Minimizing Your Communication and Entertainment Expenses

Recent studies show that Americans are spending more and more on communication and entertainment equipment and services. Some common expenses include cable TV, internet, video games, cell phones and land line connections. The problem is that the prices of these services are steadily increasing and people often end up spending more than they have to.

If your mounting phone and cable bills make up a large part of your monthly spending, then it is time for you to cut these costs as much as possible, while retaining necessary communication services. Here are some useful tips for minimizing these expenses so you can put your money to better use.


Identify exactly what you need. You may be subscribing to many more channels than you actually watch. Alternatives such as Hulu or Netflix subscriptions can also help cut costs based on what you usually watch. Renting DVDs or buying shows on iTunes and even visiting your public library can act as substitutes for cable. If you watch only a couple of movies in a month, then you should seriously consider unsubscribing from movie channels.

Cell Phones

Keep yourself up-to-date with new plans and offerings. Compare new plans with your current one and shift to better deals more suited to your calling habits. You can continue with the same service provider and move to a more cost effective plan or switch to a different provider after the expiry of your prevailing contract.

Assessing your phone habits will help cut unnecessary expenses. For instance, unlimited texting can be a wasted expense for someone who prefers to talk rather than type. If most of your friends live in the same city, consider opting out of long distance calling plans. Identifying your needs can help you choose a more economical package within prepaid or post paid plans.


Basic internet plans typically come cheaper than those with very high speeds or huge download limits. If your normal internet use does not need these features, opt for an economical no-frills connection. Online comparison among service providers can help you find some good deals.

Landline telephones

Many people now keep only a cell phone instead of both cell and landline phones. Opt out of options like caller ID to reduce costs unless these are very important for you.

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