Bad Credit Motorcycle Financing Available

Ever since the price of gasoline spiked, you have been thinking about buying a more economical motorcycle than your bulky gas-guzzling truck. Besides, you always thought you’d look “cool” revving a bike than puttering around with your old heap of a car. But is it possible to get motorcycle financing even if you have a bad credit score?

Of course it is and one actually has a handful of avenues to choose from. Your just have to be extra patient in looking for a bad credit motorcycle financing opportunity. Also note that you have to be prepared as financiers will most likely give you a higher interest rate than those with good credit. Below are some of the possibilities that you may consider if you want to take out a motorcycle financing and you have a bad credit score:

1.    Online Motorcycle Financers

The internet is peppered with legitimate bad credit motorcycle financing companies. Just use your favorite search engine and in a matter of seconds, a plethora of sites are offered, accessible with just a click of your mouse. One of the websites boasts that their processing can take as fast as a couple of minutes. They claim to process all credit types.

Their bad credit motorcycle financing happens by filling out the secured form they have on their site, then their representative will call you up and will decide if they can approve a loan then and there! To top it off, their delivery of the money can either be through direct deposit or via overnight check mailing which are both very convenient for the consumer.

One site claims to be the most appealing bad credit motorcycle financing site among the different websites because it does not charge you with any documentation fee.
Another site assures that you that you will be driving on the road after 48 hours of your application, regardless of your credit score. These motorcycle financing sites are really very amusing read themselves but one has to be careful in choosing, best to check if there are bad reviews about them before actually applying.

2. Banks

You local bank may also assist you in financing your dream motorcycle. Banks are more stringent in approving loans for people with poor credit histories but there are some banks that specialize in bad credit financing. One just has to be patient in searching the right bad credit motorcycle financing bank.

3. Credit Unions

Credit unions are more lenient than banks since their goal is more on customer satisfaction than profit. Due to this, they also offer lower rates that may be the best trait for bad credit motorcycle financing.

4. Motorcycle shops with financing

Some motorcycle shops offer bad credit motorcycle financing however since a salesperson’s commission is dependent on the financing that you sign up for; they tend to offer interest heavy financing deals. So it is best to ask the salesperson other payment alternatives after the initial option given. Don’t be shy to haggle especially if it is a big amount of money that is at stake.

As a best practice, try to scour and compare the rates of all the four options in your county. Use a notebook or a spreadsheet in your computer to input interest rates, loan term, loan policies and documentation needed for approval so you can review them once all of your data has been gathered. This will help you mull it over which plan you will take.

Granted that you have a bad credit and you cannot afford to be picky, it does not mean that you have to settle for the worst plan. Soon, you will be driving that 2007 Ducati ST 3 or that 2008 Harley-Davidson Softail Fatboy or that (insert motorcycle of choice) that you have been dreaming about!


  1. Thanks for this info about bad credit motorcycle financing. I am looking out for one in my area. I am planning for further research in to it before getting one.

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