Your Don’t Need Bad Credit Car Dealerships We Can Help You

In the past years, when you have a bad credit standing, it is almost impossible for you to avail of a car loan. Most of the time the answers that the lenders or dealerships will give you is almost always negative and that the only way for you to have the car of your dreams is to work hard and save up for it. What if you needed the car so badly right at that very moment? Surely, waiting for your savings to accumulate is not a very clever idea.

Those things are the trends in the past. Today, bad credit car dealerships do not take your bad credit into account that much because almost anyone even those who have suffered bankruptcy have a big chance of getting loans including a car loan.  Do not be fooled though because bad credit is not that easy to get approved in bad credit car dealerships.

Most car dealerships entice customers with exaggerated advertisements particularly focused on clients who have bad credit standing. They would promise the clients to the extent of helping them finance the car loan. Though some of these car dealerships mean and know what they are getting into, there are some out there who are out just to make money out of the clients who are vulnerable.

Though most bad credit car dealerships oblige the client to pay a down payment and it usually ranges from $100 to $1000, there are some car dealerships which do not require the client to pay the down payment. What these car dealerships do is offer the client a loan with towering interest charges. With this amount of loan, a client may have to pay at least $200 to $400 monthly payment.

Clients especially those with bad credit have to be aware though when dealing with bad credit car dealerships because the truth of the matter is that there is only one main objective why they are helping you with the car loan – that is to make profit in your expense. Yes, they may seem friendly and personable in front of you and will even make risk of letting you obtain a car loan that is because they know that in the long run they will benefit from charging you with high interest rates.

With the help of the modern technology, more and more people are relying on internet in locating car dealerships that can offer them the best deal that will not charge them with so much interest rate. Even those clients with bad credit can also avail of this lower interest rate opportunity.

Another good thing about online bad credit car dealerships is that aside from the fact that they will not limit you with repayment plan, they will also give you the freedom and fairness to negotiate with them about the best option that suits your need.  There is one catch though about online bad credit car dealerships, it is very prone to scam. Therefore it is your responsibility to stay away from those online bad credit car dealerships which requires you to pay them right there and then.


  1. It is a shame that you try to get something nice but car dealerships feel that because you messed up once you will do it again. I never had my vehichle repo but at the same time i wanted this vehichle was willing to trade in a vehichle along with 2000.00 down the car dealership told me after the fact I filled out a credit application that i would need 9000.00 more.

    I was like I might as well keep my car and try to save 11000.00 more to just pay for the car and I may not have the best of credit but it’s not just bad either. I was like I might as well just hold out because you cant find anyone out there to help you. I don’t want the car dealership to put me in wat they want i want wat i want and i feel if we can trust them we should be trusted its crazy. Out here but at the same time i’m not going to let them make a fool out of me by keep filling out the car dealerships applications so my score can drop lower and lower

  2. frank dodson says

    i wonder from my pass car history do u beleive there’s someone that can help ..!! i crashed my car 07 monte carlo …my interest rate was high i was jus press to get nto a car at the time … my insurance company came up with like 9700.00 .. i had gap insurance on the car they give me like 250.00 .. then i had warrentlys tht gave me sum money back toward the loan … at da end of paying tha car off .. after the total loss of my car i was left with an balance of 2300.00 … the total amount of the loan was 14,000 …………….

    an im tryna get n2 another car .. with atlease the down payment of 2000.00 .. is there a laget web site tht can help me

  3. Hello Jinx,

    My advice would be to contact a lawyer ASAP. I am not an expert in this field but what it sounds like to me is you didn’t qualify for the deal you got. The car dealership wanted to sell you the car so they fudged the numbers somehow to get you in the car.

    Every state is going to have different laws in place when it comes to something like this. If you can’t afford to consult with a lawyer I would at least try this website You have to pay to get answers on that website but I have received some good feedback there.

    Good luck and let know what happens,

  4. I just purchased a vehicle, and the dealer gave me a yellow copy of the contract and after two weeks, he wants me to re-sign a new contract. I am happy with the deal I got! Yes, my credit is bad, and I traded my old car in for $2,000. For some reason I don’t trust them, when we made the deal I had to demand a copy and his signature.

    So what’s next, he wants to do a pick up payment for 1,000 dollars over a 45 day period, I had already agree to $500.00 on 12/01/09, and the remaining $500, for 01/01/10. He than asked If I would lie to the people when they call to verify my rent payment. I think this is some kind of fraud. Please respond with sound advice. What are my rights; I will not sign a new contract. Can they take my new car? In addition, if they do, will they give me my old car back?

    It isn’t right!

  5. I want to donate my car to a charity. I do want to recieve a tax deduction, but I don’t want it to go to just any charity I would very much like my car to go to a needy family. I am in the Houton area. Can anybody help me or have any sugestions.

  6. Hey Ted,

    You really need to read the fine print before signing any paper work when you get a “high risk loan”. The reason many of these companies are willing to offer you a loan regardless of your credit is because the interest is through the roof.

    I agree with you – many online loan companies will redirect you to other loan applications. This happens because the website owner is getting a commission for every application you fill out. If they redirect you to another application and you complete it that’s more money in the website owners pocket.

    There are several legitimate lenders and in the next couple days I will be posting a link to a few of them. I can’t promise they will help everyone but it’s worth looking at them if you are in a pinch.

    Best Regards,

  7. Ted Kunkel says

    I bought a car from a company called instant car credit the price of the car was 5500 for 1998 subaru, before I left the car lot my bill was 11,000.00 they had charged me 6000 just in interest right from the start. How do they get away with that?

    And these loan companies online are a joke u fill out ungodly hours of applications just to keep getting sent to another sight that does the same thing, and this advertising car lots do, bad credit, no credit, bankrupcy, slow pay no matter what we will finance you, that is the biggest lie of the century go in there with one of those on yer record and they almost throw u out the door, that is false advertising…

  8. I agree with you, some interest rates are insane. I looked at a used car about 1.5 years ago. I was talking to the dealer and he mentioned that the people in his partners office were paying 14% interest!

    That is insane but I guess some people don’t have any other options. It really sucks if you get stuck in a position like that.

  9. I personally think these bad credit load companies, whether for cars or otherwise, need stricter guidelines. It is just scary some of the interest rates they charge. Customers end up paying double or treble the original price of the car. There should be a cap on the maximum interest rates a company can charge!

  10. Hello Shelia,

    I think what I am going to do is create a form where you can fill in your name, email and loan type you are looking for. This way I can find a loan lender that I think would work for your particular situation.

    Check back here in a few days and I should have the form added to the blog post or somewhere on this page.

    Best Regards,

  11. Shelia Randolph says

    Do you know yhe names of the “bad credit cart dealerships”. And if do please email them or give me a web address. Thank you

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