How to Save Money While Eating Out

Eating out can be a major source of wasteful expenditure. It does not mean that you should completely avoid restaurants. All you need to do is to act smartly when you are making this expense.

Don’t be impulsive

Get rid of the habit of stopping by at restaurants every now and then. Instead, you should plan the days you will be going to a restaurant. Keep a track of your weekly or monthly expenditure on eating out. Allocate some money for this expense and do not exceed your budget.

Avoid extras

Restaurant costs go up because we tend to order appetizers, entrees and desserts along with the main course. Learn to order from only one part of the menu. For instance, if you want to have only desserts, then have dinner at home and have only desserts outside.

Restaurants charge heavily for alcoholic beverages. Always try to avoid drinking in a restaurant, because it will save a huge part of your dining bill. Replace these drinks with water. Believe me, your meal would not be any less enjoyable!

Share the bill

Share your meal with others. But when you are eating out with others, do not carry a lot of cash, because you may end up paying for their bill too.

Don’t waste food

Although the menu would show the prices of full sized dishes, some restaurants allow you to order half-sized meals, which are obviously cheaper. If you are not able to finish the ordered food, take home the unfinished portion. This can be used for another meal and will cut down your grocery bill.

If you are not happy with the quality of food at a particular restaurant, you have the right to complain about it. The restaurant would give you a free meal or a refund.

Make use of discounts

Many restaurants offer special combos and discounted menus on certain days of the week. Make use of these discounted meals if they are on offer, instead of going for a standard item from the menu. Restaurants also distribute discount coupons through pamphlets and newspapers. Save them in your wallet so you can make use of them when you decide to eat out.

Keep revising your goals of saving money on dining outside. Set new monthly targets to challenge yourself, so you can enjoy the money-saving experience and surprise yourself with extra savings.

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