get a loan.

    You never pay money until the funds are already given to you and in that case it will be your payments. Once that money is gone you will never get it back!

  78. Any company requiring money upfront for a loan that you’re approved for is a scam. It’s illegal to do so according to the FTC so be careful.

  79. The following loan companies I applied for loans with are scams:
    Albert Hastines (aka STEVEN MICHAEL PULLEY), Austine Musa, Barrister Johnson Blair (aka Barrister Joseph Appiah), Bernard Aireman, Changloan Investment (aka Mr. Chang), Heart of Flower Lending Company (Aka Dr. Richard Carl Gammon), Dr. John Pedro, Maria Joy 2011 (aka William Cole, Jimoh Aigbokhaode, and Jimoh Lucky), Halifax Loan ltd (aka Easy Loan Firm and Fred Hayek Alex), Musa Isa (aka Mark Akim, Obukowho Ochuko, and Ikechi Mgbeoji, and Mrs. Joanne Ode.), Sara Iwola, Trans Meridean, Tricia Park Loan Firm, Vivian Walters (aka Desmond Walters), and William Anderson (aka AS Webb).

    They are all perfect examples of “419 SCAM” organizations. I guess you could say let the buyer beware.

  80. BEWARE: of Montel Williams endorsement of Money Mutual! The money didn’t come from them. They pass it off to some payday loan place (which I didn’t want) without your consent. You aren’t explained the contract because you can never talk to a real person. I borrowed $300. I paid over $300 which they took out of my account automatically and the loan still wasn’t paid off. They said I owed another $499 because I was only paying the interest. Like I said, I was never told about how the loan would be paid back nor did I receive a copy of the contract. Needless to say I put a “stop payment” for them on my bank account, so I bet I hear from them now!!! They will get “no answer” just like I did!!!

  81. Please don’t use Obrien & Nichols Investment Consultants, located at 1001 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 1200, New York, NY 10018. The person that I was dealing with, her name is Christina Golding at 1-888-391-9491 ext 188. I applied for a loan, and I received an e-mail from this compnay stating I was approved for a $10,000 loan. I then receive a call from Chrstina stating that I had to send in paperwork as well as a $750 for borrower’s insurance coverage payment using Green Dot.

    I was promised to receive my money within 24 hours. Twenty fours comes and goes. I then call her back, and she stated I had to send her an additional $500 to receive the money. I told her “No Way”!!! She then told me that I would be refunded the $750 I sent, and I would recieve that later in the evening. Needless to say, that time came and I still didn’t have my money. I reported that company to the Better Business Bureau. So go the saying, “If something is too good to be true, it usually is.”

  82. Anonymous S says

    Please stay away from Western Sky! My husband fell victim to this company. He wanted a loan for $600.00. At first he was turned down and then a month later he was approved but not for the $600.00. They could only loan him $2600. I warned him not to do business with this bunch of scalpers. But he did not listen. They gave him the loan and sold it to a company called Cashcall within three days. The interest rate on this loan was 300%. Western Sky operates from an Indian reservation so they are not governed by anyone!! Western Sky and Cashcall are one in the same. They are nothing more than payday lenders even though they deny they are.

    I have complained to the BBB, our states’s Attorney General, and the Consumer Protection Bureau. No one seems to want to help. Although they did not ask for money up front. They call our home from six different phone numbers from all over the United States. My husband is paying the money he owes them but evidently he’s not paying them fast enough. I was thinking about having him declared mentally ill so that I could void the loan(ha)!!! Just avoid this company altogether. I’ve noticed CashCall’s lasted advertisement is in regard to refinancing mortages. BEWARE!!!

  83. Whatever you do donot use Kadar Financial Service they are scammers. I never took a loan out with them and they have called me several times to repay the loan or I would go to jail in one hour. The creeps I asked where they were located and they told me that didn’t matter and I was going to jail. I told them to fly a kite and hung up. I now have a new phone number and have filed harrassment charges aginst them for calling me at a government facility.

  84. I was scammed out $650.00 by

    Anna Butler
    Senior Loan Officer
    American Commercial Finance
    2023 S Compton Ste 100
    Saint Louis, MO 63104
    Tel: 1-877-598-4470 ext 514

    After they received the money I contacted by their “funding department” stating that I needed to send an additional $300 and if I didn’t want to pursue the loan, that I would get my $650 back. It out in me a bad situation financially. I was told by Green-Dot, who has the checking account information for “this company” and it belongs to one individual and the only way the information will and can be released is if I file criminal charges and have an attorney. Everyone please careful, I don’t want this to happen to another person.

  85. Crescentia says

    I was scam by Apple Cash Flow Inc. The person I spoke with which name was Tiffany Pointer who interms ended up transfering me to someone eles and I sent them 300.00 dollars to secure my loan and havent receive any funds yet. Dont send money when applying for a loan.

  86. Hi

    I have been trying to get a loan and i was finally approved through a company called Prime National Loan Services, I have not sent in the money yet,so i was wondering if anyone has worked with them or if it is a scam. Please Help I need to know if this is legit or not.

  87. Financial Club International

    Just another scam in offering loans for upfront fees such as Loan Insurance and Brokerage and clearance fees. You will never receive that money or the loan
    money as stated.

    Beware if its to good to be true is usually is.

  88. My O my! Seems as if Lydia Cooke with American Commercial Finance is rocking & rolling.

    She scammed me out of $1,089.00. You can call her at her ext. #518, leave a voice mail and never returns a call. These people are vulchers. They prey on people who, for whatever reason, need financial help. The elderly, the young; just whoever they decide to call on a particular day. One person, I noticed, said something about joining together and getting an attorney; just let me go ahead and say that I am a plaintiff in a hospital negligent case, so I do have an attorney, but when I told her that, it was like “who cares”, so hopefully, my attorney can get aboard
    pretty quick.

    I am a widow, living on disability and there was no way I could afford to loose that money. But, you know what, these kind of people have no conscious and I don’t know how they sleep at night; yes I do, they have no conscious. I have filed a complaint with the St. Louis BBB and what they do is send these crooks a letter and they have 14 days to reply; so, for those of you who have been scammed by ACF of St. Louis, go to the BBB website in St. Louis and file a complaint.

    Just maybe some of this can come back and bite them in the butt; it’s called Karma and sometimes, Karma can be so sweet.

  89. I was scammed by Cash Advance America


    Got me for 723.00 dollars. I was told that to get the loan for 1500 I had to buy a greendot money card with 273.00 on for my firstloan payment and that a loan advisor would meet with me to sign papers and take the card. He never showed and when I checked the card it was empty. I then called back and was told that I needed to western union an additional amount because they system locked up f a ;oan with someone with my same name that was in default. I was desperate and stupidly did it.

    He stayed on the hone and once got the mtcn number put me on hold so that he could check and clear my funds. 32 minutes later the phone disconnected. I tried calling back and they refused to anser the phone. I called from a different number and as soon as I said who I was they hung up.

    I did some research and found the other numbers for theses same people who confirmed who they were because they had mu number but as soon as I said I was not sending more money and calling the police they hung up. They now will not answer the phone when I call and as soon as they hear my voice from a number they dont recognize they terminate the call. DO NOT TRUST anyone who says they are ftom this company.

  90. Anomonysus says

    Stay away from American Commercial Finance
    Lydia Cooke
    2023 s compton ste 100
    saint louis mo. 63104
    1-877-598-4470 ext 518

    Looking for upfront insurance money to secure my 15000 loan I’ve been approved for. First if you call the phone number I don’t even think it says American Commercial Finance, that is what tipped me off. And I didn’t feel Lydia was to professional. In her emails some words were spelt wrong or not a proper sentence. Don’t get scammed.

  91. Beverly Simpson of Priority Lending Group, 2698 Boggs Rd., Amelia, OH 45102, 1-888-749-4416 scammed me out of $1080 plus $540. I checked the computer to see if the company was legitimate and found nothing. Bev sent me a commitment letter signed by Paula Jones, CEO for $15,000 and . The money paid upfront was to be applied directly to the principal of the loan and directly upon receipt funds would be released in one business day. I had three choices to get the money: pay $2000 for insurance, make 4 payments up front, or get a co-signer. The paperwork looked legitimate and everything sounded good, but it was a scam.

  92. I have been scammed by american commercial finance a lady by the name of katherine hamilton. Scam was a upfront insurance security of 600 so dumb should had seen was not legit.

    amercian commercial finance
    2023 s compton ste 100
    saint louis mo. 63104
    1-877-598-4470 ext 515

  93. Starushko Marko – Fraud and Scammer!
    Also he uses name – Markus Aljter
    His passport – EC 010596, Ukrainian. Usually he offers “high yield investment programs” and other financial scams.
    Do not have any relation or business with him!!!
    Currently he is hiding in Spain, San-Sebastian/Donostia.
    His telephone(mobile) + 34 662413693.
    His company – “Tesmet Import-Export”, S.A.; “UBS COMPANY” Ltd.

  94. HI i was scammed by Oceanic bank in Nigeria. They promised a loan and kept paying fees on top of fees. Now we are homelss and they don’t care. They are all scandalist b*tches shall they rot and burn with the devil.

  95. I have been scamed by a company asking me to send money over seas to secure the loan. They had a website and everything so I thought they were legit. Well I am out of $1200.00 by time it all was said and done and never got my loan of $5000.00.

  96. Paula - Pennsylvania says

    Acclaro Finance is a huge scam. It all seemed so legit.

    I was sent faxes and paperwork and emails, all with letter head. Received calls. Went through over 2 weeks of checking and checking and verifying. Calling them back. This went on for awhile. We finally agreed to the terms. I had to send a payment by usind a walmart greendot card. So I did, then I called them with the numbers off of the card. About an hour later they called me back and said after a secondary credit check I needed to send the full $1000. The loan was for $8000. I had to borrow from work but I went and got another greendot card for the remaining amount and called with the numbers off the card. Then I had to send them a fax of both cards and receipts.

    I was told I would have a deposit of the $8000 within 48 hours. After 72 hours I called back. I was told there was some mistake made with the paperwork and that I would have the funds within 24 hours. I waited til the following Monday. I contacted another person who said they were checking in to the issue. She called me back and guaranteed that I would have the funds by the next day. The next day the company no longer existed and a day later there were suddenly reports all over the better business bureau site with warnings about them.

  97. I have been scam twice, once by Bell Blue Monrtary Services for $ 500. Same for $ 5000 loan with up front $ 500. they are in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Second was Granite Lending Inc. Same scam. Live and learn. Never pay any thing up front

  98. Heritage Mutual Investors scammed me out of 325.00. Stacy Smith contacted me saying i was approved for 5,000 loan at 8% apr. Well sent the money to secure the loan to be wire transfered in 2-4 hours after payment was recieved well never recieved a dime. I won’t fall for it again. Just beware of Heritage Mutual Investors.

  99. We were scammed by: American Alliance Capital lending.

    Belinda Thompson called my husband. We were looking on line for loans. 592 Madison Ave. , New York 10075 phone # 1800-430-6340. They said our credit score was not high enough but they would give us a loan for $15,000 if we sent them the first and last payments. They even emailed us the paper work. It seemed legitemnet. But I needed to google it for myself.

    I came across this website and saw that this same “company” was #3 comment. So I have called the FTC help number on the top of this page, just to let them know and they said that when my husband gave them our information, that was all they needed to fraud us.

  100. I was looking online for loans I could qualify for with bad credit and my boyfriend was emailed by a representitive from a Victor and Company Financial named Tracy Spencer claiming we were approved for a loan and to contact her, after receiving “loan documents” via e mail and told we had to make prior installments to ensure our commitment to repayment ofthe loan that we would receive the $10,000 we applied for. I looked online saw nothing about them so I figures they were legit, and the installments were because our credit was so bad, please don’t believe anybody that tells you u have to pay for a loan.

  101. Fortunately, with the amount of scam mails one receives nowadays, I generally think twice before taking anything as truth. I received mail offering loans for up to $1,000,000 at 3% from (Trademarked) CITY FINANCE PLC (all rights reserved), direted to me by the CEO John Amit. Since I am wanting to start a business in SA and need a little set-up capital, I thought to check this out – just in case!

    Firstly, I checked on the scam sites and found scams of similar company names but not exactly this one. Then I Googled John Amit, CEO of the company, and was directed to “Facebook” – how convenient ….. there are more John Amits than teeth in my mouth (and I still have my full set).

    I also noticed by checking on this blog that, the format of required information tallies virtually exactly with that sent in by another person. What was interesting is that John Amit actually overlooked to add authentic looking emblems and such on his letter…… first sign and give away – not that some scams don’t come into one’s inbox looking extremely professional and authentic. I realise again that, nothing comes easy …… so, these type of mails are all exactly the same …….. NON(E)SENSE!


  102. Thank u so much for the comments on this website. I just received a call from a lady called belinda thompson with american alliance capital lending 1 800 430 6340 ext 35 592 madison ave new york 10075.

    She said that I have been approved for a $5000 loan but due to bad credit i will have to pay 3 months in advance for a total of $484 and this payment will go towards my principal payment. It sounded genuine and i thought my money problems were solved.

    Shortly after our phone conversation i received and email with the loan contract and a company website every thing looked very genuine but a little voice in my head told me to do a little bit of research before i parted with $484. I couldn’t find any info on this company at all until i stumbled on this website and read stories very similar to my own.

    Thank u so much for saving me from making a very big mistake and sending my hard earned money and savings to american alliance capital lending!

  103. vishnu ji keshri says

    Peggysmith loan company is a fraud

  104. Beware of a company called Loan Brokers of America. They scammed me for 237 dollars for a personal loan never received and now no one answers the phone. Do not send anything to them. I spoke with a ms ellis dont let it happen to you they are a fraud.

  105. Everyone, just for the record, I learned that a real financing or loan company would never ask you for cash as collateral. If they do it is a scam. Please dont fall victim to any of these. I mean think about it, you are applying for a loan because you need money, no company would ask you to put up money that you probably dont even have just to get a couple thousand back. I almost learned it the hard way also, but when your stomach starts turning and you know it doesnt feel right 99.9% of the time, its a scam and you’re out of many you really needed and your’re really screwed. I’m happy someone told me this before I almost got scammed out of $720 for a $5000 loan.

  106. Sparrow lending advisers is a scam. Please beware you will not get a loan from michelle mccord or disree flowers they say its a secure loan and when you send your money a kethia ramsey picks it up only to lie and tell you it will be in your account give you a breakdown on how to pay with back a fix rate really look good on paper but you will get for nothing at all scam artist for real stay away from sparrow lending advisors!

  107. Amit Aggarwal

    I got scammed yesterday morning. I got a call from a cash adavance loan company saying that I have been approval for a loan I did online. They asked me what I need the loan for and I said to pay bills. So the man Davis told me I can get up to $8000 if I send them $540.

    I was like OK then I ask them why do I need to send them money so the man Davis said for my 1st month bill but when I send him the 540 he going to send it back alone with my loan. He ask me how far I stay from western union. I said bout 5 mins away so he said ok call him when I get there.

    So when I got there I call him he told me to get a green form and put my name, address, number. So I did that and for the receiver name put Amit Aggarwal and for the city Davis told me to put Delhi and state Delhi.

    Deep inside somthing was tell me not to do it but I went ahead and did it. The whole time the man stay on the phone with me then he ask how many people in front of me and I told him and he still stay on the phone for like 5 mins. I sholud had knw something was wrong.

  108. Greenwood-financial $1041.00
    Ruth Anderson

    Aero-finacial $571.00

    Beware of Greenwood-financial & Aero-finacial they are theifs, they promise you a loan if you pay up front for insurance. I was looking to get a loan for $5000.00 received all of the documentation which was in my eyes legal forms, boy was I wrong.

    I paid greenwood-financial $1041.00 for the insurance to secure the loan, then ruth anderson came back and stated that the financial institutation backed out of the loan, but found another one which was aero-financial and then asked for another $571.00 i have tried to contact each but with no results.!!!!!Please do not go to the websites for loans they are scammers and will steal your hard earned money.

  109. Prime National Financial is a scam!

  110. Lending Mutual Services

    Hey guys I’m alittle worried that I might of been scammed for 316 dollars and I am so crazy to trust these people. I just sent them this money through Western Union and not get called back for the loan. Unfortunately I dont remember the name I think its Lending Mutual Services or something but I really needed the money and they told me I was approved for 5000 and that I only had to pay 316 to secure it.

    The lady said she would call me back in a 15 mins and she never did then everytime I call I get no answer. I’m like really cant afford this crap right now!

  111. Scam The Scammers says

    Philip Brandon
    Cash 4 U

    I was this close to falling for this shameful mess, but let me tell you how I turned it around on the scammers!

    I was set to go to my nearest Western Union an hour after I had talked to Philip Brandon from Cash 4 U (or Cash For You). Philip said they were located in California and his numbers are 818-284-4434 and 818-284-6622.

    Something didn’t feel right in the pit of my stomach, so I did a search on Google for -cash loans with “refundable deposit by Western Union”- (without the dashes) and I found this site! I am so glad I did! I started reading the comments and my heart sank for the many people that have fallen victim to this ridiculousness.

    So I decided to get even!

    First, my loan was going to be for $1500 and I was to send a refundable deposit of $180. Not as much as some people on here, but still it was my last $180!!

    I picked up my 13 year old son from school and told him what was going on. I told my son that I was so glad I found this site, but that I wanted to pretend I actually went to the Western Union all while ‘Philip’ (who sounded like he was from India) was on the phone with me. I was scared at first; don’t ask me why. I guess that’s why I can’t commit crimes because I actually have a soul.

    Anyway, we got in the house and I called ‘Philip’, put him on speaker, and told him I was at Western Union. He told me to get the green form and to fill out my first and last name, address, and phone #. Then he said to check the box that said “money in minutes” and list the amount to send as $180. The destination was India (go figure!) and the receiver’s name was Tushar Gupta. ‘Philip’ told me to sign the form and asked how many people were in line ahead of me. I told him one person was in line and he said he would wait on the line.

    I put this scam artist on mute and asked my son if he could hear all the other scam artists in the background talking to other unsuspecting victims. It was really quite sad!

    So after waiting about 10 minutes, I unmuted the phone and told ‘Philip’ that I got the receipt and asked him what he needed off the receipt. He said the Money Transfer Control Number. I asked him if it was all numbers and he said yes. I asked him if it was 10 numbers long and he said yes.

    So I made one up, here it is: 2012318863.

    He repeated it back to me and I confirmed it was correct.

    My son and I heard ‘Philip’ typing and sounding confused, ‘Philip’ asked if that was the right MTCN#. I said it was and then ‘Philip’ said that the MTCN# was wrong.

    That’s when I said, “It sure is, because you just got SCAMMED!” And my son said, “You scammer!”

    Then we hung up on ‘Philip’!

    ‘Philip’ has been blowing up my cell phone, but refuses to leave a message. Oh well, how does it feel ‘Philip’?

    I know that what I did was lying. I know that all I really did was waste a few minutes of this idiot’s time, but in it’s own small way it is a victory for all of the victims that have fallen prey to the ‘Philips’ of these schemes.

    People Down On Their Luck =1, Scammers=0!

  112. Beware of First Carolina Solutions

    I was scammed by First Carolina Solution promised me if I was approoved for a loan I would get it in 24 hours. I was approved for $7500.00 and they said they would need $750.00 to prove I was sincere. I paid the $750.00 then they said I had to pay another $950.00 half of the interest of the loan.They even gave me a letter of guarantee that when i paid the $950.00 i would get my loan.

    I paid that then they said I had to pay another $950.00 to pay off the interest on the loan. I told them I can`t afford any more money and they refused to give the loan. I then told them I want to cancel my loan and was told it would take three weeks to get it back.

  113. First Farmers Financial Corporation
    14522 S Outer Forty Rd
    St Louis, Missouri 63017
    Ph: 1-888-792-5551 x435
    Fax: 1-888-629-0726

    On February 6, 2012, I filled out an application that was faxed from Fran McFarland. She said that in order to get my personal loan of $7000.00 approved, I would have to pay upfront a collateral payment of 3 months which consists of $425.79. I told her, “wow! that’s a lot and that doesn’t really make sense. I am applying for a loan and I already have to start repaying it back.” She said “Once you pay $425.79, you will receive your loan of $7000.00 within two hours.”

    So I went to Publix and filled out a Moneygram. It was around 6pm. I waited for 2 hours…she stayed on the phone with me here and there. At 8pm, nothing, no money in my bank acct nor did she pick up my phone calls. The next day, I phone called her from 9am through 2pm. Finally at 2pm, I said…”It is really hard to reach you. What’s going on with my loan?” She said, “Due to the lender, they need you to pay an additional $800.00.”

    I told her that I didn’t have that kind of money. She advised, “What about a friend? Borrow from a bank? Apply for a payday loan?” I told her, “No I can’t. There is no one and now I want my refund since I won’t get approved.” She said that she felt horrible and told me she would process my refund immediately. I was a bit irate at her when I got “denied”. She told me not to blame it on her. I told her you literally ripped me off $435.79 and now you are asking for an additional $800.00. How can I be happy? Last week, on February 14, 2012, Fran told me that next week I would receive my refund check.

    So far nothing yet…

  114. I was also scammed by Secure Loans R Us. Some Latino sounding cat with a whiteboy named aston walker that was my rent money. You will reap what you sow.

  115. I just got scammed by Loan Brokers Of America stay away from them. Carol Taylor and Ms. Ellis are scammers they got me for $735.00. I was promised a loan of $5000.00 but I had to pay the insurance premium for the loan first because of my credit history. I paid the funds never got the loan they do not answer the phone now.

  116. robert ruffino says

    First Farmers Financial Corporation

    Another place you should worry about is First Farmers Financial Corporation. lady named Fran Mcfarland called me saying I was approved for 10000 loan and had to pay first 3 months up front. I said I could only pay one month she said ok and I sent one month. $205. She called me back and said that I had to come up with one more month I told her that her company was a scam. She said they would send back my $205.

    Still waiting not holding my breath though.

  117. I tried Grandmont Solutions and had the same experience as everyone else.

    Agent: John Mussino
    Phone: 1-800-579-1150 ex. 318
    Western Union went to: Derrick Hassell in New York

  118. Beware of Sparrow Lending Advisors…BOGUS, BOGUS, BOGUS

    I needed $15K and they approved me without any of my personal information. So I thought. I was asked to send them $735.00 for a high risk fee, since my credit score was low. After I was to do that then I would receive the funds in my account the next day. With payments of only $173 /month over 10 years. After I did the math, those Stupid Heads expected me to pay over $22K on a $15K loan…NO WAY! Needless to say as desperate as I was,I never did the loan simply because it was a scam. I checked them out at the BBB, they were’nt listed and when I would search for the website link, of course nothing would come up. Just a bunch of URL links. Still on debt but WHEW, that’s one bullet I didn’t bite.

  119. USA Personal Loan Company

    I was scammed by USA Personal Loan Company . My experience was very similiar to all if these stories.

    I was desperate and looking for money to pay my rent so I wouldn’t get evicted. These “animals ” with no conscious told me that they had a loan up to $3000 that I had been approved for. I opted to take only $2000. This James Lee proceeded to tell me I had to pay at least one secured installment first to verify my identity, but I would get this money back when they sent the loan. So I send this money through Western Union, give him the money control number. He verifies that whomever received my money and gives me another money control # to receive my loan.

    When I tried to get the money, it was NOT THERE. Keep in mind that “James” is on the phone with me the whole time. He then tells me that the money has been flagged by the IRS and I have to pay an additional $199 for them to release the money. WTF? I snapped and James gave the phone to his manager who only after about 20 seconds that he couldn’t deal with me and so James gets back on the phone and promises me if I send $199 by next morning, I would be able to receive my loan amount and the money I had to send.

    I got a bad feeling about this so I started looking up scam info online. . .and too my dismay I found sites like this one with complaints just like mine.

    Please BEWARE! USA Personal Loan Company has no soul and are out to get hard-working people in hard financial need!

  120. You can add Loan Brokers of America to the list of scams. We were scammed out of 348.00 and now I don’t think there is any help for real out there for people like us. Life just loves to kick you when you are down.

  121. Heavy Indian Accents! says

    Priority Payday Loans
    Jim Davis

    Is anyone else noticing that the lenders are using american names but speak with very thick indian accents? So thick that it is very hard to understand what they are saying.

    My mom got approved for a loan of 4400 from a company called “Priority Payday Loans”. The Lender went by the name “Jim Davis” but had a very thick indian/middle eastern accent. To secure the loan he needed my mom to western union him 250.00$ and insured that the money would be in her account within 30mins. Being that my mother is currently is in a very desperate financial situation she sent them the money.

    After about an hour this “JIM DAVIS” person calls back and says they have recieved the money but to proceed further with the transaction she would need to send an additional 378.00$ to transfer the money into US currency. Right then and there my bad feelings about this were all confirmed.Then she proceeded to tell them she didnt have the additional 378.00$ and wanted her money returned. They proceeded to tell her that her 250.00$ was non refundable.

    So i hope these scumbags rot in hell. they scammed a 67 yr old elderly woman out of 250.00$ who is worried sick about her bills and is trying to provide for 3 grandchildren who currently live with her. And what makes their tactics even more sickening is the children are 1yr old ,6 and 7yrs old so really young.

    But those scumbags dont care. But karma is a bitch and i truly believe they will get theirs one day. I am soo glad my mother didnt send them the 378.00$ they asked for in addition. Or she would have certainly lost her home.

    So watch out for “priority payday loans”!

  122. Add Plymouth Lending to the scam list, I lost $2600 to them. I was one that thought I would never be caught with a company like that but I did. Learned a hard and costly lesson. Now I am working on cleaning up my act. Spending less, and paying off debt the hard way.

  123. Company: Online Bad Credit Loan Services AKA: online bad credit loan services AKA: onlinebadcredit loanservices
    Name: John Marshall

    OK so like all of you I have bad credit and need money. I found a site on the web called online bad credit loan services the man’s name is John Marshall the site its self is a bunch of ads so I filled out their form on line and I have since been barraged with emails.

    At first it was loan documents and how much I was approved for which was 4000.00 @ 1.3% interest rate that didn’t have to start paying back until June 2013 which raised a flag for me. Not at all during this time did they ask for any up front fee well then all of a sudden they want a 120.00 western union I refused to do it so he told me to send it Moneygram when I explained that was the same thing he sent me some Id which could be anybody seeing we have only communicated via email and the ID looked phoney I just sent him an email and told him where to stick his Loan.

    Thank you for this site you saved me I hope this helps others here is the email address online bad credit loan services

  124. I too looked online for a loan for people with bad credit. I found Greenwood Financial and spoke to Wendy Clark. I received paper work that “looked” legit, signed it all and sent back with proof. They required a $408 insurance down payment by Green Dot money pak to secure 5k.

    Greenwood Financial in Fl
    Wendy Clark
    Ruth Anderson

    I wasnt thorough enough, saw a chance at help to get out of debt and ended up getting scammed.

  125. Aventura Finance Services
    Please don not send money to these crooks

    Loan scam beware

  126. don't fall for it says

    Beware of Secured Loans are US. They scammed us they will scam you to. Man gos by the name of John Matthews.

    Unit 25 Winchester Business Center.
    15 Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.
    Contact :1914 272 7808 Fax : 1- 914-412-9907

  127. Richard & Kimberley says

    We were scammed by Secured Loans R us, Man go by the name John Matthew and Junior Walters. wanted us to pay 3 mounts up front. 2290 dollers to get loan. then said we needed to pay another 1000 to get the loan into our account. Cant see how people can do this to other people, don’t have a heart.

  128. Here’s two more scams:

    Arrowhead Loans
    Grace Meadows
    Fax 1-855-226-9218
    4201 38th St S, Suite 207, Fargo ND, 58104
    Also Lydia Martin, Sally Perkins, Luther P. Crawford, Riley Crawford

    Also I haven’t seen this one on this site,

    Matric Investment Services Inc
    100 Broadway Suite 1422
    New York, NY 10005
    1-888-774-9144 ext 2147
    Patrick Evans

    Check out their website

    They are so stupid they used a picture of “The Office” T.V show cast on their website!

  129. I am disabled and I was scamed out of my whole check by Aldridge Financial located in 18851 ne 29th AVE Aventura FL.

    I know thats just a front because after recieving all the papaer work everything looked fine then she told me to send the money by western union and I did stupid. I should have known better but after I did not recieve the money I got a call saying I was red flagged and I needed to send more money. After calling back they had chaged there number that fast dont fall for this please not like I did.

    I am a god fearing person and I know this will be stopped soon.

  130. Please beware of Newbrook Loan Brokers they run a huge scam.

    They said that I was approved for a $5000 loan but needed to make a down payment of $877 which is the first 5 months of payments to start paying off your loan. They faxed over a 5 page contract which looked like a legit contract. After the down payment was made of $877, which can only be paid through Green Dot Money Pak the funds will be released into your count within 24 hours.

    Then I got a call the next morning saying that the IT department is working on the phones so that this is temporary number. Then they said that the funds are on hold because the lender enforces that I purchase the $1000 insurance policy because of “poor” credit. After the $1000 is paid once again ONLY through Green Dot Money the funds will be released within 3-5 hours. After the 5th hour no funds have been released and the Green Dot Money pak’s have both been cashed out.

    Names: Shaw Burk or Michael McMillan
    Numbers: 18773445712 and 18773445710

  131. feeling totally stupid says

    I was scammed by Advancecredit and Capital or Advancecredit Capital.

    Like most of you I had thought I had done my research about online predators and scams. I received an email from a James carter and was told to call him. When I called I asked him some pretty simple questions and he answered them all. He then forwarded me loan documents that looked pretty legit. So I faxed all my information to them once they had the info he told me that the lender needed collateral since they had tried to ask Canadian banks for a loan for me and was denied, since I was still paying for my vehicle I had no real assets.

    He told me that I would have to send 500 insurance to the lender to secure my loan. Now I was asking him many questions about this security and thought I was smart enough to make a wise decision. He promised me that I would not have to send a penny more. So like an idiot I sent 500 via western union to a Michelle Jamison in Hamilton Ontario. All the while i was making the decision to send the money I had a bad feeling about it but again like many of you I’m in need of this loan to help set myself straight with many bills so I sent it anyway in good faith.

    Money promised by 4pm no cash then promised by 6pm cause I called him back no cash. Then I called him back and he referred me to a jack who was the in the finance dept. Jack and he asked me to call back within 10 min I did so and he said oh yeah the lender didn’t deposit the money cause you need to deposit another 375 in admin fees. I then got very upset and said James said 500 was all I had to send. So I told him that i would have to try and borrow the money cause I didn’t have 500 to send let alone 375 more. So he asked if I could send it that night at 8pm I said no I’m going to have to try and find 375 like I told you I didn’t have the 500. I asked if the lender could withhold 375 of the 5000 I was promised.

    Thank goodness I found this site as I was trying to Google Advancecredit Capital and guess what nothing pops up. I should have done this before I lost 500 but happy I did before I sent 375 more like I was going to. I called jack back and asked for refund he said he would get the paperwork in order. Lol I have already kissed my money goodbye he said it would take approximately 10 business days to refund it in a check I said western union it that’s how I sent it in the first place.

    So the moral is people with bad credit like me who are desperate like me if a lender asks for any kind of collateral or money upfront it is a scam please don’t get lost in the thought of having money from a approved loan in your acct cause its not going to happen. I learned a 500 dollar lesson and it cost me enough that i can share this lesson with anyone who cares to read this.

    Karma is a bitch so James and jack AT Advancecredit Capital you guys are in for it one day. Enjoy my hard earned blood sweat and tears, many hours of logged overtime money, cause its the only money you will get for me. If I ever do get a refund i will repost it.

  132. robert ruffino says

    Me and my girlfriend got scammed by Wise Capital Lending.

    I received a call from a guy named Will O’conner saying that I was approved for $7500. But because my credit was bad they asked me to secure the loan by sending them $825. I said I could not afford that right now. They said ok dropped it to $400 then send to remaining money when I receive the loan. Said couldn’t do it till I got payed. They asked me to send $295 then the rest after I receive the loan. I did sent it to a shawn wise in Ajax Ontario Canada. I was just out of the western union when Will called and told me they went through my loan again and I had to send another $295 and the loan will be released.

    They didn’t release it got a call on the saturday morning saying that they want another 590 before releasing the loan. I asked them for a refund and they said that in would take them a month to get my money back to me. Now dealing with another company called Secured Loans R Us, and they asked for $500 upfront to secure a 5000 dollar loan.

    Should I trust any company anymore?

  133. Aventura Finance Services
    19030 NE 29th Ave, Aventura, FL 33180

    I spoke to two different people, the first was named Laurie Haughton. She is the one that sent me all the “Loan” documents and told me where to send my collateral of $750 and that my Western Union fee would be reimbursed. After you send the Western Union out, your money is deposited into your account within 6-8 hours and the Western Union fee will be reimbursed to you. My bank only posts direct deposits at night, so I didn’t find out until yesterday morning that the money was not deposited.

    You have to understand, my gut told me this is a scam, but I am desperate. I’m an independent contractor and this month has slowed down so drastically that I don’t have money to pay my bills so I was trying to pay off some bills so that my monthly debt is not so high. So anyway, I knew that this was a scam, but I sent the money anyway. I checked out the website, but I never looked at this one. I really wish I did, because I never would’ve done these stupid things.

    Well, the money wasn’t deposited and I was on the phone yesterday morning screaming. I got a phone call later on in the day by Vanessa Lane, the accounts receivable manager and Laurie’s supervisor, apologizing for this and saying that the lender had gotten nervous about some recent activity on my credit and that the lender required another $600 for an insurance premium. Again, I knew that this was bad, but like I said, I was desperate, so I sent it Western Union. They even called me back with a transaction number after the direct deposit was sent. Well, long story short, if that’s possible, I am now out a total of $1456 and I’m short $2036 for my bills for the month of February. That’s the first one.

    The second one that called me is Grandmont Solutions. I don’t know anything about them other than someone named John Cumino called me and told me that I was approved for a $10,000 loan at 5% interest, the payments are $231 a month for 4 months. Them, I had to give $922 to, but I didn’t do it because I figured i would see if the first one was real. The first one, Aventura, started out to be a lower out-of-pocket expense. Grandmont’s phone number is 800-579-1150.

    I really, really hope this helps someone.

  134. I would just like to add another Scam lender to the list:

    Lincoln Standard Lending Bureau
    554 5th Street NEW YORK NY 10175
    Tel.: +19175031716

    I got a call from an Erin Bailey, her number is 876-853-7611 she told me I was approved for $5000 at a 10% rate then she put me on hold & got back on the phone & said I was approved at a 9% rate, with monthly payments of $228.40 for 36 months. She would send me the documents via e-mail in 15 minutes then I could go over them & call the 1st number listed above.

    She said they were the Lincoln Standard Lending Bureau located in New York. After about 40 mins. I gave her a call back on the second number, which is what she called me from, & she said “hello” not referencing a business or anything. I told her that I did not get the documents & she said she would check into it & I would need to call back the 917 number. Well I got the documents & in the terms was where it said I was to make a collateral payment of 2 months payments.

    So that’s why I am writing this. When I call them back, I will let all know just what they say!

  135. Please beware of SECURED LOANS R US they are a bunch of liars and thieves! The guy goes by the name John.

    521 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan NY with call centre in Jamaica
    Unit 25 Winchester Business Center
    15 Hope Road
     Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I.
    Toll free:  1-914-272.7808

  136. david firth 31-01-2012 says

    I have just been scamed of 270.00 pounds by a loan company UK Finance LTD.

    They tell you that your loan will in your bank within 1 hour then they ask you to go and get ukash vouchers to pay tax on the loan ect. Then they phone you back or get you to phone them when you have the voucher and ask for the long number at the bottom/ and tell you that this value will be added to your loan. They will post the aggreement papers by post and you put the vouchers in with aggreement papers your money will then be in your bank; by this time they have just used your vouchers and you get nothing.

    Then they do not answer the phone after that must block out your number UK Finance LTD cons phoned me this number 02081447350. Please dont get scamed like I did. I have now reported them they dont give address out or does anyone have anymore info on them if let me know on 07707165067.

  137. Okay new scammer Advance Credit Capital or Advance Capital Credit, the guy couldn’t seem to get it right in the email. I knew right away on the phone that it was a scam and had him send me the loan agreement. $5000 loan, $500 down.

    So Anyways I sent him a return email and asked him how I could find his site as nothing popped up, asked him why he had an yahoo email address advancecapitalcredit@yahoo.Com. Duh anyone could do that. The $500 down was to go towards insurance coverage in case something happened. The insurance carrier listed was conseco so I called them and they told me they were in no way connected.

  138. Greenwood Financial
    407 s arcturas ave
    Clearwater, fl 33765

    On January 20, 2012 I received a phone call from I spoke to a Wendy Clarke, she said I was approved for a $7,000.00 loan. I had applied numerous times online for a bad credit loans for this much, but not to this company. In turn, I received an email with all the loan documents. I read all this over and called her back. I was told I need an insurance policy up front for $508.00 in order to get this loan, and to send it by a money pak from Walmart, plus all my personal information.

    I was desperate. But kept asking her if this was a scam. I said cross your heart! She said they have been in business for 13 years. The contract read that I would get 75% of my deposit back after 3 Months of payments and the other 25% after the end of the loan. I then proceeded to look up the company in the yellow pages in Clearwater, Florida, they were located at this address but they also were not listed with the better business bureau or the Department of financial regulation in Florida.

    The gentleman at that office said, any unsecured loans in Florida do not have to be regulated. So there is the big problem!! I then looked up this website and read all your comments, and I thank you for saving me $508.00 which I could not really afford because I am on disability.

    I agree these scammers should be stopped, but how?

  139. Aero Head Loan Brokers
    Grace Meadows

    I’m so freaking mad I needed this loan so I applied online. Few days later get a call from aAero Head Loan Brokers. The name sounded so cool but anyway my rep was a chick named Grace Meadows.

    Well application went through for five grand I started doing research on this place I went to better business bureau. Didn’t show up the legal binding contract she sent through email looking professional I went through with it. I called her talked about how it works and stuff she said you had to drop 837 bucks for security deposit. I’ve never heard such a thing so I called my bank agency she told me the same thing.

    I got iffy but still was desperate so I gathered that 837 from wherever I could get my hands on then the day came where I had to make the decision fax her all my personal info. So what happen was she said I was ready to go until it hit me the last email sent to me was directions in bold letters it said go to Walmart make sure to bring cash and go to aile with a prepaid card name moneypak. It cost 4 dollars we will reimburse you. Next go to cashier and deposit cash n keep recipe after you’re finish contact me with the cards pin n wen we received.

    The payment we will send u a confirmation through your email n proceed with send u the loan. No I’m not stupid when I called her n said I’m backing out she threatens me with a 250 dollar service fee if I don’t pay she will take legal action bitch I’m not scared plus I didn’t even get the loan yet.

    I told that I believe it’s a scam but her stank ass self believes its legit hahal Legit my ass well for u guys who are reading this before u do sum or in the middle of this don’t believe Aero Head Loan Brokers.

  140. Don’t go to WINDHAM LC to get a loan. There are no loans, just a bunch of BS. I lost 4000.00 to these scammers and I’m on a CRUSADE TO STOP them from ever doing it again!

    They first contacted me on my Cell Phone and left me a message. The worst thing I ever did was listen to the voice mail telling me that I had been approved for a 40,000.00 personal loan. I had been putting requests in on a bunch of websites requesting a loan so I wasn’t surprised when they contacted me.

    After all was said and done they took me for 4000.00. Said I would have to pay in advance 6 months of payments and loan insurance. I paid them with MoneyPak cards. I’ve contacted MoneyPak and reported this.

    Windham LC

  141. Me and my husband weren’t so lucky. We were scammed by a company called Payday Today. We fell for the lie that if we sent $200 through Western Union to Goa, India it would count as our first payment and we would receive $3,200 back. We were in such desperate need for money we believed and done so.

    Well once we sent the money they then called us back and aid we would need to send $97.00 to pay the taxes on the loan being sent. So me and my husband sent the $97.00 that we borrowed from a friend. The proceeded to tell us that we were supposet to send $99.00. I got on the phone and and started screaming hysterically at the “Edward Lee”.

    I told him that was all the money we had and our daughter’s 2nd birthdays was the next day. I also screamed that I’m 6 months pregnant and began crying. He said ma’am don’t cry I have a family too and I said don’t tell me not to cry you’re not in my situation! You put me in this situation! Then he told me he could refund our money into our checking account and I said you want to take the last $15 we have to our names? Go to hell!

    Then my husband got back on the phone and his exact words to my husband were “You’ve been scammed. Don’t ever send money to people you don’t know and don’t ever call my number again.” And hung up.

    I really hope that this never happens to anyone. I don’t see how people sleep at night doing this to good people and their families. It makes it hard to trust a real lender. The saying is true that bad things happen to good people.

  142. Steve from Canada says

    I recently applied for a loan online on a website called and was contacted by a Patrick Taylor from Melian Solutions Inc. He said I was approved for a $7000 loan at 7%. They emailed me a contract and everything looked legit. Even the websites looked real. I was told to send them pay Stubbs and banking information, social insurance number and then to call Patrick Taylor at 1-888-665-3033, fax number 1-718-887-3966.

    He then told me I had to send a security deposit of $850 which I would get back in six months if I didn’t miss any payments. They even told me the loan was insured if I got sick or laid off. They wanted me to send the money by western union to a George Valentine in Toronto Canada. And to call them back with the confirmation code and they would transfer the loan within four hours.

    Don’t fall for it! I didn’t do it, something told me not to do it.
    The websites are
    Their office is supposedly at 26 Court St. Suite 1702, Brooklyn NY 11242

  143. Hi,

    I had applied for a loan from a totally different company. I recieved a call from a company called One Loan Source. They said that I was approved for 5000 dollars. But first I had to send them 500 dollars and my first payment would be march. I said thaks but not interested.

    One Loan Source is a BIG SCAM.

  144. Do not trust They charge you a $200.00 fee, tell you that your loan is guaranteed and give you a list of lenders.

    Phone: Phone:(631) 930-6422

  145. susan de la rey says

    I have scammed by two people, namely Prof MarK Lewis, of HCC INTL, Nigeria. He was asking for mroe and more money including transfer costs, anti terrorist certificate and loan processing fees. So far I paid R2400.00 and still no loan. He still persist me to pay for the certificate to get my loan.

    another one is Anthony Kasza, supposedly from Greece. Beware of the Nigerian scammers and others stealing money from the poor for their own purpose.

    Prof Mark Lewis
    also known as Martin Curtis

  146. Beware of Sophia Johnson of ‘Sophia Johnson Financial Loan Firm Company’

    email: Mrs.sophia Johnson []

    She’s a big scam!! Scammed me out of a lot of money and at the end she decided to ‘cancel my loan’.

    Convenient………. ……
    Accessible……………….. .
    Motto: have faith in God………….

    And they all uses God’s name in their emails….yeah right!! Let us believe they are God trustworthy people!!

  147. Just got a call from “Easy Finance” phone number 914-984-5626 and his name was “Glen Austin”. He offered a very sweet loan of 3200 dollars with an eleven percent interest and no fees of any kind. Sounded interesting until we got to the “Go to Western Union” and send me the first payment ($193)…oh yes, fill out paper work and I’ll send you the “code” to get your money.

    SCAM CITY please stay away from Easy Finance.

  148. Hello,

    I’m lucky this site exist. I received a mail from Wellington Liberty Investments telling me that a loan I requested was approved. I contact Mr. Moore at 1 -877-521-5533 Ext# 212 where my loan was approved for 7000. But since my credit is not good they asked for 580.00 and they really sound professional on the phone.

    With all the terms they tell you, it is so easy to fall into it. I really hope that one day someone will do something against all the scammers. This time I did not fall into, but carefull too about Darwin incorporation. They changed their name, but if they ask for money, run it is a scam also.

    The person in contact there it is M Cooper phone number 1-866-6812822 ext 2. I wish I knew about this website then because they got me. I just wish that someone could do something to stop them taking advantage of the people.

  149. I would like to warn people especially in south Africa against any one sending you emails with 3% interest loans. The one to look out for is Sir Patrick Services – a real jack ass. He even went so far to send me certificates of his priest to show that he is ligitimate and never not once did he give the correct telephone number or emial address of his references.

    I have lost money but if i can get some one to do dark arts on him he will be bloody sorry. He took money from me a single mom with a smart mouth. I will recover but i am not sure he would.

    He even got Citibank in London involved – please be careful.

  150. Scam Shutdown says

    According to the FTC, advanced fee loans are illegal in the US so if they are asking for money up front DO NOT give it to them. I have seen so many ligitimate looking contracts they send to consumers. However, the general rule of thumb is if they are asking you to send money via Western Union, MoneyPak or MoneyGram out of the country it is always a scam.

    These scams are typically very organized and have several people working for their “company.” Please do not tell yourself it will not happen to you because it can and I have helped over 20 victims so far achieve justice.

    Lastly, it typically takes only 30 minutes or less to have your money picked up at the other end once you send it. If you figure out you have been scammed call western union or moneygram quickly and if the criminal has not yet picked up your money you can get it back. However, if they have allready picked it up not even the F.B.I. or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police can help you.

    I hope this helps someone! Be careful out there.

  151. Trusted and scamed says

    Add this one to your list of scams too:

    Sean Simpson / Harvey Greenburg
    Senior Loans Broker
    New Client Account Services
    One Bryant Park, New York, NY 10036
    T: 1-800-721-6270 ext 512 ext 219
    F: 1-646-395-1449

  152. Add heritage lending to the list of scams. The names are Paul Manning and Jerome Blake

  153. Stay away from INTERGRATED LENDING SOLUTIONS they are scam arrtist they scam me out of $1300. I Applied for a SBA loan with Chase Manhatten Bank I don’t know how they got the denial info but a man call me the next day name RICHARD BALDWIN stating they worked with the larger banks on second time financing for small businesses, desperate to pay all my bills I sent these lying dogs my last $1300, I was told the 1300 was a security deposit for the first three payments toward the $10,000.

    I was also informed that because they were going to make the payment within 24 hrs I had to send the money directly to a private lender name EDDIE MERRITT, of course the next morning A Man Name DAVID MERCER call to say the Insurance could not secure this loan and they needed more money !!!!.That’s when I went competely Off !!!! After making repeated phone calls they admitted they were scammers so please beware of..

    1-866-566-2120 ext 109 or 327

  154. I would like to warn everyone about GENUINE FINANCE and a lady named Debra Allen. It is nothing but a scam they send you a contract and offer you a 5000 dollar personal loan. Don’t do it they took 566 dollars from me and told me my loan would not go through unless I sent them another 566 dollars.

    I then ask for my orignal 566 dollars back and was sent 6 worthless emails telling me it was on its way back by mail. Well guess what it never got here. The phone number does not work or her email. So be very careful because I am sure they will start up again.

  155. i was scamed the same way, BY “David Mercer” and “Richard Baldwinn”

  156. laurrei timmins says

    Contour zSolutions Inc another scammeer asking for money upfront first

  157. laurrei timmins says

    Got a call from a contour financial servicces operating out of north carolina saying that i had been approved for 5000.00. I checked the company out, no records found for this company they even told me that they had offices in Toronto and Edmonton. Yeah right they said I could get the loan only if I paid a collateral of 999.00 luckily that got my radar up as i was scammed before…loan companies dont ask you for a collateral payment beware of this company!

  158. Eric it wasn’t removed is was moved to where it should have been posted in the first place. Please read the full post at the top of this page and you will find your post.

    Best Regards,

  159. Why was my previous comment removed? I thought this is were we try to inform the general public about possible scams?

  160. About a month ago I had gotten a call from a “Matthew Hawkins”, who was supposedly employed by “United Capital Lenders” in regards to a loan application I had filled out. Low and behold, they had received my information and congratulated me on my approval for a $5000 loan.

    At the time I was absolutely elated, thinking alot of my financial worries were going to be solved. There were a few minor red flags in the beginning, but when he sent me the loan agreement, I basically blew them off, thinking it looked official. It even had the correct loan percentage rates, payment due dates, etc. The next day after sending back the loan agreement, he then told me I had to Western Union the money to a “Aleita Luana”, the private lender who “lived” in Barcelona, Spain.

    At that point, I became very skeptical. I was in the middle of finishing the Western Union form when something told me to stop…but knowing I needed the money, I continued and proceeded to send the money. It wasn’t even my money I sent…a dear friend of mine helped me with the $700 that was sent through WU. The transaction was complete when I called him back and said the money was sent. I then returned home to see if the money was picked up, and no longer than 20 minutes passed and the $700 was history.

    About two days later, another man called and told me that my credit was reasessed and I needed to send another 6 months payments to secure my loan. I basically told him to get lost and informed him of the scam I knew they were pulling when he offered me two options. Option number one was to send the extra $700, or option two was have the money refunded. I said option two, and that I wanted the money to be sent back in a check. He also said that they were going to add an extra $200 for the inconvienence they caused me and my family.

    I asked when I would receive the check…he said since their billing cycle I would not get a check until December 6th. So, if I do get a “check” in the mail, I am going to go to my bank to see if it is legit. If it is not, I am going to go to the authorities. I am not going to go to jail over $900. Beware of these scams, at ALL COSTS! Being broke is better than sending money to some jerk in a foreign country that you will never see again!

  161. BEWARE:

    CLEARWATER, FL 33762

    PH: 1-877-887-2460 Ext 615
    FAX: 1-727-489-1227


  162. Zinith company, madlo capital, hengbin investment and private lenders in UK are all scammers.

  163. Hello Everyone,

    I am from Baltimore, MD and I received a call from a Jason Walker at Pinehurst Financial Services. Mr. Walker informed me that I had been approved for a $20k personal loan and that all I had to do was send a 3 month down payment totaling $1200.00. I told him to send me the information in writing and that I would check out the company before I proceeded. Mr. Walker told me that it would be fine and he sent the information to my email address.

    After a lot of research, I could not find any viable information on this company and the BBB had no listing of them at all. Much like others who have posted their comments. I too found that the website was completely changed this morning and when I tried to call the number 866-729-2823 ext. 616; I got a recording telling me that the number was disconnected.

    I am glad that I trusted my instincts but what if I didn’t?

    Please be careful people.
    Pinehurst Financial Services
    Jason Walker

  164. Beware of: Maskel Finacial Solutions, Los Angles, Mike Bell and Craig Palmer
    Beware of: Boston Standard Lending Bureau,Boston, Mass. Trishia Bolding

    After applying online for a personal loan, I recieved a phone call last month from Mike Bell, stating he was from Maskel Solutions and I was approved for $5,000.00 but I had to western union $500.00 for the first 2 months payment. They faxed me doucments which seemed to legit….Stupid and deperate, I sent the them the money and yes I was scammed. Their phone number has been disconnected.

    Today, I received a phone from Trishia Bolding, Boston Standard Lending. She offered me the same thing Maskel Soultions did. I told her she was a scam and she agrued with me that she was legit and then she hung up on me. I hope my story helps somebody else not to get scammed!

    Maskel Finacial Solutions & Boston Standard Lending Bureau are scammers. They need to be stopped and procuested!

  165. Access Loans in Nigeria (Mr Greg Smith) and Fantasia Loans in Brazil, (Mrs Fantasia Cole). Beware of these people, they ask for money to be transferred via Western Union and ask for more and more money but no loan comes through your way.

    Have been scammed already, stil trying to recover.

    South Africa

  166. Anonymous 707 says

    I have read all the scam stories, but no one has said anything about State Financial Solutions. I was approved for a 5000 loan and had to put 500 deposit down. I never did but it was to easy to get approved for that amount of money. Same thing, send the deposit thru Western Union, SCAM.

  167. Cornerstone State Financial

    I was also scammed by Cornerstone State Financial. They said I was approved for $5000.00 but the Lender needed a Insurance payment of $668.50 so like an idiot I fell for it. I went to Western Union and sent the money. The next day the loan was suppose to be in my acct but it was not.

    So I called Nathan Grey and he said he will get with his supervisor and see whats wrong. About an 1hr goes by and I get a call from Raymond Harris and he said that the lender looked at my app again and that they needed an additonal $668.50 I told him forget it that I want my money back and he said that I will have to wait till the 25th of Nov 2011 so I am waiting but I really dont think I will ever see the money again.

    People like this needs to be stopped.

  168. Cronin Financial & Cannon Insurance says

    Cronin Financial & Cannon Insurance scammed me. These two company’s work together, claiming to help poor credit folks who need a loan. They got me for 2k, but I pray and ask God to handle them, he will. Trust vengance is my lords.

  169. One Century Services has contacted me telling me I’m approved for a loan in the amount $10,000. Ha Ha that is a scam, identity thief please don’t sent them anything.

  170. I received an email form One Century Services saying I was fully approved for a 10,000.00 loan even though I have less than perfect credit. The loan documents were sent to me after I spoke with my loan consultant Donna, and I was instructed to send back a copy of my Identification and as card along with my check stub. I was so excited my prayers were answered until they asked me to send 1000 up front! Although I haven’t found any negative reports on them, why do I need to send money in advance?

    One Century Services

  171. Any email address with the last two letter’s of uk at the end of any email address is a scam. It’s from the United Kingdom overseas. It’s illegal for a lottery of another Country to enter into the United States to be given to us U.S. citizen. It’s crossing American borders and it’s illegal to cross over those borders to enter into another countries lottery as well including email addresses from another country.

    We as United States citizen’s can only enter into the U.S.A’s lottery, but not another country overseas. That’s a scam in itself and it’s illegal. One of my bad experiences with overseas lotteries where I was scammed out of the money I had because of another countries lottery from El Gordo Lottery from Spain. It took me a year to come out of denial and had accepted to the truth of it being illegal and I had learned from that experience and I warn everyone not to fall for overseas lotteries. It’s a scam as well.

    And don’t send money when u have money already. U need it. Just keep it. Just beware of when someones asks for a wired transfers or western union or money gram, then it’s a red flag, especially when u don’t know them or if it’s an upfront fee. It’s a scam and don’t reply to “emails letters” at all stating a winning from overseas or an “email” from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse or an “email” of a loan offer from a company or an email address with the last two letters uk. They’re all scams. They all ask for money upfront. Just be careful.

    I hope this info helps anyone who may come across these type of scams who might be a prey to becoming a victim in order not to become one. Have a blessed day.

  172. Wall Street Lending Firm is a big SCAM. Please NEVER listen or apply to them. They will keep asking for your money through Money Gram or Western Union.

    Linda Gallagher will be their contact person. They are all LIARS and must be in jail for robbing money from the public. They took advantage of whatever money you have. Please NEVER LISTEN to them. Report all their activities to the police and the Attorney General AS SOON as possible. Never give them MONEY. You will loose a lot of your money.

  173. I have had the same problem with Boston Standard Lending Bureau in Boston Mass.

    147 atlantic ave, boston mass., 02110.

    I was approved for a 5 thousand dollar loan thru this company. They first said I had to send a thousand dollar to secure the loan. It went to kingston jamaica to a felicia Gayle, the second time it was 318 dollars going to Peta Gay Lindo, third time was 200 dollars was going to Peta Gay Lindo in Jamacia and fourth time was 300 dollars going to Felicia Gayle in Jamaica. this was to pay boarder taxes for the money until today they will not return our phone or email.

    If anybody get a phone call from this company it is a fraud and will scam you. the people that contacted us are James Smith, Tricia Bolding, Mrs. Glenn and Margo Brown. So please do not do any business with Boston Standard Lending Bureau in Boston Mass.

  174. Below is the email I always send to the lenders to see if they are a scam. Most of all lenders stop contacting to me after this email which means 99.9% of private online lenders are scam!

    If you are true lender, I want to check below items to your side.

    1: No Nigeria, Ghana(Especially Accra Ghana), Indian, UK lender.
    (But if you can show any proof of true lender,I will accept only UK lender)

    2: No Origination fee, Activation Fee, Transfer Fee , Documentation fee and all other fee by Upfront.

    3: If necessary to pay fee, all kind of fee must be deducted from required loan amount.
    ( Ex : if you need fee USD 800, it must be deducted from my loan USD 10,000 = 10,000 – 800 = 99,200 should be cash in my account)

    4: Once you say “Western Union” or “Money gram”, I will judge that you are fake, fraud and scammer.

    5: if you required insurance deposit, just that case I accept sending money to you.
    but only trasnfer via bank to bank I accept. NO “WESTERN UNION” and “MONEYGRAM”

    6: You must show “licenced lender certification” to me.

    If you are true lender, you can proceed my loan application with above condition.

    I hope you are true lender.

    Most of fake or scam lenders are African and based in other countries.

  175. I am sorry to hear about so many people scammed out of there money! Please when you are ask to send money for any loan please dont. I do business loans and we never ask for money upfront.

  176. Reply to ” Cornerstone State Financial”,

    I have found more info on them as well, they also go by loan They are receiving several scam reports on the web now and apparently their sites were created on Oct 17 2011.

    I have pretty much contacted everyone incl BBB, FTC, Western Union, State Police and another person said he has contacted FBI. I also had contacted an attorney on 49th floor of Penn Plaza and they had me speak with an investigator in their office. He took all the info, just happens to be they are fraudulent insurance attorney but none the less he was going to investigate because they are using their address.

    Either way thanks for your post, the more people who report this better of them getting caught or stopped!

  177. Cornerstone State Financial Scam says

    They claim that they are in NY at 1 penn plaza to be exact. I did my research and it turns out the scammers at Cornerstone State Financial are located in Houston Texas.

    Raymond Harris ext 100
    Bob Evans ext 720


    Company: Cornerstone State Financial
    Contact: Bob Evans
    Manager: Raymond Harris
    Phone: 888-643-4749
    Address: 1 Penn Plaza, NY

    Problem: They scammed me!

  179. So what company is real, we all need help and the FBI doesn’t seem to want to help with the scams at all. Any commits welcome, to get rid of scammers and get the FBI working.

  180. I was just scammed by a company named Cornerstone State Financial. Like so many of you above, I fell for it knowing all along in my gut to stop…but I desperately needed the money. I was contacted and told that I was approved for $5000. However the loan was secured and I had 3 options…title to my car, home equity, or pay 4 months in advance. By paying the 4 months I would not have to start making payments until March 2012.

    So I western unioned the money…after not receiving my loan the next day, I called back. The guy helping me began to become rude after my accusations of an illegit company and demanded an apology which he never got. About 45 min later a “manager” called me and told me that there was a problem with my loan and that the lender had reassessed my credit report and that they needed another 4 months security deposit and that now I would not have to make payments for 8 months.

    Reluctantly I did it…huge mistake!! A mistake that has now cost me nearly $1900 and my bank account is overdrawn $1100. Of course when I called the company they claim that the lender pulled out of the loan which was a breech of contract and that they are going after them (yea right) and that I will get a refund and they are trying their best to get it to me today….which I know is all a line…but without hesitation the guy (Raymond Harris he called himself) tried to sell me on another loan for $10,000 and it was absolutely guaranteed for another $1600 of course…which I yelled NO!

    Cornerstone State Financial
    1 Penn Plaza 49th floor
    New York, New York 10119

    Contacts I had were : Nathan Grey and Raymond Harris

  181. Has anyone ever heard of kardar services Inc? They want to give me a loan for 8 G’s at 7% but have to pit up collateral.

  182. I received an email from Ben Jetto (…no subject line..

    In the body of the email was the usual jargon about needing $5000-$10000 loan,etc.

    Someone I know had just went through being scammed and i wanted to see if this was the same company. I sent an email stating I wa interested in applying for loan..but I clearly stated in the email, that I wasn’t going to send any upfront fees, transfer fees…etc..if there are any fees to be paid, access it along with the loan.

    He emailed back stating, no problem, I wouldn’t have to pay he sends information about rates, monthly payment…etc…asking if i wanted money deposited into my account or sent western union. I selected WU of course.

    Then he proceed to tell me that I needed to send $95 for transfer fee. I immediately reminded me of my 1st email to him….and then he tried to fast talk, and me being me, advise him I am a paralegal and works for an attorney and will turn his information in to FBI, and BBB..

    He kept pestering me to send him money….after he saw that he wasn’t getting any money from me…he said F*** off..

    Ben Jetto….avoid

  183. Beware of Remate Services, INC. Doug Waters AKA Brian Jeffery, David Avenue or Marty!

    I was scammed by Remate Services in much the same way alot of other people were. I was looking for a personal loan online when I recieved a call from “Doug Waters” who said that I was approved for a $10,000 personal loan at 7.25%. He emailed the loan contract, I read over it carefully, signed and returned it with my banking information, home address and paystubs.

    He asked me to send two months collateral ($500) via western union. Like a dummy, I did it because my family and I really needed the help. Needless to say, after I sent the money, I spoke to “Doug Waters” and he assured me that my money would be deposited into my account the next morning.

    Well, you can pretty much guess what didn’t happen! No money, no access to “Doug Waters.” I have reported this company to the BBB, FBI (IC3), state attorney general’s office (NY), Facebook,, my local newstation and Western Union.

    Their website has been shut down and the “office” number has been disconnected. Keep fighting comrades! All of these heartless people must be stopped!

  184. Don’t send any money using western union. Some scammers got me for 3300 damn it, may the devil have their soul for eternity.

  185. Young Lee Loan Firm is scam. I cannot forget this stupid lender and his friend who pretended to be a police officer, banker and Western Union officer.

    I requested USD 100,000 as a loan in September early period, at first I gave my information and he sent terms and condition to me. Then he required first 200USD for transfer fee from Ghana commercial bank to my bank.
    After I made payment, they asked me “DO YOU HAVE PIN NUMBER?” What is pin number? I dun have experience of any transaction with Ghana Commercial Bank, why do I have it? Then he reqested “PIN Number fee” as second request. and “Activation fee” also to me as third request.

    I refused transaction from bank to bank, requested him to send loan money to me via Western Union. At that time, he asked me to pay “Barrister fee” as forth request. After I made payment and requested him send money via WU as soon as possible, and request MTCN to me, but he said “You have to pay transfer fee”.

    I asked him to include all fee in my loan amount, but he said “cannot”. Why ? Why cannot put include fee in loan amount? As my last payment, I paid 1300 USD finally, but still he requested ” Western Union Special transfer card” by 1000 USD!

    I refused to pay 1000 USD to him, but he always said “I will go your country with General(or Police, or Interpol)” like that he threaten me. But I never scared that interpol and others, because I never have done anything which I have to be arrested.

    (They requested)

    transfer fee 200USD
    Activation fee 425 USD
    PIN number fee 200 USD
    Barrieter fee 250 USD
    Craft code fee 250 USD
    Western Union transfer fee 1300USD
    Western Union Ghana special membership fee 1000 USD

    This fraud lender name is (YOUNG LEE LOAN FIRM).


    Shirley Adams from Alliance Credit Relief offered me an 8500.00 loan at 7.2%, provided a contract and provided confirmation letters along the way. Because of my credit score, I knew I would have to put up collateral or agree to a high interest rate. According to the contract, if I paid 1227.00 collateral to the bank (supposedly in Florida to Devin Foster) (6 months payments) I would be set for a Friday dispersal. I paid the collateral the morning of September 2. After hearing from Alliance (Shirley) numerous times and being able to reach her within 2 rings it was odd to me that after I gave her my confirmation number she said “You should have your money by 5:00.”


    I called her on this and then hung up. Hours went by and nothing posting. Finally I received a message from Rachel Morgan, head of customer service who told me that there had been a mistake because my broker “Shirley Adams” entered me as a repeat customer which made me exempt from insurance fees and when it was “discovered”. She regretted to inform me that Shirley would be fired and as a new customer I would have to pay the insurance cost of 3000.00, but due to my inconvenience, the company would foot 1650.00, leaving my responsibility 1350.00. I did this and was to receive my loan Saturday Sept. 3 by noon….noon came and went…could not reach anyone…all of the sudden Alliance was nowhere to be found. I never heard from Rachel again so I called at least 200 times each time getting the new “we’re sorry but the extension is unavailable.

    Finally after calling from another phone I got through to a very surprised “Shirley” who assured me things were fine and connected me to “Rebecca Miles” who proceeded to give me VERY detailed REFUND information and told me I would receive 2 separate checks from FEDEX OR UPS (or??). She told me to call and get a tracking number on the day of which was September 27. I sat at home waiting for the refund. Never to see it. I lost every dime I owned and as a result I have had at least 3 fraudulent charges and withdraws from my bank account and my paypal account.

    This has been the biggest nightmare of my life. The overdraft fees, fraudulent charges, threatening phone calls, multiple hits on my credit. Alliance Credit Relief deserves to be found and brought to justice. I am out almost 3200.00.

  187. I was scamm with a company name Capital Equity. Now i don’t have money to pay rent and pay electricity bills. I will be out of my house by Oct 17 because I send this company 1,300 dollars. Now i don’t have any money with 4 little kids. If anyone know what should i do help please.

  188. Beware of stepps financial solutions and best rate lending firm they are scams. Stepps got me for 730.00 dollars for a security insurance to secure a 5000 dollar loan. Best rate wanted 408.00 for the same thing. Didn’t go down.

  189. Terri Imbarrased says

    I had a company that called themselves Minolta Solutions say I was approved for $10,000. they emailed me some papers and I was to send two voided checks, a copy of my id and sign the papers which had a loan amount that I was to pay each month for four years. I could not pay it off sooner than two years. They asked that I send wire a western union for $500.

    I sent that in and I was given instructions to mail it to Windsor Ontario Canada. When they recieved it because I had filled out insurance papers in case of default I needed to send in $900 extra dollars. The loan is supposed to be a secret lender which would be revealed after I sent the money and the loan started.I asked the account representaive if I could have the balance taken out of my loan and I was told no.I really need this money however I believe this company is trying to take advantage.

  190. Stepps and the Hubert Group are the same company.

  191. Traci Aaron - The Hubert Group says

    The Hubert Group

    I received an email from Peggy Lang at The Hubert Group. She stated that I was approved for a $10,000.00 loan, however, I would have to pay $947.00 wich is equal to 4 monthly payments in order to get the loan. I felt skeptical about sending money first and also felt it was strange that the loan was “SECURED”, but they had no collateral of mine. I signed the loan documents, sent in my personal information, and agreed to wire the $947.00 the following day.

    I googled this company and they have a website. The loan papers also seemed legitimate. Againts my better judgement, I went to Western Union with $1033.00 in my pocket. I called Ms. Peggy Lang and she provided me the receivers information. Bear in mind I had asked her earlier in the day who the lender was and she said “The Methano Group”, upon wiring the money, Ms. Land stated that I was sending payment to the Chief Financial Officer “June Benjamin” in Miami Florida.

    If you are my lender and you claim to be in Maine, then why am I sending this money to Florida. That was my thought prior to sending the payment. Well I got all of the information and advised Ms. Lang that I would call her back after I send the money. I hung up the phone, threw away my wire transfer papers and walked out the door with all of my money in my pocket. I felt so stupid to think that I almost risked loosing all of my money for nothing. The funny part is that I received a call from Betty Hatch, Accounting Department of the Hubert Group the following Monday asking why I failed to submit my payment and why I didn’t contact the office.

    I advised Ms. Hatch that it is illegal for them to request payment in advance for a loan. She disagreed with me and we ended the call. I called her back the next day and the telephone number was disconnected. The recording stated “this is a non terminating number through”. I looked up the website and found these crooks are purchasing phone numbers dirt cheap!! I HOPE THEY ALL ROT IN HELL! I filed a complaitn with the Federal Trade Commission and hope they get caught.

    Please Be Aware of The Hubert Group Scam!

  192. Watch out for The Hubert Group.

    I was e-mailed by this company saying my loan was approved. I told them i needed $5,000.00. They told me the minimum loan amount was $10,000.00 and I would need to make 4 payments which totaled $ 947.00 upfront before they would process and send me the loan. They e-mailed me the loan documents.

    The docs looked legit but, I wondered why there was not a wage assignment with them because,most companies want to make sure they can collect from you if, you don’t pay them.,needless to say,I did not send them any money and ,reading all these horror stories, I feel very fortunate to have avoided this scam. My heart goes out to all of you who were’ not so fortunate.


  193. I never would’ve thought I would end up in this kind of mess. But I was searching for debt consolidation loans online I don’t even remember if I filled out any application or not then this one guy Michael Hayden ext 702 from a company called Tribeca Equity Group from New York calls me telling me I’ve been approved for a $10,000 personal secured loan.

    He emails me the contract I read over sign, fax it back to him along with a copy of my id most recent paystub with promises to pay the 1st 8 months which was a total of $1048 and my 1st payment of $130 something would not be due until June 2012 with promises of receiving $10,000 in my bank account soon after. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS I REPEAT THIS IS A SCAM AND THERE ARE OTHER COMPANIES OUT THERE DOING THE SAME THING.

    So like the daydreamer I was being of means of solving the majority of my debt I went along with this little scheme. So this Michael Hayden guy convinced me to wire the money on Saturday to some Adriana Castona person in Barcelona Spain in Euros with guarantees of the money being in my account on Monday. HOW DID I FALL FOR THIS I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER DONT GET SCREWED BY THIS. Well come to find out the money was of course not in my account.

    I get a call from this Michael Hayden’s supervisor David Watson ext. 708 telling my that oh since my credit wasn’t so great now they are requesting an additional $1048.00 to be wired before I would get the funds and I was furious, I was actually even considering it needing the money so bad and all and since the money wasn’t already there and all and my account was soaring into the negative due to false promises.

    Luckily after the fact unfortunately my mom looked further into this and found a similar company name and complaints online well then I dug deeper, I even found a recent article mentioning Michael Hayden’s name I couldn’t believe it I GOT SCAMMED!!!! Long story short I hopefully will receive my money back maybe November 1st maybe not at all I got charged around $200 or so in overdraft fees because I thought the money would be there to take care of my bills.

    I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and they are investigating I have changed my bank account number I have filed a police report I have let my lawyer know. All over wanting and needing $10,000 I have got lots of damage due to this I just want to warn all not to fall for something like this IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS I have learned a very big lesson from this.

    Tribeca Equity Group = Scam

  194. Hi

    My step-daughter was going to take a loan out with Tribeca Equity Group. This is a scam the more we checked into it the more red flags came up like there website was put up 9-19-2011 and you cant google it. The only way you can find it is they give you the address for it red flag.

    He had a answer for everything now my step daughter is not dumb she is a single mom trying to rase two sweet boys who lost there father to a fire a year ago. I went so far as calling this place myself and you cant get through on the phone number they cant take your call, but put in ext number she gave me no problem red flag. For 800.00 they will send her 5000,00 and the money was to be sent to a woman in spain big red flag.

    The man I talked to was rude and didnt want to answer any questions I asked him but this is what it boils down to she is not going to talk to them again and we are going to loan her some money. It won’t be the 5000,00 she was told she would get from them but we will all sleep better at night knowing we didnt lose 800.00 to a scam.

    This is the info his name and everything else so please stay away from this comp, you should not have to send money to get money. Oh and I forgot we were to send the money to Madrid Spain, BIG RED FLAG!

    Brandon Miller
    Senior Loans Broker
    New Client Account Services
    Tribeca Equity Group
    1 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10119, 54thFloor
    T: 1-877-343-4760 ext 706
    F: 1-646-810-3999

  195. I am going to school online full-time and my husband is dying. I was looking at private student loans for people with bad credit. Applied to 100’s of institutions and got a call from Intervest Capital Partners. Their website looked legimate and I wasn’t finding anything negative concerning them. I got the approval call made my downpayment, signed all the papers and faxed them back, for a $24,000.00 loan.

    They told me I would receive my funds the next day directly into my account. That morning I got a call from the “manager, John Peters” who told me my loan had to be reassessed because the insurance company had taken another look said my credit was to bad, and Mr. Peters told me I had to pay an additional 6 months of payments for they would disburse. Then Mr. Peters stated that I had two options

    1. make the additional payments
    2. cancel my loan.

    I decided to cancel because there was no way I could come up with any additional money. Mr. Peters then stated that “they wouldn’t be able to refund my downpayment until the 25th of the month”. I told him that I needed it immediately since this was all the money I had and I had counted on the $24,000.00 to pay bills and move to another town.

    They did not want me to cancel and kept arguing about making the extra payments. I finally had to hang up because it looked like I wasn’t going to get my refund so I can’t pay my bills or buy food this month. It is sick that there are people out there taking advantage of the already poor people trying to better themselves so they can get a higher paying job to support there family.

    Stay away from Intervest Capital Partners!

  196. Avoid this is a scam by Ridgemount Financial just like all the others:

    Ridgemount Financial called me to tell me I was approved. I didn’t even remember filling out an application but they said I was approved for $5000 dollars and all I had to do was send them $800 via western union. They also wanted me to send the money to someone else. They told me to lie to the lady at western union and say it is for personal matters, for someone I knew to keep it cheaper so that made it sound even more off a scam and in another area than they are supposedly located. I say that because I looked it up on Google and there is no website unless you click the link they give you and the phone number I looked up says it is a cell phone and the address shows a street and that is it.

    I was ready to send them the money but a lot of things slowed me down today and got in the way. Then I got to my bank to get the cash out went over to the other part to use the western union and the lady said it sounded a little weird and she didnt trust doing it so she would not do it for me. I said you know what maybe this is a sign that I shouldn’t be here doing this, I dont have that kind of money to lose and it seems weird to lend someone that much money. Ridgemount Financial barely asked for any info and they only charge 10% with payments of $171 a month sounded beautiful too.

    Beware of Ridgemount Financial in Manchester NH. He also told me that my laywer could look over the documents and had a NH seal on it that really made it seem that it would not be a scam but people can do anything nowadays with computers. The fax number didn’t work, and like I said the number was a cell number and when you can it and listen it sounds like a voice program that is speaking funny and getting words incorrect when saying them and a little muffled.

    This is a copy of the email:

    Ridgemount Financial
    32 Master St,
    Manchester, NH 03102

    September 30, 2011

    Good Afternoon,
    Please review your loan documents, for any questions or concerns that you may have please contact your loan representative at 1-888-661-2294 ext. 450.
    Thank you,

    Justin R. Green,
    Loan Representative
    Ridgemount Financial

  197. Please do not use Stepps Financial Solutions they scammed us for $3,000

  198. Alert Towers Lending Source is scam!

    Some man named Michael Osborne called me and explained to me that I filled out an application online and that I qalified for a 3000 dollar loan through his private lender. He sends me a contract via email and told me to have my lawyer look over it. The contract looked legit.

    He informed me that I would need to pay 408 dollars to secure my loan. It sounded good right. So after giving him the signed contract he tells me to western union the money to a man named Corey Robinson in Kingston Jamaica. Thats when things sounded skeptical.

    I did some research and the address they use 112 North University Dr Suite 230 Fargo, ND is a phony. Then I continued my own investigation and determined that the toll free number for the business is a phony too. In the meantime this Michael guy calls several times a day to see if i did the wire transfer. After a while I did bust their bubble so he puts his made up supervisor Sam on the phone to tell me its other people using there company name to steal the identity of others but they never answered my question of why the address and toll free number given on the contract is not valid. I almost was their next victim.

    The same day another company called about a loan and called from the same area code number. I asked him if I needed to put money upfront to secure my loan then he just hung up on me. So I called that number back and it said the number is incomplete. Please just be careful.

    Towers Lending Source
    1888 930 1033
    701 540 5820

  199. Beware: Barondale Equity Group, out of Ohio is a scam.

    They called and said I was approved for a loan. If, I could send them $635.00. The woman Ann called and when I told her If I could afford that, I wouldn’t need a loan. I got a very irate phone call from her supposed boss. He was threatening to sue me for contract fraud if I didn’t send the money!

    The address isn’t even listed in Ohio!

  200. First sorry to hear about all of your losses but they help others of us not get scammed. That being said I have to blow the whistle on this Michael hayden. He contacted me with the same story as most of you up front fees for the fist 6 months of the contract and so on.

    Here is why I beleive its a scam:

    1. Can’t find the site on Google it’s been banned. In 2011 if you are not googleable you are not alive.
    2. Address in New york is a high rise office bdlg and there is now suite # and they arent listed on any of the bdlg directories.
    3. Google Micheal Hayden and he is a loan officer but in NC. but it could lead you down the path of thinking he is legit.
    4. The CNN and news links on their site say nothing about them.
    5. Their url resolves some place goofy (go to view the source-code and check out the address there in the beg of the html script).
    6. There are so many different types of the same name Tribeca Equity Group, Blue Owl Equity Group and so on.

    I was really in desperate need when they called but still had to do my due diligence. I still have to talk with this Michel Hayden in the AM so I’ll see how far he is willing to go but man was he convincing about the whole deal. I’ll have more information tomorrow after I talk with him again. Until then stay away from them equity groups, lol.

  201. Stepps Financial Solution scam, scam, scam.

    I can’t believe these people. Betty White was so polite and trying to convience me that she would never try to take someone’s hard earn money because she’s a hard worker herself after I comfronted her about knowing this is a scam. Then she had someone else to contact saying she was from quality control or something and that it’s not a scam and they are dealing with the police because some of their workers were dishonest and no longer work there because they were the ones who were scamming….Please don’t fall for this company like i almost did today. To those that lost out of funds my heart goes out to you.

    I ended up researching them because it was my last and I said I refund to send my last and get screwed.


    Hello Everyone,

    I have seem a few posts on here regarding Third Street Equity Group. Please do not send them any money, they are completely a scam.

    They scammed my husband out of $1700 once they received the funds they stopped answering their phones and his emails. Their customer service is also a joke. They ask you to speak your name so you can be transferred to the correct rep when you do they will not answer, however we used a fake name and customer service answered. When my husband spoke his name and asked why he had not received his monies they hung up on him. The persons he was working with was MITCHELL COPELAND and a THOMAS JONES.

    Please anyone on here looking for advice on the validity of a loan company please know that no legit company will ask for you to make a security deposit up front to get a loan, you will not have to wire monies by Western Union to a single person that has an overseas account. I hope this helps as it seems that they have just started their scam as they posts I see on here are all within the last few weeks.

    Their website looks legit however Third Street Equity Group is a complete scam.

  203. Last year I was scammed by a man names Jim Kirkland from Hartford Financial Services. He said that he works for a loan brakage firm that assists in finding the right loan for people. He said that he had found a loan for me and that I was approved for the $6000 personal loan.

    The contract looked legitimate and everything looked professional. Then he calls me and tells me that i needed to pay a security deposit of $954 because of my bad credit. I was required to Western Union the money to him, I paid it and never heard from him again or my loan. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they started an investigation on him but were unable to get in contact with him too.

    I certainly felt like a total fool. What can I say, I was in a desparate situation and got scammed. It wont happen again. Thank you for all of your stories.

  204. Beware of veridian loan center- michael perry- using phone #: 1-877-459-8068 ext.510 it is a scam!

  205. Hello everyone,

    I was approved by Third Equity Group for a 15,000.00 loan. After the contract was signed I was required to sent them 785 in advance. I sent them the money via certified mail to New York and my envelope with my personal check was returned via USPS.

    I called them back and they said that the reason why they couldn’t receive my check was because they forgot to provide the suite number so they asked me for a western union wire transfer. It looked spooky and after reading on all this post I know it is a well structured scam.

    Be careful, they also refuse wire transfer from my bank. Copeland is the last name of the roach that was helping out, keep on mind that a legitimate loan will never require advance money, other that processing fees.


    This company is asking for money as collateral for a personal loan.

    1. Needing a loan means you dont have money to put up.
    2. the physical address on their website and the loan docs is for a commercial building in orlando. the building does exist and the address is real but…. the suite numbers are 4 digits and I called the number on their site for the suite number they said it was 16505. DOESNT MATCH.
    3. The list of business at this address does NOT have concordia listed on the directory
    4. when you call their number the “operator” sounds funny to say the least
    5. there is a compnay with the name CONCORDIA GROUP this company included concordia equity group to confuse people. their address is which usually business have their full name as a web address.

    Concordia is a scam all loans require collateral so that if you dont pay the loan you they can reposses that collateral. The collateral has to be something that you own. Money is not collateral, if you are paying them the same amount you need a loan for then you dont need the loan.

    Be careful!

  207. Well my mom applied for Stepps Finacial Solution. They said she was approved so she did all the paper work and she then sent them the title of her car. Then we went to western money 200 dollars to them. The company “With the western Union” told us they were a scam (thank you Money Mart) so we came home and found dozens and dozens of articles about them scamming. They called us and I told them straight forward that im not doing the loan and told them pretty much (in polite terms cuz im always polite) to buzz off. We then called the police to make sure our car is safe and they said we will be fine.

    So People beware

    P.S I slapped myself for this one cuz I went along with it for the longest while. I shoulda known seeing the person name was “Betty White”. Like i have heard some bad names but that one just seems too Fake if you ask me.

  208. Third Street Equity Group tried to scam me too.

    They said I could get a $6,000 loan if I would pay the first few payments in advance. They sent me over the paperwork, and at first glance, it looked legitimate. However, something didn’t feel right about the deal. So I did a little research. I looked up their address, and there was no mention about them occupying that location. Also, there is no information about them from the BBB.

    Then I found this site and another site where others are claiming to have been scammed by them. Glad I didn’t take the bait.

  209. Beware of Michael Perry
    Veridian Loan Center
    180 Battery St. #401, Burlingon, VT. 05401
    1-800-459-8068 ext 510.

    I wish I would have read this site before I sent them $885 of my hard earned money.

    Michael called to tell me I was approved for a $5,000 person loan but due to my credit I need to make the first five payments. Seemed simple enough. First red flag should have been that he wanted me to load a Green Dot money pack card with cash for my deposit. After I gave him the code to transfer the funds, he said I would receive the deposit in 24 hours and you guest it, nothing was deposited into my account.

    I am now out the money since Michael said the private lender asked for insurance so for additional $1,000, I could insure the loan and they will be raise the loan $2,000. Feeling I was mislead, I told Michael that I was cancelling my loan and I wanted my deposit back. He said there is not backing out of the loan. We argued that then I hung up. How are compaines able to do this to people.

    How can Michael sleep at night? Karma is a bitch and he has a lot coming his way. I plan to pursure other legal, federal, and whatever way I can do to resolve this issue. I am perplexed that there are so may companies out there who continue to steal people’s hard earned money.

  210. I just talked to the same person today at First Security Loan Corp but have not sent any money of banking info to them. It just felt uneasy about sending money and I’m glad I searched first!

  211. Remate Services is a scam. David Avenue, Lisa Scott and anyone else at this company are money stealers. They had me western union money and now my phone number is blocked from them.

    I have contacted the Attorney General and also filed a complaint online. If anyone speaks with Remate Services in New York 888-624-8944 it is a scam.

  212. First Security Loan Corp. Located at 2001 Union st Ste 320 San Francisco, CA 94123
    Phone Number 1 888 706 4134 ext 701 for Peter Allen and ext 501 for financial Services.

    This was a big scam! Sent $820 to secure my loan of $8000 was sent contract, insurance info, etc. This was the worst experience ever! I wish I would have found a post about this earlier. Needless to say- no loan ever came through, I’m out $820 and sick to my stomach. They used the website and contacted me via email from I even looked up the company on Angie’s list and BBB. There had been no complaints and I cant believe I was so stupid!

    This just happened 9/14/2011- SO BEWARE!

  213. Veridian Loans Center or Veridian LLC or what ever they want to call themselves are ripping people off with advance fee loans . Do not, I mean do not send any money. If u needed a loan you wouldnt have money to send right. Here is the address and phone numbers and description.

    Phone # 1-877-459-8068
    Fax# 1877-459-8068
    Address 180 battery st # 401
    Burlington, vt 05401

    Michael Perry, Brent Samuels, and many more

  214. I have just been scammed by Cheap Fast Loans!

    I feel such a fool, they told me I’d been approved for a 5000 dollar loan. I did’nt need a guarantor I just had to pay the 1st months installment up front (235 dollars) by form of a Ukash Voucher. I paid it then they said I’dd have to pay some sort of tax but its refundable 175 dollars more. I paid it and then they said it was’nt going through because it was an odd number and I’d have to round it off to 500 and pay this by money gram.

    I told them I had no more money and was going to get legal advice. I feel horrible I’ve not told any of my friends or family I just feel like an idiot. I’ve spoken to consumer direct, citizens advice and the police but I don’t think I will see a penny of it again. They started getting really forceful on the phone and saying what is wrong with you, you pay it will go through, it will all be refunded for you.

    Please dont be fooled. They are very cleaver and convincing but are robbing bastards. I’m a single mom of four and really did not need this. It’s just awful I’ve now been advised to change my bank details, PIN and email address

    You should never have to pay upfront for a loan and if the interest rate seems low it’s a scam! I just wish I had been told this but we live and learn no matter how painful.

  215. Beware of Concordia Equity Group they are ruthless thieves. Don’t send them a dime.

  216. Well I guess I really should of found this site a month ago before I was screwed out of $1600.00 by Wall Street Lending Firm based out of New Haven, CT. Yeah they took me for a ride.

    This economy is horroble right now so of course I was extremely desperate and gullible! I recieved a call From “Melinda Barnes” stateing I was approved for $3000. I just needed to send a couple payments first for “security” then it was one thing after another. Then Im deing transfered to “Richard” manager then its “Margaret” and I know I dont have good credit but come on I got desperate!

    Now $1600.00 later and possibly losing my home and bills are at shut off notices, they really want me to send one more payment and I’ll get an additional $2000 are they kidding! Well being a very on edge stressed single mom I am NOT letting them get away with this!

  217. bama 2011,

    I believe that Stepps Financial Solutions is also a scam! The contract arrived today via fax and it is out of Jamaica W.I.

    They are offering us $5000.00 on an unsecured loan and the payments are 124.56 a month for 36 months at an 8.75% interest rate so JUST DO THE MATH? The womans name is Patricia Kahn that we have been speaking with over the phone. On the papers the president/CEO is Jana Anderson. They want us to send 590.50 for insurance on the loan to secure it? Other names involved in this are Ronal A Reed (ass. Director), and a Mr. Andrew Cooper the “insurance adjuster”.

    I am soo thankful that I researched and found this website the stories are all the same. How dare these people!

    I will be checking back on here b/c I am sure they will get someone to send them money, they almost got ours! THANKS AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE WHO SHARED THEIR STORIES. I am sorry for their losses and pray that they get some kind of justice!

  218. We have spoken with a lady named Patricia Kahn and have been supposedly “approved for a $5000.00 loan. They faxed my fiance the papers today and it has SCAM written all over it! The company is called Steeps Financial Solutions.

    The papers have a 35 Trafaigar Road, Kingston10, Jamaica W.I. The “president/CEO of the company is Jana Anderson. They are a privately held corporation helping entrepreneurs grow innovative companies on a global basis.. lol.

    They offered 3 options for approving the loan, a vehicle title, a co-signer with perfect credit, or guess what? MONEY FOR SECURITY, well they are claiming it is for insurance they even sent 2 pages worth of what this insurance covers.

    I am so thankful that I researched and found this page b/c we were about to use the bill money that we have and send it to them so that we could get all the bills caught up; now we will just pay what bills that we can and keep on keeping on! Thanks for this page and I’m sure I will hear of someone being scammed by this company but I’m going with my gut and if it sounds to good to be true it probably is! Oh and I forgot to add that the amount of the loan was $5000 and the payments were 124.56 a month for 36 months.

    Beware of Steeps Financial Solutions

  219. Webster Lending Group is a scam and they got me for 700.00 dollars. Like a fool I sent them my money not realizing that they were not a legit company. These people should be prosecuted for taking other people’s hard earned money who are in desperate need of money.

    All they are doing is pocketing this money and using it for other things. Wall Street Lending Group is a scam also. The girl Melinda Barnes works from home and has children and how dare she does something so evil to someone else when she has a child or children of her own. Her day will come and so will the people at Webster Rachel, Jessica, and Sasha.

  220. Beware of a company called Veridian Loan Center. They are trying to get me to take a 5000.00 Loan. But I have to put down 886.00 first. I researched where thre company is and when I look it up on Google no results. When I researched the address where they are at it is a building for lease. After reading what you guys wrote, I am not even going to try it. Thank You.

    Beware of:
    Veridian Loan Center
    Burlington Vermont
    Michael Perry

  221. I am not computer savvy and I am looking for a loan. Thank you to everyone who posted here, I am sorry that so many have fallen victim to these scams but thanks to all who took the time to post these warnings I will not fall for the scams. Thank you and God Bless.

  222. I applied for a personal loan($6000.00) with Dominion Finalical service in PA. because my credit was bad. They said I need to pay $840.00 as colliatal.I sent the payment to them and didnot receive my loan nor will they give me a refund.

  223. Adrian Hoskins from Mckinney Law Group. This is not a lender wanting to lend money, but it semi-relates.

    If you apply for a loan make sure to write down who with whether or not you get one. I have never applied for an online loan or a payday loan but a few days ago I received a call from a man name Adrian Hoskins from Mckinney Law Group phone 607-219-4393.

    He claimed I had an unpaid loan and the company was pressing fraud and theft charges on me unless I paid the settlement fee of 738.00 plus attorney fees. I knew I did not have a loan so I called my aunt (who is an attorney) and asked her what to do, she called the company and they told her the same thing. The only difference was when I called they said the initial loan was 300 and when she called they told her 500.

    Needless to say it was all a big scam. As I looked more into it I found it is a very popular scam at this time and many people have been called with the same situation. There are so many out there. So if you are going to apply for an online loan PLEASE be careful. As I now am finding out it is very scary, stressful, and annoying to try to recover from identity theft.

  224. April Williams says

    My only truck broke down. It is the only way to get my son to and from all his doctor appointments. It was going to cost me 5000.00 so I applied with a company called Acclaro Finance. They emailed me that I got approved for the 5000 loan.

    They sent me papers and told me for insurance reasons because of my credit they wanted 578.23 and that I needed to send it first. They asked me to put it on a money pak so I did and that was on the 30th of August. I was told that the money would be in my account in 48 hours.

    I am still waiting and no contact have tried email, phone and fax and no one has returned any contact. They also have a copy of my id. They had two phone numbers which I called.

    I have a child who is real sick and daily living meds cost 17000.00 a month. I am trying to make ends meet and really didn’t have the 578.23 but needed the loan. Now I am hurting even more.

  225. I applied for a loan company called Towers Lending Source. Apperantly they don’t exist. The guy I spoke with name was Micheal Osborne he told me I had to come up with $405 and wire cash to him. I told him I can’t afford it he then told me to wire $204 cash to him. He called me 5 times to make sure I wired the money to him. He gave me a bogus email told me I was approved for a $3000 loan. So be careful if you deal with them. I told him i shouldn’t have to wire cash.

  226. I for one have been trying to get a start up business loan, I have identity theft as is, but I spoke to Selection Financial Soulutions LTD and they emailed me the application, luckily this lady said you have to pay $600 for the insurance by Western Union and send it to Anthony Ramsey in NYC. I told her flat out the way it should be is the insurace is in on the loan should not be charged before hand. But becareful of this company as well.

  227. Hi my name is Ciarra.

    I sent my money to Wall Street Lending Firm they told me the same thing that they would put the money in my account. The next morning I never received anything. I sent them $480 and they told me I was getting $4000. When I called Melinda Barnes back the next day I told her I never got my money she sad because of my credit they wanted me to send another $330.

    I told Melinda she was out of here mind then I suggested that I get my money back and she sad ok will take like 2 week to receive it. Yeah I was played but times are hard I know I was stupid but hey its life you live and learn.

    Wall Street Lending Firm is a scam so don’t fall for it. I’m going to pray for these people because they are sick!

  228. Thank you so much for all the info on scams here. I will be using government forms and sites to pursue trying to get back my sister’s money from Fern Brooks Financial.

    One question i have is there any way to track who received the wired money and when? Don’t you have to show id to pick up the funds? Thanks again for all the info……to mark & his conversation with one scammer…..way to go! Maybe if everyone did this to them, they would quit trying to scam people? Just a thought.

    The suggestion to innundate them with free emails is great too. I do that with unsolicited mail. return it to them in their postage paid envelope that way they pay postage both ways.

  229. Stay away from Wealth Management Loan Service. They took us for $1050.00 + $64.00 for wiring it to them. Then they came back and wanted another $1050.00.We told them no more they keep calling and lowing the amount they wanted. The loan was for $20,000.00.

  230. Rising Sun Lending Firm says

    I received a phone call from Angelina Murphy with Rising Sun Lending Firm in Arizona. I was told that I was approved for $8000 loan at an 8 percent interest rate. She sent me an email of the “contract” that I needed to sign and fax back to her, and also I needed to send $544 dollars for insurance because of my credit.

    I was told that as soon as she had the money the lender that the company had found for me was going to put the $8000 into my account. Well like an idiot I sent the money gram of $544, and did not get any money into my account. The next morning Angelina called and told me how she was so shocked and upset that the lender did not put the money into my account. She told me a story of how there was a meeting and due to my credit the lender was requiring and extra collateral payment of $544, but I would not start paying the loan back for six months.

    I requested that I get another contract stating the changes that were made, and again I was emailed a “contract”. I thought that since the company had a legitimate phone number, and website that they were not a scam. Against my better judgement I sent another $544 to them. After waiting 24 hours I did not receive any funds in my account, and called Angelina to ask her about my money. I was told she was not in the office, and there was nobody else there for me to speak to.

    A few hours later I received a phone call from the manager of the company telling me that I should send another $515 and would surely receive my funds minutes after giving them that. I told her no that I would like my $8000 or a refund for the money that I already sent. I was told I would be getting a refund in 30 days, and now it has been about 75 days and the company no longer has a phone number. The last I checked they did still have a website so never believe what they say.

    Rising Sun Lending Firm is a scam!

  231. Beware of Wall Street Lending Firm

    They will call you saying that you are approved for $10,000 with a 8% interest rate at a low monthly payment of $225. If you go to their website they do not have a legit telephone number on display. They will send you a contract with legal terms and conditions but they are a scam.

    They had just asked me to pay 3 months payment for collateral ans gave me a Michael Perry from Toronto, Canada to send the money to via Western Union. The person offering the loan is Christina Green who calls you restricted everytime. When you call there number at 888-919-9297, you will get a automated operater introducing you to the firm but in reality its a bunch of folks running a scam.

    Please be carefull. I almost got caught but thanks to me banking experience. $10,000 at 8% interest rate equates to $244 per month not 225.

  232. Atlanta Credit Lending in Halifax Canada is a huge scam. Do not apply for a loan with them they will take your money!

  233. Northgate Financial Services
    Address: 2200 Wilson boulevard
    Arlington, VA 22201

    I received a call from a guy name Cameron Davis saying I was approved for $5000 and had to send 5 monthly payments for $800.00 and my money will be in my account the next business. I received loan documents and everything. Every time I called the company I got through for 2 weeks straight.

    I decided to send the $800.00 and the next day received another call from the financial manager name Peter Higgins saying that since my credit was bad to put up an additional $800.00. I told him I don’t have that kind of money and just give me a refund for my $800.00. He stated thai I will have to wait until August 24, 2011 and it will be direct deposit since it is close to the 24th.

    I decided to give them a call and found out there number is disconnected, there website is no longer available and the mail I sent them via USPS came back undelivered. This company is a scam and I know I’m out of $800.00.

    For future notices anytime a company asked you to send them money for a loan it’s a scam you shouldn’t have to send moey to get money lesson learn. Also u can make a complaint on checked it out.

  234. North Star Lending scam.

    If you’re looking for a personal loan with bad credit and a company called North Star Lending contacts you pick up and run then are not legitimate. They called, me and said I was approved for 10,000.00 that I needed to pay 5 months upfrount and I would have the money in 24 hours. I paid the money 1278.00 and waited until the next day.

    They called me back and wanted another 5 months or gave me the choice for a refund I chose the refund. I needed this money for an operation. Well it has been over a month and opps when I call their number and extension it is always a voice mail same thing with there customer service. The man that I was dealing with went by the name Richard Pilkner.

    I game them my husband entire check that week and got nothing. Do not trust North Star Lending!

  235. Linda Feeley says


    I just spoke to the FBI here in New York, they want everyone who was scammed by Northgate Financial to send all information as much as you have to They are going to look into it.

    Make sure you include the person’s name picking up the money as well as your western union #s. We also have to contact our governor etc to put pressure on Western Union to change their policies to pick up money that is the only way we will stop it.

  236. Linda Feeley says


    I had the scam with Northgate Financial contact Mark Zimmerman and I am out $850.00 with 2 disabled people. I tried to get a loan for 5,000.00 so we can move out of our apartment with stairs as they are both on dialysis. I am contacting the FBI tomorrow and giving this site to them for reference. If you have proof from Western Union you can go to your bank and file a fraud report, possibly recovering your cash.

    Also some police departments will do a report and you can take this to the bank just keep your western union receipts. The person had to use an ID to pick up the money. I am also going to contact the local news and see if they can get involved to change the Western Union procedure for sending and picking up the money this is the only way to stop these crooks.

  237. melissa schroeder says

    Yep me too, I felt so sick the day after, I just cried all day when I found out Fern Brooks Financial scammed me.

    Its funny how they are all based in Conneticut isnt it? This scammers name was Don Mercer and his partner in crime was Matthew Cunningham. My boy Matthew was in Ontario. Looking back I should have known. These people play on our emotions and its beyond cruel. Well im not letting this go. I promise that I will not stop until they are caught. I dont know how they sleep at night. I know that karma is a big ole b—h though, and they will get it one way or another. I just hope its my way.

    I have let this consume me since it happened last Monday but now I’m ready to fight. Ya’ll pray for me. If anyone is bored look them up online and send them a bunch of emails letting them know they messed with the wrong person. Everyone knows you dont mess with a stressed out single mom who needs cash. Im now ready to get even.

    Fern brooks financial beware cause the blue lights are on their way. Hope you guys can survive on bologna and rice cause soon thats all you’ll be getting to eat.

  238. Can’t believe I got ripped off as I’m usually able to smell a scam a mile away. Was contacted by a man named James Sullivan. He said he was the account representative for Northpoint Financial Services, in Hartford CT.

    I did all the usual background checks on the company and everything came back looking kosher. He said I had been totally approved and even sent me the loan documents to look over and sign. I had to do one of three things to secure the loan, which I didn’t question as $5000 is quite a chunk of money for someone to lend in these economic times.

    1) Sign over the title to my vehicle or deed to my home, which I could do neither as I don’t own either outright.

    2) Come up with a co-signer with a credit score of 700 or better, yeah right in this economy you need to be dead for a score like that.

    3) Pay the amount equal to 5 monthly payments but to be rounded off for accounting purposes so $800.

    Prerequisites for dispersement of funds to my bank account were three things also.

    1) Fax a copy of government issued ID to account representative, done.

    2) Submit security requirement as outlined in the documents, done.

    3) fax the documents back to the account representative signed and dated, done.

    I was guaranteed that the money would be in my account between 3 and 5 PM the next day. The next day got a call from Mr. Sullivan’s “manager” saying there was a problem and the only way to release the funds would be to send another $800 dollars or 5 more payments but that it wouldn’t change the documents already signed and that the payments would stay the same and my due date for first payment would stay the same.

    I told them no way I wanted either the loan or my money back in full within 24 hours or I was contacting every Federal legal avenue and filing charges against the company. Was told to go ahead and try that the contract was legally binding and that I wouldn’t be getting my money back until September 2, 2011. Needless to say I think they thought I was just blowing steam but I have sent the BBB in Connecticut after them as well as the FTC. I’ve had it with the unscrupulous people that take advantage of the desperate and needy and it is high time WE put them out of business and let them live like we do instead of living off the money they scam from us.

  239. Beware of Finland Microfinance they are out of India. The scammers name is Mr. Douglas. He calls from an international number. All of the email addresses are “gmail”. I admit i was stupid and they got almost $700 from me. I hope they get caught or at the very least die!

  240. Armstrong Lending Service is a scam. They use to be Ash Lawn Capital Trust just last week. I was scammed under this name. When I called I noticed that they had changed their name. It was the same people that scammed me that answered the phone.

  241. They are not a licensed consumer loan company in WA state. They should not be asking for money to lend money. If you ever have questions about whether or not a lender is trying to scam you, you need to contact the state agency that governs the industry. In WA it’s the Dept. of Finacial Services. I highly suggest you do not give Armstong any money as you are likely to never see it again and still not obtain your loan. If you’ve already given them money, you should file a complaint with the Dept. of Financial Institutions.

  242. Stay away from Finanxo Loan Services and PDGbank in Cayman Island. I have been scammed for several thousands.

    The site of PDGbank is copied from a demo-bank. When you send a loan application to Finanxo, you get a reply : Loan Application Submission successful info@pdgcy. So they want to look like different entities, but they are the same. They are not licensed or registered in Cayman Island. The licence for PDGbank website runs out in November and has only lasted for a year.

    For Gods sake stay away from this rotten scammers!

  243. CLM - Texas says

    Almost got scammed by Fidelity Financial Services in California.

    It all looked and sounded legit, papework they sent me looked legal and legit, and then for some reason AFTER I had already wired the first and last month’s collateral down payment,I got suspicious and googled it and lo and behold I found out about this scam., I took spoke and corresponded with Margaret Taylor. Luckily I called Western Union immediately and they canceled my wire so they never got anything from me. I don’t know how these people sleep at night.

    They know times are tough for us-they know many of us have poor credit and take full advantage of them. Hell awaits them for sure, and a very special seat in hell for this bitch Margaret Taylor

  244. Stephen Rolls says

    BoardWalk Capital Funding.

    This so called company had approved me for a 5,000$ loan. but they need money down on the payments. I got a loan contract an everything so i thought it was real. I got takin for 1,500 dollars.

  245. I almost got scammed. Everything was going great I asked for a personal loan and I was approved.

    Keith Jubrano contacted me from Global Support Finance LTD.
    Head Office Address: Global Support Services Group
    POB11, Dunedin, Fl. 3497-0011
    United States of America, (USA)

    Registration number: 6435739
    Consumer credit license number: 0619880
    Phone: 1-646-502-113302 & 1-656-449-2727
    Lender: Global Finance LTD

    He was so good and kind everything done by email, no up-front fees. He sent me documents signed by varies personal and all we had to do is sign them, attach ID and the loan was finalized, I thought. Then I get an email (no up front fees remember) saying we have to register the loan at a cost of $500.00 (USD) to get the funds payable to “The Company”. Only then could the funds be released.

  246. I was scammed by Northgate Financial who is based somewhere in Virginia. I sent money thinking it was for a security deposit for my 5000.00 dollar loan. I received a loan contract signed it and sent the contract back thinking that these people were legit, well I got screwed.

    Its been 2 months now and I have not received my loan. They told me that the lender reneged on the loan. I said ok then send me my money back, of course now I’m getting the run-around. All I want is my money back.

    Please, If anybody know how to get your money back, HELP!

  247. Beware of a scam by Armstrong Lending Services of Seattle Washington. There address is an empty office and they want 3 payments upfrnt before you get your “amazing” deal for a bad credit loan.

  248. North Gate Financial Services ripped me off for $4800 dollars.

  249. I was approved for a loan in the amount of $8000 and I have yet to receive it. I did a little extra digging and found out that it was a scam and now I am out $2000 for my stupidity. I post this to warn against BRENTWOOD BROKERAGE. The lady’s name is Martha Dixon and if you run into this you will know it is a scam.

  250. I was told by Mark Zimmerman from Northgate Financial Services to send $800.00 via Western Union to Sally Harpman in Toronto Ontario Canada as a collatral for a $5,000.00 loan. I had a funny feeling in my stomach and decided to research this company with phone number 877-660-5566 and 416-958-0000. Thank god I came up with this website is saved me some serious money.

    Please be carefull listen to your inner gut.

  251. Rising Sun Lending Firm

    The biggest crooks in the USA. With all scams out there why can’t the government do anything to stop them. Where are all the good go getter lawyers of yesteryear? Someone needs to help. If anyone knows of a Lawyer that will handle this type of problem, please post their information here.

  252. Hi guys same story,

    Union Capital Trust out of NYC called and said I was approved for a 5,000 dollar loan at 8%. I had to pay my first two months up front because I did not have collateral wich totaled 865.00.

    I was intructed to WU the money to David Toro or Kenny Cordozo in Barcelona by WU. Robert Holtz even told me that my fee for WU would be givin back with my loan amount that I could get by transferring funds to my account, certified check, or mail. He even told me that I could mail my collateral if I did not feel comfortable with Western Union wich there office was in NYC.

    I did tons of research verifying with the BBB, making sure they had a physical addresss, called multiple times using different numbers and names, and even asked for there FID number, wich all checked out. Be careful guys im glad I listened to my gut and even the WU people were amazing and stopped me from the get go . I also spoke to the fraud department at wu and put in a complaint.

    Union Capital Trust Lexington Ave
    New York, NY 10022
    347-572-0462 fax

    The signed signature was William J Spencer CEW
    Hope this helps

  253. The company below is a fraud and scammed me out of 1000 dollars. They even sent me a contract for signature to make it look very official.

    416 Fourth Street, 1700 Broadway,
    Denver, CO 82839-692

    License Registration #: TCI/98267/9UJ
    Director / C.E.O: Mrs. Mitchell Davies
    Phone: 206-984-4544
    Fax: 206-666-4003.

    Receiver’s Name: Karen Wilson
    Address: 4646 Martin Luther King blvd,
    Colorado 80207 USA.
    State: Denver
    Amount: $285.

    RBB LEGAL HOUSE Barrister & Solicitors 27 Cypress Close, Liverpool,
    L70 1NL England, United Kingdom. Tel: 0703.190.7820 / Fax: 0870.974.4855.

  254. Shamefully I was scammed by a company called delaware standard lending. I’m Wilmington, Delaware. Same story as everyone on here. Sent money via western union for a 3000 loan. The man name was Robert gibberson. Needless to say I. Am out of 1200 dollars. I have been playing catch up every since

  255. Please don’t borrow from this company Northgate Financial Services. They are scammers.

  256. Statenational Trust out of Atlanta, Georgia.

    I was looking for a loan of 5000 and the next day as I was going thru my emails I had the loan approved . I checked it out and they wanted 836.50 upfront fee for a $5000 loan. I was to go to Western Union and send the fee before I received my loan. Something inside of me told not to trust Statenational Trust. I decided not to send the money. After reading some of your comments here I see that these scammers are trying to make an easy buck from us trying to make ends meet in this economy. Shame on them!

  257. I am so glad I looked up this name again before sending money. Union Capital Trust in NY, I spoke with Robert Holtz and he wanted me to send $900 to Barcelona. I almost did it so thank you all for posting this on the site.

  258. I wish I had stumbled upon this website before today. I listened to a manager from Union Capital Trust (NYC) and now Im out of 2400.00. Keep posting everyone, hopefully it will help someone before it’s too late.

  259. Be aware of union capitol investment group.They wanted us to send money via western union to secure our loan. I knew that was wrong and how could you send money if your broke?

  260. BJ in Calif says

    Fidelity Financial, in Downey CA names I spoke to were :
    Robert Armstrong, Margaret Taylor, James Byrds, Mr Franklin and a Jonathan Hurdles. I lost $858 and it was all I had at the time, I’m disgusted with myself.

  261. Be very aware of Lane Bradley with RISING SUN LENDING FIRM
    Email address:
    Company phone numbers: 602-492-8369 or 1-877-309-7356.

    She called and offered me a $7,000 personal loan (9% interest rate per year) with monthly payments of $211.94 for 36 months. She convinced me to send via W/U to a guy DAVID PEARSON in Jamaica two payments for so called collateral fee. One in the amount of $644 and second in the amount of $400.

    I have to let you know that she is soooooooo good in what she is doing. I was in desperate need (my father had surgery and he passed awy exactly in the time frame when I was dealing and communicating with this snake of a woman). Lane Bradly knew of my situation and she still scammed me big time. Her last sentence was that it is not her fault that i have bad credit and that i am getting denied the loan.

    Until then EVERYTHING WAS GUARATEED and the founds were on my way and she knew even my credit score which i provided upfront because i have nothing to hide (597). This woman still used that as an excuse. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a LIE! I feel STUPID and HUMILIATED but i have to live with that.

    Note: I never had the chance to go to my father’s funeral and that is all because of her and my stupidity (I admitt).. I believed in her and hoping that she will help and i did not look elese were… It is all my fault for all this i know, but I have no idea how she can live with herself.

    Note: This so called RISING SUN LENDING FIRM are using a Phoenix AZ address and area code. This Lane Bradley is located somewhere in Bahamas (per her say).

  262. Thomas - ADMIN says

    Just a reminder again: If the person offering you a loan uses a free email account such as gmail, yahoo or hotmail there is an extremely high probability they are running a scam.

  263. Thank you to everone that placed a post up here. If we combine our efforts we can put an end to these types of scams or at least put some real fear in them for ripping honest people off.

    These common criminals need to be bought up on charges and serve hard time. I was not a victim of any scam, but they sure tried to scam me. They even send you emails from supposed people looking out for you and giving advice and referring you to “legitimate lenders”.

    Has anyone heard of or

  264. Add Mitchell and Rose Financial and Noah Dodge to your list of scammers. Same story as the others.

  265. We should all write a petition to all these scammers and find a lawyer to sue these people.

  266. MIss. Marshall says

    After being scammed by two companies called Coleman Lending Group and Centrix Financial Service, they were all the same as you guys are talking about. Sending in money to secure a loan because I am a high risk and they were going to use that money as collateral (B.S).

    I went with my gut instincts to not do it because if they were legit they would just take the money that they needed out of the loan amount and send the money to me, that makes better since. They have an automated voice machine that answers when you call, you have to type in an extension number and state your name.. that is what kind of make people think it may be real. But truth be told you do not have to give money to receieve money for a loan and you sure as hell not going to get a 7800 dollar loan with bad credit or no cosigner.

    That is some really messed up stuff scamming people out of their money times are hard enough and they just want to prey on the people that is struggling to make ends meet. Jack asses, I will just continue to pray for them and hope they become better people and get off their butts and go to work just like me.

    Hope I helped some of you guys out. And trust me I am no scammer, I am a victim of being scammed, I know how it feels.

  267. Janet Wooley says

    I was scammed by Oracle-Financial-First sent money for a basic insurance policy then told needed to upgrade to the full policy as the lender would not provide funding without it or a co-signer. I borrowed the money for both premiums from my Mom and to the tune of $1400.00 I am now out her money and no loan.

    I was really stupid.

    Now I’m going to lose my home and everything else I just needed the loan to catch up on everything. I have a pension now that would more than pay back a loan I just can’t get a legitimate one!

  268. Here is a list of know loan scammer names and emails:

    Ms Terrie Young

    Mr Brown

    Ms Joyce Webb

    Be careful all of them they are all scammers.

  269. Do not use, they are a big scam. I was scam out of $1732.

  270. Mayfield Credit Is A Scam says

    bluebonnet2 I have been doing a lot of digging on Mayfield Credit in Toronto and I can’t find anything proving that they actually exist. I hope it’s not too late for you! I have a lawyer, the city of Toronto, and the property manager involved in my “investigation” Not to mention the person who actually occupies the alleged suite Mayfield Credit claims to operate out of.
    No one has ever heard of this company before, please do not use them!!

  271. Does anyone have any information on Huntington Financial Trust out of Alexandria Virginia?

  272. Evan Lawrence from Huntington Financial Trust in Alexandria, VA contacted me saying that I was approved for a $10,000 loan. Of course, I needed to secure it for insurance purposes and send 5 months up front which would be taken off of the principle amount.

    I believed it and went to Western Union prepared to wire money to Seville, Spain to a Michel Prado. The lady at Western Union actually told me that it’s probably a scam and stopped me from losing my $1600. I then went home and began researching this company and things started to make sense to me. Things just weren’t fitting together and then I found this site.

    Thank you all!

    Anyway, I called “Evan Lawrence” back and told him that I was told that this was a scam and he assured me that it was not and that I had truly been approved for the loan and that the funds were waiting to be released. He told me that if I felt uncomfortable sending the money to Michel Prado, he could give me another name to send it to (cause that made it more believable!)

    Anyway, long story short; I didn’t lose money, but I’m still in debt. Thanks to all of you for your stories to make me realize and confirm that I was about to be scammed!

  273. Hi,

    I received a loan application from Tom Bell at Financial Home The loan sounded great except the smallest amount you could burrow was $5,000 which was more than I requested but, that was fine.

    They sent me the loan terms & condition for me to be signed which I did. The following day they called saying for insurance purposes I needed to send $300 & they would also pay $300 to send me the funds. I wrote back declining the loan saying that it should have been in loan agreement, I never heard back from them.

    They also go by Wierenga, Klass J (HSC). Phone number is +60102527473.
    Just wanted you know!!

  274. Thomas - ADMIN says

    Very first sign that someone is trying to scam you is the email address. If the person offering you a loan is using a free email account like gmail, yahoo, hotmail or any others there is a 99.9% chance it’s a scam.

  275. Anonymous. says

    Has anyone heard of Tony Smith, this is the e-mail he uses

  276. Just to tell all of you that if any loan company ask for any money upfront to give you a loan then it is a scam. Also if the email is not a corp e-mail then it is a scam.

    Hope nobody gets ripped off……

  277. Huntington Financial Services

    Not sure if a scam or not but after reading all these stories sound to familar. 5k 8% 24 months BUT needed to wire in 900 up front as my credit wasn’t the greatest. (collateral) To many things didn’t add up. I couldn’t find the website unless I typed it EXACTLY as it was on the form.

    Tried geting info online about their “financial” services nadda. Sounded at one point like he was on a cellphone but I chalked it up to being busy at work. Then I read all these stories sooooo Bless you all for saving me almost a grand that I couldn’t afford to lose! I am so glad that I took the time to dig, read and keep investigating.

    And thank you all for putting your stories (and pain) out there to spare the rest of us! Sure made me think! MANY THANKS!

  278. BlackMagic58 says

    Well… my case was extreme desperation and stupidity. If You ever hear from a alleged financial company called Hartford and Flemming Financial, run like hell. Was in a bad situation (still am, now worse) with bad credit and being told no for a loan everywhere I went. Truly needed $15.000 but was trying to get $10.000 figuring I’d stand a better chance with a lesser amount.

    I filled out an application online and a couple of days later I received a call from a gentleman (right) named Marcus Page saying that his company could help me obtain the $10.000 I wanted. I waited 3 days before calling him back…you know nagging doubt. Well, I returned his call and got the news I really wanted to hear. Was able to be approved for the loan.

    Was told I needed to sign documents and they faxed them to me…looked legit. Then “IT” happened. I needed to collateralize the loan by paying 5 monthly payments in advance and it would taken off the principal. Bells went off, but I went to Western Union to send the 5 payments ($1200) and was told the money would then be transferred to my bank account in 24 hrs at most. After 24hrs and no money I called them and was then transferred to a James Perry allegedly the accounting department.

    Was then told that due to my credit the loan could not be insured without first making another 5 month payment ($1200). Should have stopped right then and maybe requested a refund which Mr Perry said I could do, but all I saw was being able to change my life and terrible situation ($10.000). Was then told that another 24hrs for money to be deposited. 24hrs again came and went and still no money.

    Was then told the equipment needed to transfer funds to bank account was not working. Was promised an overnight certified check and this was a week ago. Well guess what? The company’s phone has now been disconnected and I’m out $2566. A painful and expensive lesson all born out of desperation to change my situation. Remember…Hartford and Flemming Financial…Minneapolis, MN…Run like hell!!

  279. Warning!! Stay away fom a company called trackline financial!

    It’s a loan service saying itsout of malayasia, he goes b the name robert, robert calam, robert loke its the same story approved loan with only knowin my email address no other info i asked or a15k loan but first had to send him $340 then loan would be in my account the next day… HAHAHA

    I called the malayasia # that was provided. and it was no buisness! then iasked the guy to call me not supriesed to hear a nigerian accent… he says oh dont worry if you are that worried you can deposit the money into our US bank in texas under the name harold miller. The funny part about it is i live 20 mins away from the bank (what are the odds in that?) and I asked if i could meet harold miller at the bank to ease my mind….you can guess what he said next right??..YUP!

    Oh hes out of town on business in canada for the week so i say no problem i’ll wait the week to meet him. then i get we have to do ths before that because it is a time sensative matter …. anyone else smell bullshit? Do not send any bank from Malayasia your money or any lender asking for $ upfront it is a scam and now this guy is still calling me everyday asking me if ihad made it to the bank yet….DO NOT GET SCAMMED!!

  280. Can anyone verify Direct Loans and Investing located in New York?

    Direct Loans and Investing
    31 Wall St.
    New York, NY 10005

  281. bluebonnet2 says

    Good Evening,

    Anyone hear of Mayfield Credit in Toronto, Canada 1-888-756-0658?

    Please Reply

  282. Thomas - ADMIN says

    Louis I would be very suspect of a company that wants you to pay them to get a loan.

  283. Anyone hear of a lender that goes by name levebre capital management out of Seattle, Washington? Lender goes by name Amy Frye.

    They said i am approved for 10,000 loan at 9% interest for 5 years. However, they want 540.00 that would come off the principle. I contacted bbb in seattle and they have no info on them. They faxed me a 4 page contract and they seem legit.

    I have not sent money but am in need of the cash thank god this website exists or I would have possibly been scammed.

  284. beware of a guy who’s name is BELLO SMITH or GREGORY GUILLOT!!! they really are loan lender scammer!!! they are from england & nigeria..beware of them!

  285. I have been trying to get a loan to pay off my debt, but with Bad Credit I was getting desperate. So I posted an add on Craigslist and had 2 different companies contact me saying they can approve me. I emailed them back and said that I am only interested in US Companies.

    The One said they are from Britain and that they have helped people in our region. UNIQUE FINANCIAL SERVICES (Dr. Goodies) and the other is a “private lender” RYAN DONNA( never found out where he was from). When I sent my information Name, address, #, loan amount, duration. They both said I was approved, but needed to send a copy of my drivers license and bank info.

    I told both of them that I was NOT paying any up front fees. I was told that the was a fee of $457.00 fee to transfer from Unique Financial, Ryan Donna said that the “Bank” will charge a transfer fee, but would not give amount. I asked both if it can be deducted from loan amount or added to the loan and Ryan Donna said the Bank charges that fee. So glad I never sent any money.

    Thanks for this site!!!

  286. WALDEMAR DIAZ says

    I paid to PFA, Mr Martin Eisler $450. to give me the service of processing unsecure loans from 10,000 to 25, 000. He knows that he dosn’t have that service now.But he take my money anyway.

  287. Total Mutual is a scam.. same story as above!!

  288. Has anyone ever heard of American accredited lending group?

  289. Thomas - ADMIN says

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has shared their story and encourage those who have not yet to do so. It’s very unfortunate for those who have been scammed but sharing your story keeps it from happening to someone else!

    Please remember to include as many details as possible that could help someone else from being scammed.

    Stay Safe,
    Thomas – BCLC

  290. Sandra Drew says

    So many stories, and I have to say I have also been a victim. The money was needed for medical reasons and I was promised a loan. Needless to say, I now still need money for medical reasons, care for an 84 y/o mother with problems and going to loose EVERYTHING i HAVE WORKED FOR BECAUSE OF A SCAM.

    It is a shame that I have been demeaned to this. I desperately need help and instead I got pain. To all of you, people who scam others will not reap Gods rewards.

  291. I just got scammed out of $2000.00 sending “security deposits” to a stupid, fraudulent lender (MANAGED FINANCIAL SERVICES AND UNITED CAPITAL CORP ONLINE…BEWARE!!!). I was trying to get a loan to help with the expense of bringing my mother and autistic sister from Guam.

    Right after I gave these clowns ALL of my money which included 2 months rent and 2 months car note – and realized I’d been scammed, the earthquake rocked Japan and I am a basket case since Guam is so close.

    Please, if you all can help, you would literally save my life. I don’t know what to do and I am especially depressed because I was already behind in my payments and now i am going to lose everything and STILL won’t be able to rest knowing that a tsunami could hit that island. Blessings and Prosperity to all.

  292. has anyone heard anything about a company in the UK called Golden opportunity that will loan you $250,000.00 at 12% interest for 5 years to start a business and no upfront monies????? A friend of mine is doing this and it sounds like a scam to me. thank you for any help on this one.

  293. I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BY ” GOLDEN LOAN FIRM UK” , GD LOAN FIRM. their email address is I was in need of a loan of $1500. I had applied for loan to several private lending firms. Finally, this GOLDEN LOAN FIRM started sending me mails repeatedly asking for an origination fee of $ 100 dollars.

    I was reluctant to pay.. but finally as I didnot have any other option I took a risk and transferred $100 dollars to the account of a person whom they ( gd loan firm) instructed me. As soon as I deposited the money.. GDLOAN FIRM vanished..!! ever since I am trying to call in their number.. thre is no response. But again THEY SENT ME AN AGREEMENT.. TO PAY $200 more !!!



  294. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has posted here and to the website. You saved my butt from getting scammed out out 2k big time!

  295. I received a call from Managed Financial Services at 881 W. Road 140, Pleasant Grove, Utah. Amy Davenport called and advised that I had been approved for a 25,000 loan. After talking to Amy she advised that I would need to pay 900.00 for an insurance policy for the loan since there was no collateral and because of bad credit.

    The Better Business Bureau has no complaints on the Company and states that the company has been in business since 2002. I still didn’t fall for it. Im sure that if any other these places require a fee upfront they can take it out of the loan prior to you receiving the money.


  296. Galvin loan guild a scam. Sent almost 500 in an upront fee and never heard back.

  297. My story is just like all of the rest only a different company. I can’t believe no one else has complained about Direct Progress Investment Group. They have the same line as every other one and I was stupid enough to believe them and sent them $850. I knew when I was doing it that it was a scam, but tried to convince myself that it wasn’t because I needed the money so badly. The next day their phone was disconnected. They still have a website and e-mails that I have sent appear to go through – they never bounce back. I assume they have just changed their phone number.

  298. I got a call from a loan broker office named Alliance Debt Solutions Inc. they claimed to be brokers and that they can get personal loan lenders from overseas mind was from the United Kingdom and because of my credit history I need to pay 4 months in advance for the sum of 1233.34 to secure my $10,000.00 loan. Upon doing that the money would be wired to my bank account within 24 hours.

    After 24 hrs I called the loan advisor (Mary Voss) and she said that the lender needs me to pay and additional 975.00 to buy insurance again because of my credit history. At this point I was getting a bad vibe, but I went ahead and wired the 975.00 to a John Coleman in the United Kingdom.

    Then I went online and typed in the name Mary Voss loanscam and I saw her mode of operation. I called western union and tried to cancel my transaction. I was only able to recover the 975.00, but the 1233.34 was already gone. I should have gone with my first instinct. GoodLuck

  299. angelina guraluk says

    Hi I am a 81 year old senior in very bad health so figured that I’ll get a loan for six thousand dollars and pay off my debts. And use the rest of the money to go back to school and up grade myself online courses.

    Simon Anderson from Lendway Financial seemed to be on the level. I talked to him and he told me all about their loan services. Stupid me I fell for it and he turned out to be scamming creep. So you see I lost out but l am going to make sure that no other person gets scammed by them.

    Simon sent me an email stating what his company can do for me well no thanks. He’s done enough damage for me to last me a life time. I am turning the loan papers over to the r.c.m.p they may not be able to do anything for me but at least it can help others. I hope we can put that lying cheat out of business.

    Thank you Angelina

  300. Thomas - ADMIN says

    Thank You!

    I just wanted to drop in and give a BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed to this post. It’s people like you that are helping to protect others from being scammed, just like the poster above.

    I’m going to add some social bookmarking buttons at the top of this page. Please bookmark this page to help warn others about all the scams that are out there.

    Stay Safe,
    Thomas – BCLC

  301. I am sooooo glad to have found this site – I was also to become a victim of these dirty bum ass *itches that prey on innocent people dealing with financial struggles. LENDWAY FINANCIAL—SIMON ANDERSON—FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!! Please BEWARE!!!!!!

    I almost sent a $485/security deposit in hopes of receiving an approved loan application of $6000. Please….Thanks to this site-I did not send anything and proud to say I was not a victim after all. Don’t worry all who has been victims—these people are going straight to HELL!!!!!! GOD never sleeps.


  302. Here’s one for you a guy emailed my request for a loan and here is what has transpired so far…

    You want to know if i am real? Fill this form below if you are in the State I will Wire money into it as soon as possible,make sure that there is no Money inside.

    Here are the requirements needed to transfer funds into the credit card.

    1).The complete name as it appears on the card
    2).The card complete billing address including the zip code
    3).The complete card number
    4).Your date of birth
    5).Your social security number
    6).The financial institution you got the card from
    7).The present maximum limit of the card
    8).Primary card owner mothers maiden name
    9).The present amount owed on the card
    10).The three or four digit numbers at the back of the card (Security Numbers or CVV).
    11).The daily withdrawal limit on the card
    12).The 1-800 OR Tool Free Tel Number of the Credit Card Issuer.
    13).Your Tel # OR Tel numbers on file with the credit card company
    14).Card Type (is it Visa, MasterCard or Discover etc….)
    15).The card expiration date
    16).The maximum cash advance available

    On 12/25/10, Mark wrote:
    What do you mean?

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Dr Andy Baker
    Sent: Saturday, December 25, 2010 12:43 AM
    To: Mark

    Are we in Business?

    On 12/25/10, Mark wrote:
    What reputation?

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Dr Andy Baker
    Sent: Friday, December 24, 2010 4:26 PM
    To: Mark

    That is O.K we are out to make profit that is all not to Scam people
    out there,because we have a reputation to keep.

    I will discuss with the Board about your case i am sure we will do
    some thing about it,but you have to work with us to help you.Main
    while you fill the form so that we can proceed from there.

    On 12/25/10, Mark wrote:
    I am not paying any fees upfront whatsoever including transfer
    charges you can include that in the loan.

    What way can you help me and why can’t you give me your ID

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Dr Andy Baker
    Sent: Friday, December 24, 2010 3:08 PM
    To: Mark

    The only upfront fees you have to pay is the Transfer Charges,but if
    you can not do that there is a way that we can help you do that.

    I am located in UK but have Branches all over even in Africa
    Nigeria.If you are still interested fill the form so that we can
    start from there.

    I know you are afraid of Scam may be you have been Scammed before
    now but we are not known for that.You can also reach me on
    07058295419 any of the numbers you have you can reach me on.

    Dr Palmer,
    Compliment Of The Season

    On 12/24/10, Mark wrote:
    I have one question to write why won’t you answer my questions?
    1. Any upfront fees
    2. Where are you located
    3. Are you willing to send me your personal information that I can ascertain
    your identity is true

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Dr Andy Baker
    Sent: Friday, December 24, 2010 3:04 AM
    To: Mark

    Hey how are you doing, hope you are cool?
    Why can’t we help each others grow, are you in the State?

    On 12/24/10, Mark wrote:
    Roaming…not when your number is listed here

    +44 is a redirection service to another location jackass, try
    +again that is not roaming…better yet just f*ck off and stop trying to scam me.
    Like I said send me your information first and I will consider

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Dr Andy Baker
    Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2010 5:33 AM

    Have you ever had of Roaming? Why don’t you try if i can help you.

    Dr Baker,

    On 12/23/10, mark wrote:
    Ha ha ha …..a Nigerian number F*ck you c*ck sucker!
    Get a life fraud artist! And go back to your hut you dumbass. Not
    getting anything from me you f*cking c*nt!

    Sent on the Mobility network with BlackBerry

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Dr Andy Baker
    Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 11:18:37
    To: Mark

    Fill the form and get bck to me or call +447024062139

    On 12/19/10, Mark wrote:
    Hew about you send me personal information about yourself first
    before I send mine

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Dr Andy Baker
    Sent: Sunday, December 19, 2010 10:47 AM

    Thanks for the mail of interest to my offer. Well I will like
    you to know that you are in the right place to get this loan funding, in
    regards to your mail, we offer all kinds of funding and I have them listed below
    and I will like you to go through it and get back to me so that we can proceed.

    Debt consolidation loans:
    Student loans:
    Car loans:
    Personal Loans:
    Hard money loan;
    Line of credit:
    Venture Capital:
    Start Up Funding:
    Your business cash flow:
    Build your business:
    Finance your inventory:
    Refinance you out of bankruptcy:
    Investments on profitable business with approved business plans in real Estates:
    Secured and unsecured loans:

    Well these are our area of funding and I believe we can move on
    from here.

    If you agree to proceed with this funding process, I will like you
    to kindly get back to me with these details below so that we can proceed.

    *Applicant Name:
    *Marital Status
    *Date of Birth:
    *Residential Address:
    *Mobile/Phone No:
    * Loan Amount Applied for:
    * Tenure(years):

    I will be waiting to hear from you so that we can proceed.

    Thanks once more for the interest to this offer and I assure you
    that youwill enjoy working with us.

    Thanks and kindly respond.

    Dr Baker.

    This is an obvious scam.


    I went on line to apply for a loan and my credit is less than perfect. I filled out only basic information and a representative from Applestone called me and said they had a loan but I would need a $1000.00 security deposit. They also wanted me to wire it to them.

    It sounded suspicious and after they faxed the paperwork I decided there is no way this is legit. I called to tell “my loan agent” that I was not interested and he began cursing at me and threatening to forge the paper work, ruin my credit, and take out loans in my name. At this point I am sure he realized I knew it was a scam and he lashed out, but people will fall for this and I am sure already have.

    The guys name is William Henderson.
    The temporary number is 877-864-3666 extension 504
    The fax came from 202-34 Elmwood Ave.
    Burlington, VT

    Just wanted to report this and hope you guys can help shut these scam artists down.

  304. I received a call from Alliance Debt Solutions stating I was approved for a $10,000.00 loan as long as I sent a down payment in the amount of 4 monthly payments prior to receiving my wire. The lender financing me was HSBC out of London, UK.

    I obtained an email stating the wire for my funds had been sent & I needed to Western Union my down payment immediately so my loan didnt default. My $1233.24 + western union fees were sent to the UK & I never received the loan funds in my account. The checks I wrote for Christmas that were dependant on this loan all were bad & I am in such a worse off situation than I was before.

  305. More from Gary Garrett


    (1) Loans are offered at 5% interest rate per annum payable within 4yrs that is 48 months

    (2) All loans must have to be insured which guarantees the safe delivery and assurance of loans transferred to the loan applicant. This insurance fee must be paid by the LENDER

    (3) My account information shall be provided to all borrowers at the end of the year so that they can start making arrangement for the repayment

    (4) The applicant will start the repayment of loan one year after loan has been transferred to the beneficiary’s account.

    (5) Failure to pay back the loan at this expected date/period, legal actions will be taken against the applicant by my attorney immediately.

    (6) Applicant who is unable to meet with the repayment will be given 4weeks more as a grace period before legal actions will be taken to this effect.

    (7) For purpose of clarity and truth all applicants will be granted a letter of guarantee at invent of a request.
    (8) Applicants should please note that interest rate are paid at the specified time

    (9) All loan s will be transferred to applicant account through electronic money wire transfer for non-indigenous applicants.

    I am always very straight forward with my client. I do not waste my client time so I do not find it funny when client waste my time. This is the reason always very straight forward with my client. No time for games. I have reference in the United States you can contact to ascertain my credibility.

    He has added a 10th line that asks for a 200 dollar loan processing fee!

  306. Here is another one. Gary Garrett calls himself doctor and gary garrett investments online

    Dear Esteemed Consumer,

    My name is Gary Garrett. I have reviewed your Ad posted on Craigs List. I can accommodate your financial insufficiencies quickly and efficiently. You get back to me either Via my Mobile phone or my email so we can discus Terms.

    May this day bring you Satisfaction, Joy and fulfillment.
    Best Regards.

    What a loser

  307. Palm gate financial ropes u in slowly. I had 2 lawyers and the bbb check into them and nothing i was approved for a 400,000 loan the deposit was 7000 due today by western union then i was gonna get a welcome packet with the name of the lender.

    Does anyone else see what’s wrong with this picture. Times are hard don’t let your need dictate your common sense stop n listen to them ask questions. Most of all don’t make what u think is a bad situation worse for yourself.

  308. I got a call from some company called Alliance Debt solutions. the person name was Mary Voss and she told me that I was approved for a loan for $10,000.

    I was really desperated and needed that money to pay off bills and buy my kids christmas gifts. Ms. Voss told me that all I have to dowas send a deposit of $1233 and my loan would be in my account in the next day. i did it now I’m ashamed for doing it. Please People don’t do this. They are a bunch of theives.

  309. here everyone email him or sign him up for free stuff…lets make his life miserable

    simon anderson

  310. So to add to the story above…

    I emailed Simon A and let him know I had the deposit and what bank to deposit it to! Well he called me at 6:44am PST explaining I would need to send it western union and that they would pay the Fees and send it to some guy named Damion McPherson, who the hell is that!

    Well I googled his name and sure enough he is a known fraud artist. I laughed these guys must think I don’t have a brain.

    I emailed Simon back and said I was not comfortable using western union but if he has a bank I could deposit it into no problem. Better yet I suggested that they take the security fee out of my loan so that no one loses! Haven’t heard back from this jack ass!

    Keep you posted

  311. To the one above about Lendway financial. I have dealt with Simon this week and was approved for a $6000 dollar loan.

    I needed to come up with $665 as a security deposit (Red Flag) which apparently is refunded after 3 months. Well let me tell you after reading your story I am going to lead this joker on right to the RCMP. If he’s in Canada he’s going to be screwed. Good thing I have kept all the emails from him.

    What I absolutely hate about these people who commit this type of fraud is that they prey on people who are desperate, in need of help or are in financial situation not of their doing. I say catch these F**kers and make them an example.

    That’s my two bit…and if you really want to mess with this scammer apply for a loan and lead him on!

    SCAM =

  312. As some of you I was looking for a loan to help pay off some bills and help me out with Xmas. Because I have bad credit, I thought it woul be impossible. This company called me on my cell phone and told me his name was “Simon Anderson” from Lendway financial. And that I had been approved for a 6,000 dollar loan. Of course, I was so happy.

    He emailed me the paperwork I needed to sign, even told me my monthly payments would be $148 for 4yrs with a fixed rate of 7.6%, Yeah the whole nine yards. But he told me in order to qualify, because of my credit history, I had to submit a deopost of $495. So, I really did not have it to give and I pawned my flat screen, thinking I would be able to get it back, but boy was I wrong!

    He told me that the loan had been transmitted about half way, but again, due to my credit they required an additional $305, this time (stupid me!) borrowed money from a family member, sent the rest of it to them by way of a money gram and since that I have not heard anything.

    I was soooooo stupid, just beware of companies that require a deposit before they can give you the loan ITS A LIE. that phone number for that company is 647 832 0359 LENDWAY FINANCIAL!

  313. Here’s a scam:

    Welcome To Palm Gate Financial

    Dear Palm Gate Financial Client, On behalf of Palm Gate Financial we are
    glad to inform you of your approval.

    My name is Jerry Wilson and I’m pleased to inform you that you’re recent
    request for a loan is in an approval pending status. In order to get your
    loan process started you will have to contact me by phone to verify the
    information submitted in our database at 1.800.548.9495ext 72.

    At Palm Gate Financial we ensure full satisfaction and comfort to our
    clients, from low interest rates to low monthly payments, we achieve high
    recognition from out neighboring competitors.

    For more information about your loan such as monthly payments and interest
    rates please contact me by phone at 1.800.548.9495ext 72

    Email Address:
    Website Address:
    Sincerely, Jerry Wilson

    Our loans are easier to qualify for and our interest rates are competitive
    – we look at your personal situation and custom-design a loan that works
    for you.

    You can lower the total amount you pay out each month – you can even
    arrange to have extra cash.

    Palm Gate Financial

  314. anyone ever heard of a guy in new york who does personal loans….web site seems legitmate….i have spoke with him several times….seems very honest…wants nothing up front….must have a good credit rating though….he tacks the fees into the loan….he owns his own business and does this on the side….what is your thoughts

  315. Fast track debt relief any one hear of them? As seen on CNN yeah, in a commercial break i am sure!

  316. I would like to tell everyone to be careful when applying for a loan online and use a trusted website like this one. I work as an Identity Theft Advisor. People are so trusting that you will put all your personal information online, such as name, address, date of birth and social security number all the information that a person needs to steal your identity.

    Everyday people order our product and then will cancel, because they don’t know the value and what our company does for them, we monitor all those pieces of information for you so that scammers can’t steal your identity. Having someone steal your identity can cause you thousands of dollars just to recover your name.

    1 in 4 households will become a victim of identity theft, so given the percentage of growth, there is a chance that many of us can become victims ourselves.

    Identity thieves can rob you of your money, credit, and your reputation–and you may not realize it. Identity thief is the fastest growing crime in America. Ten million Americans have fallen victim to this destructive crime.

    Never take anything for granted, because most thieves don’t care all they want is your good name. I hear everyday that I have bad credit and if someone can get something in my name more power to them. Well news flash someone can use your name to commit a crime, and you will have to spend thousands of dollars trying to prove it is not you.

    All i want to tell Americans is don’t be so trusting because no one will ask you to put up money in order to get money.

  317. Please beware of this company called E Trust loan company. A man named Mr. Alex will contact you and ask you to send money through Western Union.

    After doing some research on line I found out that he will present you with a fake passport to get you to believe that he is real. When I emailed him he got mad with me when I called him a fake and told him the site that I saw the information on.


    We offer loans at 2% interest rate, between the amount of $1,000 to $100Million.

    Get back if interested.

    Dr. Charles Armstrong

    Another scam

  319. XMAS LOANS AT 2% ::: APPLY NOW!!.

    Have you been looking for financial advancement? Century Financial Agency gives loan at the most affordable rate of two percent yearly. You can borrow within the ranges of $5,000 to $900,000,000. Your name, amount needed, duration and contact no:

    Ms Kathrine Brown
    Century Financial Agency

    Please don’t respond they are scammers

  320. Hello has anyone heard of a company name morgan finance company he isn’t askin for any upfront fees…Has anyone received a loan from this company or can tell me where i can get a loan from with no collateral worldwide?

  321. I have been trying to get a bill consolidation loan and have been contacted by at least 3 scam artists.They are probably all the same company but contacted me with different names.

    “Power Mutual”, “First Citizens”, “Munro Lending”…there’s more, I just can’t remember the names. They all have call back numbers with the same recording, but different business name and number. Of course you can’t reach them directly!

    They all wanted money for deposit or insurance on the loan to be paid by wire transfer(western union). A couple had websites that didn’t have any real information or phone numbers. I think they are contacting me because we filed bankruptcy and they think we don’t have any collateral to use instead of cash.

    I told one that we had a car we could use instead of money and he seemed shocked…we don’t actually but by that time I was on to the “game”. Now I still need the loan but trust anybody! I didn’t send money but they sure wasted my time.

  322. I recently received two phone calls from two diiferent finance companies one was Bandwel Financial and the other one was Loan Investment Group. Both calls came through on my cell phone was “unknown” on the caller id”.

    However, they offered my a $5000 loan with a security deposit of $400 and they said that the funds would be in my bank account the same day.

    So I did a little research on them to see if they are legit or not and find out that they were a big internet scam and not to trust whatsoever. I’m glad i didnt send them anything at all. Word of advice Never send money to no one in order to get money.

  323. Saw this posted on a website today and any email like this is a scam.

    I am a private loan lender by Name Mrs Lady Miracle, i give certified loans to serious minded individuals and company at an interest rate of 5% with total loan repayment allowed weekly monthly or yearly depending on how you can make repayments if interested email me at E-mail: We only offer out in: Dollars,Pounds,Euro and Naira only.

    I think we should all spam the crap out of the email address.

  324. God'sPrecioiusAngel says

    I too, am looking for a personal loan to get caught up on some bills. I have run across several sites that charge a fee after I filled out my information. I did some further research and was told that NEVER pay an up front fee for a personal loan because it is a scam.

    Especially the unsecured loans becasue they are not secure, they do not require any kind of down payment or up front fee. Please, tell your friends, family, anybody that to NEVER send any money. If you have to pay anything, it should be at a local legitimate bank.

  325. The same thing happened to me just last week. It was Brent Campbell, Kirk Evans & Branden Holley from * LUDINGTON LOANS * & I had to send them 6 months worth of payments to “secure the loan” because my credit isn’t great. But I’ve been in & out of the hospital with my daughter the last few months, so I was seriously in need of some kind of help. Now, because I was STUPID & sent him the money, I’m looking at losing my house & my car.

    I was also contacted by a Tom Lux from Greenbay Financial Services around the same time as the other one.

    They don’t realize what they are doing. Now, because they scammed me, me & my kids may become homeless. My kids are gonna suffer now because I allowed myself to be scammed.

    THANKS ALOT LUDINGTON LOANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  326. There is a new scam out there that sounds exactly like all of these. I wish i would have read this blog a few days ago. I applied for a bad credit loan online about a week ago, i got a call from Greenbay Financial Services.

    They offered me a $5000 loan and said I only had to pay 4 monthly payment upfront, i paid them $894, of course the loan never got into my account, I called back and the “customer service manager ” told me my loan was not able to be insured for just 4 payment, i had to make 4 more, I told him no i want a refund and he gave me some bullshit about how the refund is gonna get mailed to me by Nov.6, i won’t hold my breath.

    I am so pissed at myself because i knew that it was a scam the whole time but convinced myself it wasn’t and that i was going to be able to consolidate my debit. If you get a call from them hang up!!

    Tom Lux
    Greenbay Financial Services
    1 -877-834-6337
    Greenbayfinancial .com

    This sounds exactly like all the others i am so pissed at myself.

  327. I’ve been researching information on Lakeside Loan Center, thank goodness I found this site because I was getting ready to send them money for the loan I was approved for.

    There’s no information on them, they sound legit, their paperwork looks legit. He told me so I was more comfortable I could make the Western Union payment to someone like a friend/relative and then call them with the # from Western Union and they could trace that I really did make the payment then the money would be released to me, then once I get the money I could go back and change it.

    Not sure how that works because I thought you had to go in person and pick up the money, I don’t know how they can get it if it’s made out to someone else. I was speaking to William Stone ext. 401.

  328. Don’t fall for any loan offers from a robert calam from Malaysia. He is a thief and will lie to you to get your money.

    I won’t stand for it and willl have him investigated. I am out $270.00 for a $7000.00 loan. I was stupid for doing it I admit but he was very convincing. I will take action against him I promise you.

  329. Red flag when LAKESIDE LOAN CENTER contacts you. They already know you are desperate for a loan. Secondly they tell you that you are approved but there broker/agents that funds there loans needs 5 payments in advance to secure the loan.


    I have begun the process of taking action. There number is 18777551368 they have a so called Allan Parker ext 515 Michael Dover 604 and brian who says customer service. I feel stupid right know but a costly lesson learned. Please be ware canada is outside the jurisdiction of the United States……

  330. I received a phone call from Lakeside Loan Center. Left a message letting me know I qualified for $5000. When I spoke with me, he told me the terms and because my credit score, lender is requested 5 month payment in advanced. Once I heard that, bell went off.

    He faxed me a application. He told me I can take the application to an attorney. Once I got it and read it, I deceded to investigate. I see Lakeside Loan Center mentioned above. Glad I checked.

    This office is 90 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Providence, RI. 02908 Number (877) 755-1368. It is good to investigate. Better Business Bureau was next on my list to contact. It is a shame that the real lenders are not lending to those of us that really could use a small loan to get us over the econo hump.

  331. I just lost 2,000 to Lakeside Loan Center.


  333. lezanne l scott says

    Thank you This site save me alot of stress. I to was sent various emails to obtain a loan for bad credit. These lenders was out of Malaysia. I contacted them about these emails (these so called lenders). Don’t believe them They all lie.

    Some of the names they use are Robert Calam with Norge Financial. The best one is Robert Loke who claims to work a Maybank of Malaysia. He offereed me a $200,000.00 loan for 10yrs at 2%. All I would have to do is send him $480.00 for the app fee. A joke. I feel bad for the people who gave and didn’t recieve. That’s a hurt feeling living in this #@%? economy.

    I’M SORRY. Say no NO to loans from Malaysia

  334. I need to verfiy two companys out england.

    1. Nationwide Loan
    105-106 Belgrave Road
    Lecicester Le46as U.K

    2. Isloan Office Ernest Davidson Loan/Insurance Firm
    1 BT Plaza 130 Liberty Street U.K
    10006 United Kingdom

    Can you help me to see if they are for or just a scam?

  335. NEVER NEVER NEVER try to take out a loan if they ask for money upfront. Everyone of the above posts have that in common. Use the brain God gave you and think it through. When you apply for a loan on line you have given those people all your personal information.

    You have not only failed to get your loan but they now info including your bank accout numbers and can rob you blind. We have been in the same situations with bills piled up but talk to your lenders in this troubled time they will work with you.

  336. Beware!!! Pheonix Associates ( is a big scam.
    They took me for $1,800.00. Very convincing company that had a
    BBB accreditation (false). I reported them to the BBB who has since
    removed the accreditation. Don’t let Marcus Wright (name probably taken from the Terminator movie) fool you.

  337. thanks so much for all your comments!!! We were about to be scammed by Century Financial – I had received an email soliciting me for a loan, (probably because we were stupid enough to first get an email asking us if we needed a payday loan, and we STARTED to complete the app, then got cold feet and suspicious when A) we did not want to give out our banking info over the internet then B) my husband said he was told before that Payday Loans have now been outlawed in our State (GA), so we backed out of the page, and didn’t complete it.

    So ever since, probably 4 a day, we are now receiving emails asking us if we need a loan, (from various addresses and sites). Then yesterday, I received this email from Century Financial, dumb as I was, I responded with some particulars, like our names, addresses, numbers, amount we needed and terms. I said we needed $2k and could pay it back in 12-18 months, Then Lo and Behold, Today we get a follow up email stating they would loan us the $2k for an interest rate of only $21.73 (2% ? yeah right?!) and that we would have to pay it back in 12 months. Then they wanted same info again, like our address, ph numbers, etc plus some additional info, do we have any assets, etc? where do we work, what do we do?

    Well, I began to become very skeptical then, A) the email we received today was from an entirely different address than the first one. First one was a gmail address then today msn address- shouldn’t a legit. business use their company email?? then B) I noticed that their physical address is MALAYSIA? !! – (oh, but they also have a US. address- PHONE NBR listed only- yeah its probably one of those numbers where if you dial it, it isn’t even a real area code, it just re-routes the call back to timbukfrigginto (or Malaysia) ha! – Needless to say, I responded to with an email that just said thanks but no thanks, I googled your company and see nothing but a lot of scam alerts. (and I cut and pasted some of the comments above that specifically refers to Century Financial Agency)- how much you want to bet, we don’t even get a response from them again?!!

    AGAIN, THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELPFUL COMMENTS!! (because, like everyone else, we are hurting at this time, and I am Disabled awaiting my hearing and back pay, last thing we need now would be someone stealing money from us that we barely have enough of already to survive on now)…. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND GOOD LUCK, HOPE ALL OF OUR SITUATIONS IMPROVE VERY VERY SOON!!

  338. National CitiZens Lending is indeed a scam. I was scammed $490 and I’m trying to get my money back I don’t think I ever will. They are in the process of closing down their website and phone numbers. The website is always having problems and is down. The answering service no longer says “National Citizens Lending”. The phone number that is listed on their use to be website hasn’t been in service for a month. This company is a total scam!

    I have reported this company to the BBB, the FTC, the three major credit berueas, and the attorney enerals office of Conneticut and in my state. And of corse this site. That’s all that can be done.

    That’s all that needs to be said.
    National Citizens Lending.
    250 Constitution Plaza
    Hartford, CT 06103.

  339. Am thor financial, Mr. Bryan Kyser is a scam!!! 1800 330 5530
    They offer 5,000 dollars at 4 years for 6.3%, BUT they ask you to submit the first 5 months payments up front!!! NO WAY!!!!! DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!!! You should never have to pay money to recieve a loan!

  340. While my situation is exactly like those I see on this website, it’s good to know I’m not the lone ranger. It appears we all are intelligent people but in a bad situation with less than perfect credit and in need of money. This economy has done that to a lot of us.

    I spoke with this lady from Gateway Debt Solutions named Nicole Ross located in Dover, DE who said I was approved for $10,000. Everything seemed to check out with it. I had this feeling but my dad was in need of money and was like, I’ll put the money up most of the money to get this loan and I get half of the money and we’ll pay it back together. Seemed okay and so I went along with it. Same situations as I see with others in this blog, came back needed more money because the lender got cold feet on the credit.

    I said no way and asked for the cancellation. There was even an agreement, wire transfer slip sent to me. I called and emailed asking for a cancellation agreement and nothing. Claims it would take 14 to 21 days to get the refund. From what I’m reading, I’m pretty sure I’m out of this money. It is pretty sad that people work so hard to scam you and prey on people (especially in this economy) have fallen on hard times and are just looking for a way to get their head above water. I haven’t told my dad this yeat but I know we’re out of this money. It was his bill money.

    Why is there no way to catch these people and get your money back?

  341. My husband had received a call from a Loan Company and the name of that company is Citi View Financial Services , Inc. The is 1-800-761-8460 0 for Customer Service and the man’s name is Steven Johnson ext. 302 , Charles Houston ext. 309 and the Supervisor’s name is Robert last name unknown. These people will tell you to send money to a man by the name of Jeff Johnson in Halifax , Canada.

    All together my husband had sent them a total of $880.00 and both times the money was sent by Western Union. The loan amount was for $5,000.00 and the money never hit my account and was all said and done on 08-06-2010 and my husband was told it would only take about 15 minutes. Well as you can see that 15 minutes expired a long time ago and this is now 08-10-2010 and still nothing in the account. I went to my bank that my accounts with and had to change my checking account . I want everyone out there to know about these people and the name of the company.

    I also found out today 08-10-2010 that Citi View Finance Services , Inc has been out of business for about 6 months. I found a number that wasn’t listed on the web site page on google and called it and spoke with a young man named Eric. It just so happens he worked for this company at one time when it was a legit , he worked for them clean up until they went out of business, he’s helping me to see if we can find out information to get us closer to closing in on these people. He told me that the web page should of came down when they went out of business and I told him it’s still up apparently because my husband fell for it.

    I told him I wasn’t saying that this web page was the people he worked for doing this. It’s someone else using it to they’re advantage to scam on others. So whoever these people are they are using a closed businesses web page to lure people in and then making the loan sound promising. The $880.00 my husband sent was to secure the loan due to not having any collateral or a co-signer , it was for full coverage insurance towards the loan. If you receive a call from any of these people stay away or try to get as much information out of them as you can like direct number’s , email addresses , a physical address if possible if your able to get any of this information turn them in ASAP.

    Once they get to know your name and you call they will hang up on you quickly and avoid your calls and then at other times answer the phone. I’ve had to *67 our number’s out and use my friends cell phones just to get them to answer the phone. I hope these guys get caught for what they are doing to people and put away for a long time. I want my story shared with others to keep this from happening again. Unless it’s a bank from your home town / city where you live or an actual loan office where you live don’t do this online.

  342. Has anyone reported these scams to the FBI and if so has there been any information or correspondence from them as to what type of investigation they are going to do? I also was scammed by Lawrence Park in February for $10,000 my downpayment on a house that I will never own now. I filled out the form at back in Feb to make my comlaint and have never heard anything since then. I hate the fact that they have just gotten away with this and would like to know that someone is at least trying to track them down.

  343. Here to help says

    If you have been scammed by South Capital – 55 Cedarcroft Blvd, I urge to report this to the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or on-line at

    If you do not report these incidents, the police cannot stop these types of criminals.


    If you have scammed by any company please I urde all of you to report these scams to the authorities! – Consumer Sentinel

  344. The following is a SCAM. I was scammed out of $350.


    M2R 3Y1

    Phone: 647-345-2115

  345. I recieved this email yesterday, and contacted them, but luckily i have read all the posts, and i wont wait for a response because im sure that they will ask for a down payment. Thank you for all your posts, I cant afford to give someone money and lose it. Thanks again.


    Do you need 100% Finance?? MS. KATHERINE BROWN a financial lender and consultant, CEO Of CENTURY FINANCIAL AGENCY,
    For Debt Consolidation Loans, Business Loans, Private loans, Home Refinancing Loans..

    If interested, Please provide the following:

    Full Name/Address/Tel Number/Amount Required/Loan Terms/Loan Duration

    Please all replies should be forwarded to the
    Company’s E-mail:

  346. Got this email scam today:

    I am Richard a private loan lender, i give certified loans to serious minded individuals and company at an interest rate of 5% with total loan repayment allowed weekly monthly or yearly depending on how you can make repayments if interested email me at rj.microfinance AT .

    We only offer out in: Dollars,Pounds,Euro and Naira only.Apply with the following details:Name,Address,Cell number,Occupation,Monthly income,Loan amount needed&Duration.

    Email: rj.microfinance AT

    The horrible English and shady nature of the email was a dead giveaway.

  347. I was checking out McGarvey and company on the BBB they are no longer in business. IT IS A SCAM… DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY! Loans do not require money up front thats why they are loans.

    They may require your title to your car or house as colateral, not cash and not even ask for colateral. the lady helping me was Amanda Johnson and she wanted the money western unioned to a Kimberly Wheeler in Richmond Hill Ontario, Canada. Do not send them money.

  348. BEWARE of Reliant Capital Investment.

    They offer loans, but you have to pay money up front to a “private lender”. I’m here to tell you it is a Scam. I have checked it out and checked multiple websites. If you have a question about a lender you can check at They can tell you about most of the scams going on with phony lenders.

  349. McGarvey and Co of New York scammed my co-workers husband of $700.00.

    My co-worker and her husband are smart people, who would not normally fall for something like this. I guess they wanted to have a nice vacation, and get their bills caught up. The company promised to loan them $5000,, for a $700 payment up front. the husband sent the $700.00, did not receive the $5000, and now the family can not go on their normal summer vacation, they no money for vacation, let alone monthly bills. the husband has tried to contact the lending company McGarvey and Co, but they do not answer the phone anymore.

    I feel so bad for my co-worker and her husband.

  350. The following is a SCAM. I live in Canada, and since have discovered people from all over Canada and the U.S. who have been scammed by this company, aka ‘Lee’. The website is wonderful, very convincing…he talks a great game, even will go so far as to send ‘papers’ – and that’s the last you’ll hear from him. Thats all after, of course, you send him anywhere from $75 and upwards.


    M2R 3Y1

    Phone: 647-345-2115

  351. Im still trying to find out for sure if this is a scam – Mcgarvey & york . They want to loan me 15,000 at 9% which equals 359.00 dollars a month for4 years. They want me to send 1400$ insurance. BBB had them listed as financial salutation and address was good they seem legit but still checking contact name was Tracy Chapman.

    Then i got another one from Canada for 8000$ at 9% 180.00 dollars a month for 4 years. Then send 420$ for insurance or 1080$ for 6 months payments name is( loan lending tree)–dont think its like( the lending tree) need to check them more but 420 $ doesnt seem like much for a scam doesnt seem like it would be worth the trouble anyway still checking

  352. Frank Larry says

    Another Scammer trying to post here..

    You are welcome to LEXINGTON LOAN SERVICE,We offer loan to honest and God fearing people.If any one have interested in taking this loan should contact us VIA Email

    ..guess they will never learn.

  353. Thomas - BCLC says


    “I am really sorry that many of us has been a victim of scam recently,But i am glad that i was rescued by Mr Oliver Jenkins,I thought that he is one of those fake lenders until i gave him a trial,but he never stolen away my money..I followed all the due process of the loan transaction,it is amazing that on the 4th day,my loan was deposited in my account,I went to my Bank and cashed out my loan and now i am happy to say i found a real lender,I have been able to pay my bills,rent and i was able to get back my business again..thanks to him.I promised him that if i see anyone who is in need,I will direct them to him..He is God sent to my family.if you need a real loan,you can get in touch with him”


    These people are dumb enough to post their scams in the comment section of this website.

  354. Anonymous says


    Promises Big Money in exchange for a couple of months of down payment. They weren’t interested in taking real collateral they just wanted cash to steal. Hope you get locked up John Wyatt! Someone will get you always look over your shoulder fool.

  355. I was scammed by Laconialoanservices. They are fake. I sent them $1600.. Learned my lesson

  356. Anonymous says

    These loan scammers use fake addresses and have untraceable IP addresses. Don’t ever give any money upfront to someone for a loan or investment. Always do your due diligence BEFORE you do any business with anyone of a financial nature. I learned the hard way. Don’t want anyone else scammed.

  357. We applied for a loan and was surprised to learn we would be given a loan for 5,000 with a 7% APR. With bad credit we thought it wouldn’t happen. Well, red flags started coming up. My husband couldn’t find anything online for the supposed lender (Lincoln Metro Financial). The lender asked for nearly $900 up front because of our credit situation.

    The money needed to be wired via Western Union. The lender faxed over paperwork. Well, the so-called address was on the paper. I called BBB in Wichita, KS. I mentioned the name of the company and the address and was told BBB was trying to catch up with them for awhile. Apparently there have been quite a few complaints about them.

    The agent was even able to look up the IP address for the website (traced to a company overseas). Bottom line….no loan and still need to figure out how to get out of our financial situation. But, at least we’re not out of money we couldn’t afford to lose. We’ll need to do the necessary precautions to protect our identity, but, it’s better than being out of money AND suffering from identity fraud.

  358. I am sorry to hear your stories. Be aware of Laconia Loan Services. They are also a scam. I wonder if they are all together. Sounds like the same cause for all. I also hope and pray that some day, they will pay for what they are doing.

  359. Yeah I just want to say thank you for all the comments cause I too almost fell for Laconia Loan Services deception. They told me i was approved for 5000. I asked if this is for real, he then said i was approved for 8000.

    He couldnt even remember the amount he told me a second ago. He said if i didnt have the 1264 for the first 8 payments as collateral, he told me that most people use their rent money, car payment, or bill money and just get it back the next day when the loan goes thru. No financial services would ever tell someone that.

    Beware of a George Morgan.
    Number is 1-877-897-3244 Ext 184.

    If they call you, the number shows up as out of area. There is a website that doesnt say much about them. Supposedly they have private lenders, yeah right!

  360. Be careful of Laconia Loan Services too. Just talked to Alex Cooke who told me to send the 7 payments upfront of 146.11 totaling 1022.77 as collateral. I looked on the Internet and there is a bank by that name so I put in the phone number using Google and it said they are a scam. Thank god I didn’t send the money first for a loan of 7000.00!

  361. Those bastards don’t have anything else to do but try and steal money.

    I hope god strike all of them dead, because most of us got in debt or trouble because of some real bad matter, loss of job, family illness, divorce, death in family, etc. but we don’t need anyone taking advantage of that. Now to all you scammers, get a real job and leave us the heck alone. Your day will come when you will need help and someone will do the same to you, if you don’t die and go to hell first.

    God bless all of you that have been scammed.

  362. Beaware of a company called Libert Prime Financial it is a total scam . They offer large sums of money and the only thing they ask you to do is pay 3 months in advance, that is the time to put up the alert button, because once you send them the money the company can no longer be reached.

  363. I was approved for a $300,000 loan from century financial located in 89 Broad St. Boston Ma. and all I had to do was send them 3 payments in advance via western union. Before I could get the money together a company by the name of Dominion Financial said they had bought out or merge with century financial.

    I sent it to a guy/private lender in Canada. His name is Matthew Davis. They have done severe damage to me financially and emotionally. They are snakes. Please no matter how desperate you are do not send money , for any kind of loan. I had to borrower the money to send them from a friend and it destroyed our friendship.

    I Pray in the name of Jesus Christ that no one else falls for this scam. Let me drop some other names involved american domion financial phone # 1-866-282-3323 out of Baltimore. Patricia Mcswain, Robert Young, I am out $3,500 and a friend!

    Beware do not let happen to you – Century Financial Jennifer Armstrong phone number 1-877-422-6889 number no longer exists. Trust Western Union they have a fraud department.They tried to warn me by putting a hold on the funds. There are other companies out there doing this scam. Its like a network.

    They will also tell you to send the money to yourself Western Union and just give them a tracking number, all they want do verify the funds. According to Western Union that is all they need to retrieve the funds.

  364. Here is another scam that I found today:

    Here comes a new day for all who are in need of financial assistance to improve their financial needs. I Mrs.Marry Johnson, a private money lender. I am here to introduce a loan program that allow us to help those in need of financial assistance.

    We offer loans of all types, such as personal loans, co-operative loans, loan company etc., if you’re interested in getting us some credit for its financial strength can contact us via e-mail:

    Mrs.Marry Johnson.
    Marry Loan Company

    These idiots are all over the Internet posting this crap and sending emails. If you need a small loan I would just use this website. If you need a large loan I would go to your bank.

  365. To the comment above the lenders we work with do offer bad credit loans but as of this post they are only lending up to 1500.00 dollars per loan.

    You do make some valid points about checking simple things like the spelling and overall design of a website. You can also just type the name of the business into Google like this for example minus the quotes “ scam” or “ review”. You can also check websites like Yahoo Answers when people generally leave reviews about lenders.

    Generally people will leave a negative review about a business or website if they have one. As far as checking with the BBB or Better Business Bureau that is a crap shoot. The BBB only accounts for a VERY small percentage of business’s online and offline.

    You have to remember that people generally only leave a review about a business when they have a bad experience not when they have a good one. So if you search the BBB for a business the odds are you will find negative reviews.

  366. Question: Is there any legit “Bad Credit Lenders” that do specialize in helping good people with not so good credit get loans? I am wanting to buy a used doublewide, its nice and all but I am going to need $20,000 and can’t let this opportunity pass me by. I don’t want to get jipped and just need a few places to check out with the BBB.

    Note to others: Some advice to all is if anyone sends you an e-mail or has a web site that is full of typos (not sure how to spell that LMAO how funny) then there is NO WAY it is legit. Any professional would spell check at the least, and an educated professional would proof read a dozen times. There should be no lower case i’s. No slang or run-on sentences, etc. Just remember this.


  367. Messages like the one below are another common type of scam that you will find posted all over the Internet.

    ” Do you need finance in your business (trade), or at your offices, or do you want to clear off debt? i am a reliable lender who gives out loan to people of any working class, have financial difficulties, our services are reliable and affordable. For loan application form contact this email via:

  368. The same thing happend to me with lawrence park financial. Mr tillman and robert churchill were my contacts. I filled out a application for a private student loan to finish school. 20,000 dollars and was told I was aproved but I would have to make a colletral payment of 1700 and change to get the loan released.

    Sent the money and then was told due to the lenders insurance I would have to make another payment of the same thing for it to be relased or wate untill march 1st to get a refund. So I waited and when the first came no money… The phone was disconected and the web site down. Now I’m stuck out of school can any one help?

  369. I was scamed as well. I looked it all up and referenced all of everthing from Jonathon Moore. It semed legit so I proceeded with the transfer.

    I should have known I wish I could just get my money back cause I am on fixed an income of 873 a month and that was all I gave him. So I was out and negative in my bank acccount for february now my march money is gone because of all the bills and negative transactions that were made from the bank. I need help im a senior citizen i should know better.

  370. Same thing happend here I just got off the phone with the F.B.I they told me to let you guys know to fill out a complaint at do this as soon as possible ty.

  371. My husband and I fell for the Lawrence Park Financial scam as well. Our contact was David Bell. After sending in 2 payments and never seeing a loan we told them to forget it and were told our money would be refunded in March.

    We filed a claim with our local police, the Federal Trade commission and an organization in Canada called Phone Busters. They are a part of a police station that is investigating these scams. I don’t expect we will see our money, but hope we can save someone else from making the same costly mistake!

  372. I am like most people out there just trying to get a loan so I can get caught up with the bills. I am very skeptical about gettting a loan from a private lender, much less a company that claims they can guarantee a loan for a fee. Never fall for anything like that because you will find yourself in a very bad situation.

    My advice is to borrow the money you need from family or friends OR check with BBB first if the company is legit. Most of the time they are not registered with BBB or they just don’t exist.

  373. I got this from some one trying to offer me a loan today. It’s an obvious scam and I wanted to make sure no one else falls for it.


    Thanks for your E-mail regarding my Financial Advert, Before we
    proceed, I will like to Introduce my self to you shortly,my name’s are
    Mr.JOHN.MERRICK,I am the Managing Director (MD) of Johnt Loan Firm,i
    give out Loan at a low interest rate of 5%,I give out Personal
    Loans,Business Expansion Loans, Business Start-up Loans ,Education
    Loans, Debt Consolidation Loans,Venture Capital,Hard Money Loans,even
    to those with Bad Credit, ETC,We offer Loan Ranging from a Minimum
    Amount of Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000.00USD) and to a Maximum Rang
    of Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000.00USD)..So i want you to state how
    much you intend to get as a Loan and your Suitable duration for this
    Loan so that we can send you the Loan Terms Re-payment Schedule to
    this effect…
    if you are interested contact via
    Your Name:______________________
    Your Address:____________________
    Your Country:____________________
    Your Occupation:__________________
    Loan Amount Needed:______________
    Loan Duration:____________________
    Monthly Income:__________________
    Cell phone Number:________________

    Have a nice day and God Bless you.

    Warm Regards
    JOHN loan Finance Plc”

    Scam Recap Cliff Notes: This guy is supposedly a lender who offers low interest loans at the rate of 5%. The minimum loan he supposedly offers is 3000.00 dollars with a maximum of 10,000,000.00 dollars, this made me laugh.

    If you send this guy your details the next step would be he contacts you and says he is setting up the loan. He will request personal information so he can steal your identity and asks for a loan down payment.

    Name: Mr. John Merrick
    Position: Managing Director
    Company: John Loan Finance Firm

  374. OMG,this same thing happen to me on January 25,2010.

    Lawrence Park Financial Services
    347 5TH AVENUE
    NEW YORK, NY 1016

    Same thing I filled out a credit application online like a ( big ass dummy ). Anyways a guy named James Gaston contacted me with an EXTOF ( 201 ) and ( 0 ) for a Mr. Fisher who they claim is the big dawg there. Mr. James Gaston said I was approved for a $5000 loan and he said in order to get the loan I need to send money to their outside lender in Canada who is a lending agency.

    There supposedly fund them to a Amber Clark in the amount of $887 through Western Union so I did and that should have thrown all kinds of red flags in my face but in the back of my mind everything seemed to check out. I had a gut instinct telling me not to do it but in this economy and in tough times I thought they could help you ( lol ) from them as I see the same thing happen to you guys. We all need to get together and this this crap stopped and get them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    I don’t know about yall but I’m going to work hard to get my money from they by any means necessary. So if you have been scammed please reply to me here and send me an email to with Lawrence Park Scam in the title so we can talk and get something done.


  375. Yes of course Lawrence Park Financial is a scam did you read the post above? You should NEVER have to give someone money to get a loan, what kind of sense does that make?

  376. I would like to no if Lawrence Park Financial really do exsist. i Dont want to be scammed for 1200.00 dollars . They to me to send the money to A Susan Brown in Ontario Canada can anyone answer before I send the money?

  377. I have bad credit and was behind on bills due to payday loans. I was contacted by Century Financial with a promise of 7000 and was so happy that now I would get ahead. I was told that I needed to pay 4 months in advance and have a “insurance policy” incase I defaulted, I fell for it hook line and sinker. I spoke with the “legal department” and my “loan consultant” several times. I sent in a total of 1166.00 for the advance and the insurance and have not heard from the people since nor do they take my phone calls, it is just a recording now. Please everyone beware of Century Financial

    Century Financial
    89 Broad St.
    Boston, MA

  378. I was approved for what I thought was a $5,000 loan to help me get caught up with my bills and some debt consolidation. I knew I had some credit issues so I was surprised a company was willing to work with me. Well, low and behold I was sooooo stupid.

    I filled out an application online and received a call from Jonathon, with Lawrence Park Financial Services. After receiving a contract by fax, signing and sending back, Jonathon informed me that because I had no security for the loan, and my credit score was low the lender was requiring 10 months worth of secured payments. THIS SHOULD OF STOPPED ME DEAD IN MY TRACKS!!!!!!

    I thought I had researched enough and believed I was ok with sending the down payment. I thought this would be my chance to get caught up and I was just happy someone was willing to work with me. Thursday, February 4th like an idiot, I sent the required payments totaling $1690.00 and Friday the 5th, Douglas with Lawrence Park Financial Services called and said the lender back out and supposedly they cannot refund my money until March.

    I am sure they are having a good laugh, while I am now struggling to figure out how to make my house payment this month, and I will never see the money again.

    347 5TH AVENUE
    NEW YORK, NY 10016

  379. I can’t remember a lot of the details but I was scammed big time. I should have know better but at least I do know and I hope this helps someone else.

    I posted a question of Yahoo Answers asking how to get a loan if I have bad credit. Received a couple replies and one was from some guy who pretended to be a loan lender. He listed his business name, name, email and contact phone number. I don’t have any of these details now because it was a couple years ago.

    Anyway I contacted him like a dummy and he offered me a 6000.00 dollar loan. I didn’t give him any of my financial information so I felt pretty safe. He told me I would have to pay a 275.00 dollar approval fee up front. That should have been a big red flag right there but all I saw was 6k.

    The guy faxed the terms of the loan and I sent him a money order for 275.00 dollars. Well, big surprise I never heard back from him and I chalked it up to a lesson learned. I see these scams all the time online now and I can’t believe I ever fell for it.

    That’s my story and I hope it saves at least one other person. Just wanted to say I think it’s cool that you guys are doing something like this, wish you did it a couple years ago lol.

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