How to Reduce Your Traveling Expenses

Most of us commute long distances to work every day. We spend a lot of money in tolls, parking, fuel, and even depreciation of the vehicle. With some simple steps, some of these expenses can be easily minimized, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Buy a second hand car instead of a new one

Buy a car, which is around a year old rather than buying a new car. The price of a vehicle goes down significantly as soon as it is sold. If you can find a one year old car in a perfect condition, you will end up saving a lot of money. Pay proper attention to the maintenance of your vehicle. It will extend its life and you wouldn’t have to spend on expensive repairs.

Look for parking discounts

Look for reserved parking areas, which offer you a monthly discount. It will not only save you money, you will also avoid the hassle of looking for a parking spot every day.

Avoid tolls

Most people are always running late and tend to take the shortest route, which often involves tolls. If you leave slightly early, you may be able to take a toll free route and avoid this expense. You will also not have to spend a frustrating time waiting at toll booths. Try reaching office early and leaving early if your schedule is flexible. It will allow you to take toll free routes, which will not be crowded at that time.

Use public transport

People often claim that public transport is uncomfortable, without ever having used one. Take a bus occasionally. It will save you money on fuel, parking, toll etc. It may even take lesser time as buses may go through special bus or HOV lanes. Further, it will give you a much-needed break from driving.

Try car pooling

Try starting a car pooling club with your colleagues or neighbors. It will save money for everyone, as the costs will be split. It also means that your car needs lesser maintenance. Each one of you can take turns and you’ll get respite from the daily driving routine.

Cut down fuel expenses

The most expensive part of using private transport is fuel. If you travel long distances, always buy high mileage vehicles. Look for a fueling station where gas is cheaper, even if by a very small amount.

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