Bad Credit Harley Davidson Financing Reviews

Owning a Harley Davidson is part of almost every man’s dream. But if you currently have a bad credit rating, it might be difficult to get financing for your very own Harley Davidson.  Because of your bad credit background, most lenders will not be willing to work with you in acquiring loans you can use to finance your Harley Davidson. Also, a motorcycle loan is considered as a higher risk investment for lenders, unlike an auto loan, which makes it even the more difficult for you.

Fortunately, you still have options. There are certain banks and companies that are willing to grant you bad credit Harley Davidson finance so you can own the bike of your dreams.

There are many ways for you to buy a Harley Davidson, whether you have good credit or are looking for bad credit Harley Davidson finance. If you are seeking to buy a new Harley Davidson, then it would be recommended for you to start your Harley financing search through the dealership where you are looking for your Harley. Most, if not all, Harley dealers can give you competitive rates and additional financing for you or your bike’s gear and customized items.

If you have bad credit, don’t stress it out too much. There are those Harley Davidson finance people that offer the “Delta Program”, where they help give bad credit Harley Davidson finance to people with weak credit. There are some requirements if you want to avail of bad credit Harley Davidson finance.

You will have to have a regular job, steady source of income, and proof of residency. If you are tired of being turned down because of your bad credit, then approach your HD dealer and ask questions regarding this program so you can learn more on how to get bad credit Harley Davidson finance.

Another type of financing for Harley Davidson is through a Private Party deal. You can get financing if you plan to buy a used Harley Davidson from a certain individual. With this type of financing, you can still get the same low interest rates as with new Harley buyers, and can also include insurance in your package.  And, if you are looking to buy a late model bike, you can even qualify for an extended service contract.

One place you can get comparison quotes for Harley Davidson is the Harley Davidson Financial Services.  Visit their site and fill up some personal information in order to generate quotes. You can also fill an application online through their website.  Since Harley Davidson does not provide private label credit card financing, your only alternative is to go for installment financing.

With all the options available for people with good credit and those looking for bad credit Harley Davidson finance,it is not impossible to buy that new or classic Harley Davidson of your dreams. Having bad credit does not have to stop you from owning your very own Harley. Approach the right people who can give you bad credit Harley Davidson finance and feel the Harley Davidson biking experience.


  1. For you jackasses who put down disabled people on here, first leaern to spell, second it depends on the disability, and third it is not paid by your taxes, it’s paid by the taxes that they paid while they worked. As far as disabled veterans, why don’t you man up like the rest of us and join? Ride on brothers, military and disabled!!!!!

  2. Don’t you have a friend with co sign

  3. Pos Harley these idiots are robbing us….. I’m going victory all the BS I’ve been threw trying to buy a new/used Harley and fixing the 1 I got and every oneand there grandma have the same damn bike I want a 1 of a kind not something every one has…I’m glad I seen this post and got to read over it thanks for the help good fucking riddance.

  4. Damn I have to laugh, for a moment I thought I was in a fourm or chat room full of busted up Joes. Yeah so what my credit is shot returning home and I no longer have my FL, Im still going to find a way to riding again. I have to ask the dude who makes 72k a year. YTF do you need to finance? Just pull 10K out of the bank and buy one out right. Give me his pay check for a year see what I can do with it.
    Then again some of us here were ment to “embrace the suck”……….

  5. jay72020out says

    harley dealerships blow trust me they bank frauded me into a delux with no credit or a penny down they inflated the bike to make it look like i put 5000 down well im not complaining cause i rode penny free for 14 months and i finally LET them into my garage to STEAL what they let me STEAL thanks to fraudbut hey ill take it. people buy a one owner who didnt like to ride or wasnt allowed to and steal it with alittle cash dyna with 6k going for 6-8k loaded fuck a new one i would just buy a jap bike for the moped sound stock. boycott harley credit. i got a 436 and i cant finance but i can lease lol what a joke that system is. living the retired disabilty life to the fullest bikes wife kids suburban 2 paid for harleys

  6. jay72020out says

    listen im 29 and am disabled oh and guess what else i made more then you ignorant people in 11 years then you will your whole life and im buying a harley cash and will ride it in pain. and god forbid someone ever started to utter bout them payin my way instant handcuffs disabled or not. so to disabled guy you earned it i suppose and so do i so dont listen to these ignorant lowlifes. now on the other hand on top of my 3500 a month. lolol you might be paying for my 500 month foodstamps suckerrrrrrrr work liberels all suck do you really want to work till you are dead then die of work hahahahahahahahah have fun well be out riding me and disability guy. oh and eating lobster with our foodstamps. you lowlifes people like you i wish caould have stepped in a mans shoes its called the military you punks.

  7. SPARTAN35MK says

    If anyone has BAD CREDIT it would be only me!!! Repo Bankruptcy out of the military(DONE WITH CONTRACT). Unemployemnt 1600/mo wife brings home 1600/mo. We rent 785/mo. Will be able to ride a HD bike before 2045? lol. Thanks and GOD BLESS OUR KIDS IN UNIFORM.

  8. GhostRider says

    Well, I must say that when I got the call from my local Harley dealer concerning my credit application and found out I wasn’t turned down I was shocked/amazed/suprised, although they said my credit wasn’t that bad (yeah right), it still wasn’t quit good enough for me to get a loan without a co-signer. The loan guy said that sents I had wrote down that my wife made additional income she could apply as my co-signer/joint borrower. I’ll have to let you know what happens with this, sents I assume her credit will check-out the same as mine or maybe worse, figure something might show up on hers that didn’t show on mine.

  9. if you went through a harley credit card type deal, or have a high interest rate go to another dealership (maybe not HD) alot of companies such as susuki / victory are offering 0% for 60 months with no money down.

    You will take the hit when you trade in but at least you will have a low interest rate for a set amount of months. I only say this because I made the mistake of purchasing a Bike with a harley type credit card (Variable APR) and after one year realized that my rate was going to jump from 11.99 to 25.99% tried to re-finanace (no chance because why would a bank give me a lower rate when they had me for more already)…walked into another dealership i live in NY traded the nightster and bought a susuki sport tourer lost 2k on the trade in but got the 0% financing and my payments are $100 less a month…I have mid 6’s credit but the finance guy told me susuki pretty much finance anyone right now because they just arent selling bikes…13,500k loan for 225$ a month

    With the negitive equity they just work the numbers differnt so it looks like you dont have negitive equity when trading the bike in ie…the bike is 10k MSRP your trade in is worth 5k but you owe 8k, they will say they sold the bike to you for 13k and gave you 8k for the bike so the numbers even out…hope this helps

  10. I never owned a Harley well ok when I was a kid I had a 90. Wish I still had that one but anyway my score is 788 and I dont wont to put anything down how will I make out ?

  11. Older dude that has not slept with Mikey Jackson says

    Too bad Harley attracts who they do and ignores the rest. Not even interested in smaller 500cc’s etc. Chinese forks and all that.

  12. I really dont think Eaglemark is the problem, think its your dealerships! My credit score was 624 and I make 35,000 a yr.

    Filled out the app at the dealership. Approved for 21,000 with 5% down. Rode out with a brand new 07 Dyna Wide Glide that I added exhaust,air cleaner,pwr comm.,quick detach sissy bar and luggage rack before I left. I paid 357 a month for 5 yrs.I didnt use the full approval amount and cant remember the interest. I later broke my leg and outta work for a yr. Had multiple surgeries and therapy. Went on disability which was 200 a week. I stayed in touch with eaglemark and explained everything. One time I was 2 months behind.

    Caught it up with tax refund and later got behind 3 months. They never threatened me or took my bike. They worked with me and all this happened after making 8 payments on time. They always answered the phone and were professional and understanding. I do know the sales people can adjust everything with your deal and help you or hurt you in getting financed, your interest rate and your down payment. I have a friend now not then that works at a dealership as a salesman and he told me that not long ago. He also says go when sales are low or at the very last few days of the year to get them to work for you. This way they bend over backwards to sell a bike or car.

    At the end of year the dealership doesnt want to pay all the money for the new bikes to HD or taxes. They get the bikes and have a certain amount of time before they have to pay HD for them and this is ussually by the time the new model year has hit the floor or right after.Otherwise they will rip you off if they can.

  13. Gentleman I financed with a 480, 520 and 516 credit scores. It really doesn’t matter what yours looks like the real way to ensure you get financed is bring a friend with some 700’s and they will finance you easily.

  14. 2007 Dyna Screaming eagle says

    I have a 2007 Dyna SE, I make $141,200 and after a divorce I ended up with a 660 credit score. I paid off all my debt and the only bills I have is my house payment of 1750 and my cell phone. ( of course utilities). I went in to Harley and wanted to trade my bike in on a 2012 Ultra SE and Harley said no. So with no debt, over 6k going into savings every month. Eagle Mark savings bank still said no. ( by the way, no bankruptcys or foreclosures) everything on my credit is closed and paid off. Dont feel bad if you get turned down.

    I dont even think Eagle Mark knows what there own requirements are to approve financing.

  15. I have been considering trying to get a new bike financed through Harley but reading some of these comments on here are scaring me off. I live in central PA and stopped at one of the local dealers. The salesman I spoke with told me he had financed as low as a 538 credit score. I didn’t look into it any further after that. I got an old iron head with 19k and it looks like I maybe riding that until the wheels fall off!

  16. james blackwell says

    You can pay on your bike 5 years get behind 2 months and Harley will take it. Even though your the one that keeps them in business, you can’t talk to a manager. You’re not good enough . Your best is to stay away from eagle mark credit, if you want to deal with someone who gives a crap because they don’t.

  17. I want to answer JoeSchmoe, and say, I am disabled, and yes I ride a harley. I had to pay cash for it, but as far as paying my, or anyone elses way, forget it buddy! You don’t pay anything for someone on disability. I worked for 19 years, and my pay check was cut SS and I feel I pay my own way, with my own money. Don’t dis people that are disabled, we didn’t ask for it, but sh*t happen… Maybe if you were disabled you would understand that.

  18. I went through a bad divorce in1999. My score drop 725 to 500 it took me eight years to get my credit score high enough to get approve for a Harley. I didnt get the one I wanted but I thought if I show that I make my payments every month on time I can get the haley that I wanted..In the fall of 2009 my job laid me off,cut backs they said. More like cut throat. I sent all my imcome tax check to h.d creadit in feb 2010 I got the payment caught back up.

    I finnally got a job in may. I.was two payments behind. I called h.d credot and keep them up to speed whem o can send them a payment. im a truck driver and on the road. They sent someone to my house and took the bike and auction it off. H.d told me they got only six thousand dollars for a 2007 lowrider with nine jumdred miles on it. Try to find a haley for that price. They are crooks think again before you go to h.d creadit

  19. Seriously, If you are receiving a disability check and cannot work, should you really be buying a motorcycle? Sounds like someone is leaching off my taxes trying to get a “free ride”. If you’re that disabled that I have to pay to support you then you better not be riding a motorcycle around!

  20. I make aprox 40000.00/ year, credit score of 752. -0- down and 6.9 financing from Harley. Thats cheaper than the banks.

  21. my score is f ed up i have 530 521 519 is there anything i can do to get a HD anywere?

  22. I make over 100k and have 710 credit score and Harley Davidson wanted to charge me 12% interest sorry guys looks like I will be at my credit union

  23. Toby Williams says

    People. Don’t throw your money away! That’s right. Away! If you can afford a payment, you can afford to save. Pay Cash. Everybody (Yes including me) always want what we want and want it now! You must think about the cost for this. By putting $400-$500 a month back without paying someone to do so, you could have around $15k cash in just a couple of years.

    If you really had to you could buy something to just get your knees in the wind in just a few months, and ride it for a year and a half or so. To make saving a little more tolerable. I’ve been scraping and saving and doing without alot for a long time but I’m almost ready in about 8 months.

    I’ll have $22k for my new streetglide. Although I might just get an 09′, if I can find one for around 16k or so with low mileage. Just save. Their will not be any feeling that would compare to telling the finance guy, “you don’t need him!” trust me. Ride safe!

  24. Ok folks, little finance 101 here! Financing a bike is like financing a car. It really ALL depends on the finance guy pushing through your paperwork on weather you get approved or not, regardless of your credit score!

    It’s also up to the “finance guy” to get set your interest rate, NOT the bank! So if you get raped on the intrest rate, it’s no one’s fault but your own! Don’t be afraid to haggle with them on the interest rate, if they say they can’t get it any lower! Simply say “Thanks, but No thanks” and walk away from the deal! You are not doing anyone any favors by agreeing to a high interste rate but the bank and the finance guy’s bonus check!

    Most of them know that people are willing to do almost anything to get what they want and they prey on that from the start. Anything above 6-8% is a ripoff and just extra padding in the finance guy’s pocket to pay for his new toy’s.

    If you really want that Harley bad enough! Save up for it and but it out right! Work a few extra hours each week, do some odd jobs, trim your budget a bit or something and you’ll have the money saved up before you know it!

  25. ill do just about anything for a harley

  26. I have to comment on the poster above concerning Gainesville H-D.. They are GREAT! My credit isn’t horrible but it could be better.. I had a 680, 669 and 630 with the three credit bureaus.. I had planned on getting financing locally (I’m about 1.5 hours from Gainesville) but couldn’t find a local lender who had good terms on motorcycles.. so I bit the bullet and filled out the online credit application with Gainesville H-D.. I expected the worst and had made a promise to myself that I would walk if they came back with anything over 10% APR.. I really wasn’t expecting much since a co-worker just picked up a 2011 at Tifton H-D and with excellent credit was still paying 9.9%..

    I didn’t hear back from Gainesville for 2 days and figured they couldn’t get me financed.. then on the 3rd day they called me and said they had my financing approved.. I was expecting a high interest rate.. they told me it was 6.9%!!! I was shocked.. I had already told them I would put a 10 percent down payment and they even told me I didn’t have to put that much down! ( I did anyway )

    So, 2 days later I drove down to Gainesville to pick up my bike.. I was really nervous that I would get there and the terms would have changed or the price or something else bad.. I’m use to the back and forth BS you get with car dealerships.. anyway.. I walked in and found the salesman I had been talking to on the phone and email.. he got the paperwork started and before I was done the interest rate was down to 6.5% without me even asking!! there was NO haggling, no surprises, NOTHING.. I just signed the papers and the bike was mine..

    If you want a new Harley and you’re even remotely close to Gainesville, FL.. I highly recommend them…

  27. mike whelpley says

    I bought a 2008 harley softail have been paying on it 423.83 every mounth never missing a pay ment here are the #s from my jan statement payment amount 423.83

    interest …………….404.29

    If anyone reading this dont think that is true my email is * I can show you some past statements.

    I know what it is like to want a harley so bad you would do almost anything to get one BUT let me tell you DO NOT USE HARLEY-DAVISON CREDIT…. They could careless if something happends to you like you get laid off or hurt or whatever. They are not willing to even lift a pen to see if there is any way to refinace and make your interest rate low enough to drop the payment to help you keep a bike.

    That means the world to you they would rather you give up your bike in my case i got hurt and have been laid up and can not work it has been over a year so far. I have found a way to send the crooks there payment every mounth and am hoping to keep the bike till I can get it refinanced.

    My fellings about hd have changed they might as well move to china and be the compney they act like they sure dont care about anyone here in the usa and you dont have to take my word for it just read some of the coments here and all over the net. I hope to see them go belly up soon the shape there in now you think they would want to keep all the faithfull custermers they have but they perfer to rob you till they get your bike back or you find a bank to refince you.

    If any wants to buy a 2008 fxstc softail custom for 15,594.20 email me lol and that price is after i have paid on it for 3 years.

  28. thanks to harleys greed ill be riding on bald tires this year and with no overpriced check up my advice to anyone who wants to buy a harley nowadays DONT they suck as a usa corp. they are getting rich buy robbing us …

  29. mike whelpley says

    I got a loan through harley creit corp now i wish i did not get aproved for it what a bunch of crooks you are here is my last statement #s payment amount 423.83 interest 404.29 principal 19.54 WTF so if your looking to buy a harley DO NOT USE harley credit

    I know what it is like to want a harley so bad you would do anything to get one but when something happends to you like it did to me and you are unable to work they could careless they will not lift a pen to help you out if anyone that reads this dont beleve the #s i put there and want to see some of my statements your self my email is wa1nxi@hotmail .com so there you go mike miles you want to take over my nightmear we could probley work it out lol

    mike whelpley

  30. I went to one Harley dealership and was turned down.This makes me wounder if all dealers are the same.I would like to have a Harley new or used.I am disabled and have been for eight years.Draw pretty good money and also own my own home! CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE??? THANKS: Mike

  31. margaret eberhardt says

    Geeeee…everyone who has had a problem getting a harley financed i would say its the finance manager at your dealership. my husband and i own 3 harleys. I bought my first one w/fair credit 1500. down. we bought our second one for him (as i was tired of riding on THE back of MY bike…i had it when we met) with NO MONEY down.

    I paid off my first one and then he bought HIM a bigger bike. WE PUT 10% DOWN AS IT WAS A $23,000. BIKE. Got decent pmts.that we can afford with 6 kids at home. We are not profesionals…doctors or anything like that…just working joes.

    Our dealership…gainesville fla. harley has the best group of people you could ask for!!! They help us in everyway until we are ALWAYS SATISFIED!!!


  32. this is a great way to ruin your credit i missed a payment after making them for 5 yrs when i bought my bike 2005 the price was 14,000.00 i paid down 7000.00 and ive paid another 14000.00 in payments now after just missing a couple of payments they want me to surrender my motorcycle dont b lured into harleys credit they suck

  33. I found the solution. I bought a wrecked Electra Glide. Me and some friends took a u haul to Daytona bike week and loaded one up. We got home and stripped both bikes and used the parts to buid a complete bike. Three weeks later we have a great bike and a clear title. We sold the bike and used the cash to buy the bike I wanted.

    Harley Davidson just wants to sell their bikes to rich, wanna be, weekenders. They sell a bike to a doctor, they know the doc’s wife is going to buy a shit load of clothes to go with it.
    If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way. Or just try Victory. They have a much better quality bike.

  34. Well I went into the Harley dealership and tried to get accepted for a motorcycle, and i was told that I did not have enough open accounts on my credit report and that I needed to open more accounts, what Kind of foolishness is this!!!. If it is not one thing it is something else, and I see many people on the bikes and wonder to myself how in the hell did they did a bike!!

  35. Forget Eaglemark. I make over 100k and has fair credit, they denied me. So Iwent to my credit union. Not only was I approved I received 7.75% rate. I only had to put 10% down. Eaglemark can’t kiss my ***

  36. mike desantis says

    i really want to buy a harley i was turned down by the dealer i can make the payment but need the chance to do so please help

  37. My Husband just applied with Harley credit and got a approved for a loan for 21,000 for a new 2010 Harley with HD Credit. He has not so good credit when I say not so good I mean in the low to mid 500’s. – no repos just late payments from being laid off – BAD CREDIT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE! ( but he makes a salary in the mid 70’s) They wanted 10% down.

    The interest rate was of course VERY HIGH at 22.9%. Looked to buy a used one instead and they advised him that a used one may not go through – Go figure? Harley Davidson has 7 tiers of credit that they consider……. If you have the down payment and CAN afford the monthly payment just apply. At many dealerships you can submit your app online.

  38. Thomas - BCLC says

    Way to many variables to say your best bet is to apply and see what happens.

  39. Tom Fincher says

    I am interested in getting a loan for a used Harley Davidson that I found on Craigslist, I don’t want to borrow enough cash to buy a brand new one off the showroom floor, that’s just crazy!!! I just want to borrow around 9000.00, and pay back around 250.00 a month. I am on disability, and get a monthly check of 976.00… Plus I get a payment on a piece of property I financed in the sum of 550.00 a month, not to mention my wifes salary on her job. I would also be willing to put up another piece of property I have as collateral until I get the bike paid off…..BUT—-my credit sux a big one, what are my chances???

  40. The problem with harley davidson is they are such a hot bike these days and are getting stolen by the dozen all over this country as we speak. As of getting a loan with harley? Forget about it! They are losing their asses of on these new bikes that they try and want to sell to the public.

    My advice to anyone wanting a toy such as a harley to go invest in a older used harley softail and pay no more then mater how good it looks and get finaced through your local credit union with money down or some type of collateral? Good luck and live the american dream!!!!!

  41. MR. Davidson says

    Good luck getting financing on a Harley in this economy. I have decent credit 700, a down payment and still couldn’t get approved. I’m not sure what they are looking for but it isn’t to sell bikes.

  42. lance oklahoma says

    Hey just reading the storyes here, thought I’d drop a line. I have built the last 3 of my own Harley’s, my wife got cancer a few years ago, (shes fine now) we had no insurance. I sold my last bike and all parts, no money now to build again. My credit is not good now when I tryed to get financed they told me to just save up the money. If any one knows where I can get financed please let me know, really want another bike good luck every one.

  43. LUIS CAMACHO says

    Hi fellas, it’s me again Luis Camacho.

    I wanted to tell you my story at the Harley Davidson dealership yesterday 03-05-10. There was an event, celebrating the bike fest. A lot of beers, music, t-shirt everywhere…and everybody was happy! I found the bike I was looking for an Iron 883 and the price was perfect $7,999.00. So I thought it wasn’t going to be that bad if I apply for it, and by the way to know how considerable is H-D.

    My credit is terrible but I thought with the half of the price as down payment would show them my interest of buying it, resulting a good proof of that I will pay the bike on time. I thought they were not going to pay much attention to it…. WRONG! I got ten years working in the same place, earning 34k a year, paying $280 in mortgage…yes I said $280!!! Own house… etc…

    My advice to the next reader is to make sure your credit is almost perfect to fill the papers. I will be working with my credit in order to go in six months to try again. It’s incredible how they told me “NO” evaluating that they were going to finance me just 4k bucks… how much would it be monthly? 150? 200?…

    So, if you don’t feel sure you are going to be financed, follow that feeling.

    I hope to come later and tell you I got mine!
    Good luck everybody and be safe!

  44. I am trying to get financing for a Harley Davidson motorcycle and came across your website. Hoping you may be able to help me.

    Two years ago I went through a bad divorce that really messed up my credit and I have since then paid many of the lenders the full amount owed but these items are still showing on my credit report. Not sure what to do about that but I have less than good credit right now and would like to purchase a harley.

    Please have someone contact me if you are able to assist me in this matter.

    Thank you,

  45. Luis Camacho says

    My credit situation is like if I’d robbed the federal reserve, and kidnap’d the pope… it symply stink! But i can afford a H-D cause it is not a big payment, I guess. I know with all the wonderfull things the promise here once you get there is another story.

    My question is if they will reject me with a $4,000 downpayment, if I apply for the new sportster forty eight…. the MSRP is sightly over the 10K. (+ taxes and tag etc) minus the downpayment it will be around the $8,000… They will? If somebody from the finance dept. Read me and wanted to answer this cuestion, I’ll appreciate it a lot.

    Luis Camacho

  46. Can you purchase a harley with a credit card? Just curious…

  47. Guess I am screwed and gotta fix the leaking piece of crap!

  48. Ok so I went to the Harley Davidson dealer tonight and my credit wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t a fast rejection but eagle mark said I needed a co-signer. I have a grand to put dow….Have been with the same copany for 3 years and make 65k a year. My credit score is low. Like 570. What about me? Can I get a loan?

  49. Between my wife and I we net 3000.00 a month, gross 4500.00 which is about 60k a year. We had issues with or neighbors and a judge kicked us off or property, so our credits stinks even though we made all the payments.

    Can I get a Harley?

  50. I think this second chance offer is stupid. My ex husband had 3 repos in the last 4 years. Today he got his BIG HARLEY repo’d…so make that 4 vehicles in the last 4 years. When will you lenders ever learn? The man never made the first payment. A sorry sack of shit will always be just that. Even when he steals a Harley for a few months.

  51. Wow I am surprised to hear this. Maybe it’s the bad economy right now or maybe there was something on your credit you didn’t know about?

    I was just approved for a 40k car loan with 0% interest for 63 months. This is just proof that there are still great deals to be had out there so I would suggest an alternative lender.

    Good Luck!

  52. The fact is, if you don’t have great or perfect credit Harley will give you the finger. I asked about the Delta program and they just said I wasn’t eligible, even though I met all the criteria you mentioned.

    I have a steady job making $72,000 per year, so I think I can afford it.

    To make a long story short, I said screw it and decided to rebuild my 84 Honda Shadow instead.

    At least when I’m done, the bike will run correctly, unlike a brand new Harley where you need to drop an additional $10,000 into a bike that already costs $15,000 in order for it to run the way its supposed to.

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