Credit Repair Service

So you have credit rating that your mother will not approve of but you cannot stop yourself from spending. You know you need to use that money to repay that credit card debt you incurred from that trip to the Bahamas but you just cannot help it – you are a born spender.

A friend suggests, why not avail one of those credit repair services that you see advertised on the web? You think it over and you say to yourself, why will I use my money on some credit repair service company when I could be spending that to finance my MasterCard for another trip to Hawaii (apparently you love the beach)? But when you realize you actually have enough money for the credit repair service only, you end up choosing your friend’s suggestion.

But how do you choose the right credit repair company? Here are some tips that will help you find the right credit repair service.

1.    Be wary of some credit repair services that ask you to pay a fee before they provide you with service or before they actually give you some results. You do not pay for a hair cut before the service has been done, why pay for a credit repair service that has not been given yet? Scam artists love asking fees before anything else.

2.    Learn what you can by consulting friends that have studied debt management or lawyers you know. It can help you be prepared on what you should expect and how you should be treated as a client of a credit repair service.

3.    Beware of scammers that say you have to do something illegal to resolve your credit issue. Momma said lying is bad. Still rings true in the adult world.

4.    Credit repair services that say they have a “special relationship” with the three US Credit Bureaus are not legitimate services you consider. Rule of thumb is any company that asks you to do something illegal, may it be regarding your credit or not, should never be believed.

5.    Read customer testimonials. Visit some online forums where people discuss how they find the service of a credit repairing company. Some forum participants may be paid to praise a certain company but they are usually easy to pinpoint as they basically say the same thing over and over again.

6.    On your favorite search engine, type the name of your chosen credit repair company, then type the word scam. On the results page examine each site as this may lead you to reports of people having been scammed by your prospect.

It is always better to be overly prepared than to be too lax and carefree in finding the right credit repair service. You allow these people to take a peek and manage a very personal part of your life and for that you deserve the best service there is, even if you re the one who needs their help. Keep in mind that you are a paying customer and they have to make sure that the customer comes first, and is never scammed.


  1. Get rid of the damn credit cards or carry no balance and you will be fine. You really don’t need 300 pairs of shoes.

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