Debt Consolidation Loans for People With Bad Credit

Bad credit history results from the failure to make payments to one’s respective debtors. Borrowing money here and there, loaning here and there is usually the culprit as to why one gains this terrible financial condition. Unfortunately, having a bad credit history is really a terrible thing given that it makes one less credible of being able to make payments.

Because of that, whenever one wants to apply for a loan, one usually ends up with a much higher rate of interest. To make things worst, at times this loans would add to one’s growing list of debts. Luckily, even with tons of debts, there is still a way for one to do better and at the same time improve one’s credit history. Of course, this way is through the highly acclaimed bad credit debt consolidation loan.

Bad credit debt consolidation is very helpful especially to those people who are suffering from bad credit. This is because through debt consolidation, one can save one’s credit rating from deteriorating even more given that a debt consolidation loan works by merging all the debts that a loaner have incurred may it be small or big into a single debt. Then again, like all good things, this type of loan comes with a rather high price which is in the form of a slightly higher rate of interest.

Then again, the loan is worth the price since it will not just help one financially but also save one’s bad credit. However, it will be very important for one to be able to distinguish between lenders who are asking for a reasonable interest rate to those who just wants to have more profit. This can easily be done since there are websites on the internet which can provide one with a list of lenders who are offering debt consolidation loans for those with bad credit.

It would also be wise to take into consideration things like the life of the loan and the terms and conditions which come with the loan. With a careful comparison of these lenders, one will surely find the best loan that will best suit one’s current predicament.

And so, if one is able to choose a loan provide, the next thing that should be done is to make a list of the debts that one has incurred. It is very important that this list will be as comprehensive as possible so as to be able to pay off all debts. This list should also come with certain information such as the interest rate of the debt, the remaining balance and the like.

This list will then be given to the selected loaner whom in turn would be the one to pay off one’s debts. And so with that the only debt that would remain is that of the debt consolidation loan. Bad credit debt consolidation truly is heaven’s gift to those with bad credit. For it will not just spare one with the stress of having so many debts but also spare one from having a bad credit.


  1. We are needing a debt consolidation loan to pay off a few bills and medical bills from my husbands recent issues with heart problems. We filed bankruptcy almost 2 years ago, but missed including a couple bills and have since included the above mentioned bills and medical bills. We live in a very small town and have not tried to get a loan from the local bank, because we know the answer will be NO and we have not tried to consolidate our debts anywhere else. My husbands employer has went back and forth from working him 30 hours a week to not working at all some weeks, but this has improved and steadily been 30 hours a week for a few months now. I work part time at a local convenience store.

  2. Denise,

    Lenders are so tight right now with their money. It’s almost impossible to get more than 1500.00 dollars unless you have perfect credit. You could try your local banks or maybe borrow it from family. The lenders we work with are trying to secure higher loan amounts and from what I hear some time in May things will be looking much better.

    If you would like to share your story about being scammed to help protect others you can do it here

    Best Regards,

  3. I need a loan of 5000 to pay off all my debt and have enough money to move into a cheaper place to live. I was scammed by a “loan company” and am really now hurting because I used the money I sent the company that was for my bills. I am behind on all my bills and I have bad credit and can’t get a loan. Do you know of a company that will take a chance on me for the loan. I promise I can pay it back I just need help with a loan.

  4. Hi Jerry,

    Couple quick questions:

    1. Do you have bad credit?
    2. Have you applied for a loan anywhere?
    3. Have you tried to consolidate your debt?

  5. I am 50,000.00 in debt due to a divorce and current wife pregnancy. Can anyone help me?

  6. Connie first thing you need to do is decide how big of a loan you need and what it’s going to be used for. There are many different types of loans such as personal loans, mortgage loans and auto loans just to name a few. For this reply I’m assuming you need a personal loan.

    You want to start at the top so to speak and work your way down to the higher risk loans. So first thing I would do is apply for a loan at your local bank. If you are not approved for a loan by yourself try to find a cosigner. Even if you have horrible credit a cosigner with good credit will still get you approved.

    If you don’t have a cosigner and can’t get approved by yourself then you can apply for bad credit loans. There are just to many variables for me to give you a good answer until I know more information. Keep in mind you will most likely pay a higher interest rate for personal loans.

  7. How can I get a loan when I have gone bankrupt 5 years ago? I need a second chance to regain my credit again.

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