Learn How To Apply For Commercial Business Loans

If you are a businessman and wants to obtain the full benefits of your business, you should be able to ensure that you achieve your goals and objectives. Most often than not, you need to seek out financial assistance from entities outside your business such as private lenders, financial institutions, and other creditors in order to implement or push through with your business plans. You can obtain financial assistance from financial institutions in the form of commercial business loans.

These loans are specifically crafted and sanctioned for those people who want to meet the requirements needed for their businesses. Since every business is different in terms of its plans, strategies, and problems, different solutions should be applied. If your business is experiencing financial problems, commercial business loans are the most viable solutions in order to solve and obtain positive results for your business.

If you want to avail of such loans, you can do so either in a secured loan or unsecured loan. If you want to avail a loan that has longer period for repayment, you may opt to avail of a secured loan. However, a secured loan requires you to turn over a valuable property or asset as security or collateral against the loan. Property may include your home, automobile, savings account, or other real estate as collateral.

On the other hand, if you want to avail of commercial business loans in the form of an unsecured loan, you will not be required any security or collateral against the loan; however, this type of loan has higher interest rate as compared to secured loans.

Generally, commercial business loans can be availed with fixed or variable rate options. If you want to avail a loan using a fixed rate option, you have to pay the same amount during the tenure of the loan. If you choose to have a loan using a variable rate option, the rate of interest for your loan will change depending on the changes occurring in the loan market.

You can have various reasons to avail of these loans. These may include the following:

• You may need improvement or expansion for your business
• You may need to start a new business or use loan as capital for another business venture
• You may experience a problem within your business operations that might need financial assistance
• You may be operating on credit basis and needs bridging loans to meet daily expenses of your business

Nevertheless, commercial business loans are offered in secured or unsecured forms in which you can choose from depending on the requirements or needs of your business. Prior to obtaining such loans, you should be able to discern your needs and judge each parameter to make sure you are able to repay your loan. Upon sorting out the things you need, you can already apply for the loan you desire from financial institutions or lenders either online or offline and start running your business based on how you wish to operate.


  1. Hello Debbie,

    Unfortunately at this time I don’t have a relationship with any lenders that would be able to help you. The state of the current economy has really scared a lot of lenders making them very picky about the circumstances in which they give a loan. If I do happen to find a lender that’s willing to work with you I will be sure to let you know.

    Best Regards,
    Daniel – BCLC

  2. Deborah Reynolds says

    We are looking to finance 4 acres with 3 rental properties. We have been leasing the property for over two years with option to buy. we are ready to purchase the property and need 140,000.00 to purchase. The property is worth at least 300,000.00. We do not have great credit and have a recent personal bankruptcy on our record. We are seeking financing for our business and personal properties. Our personal residence is worth approx 130,000 and we oweapprox. 75,000.00

    If you have creative financing options, please call or email me as soon as you are available to discuss our options.

    Thank You,
    Debbie Reynolds

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