ACS Student Loan

In these days when the price of everything is on the rise, there comes up the necessity to look for more ways to meet the payment deadlines and be able to purchase the daily provisions of the family.

Yet, among of those that continually rise is the college tuition fee. Needless to say, the student loan has been deemed to be a vital thing to resort to in order to cover up the expenses required for the purchase of books, uniform, cell phones, meals, gas, and even the recreational activities.

The salary of the parents seems not enough to support all of the expenses of their children who are in college. That is why it has become only natural and logical for them to apply for student loans. Needless to say, the student loan should be paid back according to the stipulated terms.

ACS student loan is the type which is serviced by none other than the Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. It is the firm which is popular for providing some business and technology solutions. Many of today’s colleges and universities go for the ACS student loan simply because of its very nature of making the loan application and services too easy for the students. Why is it mostly adhered to by many student loan applicants? Read on and find out the benefits which are furnished by it.

A Few Significant Points

With the ACS student loan, paying online is possible. Not only that. The students can therefore check on the status of their account in an instant, modify their personal details such as the address and name, and of course get the notification in the event that the payment has been processed.

There are numerous lending companies that form part of ACS student loans. They include the Nursing Student Loans, Federal Perkins Loans, Institutional Loan Programs, Campus Based Student Loan Program, Federal Family Education Loan Program, PLUS loans, Stafford Loans, and a lot others. The other educational loans which are privately owned are likewise maneuvered by ACS.

Some Pointers to Keep in Mind

Anyone who seeks the application for an ACS student loan can secure the forms and read on the guidelines through the Internet. You can likewise take a full view of the financial options suited for your needs and paying capacity. Some demonstrations on how to secure the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid form are also available. Other forms for the application of loans for the parents are likewise settled in the online portal of ACS. More so, securing an application for ACS student loan is nevertheless made easier and more convenient as it is readily available and can be therefore furnished online.

Meanwhile, those who already have their own accounts can take time to learn the advantages of consolidating a student loan. Student loan consolidation further makes the monthly rates lower.

Keep yourself abreast of the tools, guidelines, and repayment calculator in monitoring your financial aid privileges and other aspects that can be to your own benefit. With ACS student loan, the guidance is just within your reach.


  1. Seriously. How is this able to happen? To students none the less?

    I graduated two years ago from college. I have been very diligent about paying back all student loans as well as making sure I am aware of if they have been sold or consolidated.
    I just yesterday found a negative report on my credit report from ACS for a deferred loan. Again, I graduated TWO YEARS AGO BUT HAD NEVER EVER HEARD FROM ACS. I had no idea who they were or how to contact them. I had an address of Utica New York.

    I found while searching the internet the phone number 800-835-4611 for ACS Education Services. I have a fax number of 315-738-2232 if it would help anyone.

    I was told I could send a letter requesting all account information to PO Box 7051, Utica NY 13504.

    My account has been “archived” and the woman on the phone was unable to provide ANY more information. I attempted to sign up on-line for an account but it tells me my social security number is not valid, yet when I made a phone call today they showed an account?!

    I am just starting to deal with this but I can tell it’s going to be pain in the rear end!

  2. I wanted to pay off my loans quicker because I had a 6.8% interest rate. I double paid my loan each month and used compounding interest spread sheet to figure how much to pay. I am supposed to completely paid this month, but they show that I still owe about $750. The only way they can get that figure is if my interest rate was 10.7%. I even compounded it daily on my spread sheet to see if that’s how it creeped upwards but it doesn’t change it much. I have two loans serviced by them and I made sure to pay each account separately so the higher interest rate loan would get paid off first, but it seems like something is jacked.

  3. says

    I was consistent with paying my student loan. One day early this year I log into Wells Fargo and couldn’t find my loan information. I found out it was sold to ACS. I then had to go to their site and have them look up all of my student loan info.

    None of my info was registered on their site yet, so I sent an e-mail for them to look up my info and register me ASAP so I can continue making payments.

    I think within a week it was all sorted and I was able to look up my account and since I never had a problem logging into it and making payments, etc.

    I never did auto draft as if I had more money that month I’d send extra to add to balance of loan. I did look over the terms, etc – they do seem like they’d jack you if you were late.

    So I always paid ahead of time. It takes around 3-4 days for payment to post to your account – I would do a wire from my checkings. And monitored for a few days on my online bank’s website to ensure payment was pulled.

    If it wasn’t I’d send an e-mail – this has never happened except this week – Thanksgiving. However Saturday it showed payment was received.

    I never got a call from them. I never got emails except 1 payment reminder a month and 1 payment received notification when I would send payment. I specifically turned off paper billing.

    I only had a $1000 left on my loan when it moved to ACS with $50 minimum a month payments however I only have $100 left this Dec and my loan will be paid off.

    After I make the last payment and it goes through – I plan to send an e-mail, contact phone support, etc – to ensure that the account is closed in good standing.

    Monitor your accounts, be sure to pay early enough, and hopefully you won’t run into the issues everyone else is having.

  4. ACS has the most confusing and deceptive invoices, notifications, and disclosures out there. I have diligently paid my student loans on time for 7 years and have I never missed a payment. (And man, I have worked SO hard to do that…) They have managed to lose my payments (that were on auto pay, no less) and confuse me on a routine basis.

    Recently they tried to overcharge me more than $2,000! I should not be more educated that my servicer.

    Their procedures are straight up criminal. The CFPB needs to check in here.

  5. I have had continued issues with ACS. Both my husband and I have an account with ACS and every month my payments get posted to his account. It takes several calls by both of us to correct only to have the same problem the next month. I have not seen my account accredited the late fees and compounding interest.

    Every time I request a supervisor I am placed on hold indefinitely. If I wait long enough Which is usually 30 plus minutes – they are no help. This last time, I was told they could not do anything but have my husband call them. They offered to have me wait for a supervisor!, but I told them I did not have 30 min to sit on the phone. The ACS Rep said she would send the supervisor call me and my husband, but that was last Tuesday and neither of us have had a call yet. Many of the reps are rude. I have even been told that I would still owe late fees even though it is their error!

  6. Class Action Suit ACS 2011 says

    If you’re interested in a class action suit against ACS, email me your story: I’m putting something together to send to the Media.

    We don’t deserve this kind of treatment.

  7. Yup. I’m having a horrible time with ACS. My Wells Fargo Loan for some reason was sold off to ACS after my defferment ran out and it’s been a disaster ever since and super high interest rates mind you. DO NOT BE ONE DAY LATE ON YOUR PAYMENT OR ACS WILL GANG-BANG YOUR CREDIT!

    I contacted BBB with my case. lol, these jerks sent me to collections so now I can’t get anymore loans or finish school. The funny part is they said it was cool to pay a few months later because I wasn’t getting my paychecks at work, nah, they lied. I paid off my account like I said I would only to find my credit annihilated for some insane amount that I DID NOT owe. Avoid these guys at all costs, they’re crooks and inhumane, preying on the bad economy and people’s economical strains.

  8. I have reported ACS to the Better Business Bureau. Imagine my “shock” when I saw that they already have an F rating on the BBB website. Horrible company.

  9. Has anyone ever reported their case to the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

  10. My loan was also transferred to ACS. :(

    1. My consolidation some how was not complete and not all my loans transferred.

    2. I set up a payment plan of 135.00/month. Two months go by and I’m told I will now have 450.00 garnished from the paycheck of my new job. How you ask? I was told there must have been paperwork crossed in the mail. So sorry, they cannot undo the garnishment unless I sign a form giving them permission to automatically take the payment out of my bank account.

    3. They said they would reduce my payments to 350.00 if I sign this form.

    Now I can’t even pay my mortgage that was just refinanced.

  11. I am retaining a lawyer to seek action against ACS.

    I too never authorized my student loan for 13,000 to be sold to ACS loans but it was anyway and now its 28,000 after taxes and interest. They have harrassed me daily, one day 12 calls. I was reprimanded by my supervisor for answering 8 of them.

    I was late on 1 payment b/c i had my appendix out and caught an infection while in the hospital. I had to mail what little I had and then mail the rest of the 295 payment later by money order b/c I just didnt have the money. Their agents and supervisors are rude and I wont even go into what has caused me to seek legal action against them. It was bad enough to possibly cause me to loose my job because of their harassment. I’m in West Virginia, they are all over the place, dont trust ACS.


    1) I began paying off my student loans in December 2010 and IMMEDIATELY ACS has proved to be nothing but trouble! ACS has cashed my student loan check, then they didnt post it to my account and say I havnt paid. I have spent so far THREE MONTHS providing more than sufficient evidence (with letters and pages of information from my own bank saying I paid and backing me up). Every time I provide more information I get the EXACT SAME computer generated letter back saying its not enough.

    What ACS wants me to provide is a photo copy of the back of the check (sounds simple? WRONG) ACS electronically deposits checks the are sent. This means that they only scan the FRONT of the check — the back is never scanned and therefore MY bank never receives a copy of the back of the check. IT DOESNT EXIST!!! My bank even provided me with the transmittal info proving that ACS withdrew the money from my account right form their own computers!!!!!

    2) You cant talk to a human being unless you wait on hold for over an hour and then they cant even help you

    3) They are crooks, nobody cares, worst customer service ever. They ask for things that dont exist and are impossible to get.

    It looks like from the comments about the only way to get through to this company is legally or through the media.

    Anyone have any ideas as to how to get them to give me my money back?? Is it possible to move my loans? I dont want to have ANYTHING to do with this company!

  13. My student loan was transferred to ACS in Sept. 2009 and I now have a higher interest rate. I’m very leery of this company and the repayment of my loan now that I see it can be handled and transferred without my knowledge or consent. Not to mention the negative reviews from people. From now on I intend to watch my loan repayment like a hawk and seek help in finding how to hold these places accountable.

    What else can I do? Has anyone sought legal advice?

  14. DO NOT USE ACS!! It takes them months to send the necessary paperwork needed to consolidate your loans, as well as no option to change your due date!!! Every other company I have loans with has been great, STAY AWAY!!!!! I’m warning you all, a complete headache and they are complete incompetent degenerates!!

  15. I agree with all the complaints above. If you have any choice, go elsewhere.

    My experience with ACS began September 2010, when my student loan was transferred to them. My previous student loan lender, to which I had been in repayment since 2003, was an absolute dream. I probably had to contact them 4 times in 7 years. Since ACS transfer, which was 3 months ago, I have had to contact ACS at least 10 times and still have not had resolution of my problem. They just tell you they have resolved it to get you off the phone.

    Go with ACS only if you have limitless time to spend on the phone with them (hopefully your employer doesn’t mind) in an effort to resolve their internal errors and limitless patience to wait out resolution, as well as absolutely no concern about your credit history.

  16. I have been trying to make a payment through ACS since March and have not been able to get the right address. They have never contacted me, but have sent my credit rating in as bad. I would pay the payment if they would send me some information. It is impossible to get ACS loan details..

  17. Do not use asc loans.


    1) Took over 3 of my Student Loans from SLFC. SLFC never screwed up a payment.

    2) ACS Never got a payment right. Always applied payments to wrong act. Then would harrass me over phone saying they did not receive payment. The caller was always from a 3rd world country with poor ENGLISH!!! It would take me at least a half an hour before they would track my payment.

    3) Tried correcting problem multiple times. Yet, never got to talk to a manager. Somehow I always got disconected when I would request a manager.

    4) They got it wrong every month! Every month the same problem! Always Harrassed me. They wanted me to do Automatic payments. I refused to give them access to my bank accounts especially as they were STEALING MONEY by misaplying payments.

    5) I have demanded that ACS send me documents showing all of my payments, proof of reciept, proof that they did not apply money propperly and a formal appology. They have promised this. YET I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED ANY OF THE SUCH!

    6) Two of my loans are now back safely with SLFC. SLFC no longer will sell loans to ACS due to their corrupt practices.

    7) Still amazed that such a currupt company can do business in the USA.


  19. ACS is nothing but a problem. Every since they have taken over my loan for Wells Fargo. That have not calculated my payments correctly. I pay in a month in advance and never have I been late. They continue to get what is due from the next payment wrong. I have contacted them with the 1800number more than three times. They say they are going to fix it but ever month it is wrong. I emailed to their complaint service, no responds. Now my consolidated loan has been split with no permission. I am beyond frustrated with them. I want them held responsible. Anyone that knows actions that I can take to do this please post. I have documentation and I have thought of the Attorney General.

  20. Unfortunately, my loans where sold to ACS. I have not made 1 NOT 1 late payment EVER on my loan. (in the 7 years I have been making payments faithfully) When my loan was bought, the letter informing us of the address to send the payment was WRONG! AND!!!! not only that, but they send the statement ,,,oh,,, about 2 days before the due date.

    BUT, we sent in our payment WAY before it was due (2 weeks) and WOW…. guess what!! They really never received it!! NOW isn’t that funny! We would be eligible for a 1% interest discount in less than 17 months, but now that ACS took over, they are trying to make it almost impossible to get your payment to them. WHAT A SCAM!!

  21. Hello JB and thanks for your feedback. Hopefully your review and experience will help someone else who has considered an ACS loan.

    I hope you got or get it all worked out,

  22. My dealings with them are a total disaster.

    (1).They transferred my servicing in July of 2008 with no permission from me. Since then it has been a total mess.

    (2). You must register to see your account and then to register your are forced to accept an agreement to an electronic statement in the place of paper.You also agree not to make check payments.

    (3). Their site stated that you can order coupons (NOT!!!). They totally ignore these and keep badgering you to do an electronic payment.

    After all the other incompetent activities I refuse to use their payment system and use my bank’s bill pay. At least I can trust them.

    (4). I have tried to determine the payments. It is impossible. All that ACS will say it “level”. Everything I read says 10 years which means it should be about $50.00 a month but it is now over $80.00.

    (5).Do not attempt to write them on Friday or within 72 hours os Friday. Almost every Friday response says :I am sorry but we cannot locate your account”. Even though the email you are using is the one you log in to see your account.I guess getting out the door for the weekend is more important than you.

    I have demanded that they send my email to a supervisor and they refuse. They state that I must phone their 800 number. I refuse to do this after all of the lies. I want it in writing.

    (6). They send you a “Payment Reminder” 2 – 3 weeks before the payment due date every month stating that your payment is “due and payable”. That thar be Credit Collection harassment to me. ALso, the email is incorrectly coded as “Content-Type: text/plain” which means that if your email clients does not assume that there is HTML in it you get to see all the nice coding.

    Have fun folks.

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