If You Have a Job We May Offer Guaranteed Approval Bad Credit Loans

Most people incur bad credit at one point in their lives, because some problems may arise in the middle of the repayment, causing some difficulties to repay the loan. Studies say that a big percentage of American borrowers have histories of bad credits once, twice, or in many times while in debt. And so this is reflected in what we call the credit score.

A credit score is a numerical expression based on a statistical analysis of a person’s past credits, which manifests the creditworthiness of a certain borrower, which predicts the likeliness that he may be able to pay in time and well. This is used by banks, and other lending institutions to determine whether to approve an application for a loan of a certain individual.

A credit score lower than 700 means bad credits or a bad credit score, and this signifies the possibility that you may be denied or be hesitated upon by the credit investigator. As the borrower, you may think that with the past delinquent credits that you had, you may never be able to acquire a loan again.

But lenders, which does not necessarily mean the bank or another major lender, but those other ones may actually grant you a loan even when you have bad credits. Moreso, it will not take a long process of credit investigation, which will impede the approval of a loan. Guaranteed approval bad credit loans are now within your reach and it may take no more than a blink.

Guaranteed Approval Bad Credit Loans are loans that will not be taken against you as the bad credit borrower of the past. Lenders are now extending their hands to those who have bad credits, but may have stable income, or a home to guarantee in support to a loan. These loans have almost a 100% of being approved, and instantly!

Guaranteed approval bad credit loans take anywhere from an hour to 24 hours to obtain a grant, and have your much needed money deposited to your account. Of course these kinds of loans have very high interest rates, as a palladium that you will not duplicate your bad credit history.

This serves as a binding by the lender to the borrower. Lower loans usually just need a proof of stable income, while for bigger loans, the lender might require that you be a homeowner, and therefore, use this as a collateral for your loan.

Guaranteed Approval Bad Credit Loans require the least credit investigation or review of credit scores as long as there are other assets that will vouch your credit status. These, though are for major loans. Borrowers of minor loans or loans ranging from $100 to $500 may only be required to submit proof of stable income.

Of course, good credit scorers are not usually given these higher rates, because they may be more probable to pay in time and well. So given a bad credit history, Guaranteed approval bad credit loans are already a good bargain.

As a borrower, one must consider to compare lenders’ rates and get the best deal for a loan. This way, they can be granted loans to their benefit. Guaranteed approval bad credit loans are available in many ways like lending institutions or online.


  1. Hello Kim Cox I have two jobs and I was wondering how much could I get approve for, is it a hard pull on my credit report and who do your companies deal with as far as pulling the report and I want to pay it off in full

  2. been out of work as told me to have to quit for a while job bc of due my knee replace so now , im single mom and very behind bills. It worry me abt bills. ill need $2,000.00 plus foods. im getting better so rite now, i’m wait on my boss call me back to see if I can go back to work . if not then I will look another job. pls help me.. pray…thanks..

  3. I need 2500 to pay off some debt but have poor credit can anyone help

  4. Martha phillips says

    I need a 40,000 loan to pay taxes on my husbands dads house and on my little loans and get caught up on my car and motorcycle . Also i got behind because i was taking care of 2 of my grandkids while my daughter was in jail. i had to pay for there clothes and glasses and whatever else they needed. plus helped my daughter out, she doesnt have a job. i had my credit up but got behind because of all this and extend my credit to far. i want to get everything paid off so i can get back on my feet again . i have been working with lexiton law on some of my medical and a few other bills. But that isnt doing it . it would be so much easier if i only had a couple of payments a month. i have been at my job for 16 years and make decent money, i bring home about 1500 every 2 weeks. Please im begging you to help me out. Also there is a trailer next to where i live that is forsale that i want, its 3000.00. I need the loan by wed aug 14th 2019 Thank you

  5. Timothy Woodall says

    If you can pay off $3.500 you dont need a loan..

  6. needing a 500 loan to get me to june 26th

  7. I need 3800 dollars. Should be able to pay back in a week. Call 8**-930-8***

  8. vicky honeas says

    hi I am on disability and have gotten off track all these places say they will help but they don’t I have horrible credit but I am a good person I just need 1200 I will pay back double I just want to get my househ old back in order I am begging I have a steady income on disability plus my daughter pays me to keep a eye on my grandchildren will she works my total income is 2000 a month please on bended knee give me a chance to prove I am worth the chance thank you for your time

  9. Christopher D Williams says

    Been trying to get a loan consolidation loan to pay off a loan that I got while married, because both incomes made it easy to pay. Now, we are separated and I’m stuck with the debt along with medical bills now in collection. On top of that the transmission went out in my vehicle over 2 months ago and I don’t have the money to pay for that. I am working with Lexington Law to help with these problems, but the big problem is the loan companies advertise loan for bad or no credit, and that credit scores are not considered in their determination yet I get turned down because of them. How am I supposed to pay off these debts, seeing how they are affecting my credit scores, if no one will give me a loan to begin with?

    It would be so much easier to have one payment to pay rather than all the payments I am trying to make now on these debts. I am a veteran, yet like everything else we seem to be second class citizens. So just how am I supposed to pay off everything if no one is willing to give me a loan to fix these problems?

  10. dennis pagan says

    hey guys listen I moved out to va to start a new chapter with my family. fiancé and 2 daughters. my brother told us we can stay with him until we get situated. 3 weeks ago my brother approached me and stated I need to find other arrangements. that’s all no explanation. so for the last 3 weeks ive been paying 326 to the intown suites hotel cause im not putting my 7 and 5 year old girls in shelter. I work nights. I finally got approved for an apt but im stuck needing deposit and 1st month. my credit is bad younger yrs. i have a full time job soon to have 2 once millers hr puts it thru. all i need is 3000 that covers deposit 1st month rent and beds for my daughters.

  11. No one would ever give me the opportunity or chance to get a loan or credit card and i would really like for someone to give me that chance. Start me small at first, $1000 and let me prove and build myself up please?

  12. I need about $5000 to invest in a ethnic market I currently own. Asu. 21**590390

  13. robert E. #724 237 2152 says

    im disabled and raiseing 2 gransons 7 and 8 and im leasing a home. Well yesterday I got a letter posted on my door and said if I don’t pay the taxes I gotta get out. I live on a budget and its Christmas. my taxes are 1550 and I have terrible credit due to my accident. Is there anyone that could please help us and put me on a payment plan? im beggin please. I got a hearing on the 12 6 18. Thank you to all considers and would be the best Christmas ever

  14. I urgently need a loan to stop my family from being evicted soon! I have a steady job that pays well but this has been a very bad year which caused me to get behind and I can t seem to get back leveled out! I could use about $7000 to pay the rent and every bill and put some control back in my life and pay the loan back easy, please help

  15. Linda Wrightson says

    What do I have to do to get the money today. I am retired and my income is social security. I can pay you back within 30 days. Please help me

  16. GOOD DAY



  17. My situation is kind of along the same lines as these other folks, on the other hand, my story has something theirs don’t, enslavement. Before I explain that let me tell you about me, my living status,& my income. First of all I live with my Mother, because I’m her live-in care provider, have been for 3 years & the last 2 years because of her stroke,& a broken hip, she’s been I’m mobile leaving her dependent on me for almost everything,I’m with her 24/7 365 A year,my own life is none existent. In other words, I’m an excellent man,& a man who believes in commitment,if not I wouldn’t stay where the law says I don’t have to wait. I am also my Mother’s power of attorney, but guess what folks?

    This son is no beneficiary nor have I requested to be, to anything, anything, belonging to my parents, nothing, I seek nothing expect nothing, nor will I ask for anything, my only concern is for my Mother’s safety,health,&welfare, she nor my Father don’t owe this son squat, this son is the one who’s the debtor, to these excellent parents,I ‘ll owe them forever,they are & always will be to this son, the finest man & woman This son’ll ever know in his lifetime. Now I draw $5 short 0f $1000 monthly, and I pay no rent because I live with my Mother & her bills are paid with her SS income, the only bills I’m responsible for are my own which total about $300 a month.

    I’m a military vet of the US AIR FORCE, I have a checking acct, savings acct, direct deposit, been with the same credit union about 10 or so years, I think. I could easily afford a loan payment of anywhere from 250 to 300,350 if required. Now about the enslavement, this has to do with an overdraft at my credit union. When I joined that credit union my checking acct was a gold checking acct, the top of the line, I guess. Be that as it may, it also came with overdraft protection, which was right in one way but bad in another way, if you happen to be on a fixed monthly income of SS like I was. The way it worked was like this if I ran low of money the credit union provided me $700 that I, of course, would pay back.

    Because I was on SS & was paid only once a month they wouldn’t be paid until the following deposit of the next month. They, not I, always took out the payments before I even got a chance to pay it, before I even saw my deposit from SS, they the credit union had already taken their payment! In other words not only was I left with $180,186, or 200 tops, each month out of my almost $1000 SS income, I was left once again to ask them for money, which left me once again still trapped in this vicious cycle, of overdraft&they alone enabled its continuance.

    These people would send me threatening letters saying they were going to close my acct, only to turn right around & will allow me with more overdraft money & I had no choice but to take it, take it or let my credit be ruined even further, what would you do? I want out of this overdraft crap, and I hate it, I’ll never has another acct with that crap, I want my own money back. Can you folks help this good man with a small loan of $2,$3000? Thank you for your time just the same, GOD BLESS

  18. Need a $20,000 loan to consolidate my credit card debt. Credit score is high 600s I have a steady job with the city for 8 years. Thanks

  19. TAURUS IVY says

    I need 2000 dollars for catch up on bills are y’all willing to help

  20. Richard Venuti says

    I am a consultant in the foam plastic industry. I started this business in 2002 as a part time endeavor. However during the financial crisis I lost my retirement and home. I has to start making a living from my consulting, enough to meet my living expenses. I have survived. up until a year ago. My consulting has slowed down to almost nothing. I did have a 3 month project for February,March an April. I have ran out of funds once again.

    The good news is I have the potential for 2 consulting assignments to start within the next 3 months. I also have been working with a investment banker who has found an investor that is very interested in funding a new business venture that I have the technology for. I will have a partnership in this new business. We shoud have answers on this project within 2 months at the latest.

    If this fails I will sell my technology and should have enough funds to perhaps retire once again. I am presently 82 and acting like a 40 year old. I need a loan of $ $35,000 to get me through the next 3 months. This is based upon me not getting any consulting projects during this time frame.

    Thanks Richard Venuti

  21. Deborah Joyner says

    I need a loan to consolidate and pay an old tuition bill so I can complete my dissertation by August, which is my deadline. I have a stable income and own our home. My husband had been sick for three years which put us in a bad financial situation. We are still trying to recover and increase our credit score. There are medical bills for my husband that need to be paid immediately and we have old car taxes. While my husband was sick, he was forced to resign from his job and his truck was repossessed. We filed Chapter 13 to try to catch up, but it wasn’t working. After getting a modification, we requested to be dismissed, which is still showing on our credit. We have borrowed small loans, which really does not help. I would like to pay those off and finish my degree to enable me to make more money.

  22. ALLISON BROWN says


  23. ALLISON BROWN says

    Hi i have bad credit just 1 consumer i must pay and i lost my i.d do have a permanent job bank account exct. but need a loan can you help me call me no i.d at the moment ****025811.

  24. sharon curtis says

    I need a loan of 1500. just to catch up on bills. I was in between jobs and took a payout to transfer so I can be close by to take care of my mom.

  25. bradley smith says

    I need a 5500 dollar loan to pay off my 401K loan so I can get another loan to fix my truck and pay u guys back.I need this for my girls.Hope u can help me.
    Thanks. Bradley Smith

  26. Elaine Braswell says

    I urgently need a loan to prevent foreclosure on my home. I have a job offer to start end of January and urgently need some cash to stay afloat until first paycheck. I was laid off from a great job and have struggled with low paying jobs and under-employment since but managed to hold on. But I have depleted all my resources, emergency funds, IRA and savings.

    How quickly – can I get help on this matter?

  27. I am needing around $10,000 to get my truck and some bills squared away. Please let me know if you can do anyting to help. Thank you.

  28. Reggie says:
    as for my employment I’m employed and have been with my present job for 14 years,
    Please call I need help do to helping out my mother, i need $40,000.00,

  29. John T Warner johnwarner2008@yahoo.com says

    I need a loan for one to consolidate debt and two buy a car outright so I do not have payments other than this consolidation. My credit score is a little under 500 right now and I had a repossession last year, but I voluntarily gave that up because at that time my payments were $525 a month and I was paying $1200 a month child support and they would not refinance it for me and get my payments down. I now clear $1,600 every two weeks because child support is over. To consolidate bills and buy a decent car outright, I would require around $12,500 and can easily make payments of $400 a month for a 5 year term. Payments could be set up to come out automatically every month or even split it and take a payment every two weeks. I would hate to have to file bankruptcy and have that tarnish my credit and be on there for several years. I want to pay the debts off that I have and buy a decent car and have one simple payment. I would even consider having to get some type of insurance for any unforeseen circumstance that would prevent me from making payments in a timely manner. I just need someone to help me out of this jam. I would be forever grateful.

  30. I need to loan $45000-00

  31. I have very bad credit but have been on my job for 18 years. I was taking care of my mom after she fall and broke her hip. I really need a loan for $1000 so I can pay my car payment and my rent. All of my bills are falling behind. I have brought groceries and paid my car insurance.

  32. Patricia Campbell says

    Hello, I lost my job due to a layoff and because of my health and my doctor helped me get on disability which took almost three years. This caused me to get way behind on my bills so they turned them in on my credit. My husband has been on disability for eleven years because of COPD and EMPHYSEMA etc. He made our mortgage and all the other necessary payments to keep us barely going. We always paid our bills and had great credit before all of this turned our world upside down. Now I can’t get a loan from any where and we need about $1200 dollars to help us to make 2 of our mortgage payments because our vehicle broke down on us and we had to have transportation, We had to use the mortgage money. We are trying to build our credit back up but nobody gives us a chance. Thank You Patricia

  33. I am in need of 2000.00 to get me through February slow month for business after holidays. I’ve been in business 30 years and just need help getting through a rough month. Please help

  34. I have an excellent job $60,000 per annum need a loan of $4,000 ASAP today (12/30/16) my bonus of $6,000 I wont get until January 2017 please need help

  35. I have very poor credit, I have a good job, but just can’t get caught up I need 2000.00 dollars . I am looking at eviction from my place of residence.

  36. I need 5000 dollars have a great job got behind on bills and was sick

  37. Need a small loan amount about 800 to 1000 I have bad credit and I really need some assistance

  38. Elaine Faust-Bowman says

    I was looking for a number yo call I need a loan very BAD….

  39. Need a new car or used car now, not later. Have 700 a month income plus more. Can pay 300 a month for car. No need in contacting in October or November when the new cars come out. Ill get one then for sure.

  40. I seriously need a loan to pay off all my debt so I just have one payment. if I could borrow 10,000, I would be able to pay back 350.00 a month until this loan is paid back. No body will help. I have a steady job and just got my degree in phlebotomy to try and get a better paying job. I have got caught up in the circle of borrowing low amounts at a time that I am now overwhelmed.

    Please consider lending me this money so I can stop having to borrow some every month to make ends meet. I cannot borrow from family because my mom has cancer and her treatments are so expensive and I cant be a burden to them. I am exhausted and need help please.

  41. I would like a loan of $10000, call me thank you.

  42. Rubaldo Barron jr says

    I need help with a 1,000, loan, I have a 2006,Chevy pick up for collateral, please email me if you can help

  43. Lydicia Allen says

    hello I have bad credit I have a home but its in need to be remoldedling it had caught a fire but its not live able at this time so im in need of a loan to fix up my home I think it will take about 5000. dollars and yes I do have a study job I make about 3,200 every two weeks im really in need so I pray that you all can help me real soon thanks you all very much so.

  44. Justin Hartland says

    I need two thousand dollars. I have a job. I gross over 2500 a month.
    In Tucson Az.

  45. need loan for 3000 please help

  46. looking for a loan around 3000 to pay off bills that got behind from my mom getting sick can you help can make monthly payments

  47. Rudy
    can I use V.A. student/GI bill as income to help with my employee income to qualify for a higher loan amount?

  48. Santa ramos says

    I need a loan $5000.00 dollars to pay my credit card – thank you!

  49. says guaranteed if you have a job. I have 2 jobs and bring home almost 2500 a month, I went through a bad divorce where I was left with all the debt and he got the house which still has my name on it and he keeps falling behind. Every time I start to get ahead something else happens. I just need 1500 for a six month term and I should be in good shape, but every one says bad credit no problem, no job no problem, bk ok but I with bad credit, no bk and 2 jobs can’t get help anywhere.

    thank you

  50. Ralph johnson says

    I want to borrow 4000.00 i have 6 loan companys i want to pay off i ve lived in this apartment for ten years. I can pay back 300.00 a month i am retired someone please help me. Thanks

  51. i need 1500 to consolidated bills

  52. im a single parent trying …but i am stuck with two bills befor it gets shut off. i need aleast $1,000.00 to play catch. will agree to pay in monthly installments.

  53. Fixing your credit is the 1st step JD if your home with your parents and you have no other loans go on the three different credit companies and dispute your credit , then try place like Car max for a car. Try all you options before you set your self up for failure

  54. Been going from website to website and nothing but crap. I have bad credit due to my life going to hell and a repo back in 2006.

    I live with parents and therefore have no rent/bills whatsoever. I make at least 2k a month and have had a job for over 4 years but nobody will give me a “loan” other than these junk car places with 1999 and 2002 beaters. Or JD By Ryder which sells used cars for the prices of new. They have 2002s and 2005s for over 15K so you can drive around in a new car while your bank account gets raped. I have no idea how they are even still in business.

    I’m desperate but not that desperate. So for the past 6 months or so I’ have been saving as much money as possible and figure I’ll just find a decent 10,000 car and pay for it straight out. I can’t even get a used, 10,000 car if I put 5k down.

    It really makes no sense.

  55. Jamocka Morrow says

    I need a loan for 3500.00 for a car ive been turned down on loans that I can afford. In im just trying to fix my credit and improve myself on my own I can do it if its possible.

  56. Priscilla Esquilin says

    I need $4,000 to payoff some bills with monthly installments to pay back. My credit is not good and I’ve been at the same job for 23 years. I need help

  57. Tiffany Crawford says

    Hello I am looking for a loan for about 4,000.00 to pay off some debt. I have been employed for six yrs at my current job and make decent money just need to pay this off to be able to get a more reliable car before winter, so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

  58. Hello, I am in need of a loan of $4000 to pay off a little debt. My credit score is about 575 I believe. I can to make decant payments every month. Can you please help me?

  59. robert barnette says

    I need a loan for motor home. Amount needed to pay off old motor home is 142,000. Amount needed to buy new one is 50,000 more total needed is 192,000.

    I can pay up to 1700.00 monthly. I am retired but own a business that brings in in excess of 300,000 annually. My credit score is a low 559 because of some old credit cards currently being paid off.

  60. I am about a 630 credit with a 2 yr old. I have some very high interest loans. I need to get one loan, and can easily pay back 600 per month. i need about 10,000..is there any way you can help?

  61. Serina Lynn Craig says

    I am very desperate and need a loan. My electric bill is high and needs to be paid by Tuesday next week or will be disconnected so could someone lend me enough money to pay the electric bill and other bills so I can catch up. I am willing to pay back immediately once received even I start payment within three months.

  62. I need a 17,000.00 loan to pay off high intrest loan and for medical procedure. I can make mnthly payements as high as 550.00 per month for 3 yrs.My high intrest credit cards will be paid off and I can have my procedure.I have a great job for 8yrs now and business is soaring.

    I just need to ge rid of these credit card debt. I do have low credit score, due to these high intrest credit cards that don’t seem to go away. I always exceed the minimum monthly payment.please help.

  63. I’m looking to get a loan for $4, 000 for a down payment for a car. Both my husband and i have very good jobs but have bad credit and need help with the down payment. Pls help!

  64. i have very bad credit credit score of 495 i need a loan for $7000 to pay off some bills i have been turned down by many people and need a loan i have a stable job. i need the loan asap if anyone know who will lend me the money regardless of the intrest rate please email me.

  65. I need a loan of 65,000 to pay off my dad estate . I have a home and 45 acres of land that appraises for 200,000 that i could use for colatral the house and land is paid off no leins what kind of loan can i get i have bad credit

  66. Trying to find a legitimate lender for a home purchase in Maine under 30,000 (move in condition). I’ve struggled with job losses and layoffs and my credit went in the crapper (from 805 to 520). Most are all charge offs at this time. Obviously, a mortgage (with insurance and all) would be more affordable than renting.

    I’ve thoroughly gone over the numbers and can swing this, but with my credit score I can’t seem to find a creditor willing to work with me. This home purchase would be ideal to get me back on my feet and is located near plenty of jobs, compared to where I currently live there is no jobs. Any options?

  67. I need a loan to fix my credit and pay off old bills 6000

  68. Thomas - BCLC says

    Hi Diane,

    I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. You will have to use the loan application which you can access by clicking the big image above or the link in the navigation menu.

    FYI you should never have to pay any upfront fee’s to get a loan. If someone asks for fee I would run the other direction.

  69. Hello I have a 545 credit score my rents due tomorrow pay day loans only give 200 to 300 I need 900 very badly.. I am asking for a 4,000 loan to pay my rent up for a few months and to buy a car. I have 4 1917 rifles as collateral. I live in mass looking for someone who can work with me I can pay it back weekly….please get back to me 413544****

    Couch****@aol.com I have no money for upfront fees or have the time to waist with scams I am in this position because of upfront fee that guarenteed a loan and then they just kept saying they needed more money. Please sincere people

  70. I need $4,000.00 to get out from under pay day loans. I do not own a house but I have been in the area for 6 years with a good paying job and have no intentions of leaving. Is there any help out there?

  71. Need a loan for $4000 to pay 4 payments that are killing me ever since I wrecked my car. I can’t seem to pay them. Need a loan so I can pay them off and make 1 single payment not 4. Help…

  72. Thomas - BCLC says

    Hello Jennifer,

    Please click the “cash loans” link in the navigation. To be honest I’m not sure if the lenders are offering that much money right now but it can’t hurt to try. I hope everything works out for you guys – Daniel

  73. jennifer hernandez says

    I need a loan for $6500 for surgery. Can someone please help me. My husband and I have good jobs and we will be able to make pament easly.

  74. Hello Amy,

    Our lenders are offering up to 1500.00 dollars cash at this point. It’s going to be very difficult to find a lender willing to loan you more than that if you have bad credit, sorry. If you think 1500.00 dollars will help you then you can apply using this form.

    I hope everything works out for you,
    Daniel – BCLC

  75. I need a $4,000 loan to save my house can you help
    my credit is really bad, But I don’t want to lose my house
    Help please Thank you

  76. I am looking to get a loan or 4000 for a down payment on a home. I was wondering if you might be able to help. Please get back with me.

    Thank you!

  77. Shiloh Green says

    Please call me i need a loan for 4000 for a surgery.

  78. Hello Valerie,

    You have a lot of options here but I think the best would be to try and borrow it from a friend or family member. This way you won’t have to pay interest or get a “personal loan” which usually means a high APR.

    If that’s not an option I would suggest pulling your credit score at the three major bureau’s and then report back here with it. Once I know your credit score I will be able to assist you better.

    Best Regards,

  79. Valerie Waldburg says

    Please call i need help. I need a loan for 2000.00 dollars.

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