Generate Cash from Unused Household Items

All of us have stuff lying around the home that has not been used in ages. These clutter your home and occupy space. What’s more, by selling some of these items you can generate some much needed cash in this difficult economy. Here’s how to go about clearing up these household articles.

Identify What You Can Get Rid Of

If you haven’t used an item in the past 6 months or more, chances are you won’t miss it. Items like these can be disposed off. Go through your storage spaces and collect all items that haven’t seen the light of day in 6 months or more. These can all be put to better use. Once you have collected all your disposable items, it’s time to classify them into what you can give away, what can be sold, and junk.

Give Away

Some families store the toys that they or their kids used ages back. The original users may be old enough to think about their retirement funds but there may be others who need these. If these items are in good condition, give them away to friends or relatives who want them. Even if you don’t make anything out of it, you have saved someone else some money.

Those items in mint condition that you simply don’t have a use for can be used for gifting. When someone gives you a gift that you don’t like much or can’t use, it’s a good idea to keep it wrapped for the next occasion when you can gift it away.


The ‘for sale’ group will contain the stuff that has some value in the market but you don’t need it anymore. Gadgets, appliances and other functional items come in this group. For example, that fancy solar powered lamp that you bought but never used, or the extra speakers for your computer that are just too loud are ideal items for sale. Hold a garage sale and sell these off at discounted prices. Remember, these items may simply become obsolete or stop working if you keep them without using. It is better to convert them to cash right away even at a discount.

Everything else can be classified as junk and thrown away. Resist the temptation to hold back anything in this category.

Use the cash generated from selling these old items wisely. You can put the money in your savings account or buy something useful with it.

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