Faxless Payday Loans

Faxless Payday Loans are a good way of getting instant cash. They can help you save the day when you are tight of a budget or with no cash at all and you are faced with a situation to pay something such as grocery, bills, gasoline, and the like. Faxless payday loans is just the same as the other types of payday loan. They operate the same and are practically of the same nature. The differences lie in two things; first, you do not have to fax the needed requirements to the lender. This includes you employment record and payment stubs to support your claim. Hence, it simply implies “No Fax” of documents.

The next one which is a little bit sensitive and it allows your lender to have a hand on your bank account. This is quite the downside of this type of loan. This means that the lender has full account to your bank records and other personal information.

Some lenders will go to the point of asking you card to be surrendered to them. This is a practice to ensure that they can debit the loan amount from your salary especially if your employer deposits your salary on your ATM account. Unlike other lenders who will ask for an issued post dated check, this type of loan will have a more control of your bank account. It really depends on how sensitive you are and how badly you need the cash. Giving your lender a full hand on your bank account will guarantee that they get their money back including the interests.

Here are a few reminders when you apply for a Faxless payday loan.

1. As stated above, this is a “no fax” of documents such as pay slips, bank statements, and employment records. Be very careful of the information you are sharing as they might be used for other scheming purposes.

2. Instant approval with no credit checks. This is one characteristic of payday loans and you easily get hooked into it because getting cash is so easy.

3. Faxless payday loan operate on a compassionate and helping scheme. It displays itself as the savior in times of emergencies. But, are they? These are marketing strategies to invite more to borrow money at higher interest rates. A clever one, right?

4. Check the rates. You might be confused with what they flash online and with to what you will be agreeing on in the terms and conditions of the contract. Those fine printed lines were not for decorative presentation. Read through it and find out the real interest rate and other charges you are getting in to.

5. Payday loans do not really help build your credit score. They will make it worst if you do not pay on time.

6. These are only short term solutions. Since only small amounts are released and payment is required on the next pay, payday loans are viewed as immediate temporary solutions.

Make sure to avail only of Faxless payday loans for emergency cases. Do not fall into a habit of having it to pay your immediate bills. Learn how to save and stretch your budget. The interests and the fees you will be paying this loan might come into you as such you may not be able to break from it. Again, learn to save and develop a keen on cash management.


  1. Dennis Raymond says

    It’s pretty convenient to apply a no-fax payday loan than applying for just normal payday loan. If using a no fax payday loan company, you are not required to make copies of driver’s licenses, paycheck stubs, or banking information. Ordinarily, online loan companies ask for faxed documentations before approving a loan. However, a faxless loan company will not request extra paperwork.

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