Key Bank Student Loans

If you need help in funding your education then you should take a look at your options in Key Bank student loans. Education is the most important investment that you should make in your life. But without the availability of sufficient funds, you will never be able to finish higher education. Major banks and institutions have acknowledged this need. That is why most banks have created departments that are committed to provide financial aid for your education. Key Bank is one of them and they offer you good deals when it comes to protecting your educational future.

Key Bank student loans are divided into two major categories. The first category is the Federal Key Bank student loans. This type of loan allows you to enjoy the benefits and security of having Key Bank as your official lender. At the same time, you will receive all the other benefits that are associated with your federal loan. There are many types of federal loan packages that you can choose from. You can look it up and see which one can serve you best.

The second category of student loans is the Private Key Bank student loans. There are a lot of federal loans that you can apply and qualify for. But college education has become quite expensive these days and federal funds may not be able to cover all of your school expenses. To solve this, you can consider applying for a private loan.

Key Bank offers you three options for Private student loans. The first option is the Key Alternative loan. This loan is specifically designed to fill in the gap between your federal student loans and your actual expenses. Most of the time, your federal funds can cover the most part of your expenses but still leave a few unpaid dues. This loan can cover those expenses for you. To qualify for this loan, you have to be enrolled for at least half time of the semester. You also need a strong credit score since loans are subject to credit approval. If you are qualified, you can borrow amounts from $500 to $125,000.

The second option is the Achiever loan. This loan is designed for students who have parents, families, or sponsors who want to help them financially. If your parents or any sponsor wants to pay for your education, then this option is best for them. It is very easy to apply for this loan since you do not need to pay for application or processing fees. You can even apply online and quickly get a credit decision.

The last option is the Key Career loan. This loan is designed for both the undergraduate and graduate student. If you are attending approved institutions that offer career enhancement trainings or continuing education programs, then you can avail of this loan. You only need to be attending the institution on at least a part-time basis. Even weekend or evening classes can be considered. You can even use this loan to acquire a personal computer hardware or software.

Those are the good deals that you can get from Key Bank student loans. See if you qualify for any of the loans above so that you can have a chance of ensuring a good education without worrying about your finances.


  1. I just got off the phone with Key Bank. I had a student loan managed by AES and have paid faithfully for 10 years. I filed Bankruptcy last winter and Key “charged off” the loan as soon as the notification from the court was issued. The person who called me to tell me about “my obligation” demanded that I provide the full amount due… over 32K. He was rude and condescending. I told him that I did not have the money and he mocked me. I hung up with him and immediately called AES to find out what was going on; given that I had just paid on this loan based on my latest statement, and they referred me back to Key.

    When I called the 866 number provided I was transferred to “the person who handles these things” and it was the same SOB that had called me earlier in the day.

    He said he could try and work out something–a few moments later told me that he could get the amount owed down to 20K. When I said that I did not have 20K and give my current financial situation could not get 20K, he suggested that maybe I ask a family member. When I explained that this was not an option he said that we were back tat 32K being owed… then silence. I had to ask whether a payment plan was available and he reluctantly agree to ” see what he could do” . He came back with a payment amount and an interest rate; said it would be re-evaluated in 6 mo.

    When I asked him to send me the agreement terms in writing, he told me that this arrangement was a “courtesy” and that no statements or paperwork would be sent. He then gave me an address in Brooklyn Ohio and an account number… told me to send the payments by the due date each month.
    So, I am just supposed to send money each month with no communication about where my account stands? I don’t think so…

  2. Mountain Lioness – Yes we have (and many of our friends) have filed Chapter 7 and won with the Key Alternative loans (pilot school). Key Alternative Loan does not meet the legal definition of a student loan and can be discharged in Chapter 7 if you have a lawyer who knows what they are doing and knows the loophole. Please give me a way to privately message you!

  3. Mountain Lioness says

    Has anyone filed chapter 7 bankruptcy with Key bank alternative loan?
    Has anyone done a debt settlement with Key Bank alternative loan? If so let us know.


    Key Bank is the most crookedly run operation I have ever run across. We have a student loan with them for our son, which we have been paying on for the past 6 years, on time each and every month. They call and harass us on our home and cell phones multiple times every month before the payment due date. The people that call are arrogant, ignorant, and multiple attempts to get them to stop this practice have been unsuccessful. I will never do business with this company again.

  5. Key Bank is a pain.

    They wont work with you even though there isnt even many jobs out there, Key Bank is about to destroy my almost perfect credit before I went to college a few years ago. I was better off before I went to school. I was constantly harassed and called several times a day. I was on unemployment and they wouldnt do anything the money i offered was not enough because it wasnt what they wanted. The only way they would work with me was to have a full time job which I was unable to get. My electricity is off cause they said if I paid 300 dollars they would offset my default by a month. they did not. I was asked for 2 months payment after all of this. this was supposed to be defered months ago. good luck getting your paperwork on time. good luck on getting your checks cashed on time.

  6. Right now I am trying to buy a house and I have been making payments since 2009. FHA requires a letter from key bank stating our payment arrangement and key bank will not give me anything in writing. Therefore I cannot get a mortgage on a house!

  7. joseph lee morehouse says

    My father died in 2006 and I inherited the house ,wasn’t aware of a $20,000.00 loan against it until 2009 when I receive notice that they were selling the house in a tax sell it,Well When I found out I made arrangements to pay it otherwise they would sell the family house 2 years later paying one to two thousand a month plus back interest and nearly $30,000.00 dollars later my last payment statement stated I owe $104.00.

    I go to the bank and request a pay off and received in the mail a letter stating I still owe $4,ooo.oo .I call the bank and nobody would explain where the $4,000.00 came from. Angia peterson was my contact at keybank in Ohio and she was of little help.They are apack of Dogs,they told me if I pay the loan off they would clear the house lien, well I made the payment acording to the statement and found out throw a loan offier in South Bend Indiana not all of my payments were post to the account, she couldn’t explain it either.

    So when all said and done I will have paid $34,00.00 for a dead man house, the loan was for $20,000.00. Keybank if you read this I am did the right thing you should do the same bastards.

  8. I absolutely agree with you! Keybank is the biggest bunch of crooked jerks! I have 1 loans through them that I agreed to make payments on as I was still in school but had filed bankruptcy 4 years prior, I started with $50 a month (25 on each loan), the balance at the time was less than $6000. Then the following week after I paid my $50, the called again requesting I raise my payment to $75 a month (37.50 for each).

    Again I agreed and made another payment. The next month the called again telling me I had to raise my payments to $50 on each loan ($100). I told them that at the moment that was impossible. My husband was not working and I was making only abouot $18,500 a year, with a $1290 mortgage payment and car payment of $495, an additional 100 was just not possible, so they said okay in 6 months we will reevaluate the situation.

    However after that phone call I never received another statement and was never contacted again. I sent the payment like I was suppose to with the last statement I had received, and then stopped. Last month we tried applying to prequalify for a mortgage loan and found out that they charged off the accounts on both our credit reports. No warning, nothing. Is this legal?

  9. If they turn you into the credit bureau as delinquent, you are in real trouble. You can make payments to pay off your loans but the will not report it to the credit bureau. Try buying a house. They told me that they will not change my delinquency status until I pay the loan off. Good luck trying to get a print out of your payment history. Guess what, they have to or you can take them into the banking commission.

  10. Get a lawyer. This is the only way you will have a fighting chance.

  11. My experiencs with key bank have been the same. I recognize that I have an obligation but due to a family medical emergency, there is no money right now. Have been asking for a one year deferrment but no response after several months of trying. Key Bank has been impossible to work with. Have also had problems with them saying they mailed something and never receiving it. This is an institution that has no professionalism and does not seem to have any interest in doing “what is right”.

    Don’t have any solutiuons to post but would hope that anyone considering a loan with key bank will go anywhere else.

  12. Key Bank is a bunch of CROOKS! They lure you in, and then jack the rates sky high, so you can never get it paid off! I have paid more in interest than my original loan amount!. They also will dip into your bank account without letting you know, if they have the numbers!

  13. I am starting to have a similar outcome as Lauren. At this point I have made my third phone call requesting forbearance and have been told the same thing as the last two times-You’ll receive a package in the mail in 7-10 days. I began requesting a forbearance in Feb. and it is now June. I too am told I am in default now. I only hope I can get control of this before it spins further out of control.

  14. key bank is the most dishonest, corrupt bank in the student loan business. They do not provide the proper information by phone and make it as difficult as they possibly can for you to manage debt. I have lost count of the number of times they have confirmed my mailing address, promised to send information crucial to my loan payment, and then failed to deliver.

    they make a habit of telling you to call back or wait for something in the mail only to prolong the process in hopes of making you late on payments. I was unemployed for almost two years. after 3 months of calling and waiting for a forbearance package to be mailed to me, they suddenly put me into default, which means i cannot get a forbearance. when I informed them i was in the process of getting a forbearance and didn’t understand how they could do this without informing me they told me too bad. My credit has been demolished and Key Bank refuses to accept accountability for any of this. avoid Key Bank at all costs. their toxic loans capitalize on middle class people trying to educate themselves and better their position in life.

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