How to Start a Credit Repair Business

Maybe you once had a bad credit score yourself. Maybe you’ve seen a very close friend who is a totally good person, the type who runs town charity bazaars or works for free in a homeless shelter, have a bad experience with his poor credit rating.

Or it may just be that you want to help people with bad credit standing. Whatever your reason maybe, you are thinking about opening your own credit repair company. But “How to start a credit repair business?” is a question you have to ask yourself especially having no prior knowledge in such an industry. Is it even possible?

The best course of action may be to franchise a credit repair business. Franchising means you will be offered free training, technical equipment, a website and guidance so the home company can protect its image by protecting you. But choosing which company to franchise is a lot harder than it seems as all franchises teach you how to start a credit repair business. They only differ in the package they offer. So let’s examine the different companies that you may want to consider.

1.    CreditCRM (

The website greets you with its very good looking founder, Edward Jamison, Esq. His chiseled features welcome you with a smile but do not think that the company’s best feature is his picture. Their website is very organized and it has a sitemap for all those who have trouble following the buttons and arrows. They offer a free information package that will give you the answer on how to start a credit repair business with their help.

Besides the basics of teaching one how to remove poor credit ratings, their company also offers software that will basically manage your business for you, free access to the creator’s legal staff, negotiation skills training and teleconference meetings with the creator himself. However, when trying to check out the other testimonials, the page does not move from the original review. Also, prepare to shell out more as this franchise costs more than its competitors.

2.    Credit Information Service, Inc. (

Their actual franchise information is not seen on the website. The details on how to use their business model is seen in Franchise Solutions ( On the page for Credit Information Service, Inc, it gives basic details telling you that they can find the solution for you on how to start a credit repair business, by offering training and materials needed.

3.    Quantum Debt Solution (

It has a very catchy banner on its homepage. It claims that even a high school drop out can earn $1,000 a day with this company’s solution on how to start a credit repair business. Their site is a very exciting read with all its exclamation points and fantastic promises.

The company offers:

A step by step program to start your business, free one consultation with the president, André Larabie, home study kit, 10 case consultations and some other odd bonuses like “16 Golden Rules to Immediately and Massively Grow Your Business.”

These are just some of the businesses out there that can guide you in your question of how to start a credit repair business.

* We are not affiliated with and do not endorse any of the credit repair business talked about in this article.


  1. True, this is a great industry to get involved in. More importantly, you get to help people out. The national debt rate for people is at an all time high. I would highly recommend getting on the credit repair bandwagon :)

  2. Andre Larabie says

    I read your comments regarding Quantum Debt Solutions and I would like to clarify that we are not and never worked in the field of how to start a credit repair business. We are professional Debt Negotiator and Mediator and we settle lawsuit for the business to business market.

    Thank You,
    Andre Larabie

  3. Def a good idea visiting franchise solutions to learn more about the credit information franchise. They have proven to be very popular.

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