Money Saving Travel Tips

Travelling can be fun especially if you are traveling to exotic destinations worldwide. You get to experience the culture, food, attractions and nightlife of the destination you visit. But traveling costs can be very high for several destinations and if you are a budget traveler, planning the trip carefully becomes very important. Here are some ways you can save money while traveling:

Cheap flights

Off season flight fares are much cheaper than those during the peak season. So it is important to have flexibility with your travel dates. Flight fares change almost everyday. So, check and compare between different flights before you decide on the itinerary. A low fare can help save a lot of money.

Save on baggage expenses

Excess baggage can cost you more money. Most flight companies charge for the excess luggage that you carry. So, traveling light can save you hundreds of dollars.


A little research on the different options to stay, shop and commute can be very helpful for a budget traveler. More the information you have about the place you want to visit, easier it will be for you to travel. Take help of sites such as WikiTravel to gain knowledge about different places. You can also take help of various travel agencies that can provide you with comprehensive information on your destination.


Instead of opting for hotels that can prove to be costly for budget travelers, opt for off beat options such as hostels, sublets, vacation homes rented out by home owners and couch surfing. Couch surfing doesn’t cost you much money and is a great option. You also get to make new friends. Camping is another great alternative but you have to carry with you a tent and a sleeping bag.


Public transport is the cheapest way to travel around places. Buses and metro trains are usually affordable and inexpensive. You can also share taxis with fellow travelers. Renting cars, although a little expensive, can turn out to be economical if hired from non-airport locations.


Local cuisines always cost less than continental cuisines. Families can shop for food items like bread, butter or cheese and have a picnic in parks or gardens. Check out for complimentary breakfast deals offered by hotels if you’re staying in one.

Save on sightseeing expenses

Sightseeing can be expensive if you do not know the places to visit. Avoid visiting all the monuments or attractions. Visit only the must-see places. This can save you considerable amount of money, while you have the same amount of fun.

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