Prevent Your Personal Finances from Affecting Your Personal Life

Your financial situation should never affect your personal relationships with family and friends. Some family members or friends would earn more than you while some would earn less. Whatever your financial standing is in comparison to other people, it should remain outside the core of your relationships.

There are many reasons why individual financial conditions start damaging personal relationships. The most common case is when you let yourself get carried away by the financial position of your friend. Just because your friend is able to get more expensive clothing or a better car, you should not feel embarrassed about having a more limited budget. If you end up getting something that is outside your budget, then you will have to face the consequences when the time comes to pay the bills.

Don’t buy something that is outside your budget because you feel that you will look financially weak by refusing to buy that product. Otherwise, you will start avoiding those trips with your friend that involve spending because you will fear the strain on your pocket.

Always remember that it is your thought process and mindset that is getting in your way of having a good time with your friends and not your financial situation. You should simply remain calm and composed and refuse to do things that fall outside your budget.

There might be situations where you get embarrassed by the generosity of your friend as he may realize the financial strain of an outing on you and might give you a ‘treat’. If instead of feeling happy about the sensitivity and understanding shown by your friend, you feel insulted then you know that the problem lies with you. It is perfectly fine to accept small gestures from your close friends and relatives. However, you should obviously not become a free rider, as that will be harmful to your reputation. It will spoil your relationships and social life.

It is very important to be honest to yourself and others about your budget. You should learn to say ‘no’ clearly and confidently when you know that you can’t afford something. You will be surprised at how easy it is and how much good it will do to your relationships. What’s more, it will give you peace of mind, as you wouldn’t have to constantly hide or be embarrassed about your financial situation in front of others.

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