Good Credit Score

Some people are good with money – Some people are not. Some people are drowning in debts – Some people are not. Some people run away from their obligations. – Some do not. Some have bad credit records – Some do not. If you’re one of those who unfortunately have bad debts, do not worry because you can do something about it. Be assured that there are a lot of programs that can help you. Anybody can have a good credit score if they know what to do.

Inspect your records well

There is a law that allows every consumer to get a copy of his or her credit report for free. These records can be ordered from the three credit bureaus that store them. You can request all three reports at the same time or one from each bureau at separate instances. It is easy to do this via their website, through phone or through their mailing address. This copy will help you monitor if you have a good credit score.

Once you get your copies, make sure that you patiently check for errors. These errors can be in the spelling of your name, incorrect address or social security number, Check all other important personal information that you can find in your record.

When you get to the accounts section of your record, inspect each one carefully. Check for any entry that you are not sure of. Double-check this with your own record, collection of receipts or diary. You have to see your paid accounts get updated accordingly, if not, this should be one of the things you will have to report.

Look for items that you are not familiar with or have not used up yourself. You may be paying for something you didn’t consume. This is a common case now because identity theft has become rampant. Many people have fallen victims to such fraudulent acts and are paying debts they never even consumed. This unfortunate situation could really make an impact on a good credit score.

Take action

Next is to get organized. Take note of any errors or inaccurate information on the record. Encircle these details and put some notes. Include important documents that may help validate your claim. This will make the investigation run smoothly and possible give you a good credit score eventually. Be sure not to send the originals but copies only. Do no forget the return receipts so you have proof that the documents have been submitted and accepted by the bureaus.

Call your creditors to inform them about any dispute that you will be filing with regards to any inaccurate information about you they have forwarded.

The credit bureaus will investigate your claim and work with the creditors in validating the errors. It takes about 30 days for the process to be completed. Once they find out that the errors reported are valid, they will proceed with amending your records and you can have your good credit score back

To sum up, it may not be enough that you do your part by paying your bills or obligations promptly. There could be outside forces that can affect your credit record. This is why you should not take the reports for granted. You see it could take a lot of effort to maintain a good credit score, but it is all worth it.


  1. Actually believe it or not, but in the UK a universal ‘credit score’ doesn’t exist!

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