If You Have Bad Credit Get A Cash Loan To Buy Cell Phones

So you want a cell phone? But you’re wondering if it’s possible since you have bad credit. Well, wonder no more because the answer is YES. It is most definitely possible. How do you do this? By choosing to go prepaid instead of getting a billing plan.

Basically, there are 2 types of cell phone plans and those 2 are, prepaid and billing. If you choose a billing plan what it means is that your cell phone provider would let you use their services for a month and would collect payments later. But getting a billing plan with your bad credit is near impossible. So I suggest you opt instead for a prepaid plan.

What is a prepaid plan? Prepaid plans are a bit like having a debit card. You can only use their services if you have money in the account which is an amount you would have to pay in advance. People who want cell phones but have a history of bad credit often opt to go prepaid because the companies are more willing to let them use their services that way. Because there’s no risk involved. If you don’t load up, you can’t use the company’s services.

If you’re a person with bad credit who wants a cell phone and is now considering getting a prepaid plan, here are some things that you should know:

–    Pre paid call minutes are usually spread throughout 2-3 months. So if you don’t use your phone much, this could be a less expensive option since you won’t have to pay for the airtime you didn’t use.
–    There are no credit checks needed. Didn’t I tell you that it’s perfect for people with bad credit?
–    There are no monthly service fees so you won’t have to worry about an extra monthly expense.
–    There are no security deposits.
–    You don’t have to sign any contract whatsoever.
–    You would have control over your usage. You won’t go over your limit and you can budget just how much money you want to spend on your phone.
–    Best part? There’s no need to disclose your identity. You can be anyone you want! Yes, you can even be Donald Duck if you want to.

As with everything else in life, going prepaid has its downsides too, though it is nothing compared to its pros.

–    The minutes can be more expensive when compared to a monthly plan.
–    Not all of the company’s services are included. Like web surfing.
–    Getting extra features or services can cost a bit more.
–    Long distance calls can be charged with a premium fee.

I think that with a history of having bad credit you will inevitably face more challenges when trying to apply for services such as cell phone plans. You can try going for a billing plan but your chances of getting approved is slim to none, having bad credit and wanting a cell phone doesn’t necessary equal impossible.

There is always the option of getting a prepaid plan, though not a lot of people prefer it. But for folks with bad credit, it surely is the only way. Though there are some companies who would let you, even with bad credit, get a cell phone service but you would have to pay a hefty deposit.

Besides going prepaid just might be the best thing for people with bad credit. No more calling and going beyond your limit thus ending up in debt as if having bad credit isn’t enough. The beauty of using a prepaid plan is you can control your spending, you won’t go overboard. This is the thing you must be practicing if you already have bad credit.


  1. Good Grief says

    Prepaid is not bad idea its very brillant depending on where you live. However getting the phone to meet your needs isn’t gonna help. Think about it, family of 4 need phone, so buying 4 phones is VERY expensive at once but paying the monthly is nothing.

    Mother is deaf and needs good communication with her 2 children who are hearing and they are in teens. So mom needs to stay on top on them like where are they, do they need ride or missed the bus etc…. you know how that is.

    t sucks when mom can’t talk regularly on phone to communicate with husband and kids. Now… buying phones are the main fall back. This is why people are going for 2 yr contract however its their choice. Now I honestly thin.k there should be some kind of loan (short term) on prepaid phone.

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