If You Have Bad Credit Get A Cash Loan To Buy A Laptop

If you have bad credit and are looking for a laptop click the link for unsecured loans above. A laptop will become like your third limb whether you are a student working on your thesis, an online gamer dead set on leveling up three times a day, a stay at home mother of five working as a blogger online to earn extra on the side or average Joe who wants to start his own online journal.

It is mobile, it let’s you connect to the internet anywhere there is a WiFi zone and best of all, they look spanking good without having to compromise the specs of your computer! However, not everyone can afford laptops of good model. Coupled with your bad credit rating, will it ever be possible to finance a laptop?

What you can do is check out online financing sites for electronic gadgets. Below are some sites that offer bad credit laptop financing.

1.    Solutions Plus 2000 (http://www.solutionsplus2000.com/)
This site offers an 18% interest rate that is a flat rate for the entire span of your laptop loan life. They offer bad credit laptop loans to those that have poor credit scores or as they call them: “individuals with less than perfect credit”.

Their floor credit score is 520. In terms of basic requirements, you would need to have a checking account, a gross monthly income of $1250 and you have to be of 18 years of age. For those with lower scores and do not fit the criteria, better check out other sites.

2.    Get a PC Loan (http://www.getapcloan.com/)

Their home page says good or bad credit, you can get a laptop credit with them.
However if you go to their FAQ’s, it goes: “What if I have a bad credit history or I have filed for bankruptcy?” Their answer is, “If you are active duty military, retired military, or a military spouse, we will accept all applications” So does this mean that your bad credit laptop loan will only be approved if you are in the military (or a spouse of a military man/woman)? This is a very confusing statement that needs to be addressed by the site administrators. However there were some positive reviews for satisfied customers of this said website.

3.    Anyone Can Finance (http://anyonecanfinance.com/)

For someone who is looking for a bad credit laptop financing plan, this site is very enticing as it says the magic words: no credit investigation! You can either call their 1-800 number to apply of fill out their online application form that they claim to be secured but the secure icon on the status bar does not pop up if you go to the application page.

4.    Blue Hippo (http://www.bluehippo.com/)

It has an easy to navigate site and it claims to guarantee bad credit laptop financing to its customers. The catch is, a down payment has to be given. The site claims that this has to be done since no credit check is going to be done and our guess is that the down payment serves as your token of sincerity that you will pay all the future installments.

These are just some of the sites that offer bad credit laptop loans or financing plans that will surely help you buy your perfect laptop without having to pay your month’s work of salary. So for all those with poor credit ratings and badly want laptops, click your way to your fantastic laptop!


  1. Thanks for this. Im in the process of saving to buy my own laptop. Im checking those sites now to see what fits my current budget and income so I can have my own computer sooner that I initially planned.

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