Bad Credit Equipment Leasing

You are thinking of putting a small business of your own but you are short on cash to help you finance the company.  To add more to this predicament is that you cannot find a lender who will let you borrow funds to help you buy the things that you need for the improvement of your company because of your bad credit status.

Sure, good credit rating will make equipment leasing a lot easier for the borrower. But what if you made a mistake in the past which have resulted in having a bad credit record?

Bad credit equipment leasing is now readily available to those who can not afford to buy equipment for their company just yet.  Equipment leasing is a strategy commonly used and practiced by business people with bad credit rating by leasing the assets of the lender. The lender may stipulate in the contract the terms and conditions, and the number of years that the borrower is allowed to use the properties of the lender.

Borrower is given a choice if they want to buy the leased equipment later on by paying the whole and actual price of the property with a few percentage of interest, or may want to just continue leasing.

If you have bad credit equipment leasing can give you numerous of advantages. It will allow you flexibility financially because most of these leasing companies do not require the borrowers to make a down payment and will immediately give you the right to make use of the equipment. You even have the choice to acquire the assets at the end of the contract. Also, equipment leasing for people with bad credit can be beneficial because they do not need to pay for its taxes.

Another benefit of equipment leasing is that you do not have to worry when the object you are leasing gets outdated, you can always request to the lender to have it changed or replaced, you may have to pay more for the newer equipment but that is just fine. When you are thinking of putting a business in the field of technology, equipment leasing is very beneficial because as you might know, modern technology equipment comes with a very high price.

Equipment leasing for those people with bad credit standing is not that easy to acquire. The lender’s main objective is to make money out of you, and because of your bad credit status they might charge you with higher interest rate. Most of the lenders though offer fast approval of the equipment lease as long as the borrower is able to satisfy all the requirements of the lender.

Equipment leasing for people with bad credit includes a letter explaining why they have adverse credit record, a detailed financial statement showing the capability to repay the lease, the borrower must not have current financial problems,  and a full disclosure of the past bankruptcy record, if there was.

There are numerous companies online who can help borrowers with the equipment leasing even those who have bad credit. There are professionals and experts on this matter who will offer borrowers the best choices with competitive rate which best suit the borrower’s needs.


  1. We are currently evaluating several leasing companies and would like to learn what your Credit Score threshold you use in your evaluation process.

    Please advise.

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