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One can find credit card deals as part of offers from credit card companies. Customers find credit card deals interesting and attractive and credit card companies offer them from time to time. They can also find credit card deals which include interest free periods for transfer of balance amounts. For this, customers can also compare credit cards and decide on the best interest free periods.

Different credit card companies offer different schemes and offers, so it is important for the customers to compare credit cards before opting for the interest free transfer of balance amounts. They can also compare credit cards for other offers such as rebates and discounts given on certain products and the option of extending purchases to installment-based payments.

Interest free credit card amount transfers are offered by credit card companies in a competitive manner. Credit card companies compete against each other in providing the most attractive message as part of their advertising campaigns. However, though these offers may vary at the surface level, yet they also initially follow the same process of marketing and earning profits. Customers should be very careful while deciding to transfer their balance amounts from one credit card to another. Though the deal is usually introduced by the credit card company to ultimately earn profits from the customer, yet it can also work in the favor of the customer if all the terms and conditions are reviewed carefully.

Interest-free balance amounts do not necessarily mean that such amounts will be interest free all the time. This is one important fact of the deal that most customers ignore. They believe on the plain advertisement from the credit card companies and instead of reading the fine print, just go ahead with the transfer of the balance amount. The advertisements do say that the balance transfer is at the rate of 0% rate, but that is fixed for a certain period of time.

This period of time is mentioned in the fine print. It could be for three months, six months or nine months depending upon the deal offered by the credit card company. When this important part of the deal is missed by the customers, they also do not remember when the last date of the deal period would expire. When the date does get expired and when customers find their credit card bills inflated, they become confused and start blaming the credit card company.

It is not the mistake of the credit card company to have overcharged the customer. It is their way of earning profits and they are offering the services to earn some commission out of the transactions. They have ways to offer these services and they do ensure that information reaches the customer in a complete manner. It is up to the customer to understand and fully read the terms and conditions of the balance transfer before agreeing to take up the offer. Credit card companies also charge a certain flat rate fees on transfer of balance amount. This fee is usually a percentage of the total amount transferred. Even this is mentioned in the fine print of the offer letter or advertisement.

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