Guaranteed Payday Loans

Everybody deserves to be given a break sometimes. But there are moments when it seems like life does not want to give one. Instead of getting depressed when a bill catches you off guard, apply for a loan that can be paid back by the next payday. This way, it would be written off of future payable right away. Guaranteed payday loans are perfect for this instance.

A payday loan is a small amount of money borrowed from a loaning establishment with a term of about two weeks. The borrower amount ranges from $100-$1500 with a lending fee of around 10%-20%. Firms may differ on their offerings of maximum loan amount, term extensions, and interest rates. The rules regarding these vary per state so it is advised to know the state laws before engaging in legal agreement with lenders.
To get guaranteed payday loans, know first the criteria for qualification:

• Be at least 18 years of age
• Must be a US citizen
• Have a regular income
• Own an active checking account

Almost all Internet payday loan lenders do not require the borrower to fax any documentation although traditional loan offices may do so. Also, they do not discriminate against people who have bad credit. After all, with today’s economy, very few people could maintain a prim credit history.

To apply for a payday loan, simply log onto the web and pick a loaning website. There are tons out there so it is best to shop around a little bit and compare prices to see which one most suits one’s needs. When a selection has been made, fill out the application form with the needed information such as personal, employment, and banking details and submit it.

The great thing about guaranteed payday loans is that they take only a few hours to get processed. Some even take only one hour. Upon loan approval, the borrowed amount will be deposited to the customer’s checking account. When the due date comes, which is about the time the customer’s next paycheck arrives, the loan plus the lending fee would be deducted from the salary through the bank account. This procedure ensures a hassle-free transaction.

Some loaning establishments may give several options for paying back the loan. For those dealing with loaners up front, a postdated check could serve as payment that would be cashed out by the firm on the due date. For Internet transactions, no other thing is needed besides the checking account information for this is where the lenders will withdraw the owed amount. Payments could be spread throughout several months or lumped into one big sum depending on the customer and the lender’s agreement. Avoidance of term extensions is advised so as not to accumulate late fees that could be relatively large.

When money problems is getting in the way of happiness, meet it head on by getting guaranteed payday loans. It is quick and simple and brings temporary relief to a stressful financial situation.

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