Same Day Payday Loans

It happens to the best of us that we need to request or apply for same day payday loans. It maybe because your child got sick and you had to rush her to the hospital, or maybe the wiring in your house suddenly went haywire and non of your switches work anymore, or maybe you are in college and suddenly its project season and you need money to accomplish these and survive through your academic hell week.

There are a lot of reasons why we suddenly need money as soon as possible the very next day. For those in the workforce, thank God there exist same day payday loans schemes that can make us survive such a financial hump given a short turn around time.

Here are a couple of online same day payday loans companies and their ratings based on client reviews, rates and overall performance. We will give 5 stars to the most satisfying company and 1 star to a poor company, meaning better use this as a last resort.

Payday One

Payday One has been with the business of payday loans since 6 years back. It promises that your funds will be credited the very next day provided your loan application was completed 5:00 PM CT. The customer service is absolutely wonderful and the people in their call center are very helpful.

Rate in California for a 14 day loan is $17.50 per $100.00 borrowed. The rate differs per state but they do offer loans, rest assured to other states.

The rates may not be staggering but that depends per state. Also, there are mixed reviews on this company in terms of processing time for loans. Some claim they were not able to receive their checks in the agreed time.

1st Choice Money Center

1st Choice Money Center has 8 years of experience in the loan business and the reviews are great. One client said that they will most definitely use this again and again as their loan was processed in less than a day and that the customer representatives answering the calls know everything about the product specifications. The rate is same in all states; it is at $20.00 per $100.00 borrowed.

The rates may be high as the industry standard is at $15.00 per $100.00 but given that you are basing your decision for receiving the money in less than 24 hours, then this is one best shot that you have. The website is also easy to use although it can use a little more tweaking for it toe be less pixilated and more eye catching.

Payday Loan

Basically the clientele of this site’s operations are all within the sunny state of California. Their rate is at $17.65 per $100.00 borrowed at a repayment time for 14 days. If you do live outside of California they can assist you to locate the perfect same day payday loans for you.

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