How to Fetch a Good Price for Your House in a Down Market

Selling a house for a great price is never an easy job and it gets even tougher when the market is down. However, through careful planning for the sale, you can ensure that your house gets the best possible price. Here are some ideas you can use to boost your property’s value if it is up for sale.

The importance of first impression

A home’s first impression often decides whether the potential buyer opts for further discussions or rejects the house straightaway. Your home must show that it has been cared for and maintained well. Peeling paint and broken windows can discourage a potential buyer. Invest in repainting your house and give it a cosmetic touch up before you put up the “For Sale” board. Use neutral color shades, take care of minor repairs like leaky faucets and broken door handles, and get your house in a ‘ready to move’ condition before you open it up for viewing.

Clear the clutter

Clean up the house thoroughly and throw out all the useless stuff you have accumulated over the years. A clutter free house allows the viewers to visualize their belongings in the rooms and helps them envision the house with them living in it. In addition, your belongings leave a firm impression of your identity on the home, which is not desirable when you are trying to sell it.

Look after the outside areas

The condition of the outside areas – garden, pool, backyard etc also influences a buyer’s decision. Clean up and trim the hedges, clean the pool even if it isn’t filled, and make sure the access way or drive way is clear of obstructions and clutter. The buyer’s first look at your home will be from the outside and if he is impressed, you have a better chance of closing the sale. Add some color with a few flowerpots to give a welcoming touch to the home.

Sell hard

Make sure your pricing is comparable to similar properties in your area. If there are several comparable properties for sale, hire a successful real estate agent who can present your property to the right buyers and aggressively market it. The fees and costs may be high but an agent will help you sell quickly and ensure a good price. Remember, if your house has been ‘available’ for a long time, buyers might think there is some problem with it.

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