Guaranteed Personal Loan

Sad to say, most of these lending companies that provide guaranteed personal loans would only give cash advance loans or payday loan that offers limited terms hence they are not always the solution that borrowers are looking for. But let it be reminded that not all lenders would give these options because it can also comprise of regular unsecured personal loans as well as secured personal loans.

Nobody can actually guarantee finance, the only thing that is guaranteed here is that the credit score will not bring a huge influence on the approval of the loan. All of the terms and condition of the loans are provided beforehand thus the borrower can have a good peak whether or not he will pass the application procedure.

On the other hand, the only thing that most brokers can guarantee is that they will put in all of their expertise and information to look of a lender that will go with the need of the borrower. If a fee is asked by the broker then you can pretty guarantee approval but see to it that the condition is that in case you will not be approved then the broker should return the payment in full. This stipulation is better known as the cash back guarantee or money back.

Basically, the money that you will get from guaranteed personal loans may take different time before it can reflect on your personal bank account. However, it can either be deposited directly or sometimes it may be mailed into your place through a form of a check. Sometimes, you will also get the chance for the repayment to be debited into your bank account to ensure convenience. Indeed, it can fill the gap between the days before payday arrives.

It is available both from online personal loans and from your neighboring establishment, financial institutions and banks. Once you already availed of it, always ensure that you pay right on time or else you’ll incur additional fees that can cause greater trouble.

Guaranteed personal loans as stated above are also available online which will make it more convenience in applying for fund since you don’t have to leave the four walls of your home. There are certain prerequisites that lender may provide before granting loan and you must meet their entire requirement to ensure approval.

A lot of them will call for someone to possess certain monthly income and high credit rating. There are also some who would require borrowers to be with their employer for certain level of time and would ask proper documentation to support the claim.

Indeed, guaranteed online personal loan is something which someone can hard to get a few years ago but the Internet provided a lot of options to the consumers living in United States and other people across the globe to get their loan as fast as possible. This is best for people who would always find their self all occupied with the daily affairs of their life.


  1. We are DESPERATELY seeking a consolidation loan so that we can get all our current personal loans; past due credit cards, etc in to one LOWER, MORE MANAGEABLE monthly payment.

    We do not have good credit but we do/are paying things on time (with exception to the credit cards). Please advise with any suggestions.

  2. Hello Jeff,

    Please check out my comments directly above yours. All you have to do is fill in the form on the home page or the upper right hand corner of this page. Using your details the most appropriate lenders will be found.

    Best Regards,
    Daniel – BCLC

  3. I need a loan to better my income potential. I would need to borrow $50,000 and can pay the money back in as little as 2 years or less. Terms and condittions are flexible.

  4. After months of due diligence I have found a lender I feel comfortable recommending. You will see the lender form in the upper right hand corner or directly above this post. All you need to do is choose your state and fill in the short form.

    If you need a fast loan this is the best lender I have come across.

    Best Regards,

  5. I need a laon of about $1700 due to hardshops, I can payback in about ten months. Can you help me?

  6. I need a loan to catch up on past due bills. My credit is poor, but if I could get a loan of $700 dollars to payback in about 10 months that would truly help.

    Do you know anyone that could be of assistnace to me?

  7. Sam Renstaff says

    It’s true to say that is there is no such thing as a “guaranteed loan”. However, due to the economic slump of the past few years, numerous bad credit lenders have started to appear. These lenders will usually be part of a bigger organization or a bad credit lender in their own right. They will usually check through your individual circumstances and calculate how much they believe you can borrow and at what interest rate. So you can still get a loan with bad credit and at a decent interest rate!

  8. I have a great job and secure, I was employeed before then I decided to go back and finish my studies, I left everthing hanging just so…. I need to pay those left behind debt so that my finincial rating can stabitilze. I need R20.000.00 and repayment of 24 months.

  9. I have great income with secure job. My credit rating is poor due to serious medical issues a couple years ago. I would like to get a $10,000 loan for about 48 months payback. Do you know anyone that does this?

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