Lodging Alternatives for Budget Travelers

Lodging costs constitute the bulk of expenses for a traveler. Lodging at hotels can burn a large hole in your pocket. Increasingly, budget travelers are looking for unconventional accommodation arrangements that can save a significant amount of money. Here are some options that you can consider while choosing an accommodation during your travels.

Short-term, cheap sublets

Look for cheap apartments that owners rent out for a certain period of time. Sublets can be found through newspaper ads or websites such as Craigslist. Keep in mind though that New York recently passed a law banning tenants to rent out apartments for a duration of less than 30 days.

There are less paper-work hassles involved in getting a sublet, in comparison to vacation rentals. You also don’t have to deal with mandatory conditions with respect to minimum stay. Some websites also hold your payments in escrow till the owner and you mutually agree to a deal. More importantly, you can save hundreds of dollars by staying at sublet accommodations.


A hostel chain such as Hostelling International has a large network of hostels across the globe. Become a member of such hostel chains. These hostels provide spacious and clean private rooms at affordable prices, though you may still have to share bathrooms. These hostels cost a fraction of what a hotel room costs. If you are touring for a longer duration of time, hostels can save you hundreds of dollars.

Renting private spaces or couch surfing

Online sites such as Crashpadder.com and Airbnb.com offer rental services of private accommodations at extremely affordable prices. Couch surfing, on the other hand, is the service offered by couchsurfing.org in which people sign up to offer accommodation space to tourists without any charges and solely on the basis of goodwill. To become a couch surfer, verify your identity and get ready to make new friends from all over the world. Couch surfing is free so there are no lodging costs to speak of. At the same time, ensure that the place where you crash for the night is comfortable and not dubious.

Vacation home rental

If you are visiting well-known vacation spots, renting a vacation home can be the ideal option. You can look up sites such as vrbo.com and HomeAway.com to find cheap deals. With some careful research, you will be able to get affordable prices and a rental guarantee. It is a great alternative for those who holiday for several weeks or months.

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