Chinese Socialist Market Vitality

If you wonder how many balls it takes to use the word glorious in a speech to your legislature, if that is indeed the right word to describe a group of unelected officials, to describe the goals of the Chinese economy, it takes three. Thankfully for China, and at the expense of the rest of the world, Mr. Wen Jiabao has that extra ball and is not afraid to use it in a time of stagnant growth.

Stagnate, for those unaware, in China means under 10% annually. After living in the Middle Kingdom for over two years, I still don’t understand these people a bit.

China very simply can do whatever it wants, when it wants, to whomever it wants with no shame and something often bordering on pride. This was evident in the speech given yesterday by the Prime Minister to his, again, legislature(?) when Mr. Wen comfortable stated, “At the same time as we keep our reforms oriented toward a market economy, let market forces play their basic role in allocating resources and stimulate the market’s vitality, we must make best use of the socialist system’s advantages, which enable us to make decisions ef{filig}ciently, organize effectively and concentrate resources to accomplish large undertakings.”

Imagine Obama´s jealousy at such statements. He can´t even get anything through a congress dominated by his party in both houses. To just be able to skip them, must turn him green with envy, if a black man can in fact turn green.

In addition to the usual Chinese bluster and nationalism that often borders on the fanatical, Mr. Wen reiterated China´s plans to rule the world by lending. Increasing lending in 2010 by 1.1 trillion dollars, while only running a budget deficit of 154 billion dollars. Read that again. If you fail to think China is doing lots of things right, besides handling their motor vehicles (Chinese road deaths resemble the numbers from the Rape of Nanking, and would give you the impression everyone was driving a Toyota), you have truly lost your mind.

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