Warren Buffet The Oracle of Omaha

When Warren Buffet speaks it is quite difficult to not listen. He has a bit of a Midas touch and frankly most of what he has touched has indeed turned to gold. Homeowners and prospective home owners are collectively breathing a sigh of relief today as Midas, himself, has deemed the housing crisis over…in a “year or so”

It just makes sense that while this burst bubble has hurt many, it has also helped a fair amount of people. One man´s loss truly is another´s gain.

“When it’s raining gold, reach for a bucket, not a thimble,”. Witticisms aside that is sound advice. Often the American consumer resembles the romantic Irishman of yore, whom when dealing with a starving family will rush outside with a fork when it begins raining soup. And make no mistake Warren Buffet is cool as well most 79 year olds I know sleep before seven and live a demoralized bitter existence.

This man waxes nonsensical while comparing bankers to genital warts, baseball to anything, and lost money to 70´s television shows.

When Warren Buffet speaks people listen. And they should. This is the man that put Omaha on the map. A man who took a failing men´s suit linings manufacturer and turned it into a company worth an estimated 198 BILLION dollars through a series of takeovers and shrewd eye for the improbable. Berkshire Investments is the rule rather than the norm. An exception in a world of few.

While personally invested in a real estate boom, Warren Buffet remains a voice of reason in a world and industry of idiots; a guiding light through the storm, and a vision in practicality. When he says the housing crisis is over, then it´s over. Simple. Job Done. Thank you Mr. Buffet. The Oracle of Omaha has spoken.

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