Avoid the Holiday Rush by Shopping Online

Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving, heralds the start of the shopping season, about a month before Christmas. Traditionally the best deals are offered on this day. So Black Friday usually sees a mad rush of shoppers in stores along with jammed sidewalks and massive traffic grid locks. To avoid mobs of shoppers and yet capitalize on attractive discounts and deals, you can consider shopping online.

Look Out for Online Black Friday Sales

Retailers like Wal-Mart and Best Buy offer online discounts that extend past Black Friday. You can get great deals without having to stand in a queue. You can also check out Black Friday Ads, a website that offers good deals, coupons and ad listings.

Use Those Discount Codes and Coupons

The internet is replete with sites offering discount codes and coupons for a number of online retailers. Fat Wallet and CouponCabin are two websites that offer coupons for e-commerce sites like Dell, Amazon and Target. These discounts may be for free gifts on purchases or just money off, among other offers.

Look for Free Shipping

Several e-commerce retailers provide free shipping if you shop for a certain minimum amount. This is great considering how much you can save on gas and parking. There are numerous stores offering this attractive incentive. Two examples are Nordstrom and Gap that offer free shipping for orders above $100.

Try eBay and Amazon

eBay is another great website you can consider if you are looking to save on your shopping. It is easy to use and has free registration. Just search for gifts among the infinite options and place your bids. You can get new items for cheap or buy rare antiques. Look for tags such as ‘new with tags’ or ‘new in box’. Also ensure the seller has a good feedback rating.

Amazon lists an item’s price, alongside prices of other similar used and new items available in the market. Often descriptions under ‘used’ lists will state that these are really new, being discounted from an individual or a wholesaler. Look out for terms like ‘shrink-wrapped’ or ‘never opened’. Just as in e-Bay, check seller ratings. If you are interested in books, music, movies etc, you can also consider Half.com, a website owned by e-bay.

Shop online from the comfort of your home, get bargain deals and discounts, and present loved ones with great Christmas gifts.

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