What is a Good Credit Score

As consumers we have been hearing a lot about credit record or credit score. Many would agree that these two mean a lot since they are bases for anything that has to do with finances. There is a great deal being extended to this because in reality, we can never function properly in society if our credit reputation is stained. But what is a good credit score, really?

A good credit score is a numerical rating that shows in your credit history. Credit history is reflected on your credit record, which is being collected and stored by credit bureaus. Credit bureaus get the information from the creditors who deal directly with you, the consumer. This numerical rating helps your potential creditor or lenders assess your credit worthiness. Simply put, your credit score will say a lot about your capabilities to pay up.

Credit scores are from 300 to 850. What is a good credit score? It should be 700 up. The higher the credit score the more chances you have of getting an approved home mortgage, car loan or insurance. Moreover, a good credit score yields higher principal amounts and lower interest rates.

The three credit bureaus implement may give different ratings because they employ different methods but overall, their ratings really aren’t too far from each other. Credit scores are not included in the free copy of credit report you can get every year but they are available for a fee if you wish to see if you have a good credit score.

It pays to be good:

If you are good in managing your funds and you know how to handle debts, good for you! Your credit record must be nice and clean and creditors welcome you with a smile all the time.

If you already know what is a good credit score you could aim for it. Getting a good credit score should be easy; the best way is to pay your bills on time. Prompt payments are also shown on your record and they can pull your ratings up. Another way is to maintain only 1 or 2 credit cards, which you maintain with discipline.

Discipline here means that you don’t max out your credit card to splurge on things you really cannot afford to pay. If you charge something on your card, make sure that you set aside the amount once you get the funds. Do not use these funds to purchase other items or pay other bills.

What is a good credit score to you at this point? It should be something to retain and maintain. Although things are looking well, you must not be complacent. Prevent the problems before they could happen. What does this mean? Grab your copy of your credit report and double-check you record. You can’t be too sure that there are no errors there, which may cause you some points in your credit.

Check for any typographical errors in your name, social security number, address and other such personal information. Check the accounts that are listed and make sure that there is nothing there that you are not aware of. Identity theft could be your worst enemy. What is a good credit score to these criminals? Nothing. They are not going to be affected unless they get caught.

If somebody asks you what is a good credit score, you can now show some safe parts of your record so they’ll know.

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