Not Sure If It’s A Scam?

Please use this page to post your questions about specific lenders.

For instance if you have a question about the legitimacy of an online loan lender ask it here. If you have been involved in some type of loan scam and want to warn others please post the details here.


  1. Hi is anything like First Capital Finance in South Africa, Johannesburg, Sandton and they said their headquarters is in UK. Help please I want to be sure if it’s not a Scam

  2. Gerald Vanlandingham says

    Has anyone ever used Jim Clark Quickloan? Is he for real?

  3. So I applied for a 15000 dollar loan they said they need a deposit of 1250 dollars so I sent it they they said because I am a high risk I need to send them 999.85 dollars for a insurance policy so I did that that was a week ago I still have not heard anything back that was the last of my money the loan was so I can get new teeth get my kids what they needed and help pay off debt
    This company is called wise credit co.

  4. Have anyone heard about a loan company in South africa called debt relief solutions company its based in South this not a scammer im not sure at all because they approved me to quickly and ask me a loan registration fee of 2999.00 to get my loan. Can someone please tell me if its a real company

  5. Hello ! I asked loan ther 8000 euros but first they need get money from me 545 €
    Is this scam or what
    Everything seems okei @ homepage
    But my guts says it’s a scam

  6. Kimberly Blair says

    I had this very same “loan officer” at the very same loan company. They wanted me not only to let them send funds to account for me to resend it back I was told to send a steam card that’s like an iTunes card.

    Then was told to send another 25.00 steam card, first one was 50.00.

    I refused they kept me on hold and closed after I refused !! I never got my loan or refunded the 50.00. watch out for them. There are more just like them. They don’t speak English to well either so hard to understand them. They refused to work with my online bank bankcorp which is a legit banking but they said it was a prepaid bank? Aren’t they all really?

  7. Same here i just got a call from them yesterday they seem fishy to me

  8. Has anyone used Financial Watchdogs for credit card relief

  9. has anyone heard of Marcus by Goldman Sachs online loans ?

  10. Cynthia Poore says

    Craigslist post:

    Pathfinder loan services is a finance and loan company that assists businesses or individual in locating and securing loans for commercial ventures or personal purposes. Our company has been in existence since 2006 and We do large personal loans, home (mortgage) loans based on credit. We offer short and long term loan for individual. Contact us on +1 (270) 6*7-8285, +1 812-8*8-8761 us on Pathfin**”

    I contacted them and without any information on myself was told that I was approved for the funds requested of $10K and stated Send your full name and address and occupation with your ID card and your next of kin name and address now for your registration.

    I cannot find any information on this company I asked if they had a company website I could submit through and the answer was “yes but you can submit it through email now” Is this legit? any information would be helpful before I send over my personal information

  11. Kevin Thomas Kopacz says

    Hi, I am looking for funding for a start up. Has anyone had any acquaintance with funding com?

  12. HAS anybody heard of donwoods referrals from new york call me and said i was approve for 8,000 but have to pay 575.00 for the three month payment .

  13. Has anyone ever heard of or used Capital Finance Company (CFC)? Approved my loan right away but sounds fishy

  14. My husband and me applied for a loan with halifax, the consultant “Lara” contacted my husband telling him that he was approved. She requested admin monies as this was the first time we tried to borrow money from another country we paid the 2,500 ZAR. We signed the contract. She phoned us again, telling me to check my email, I did, there was a letter of HSBC bank of London ( letter of transfer).stating that the COT cost of 6,000 ZAR must be paid before they can send the money, if we send the money the loan will be available in 45 minutes. We were fools we did It, and waited for hours. She called us again telling me to check my emails I did, there was another letter stating that 5,000 was needed for our bank to make the money available. My husband told her that we had no more money, and asked if she could refund the money, she refused. She called us 3 days later asking us to pay only half the money, (she will give the rest) I told her we do not have any more money. She told me she will phone me back, I am still waiting. Without food, gifts or school fees and my car is still broken. This all happened in the festive season.

  15. Has anyone heard of Dream Financial Brokers Inc.?

  16. Is this a legit comp?

    109 Carpitol Loop Reidsville North Carolina USA
    Phone# 646 /653 / 2749 /
    Motto:Your Loan Delivery in 24Hours.
    Ref: AR-ESB/743POH/09/DC-FPIO
    Motto: Your Financial Problem Is Our Target!.

  17. Has anyone herd or has done bussness with one loan place .com? Are they a scam? Sounds to good to be true.

  18. i recieved a telephone call, telling me that i had won 250,000 from a gentleman called Roy Smith, his phone no: is 347-441-6991 he also told me it was a US govt cert..check, has any one got a call like this,>? i think its a SCAM, by the name he gave me, tell me sombody out there got a call like this. I sure would like to know.
    lets just say its true, WOW!!!!! i sure could use this money, if its true. coment anyone? suzieq

  19. Has anyone ever heard of of Irvine, Ca??

  20. Has anyone heard of Q-Flex Loans are they legit or a scam?

  21. lynn taylor says

    Has anyone heard of Alliance Processing, Inc. Norfolk, Va. They are a loan modification scam. If so let’s connect.

  22. has anyone heard about lapoloanlender ? is it scam or not

  23. Wondering if anyone has heard of Equinox Monetary Services. I Sent 675 to them after being told I was approved for my loan and it would be processed into my account within 24 hours of receiving my first 3 payments. When I did not receive the loan, I contacted them and they said the lender wanted another 675 before releasing my loan. Requested my money back and they said it would be 30 days.

  24. Has anybody heard of of Trust Security Loans out of california? Im approved for 7000 dollars but want 55 dollars western inion to them first

  25. does anyone know if 5kloans dot com is a real loan company

  26. Has anybody heard of wellington lending group Wellington lending I am a bit hesitant about filling out the application form. So if anybody can let me know asap would be very grateful.

  27. Has anyone heard of “APEX Financial Resources’?

    The whole thing seems to good to be true!

  28. Has anyone heard of Birchwood Financial so said located in Chicago IL. I have looked for them online and I can’t find anything about them.

  29. Note to all you guys. If you have to pay money to get money it’s a SCAM!!!!

  30. Stay away from Lendcare…big scam..police investigating

  31. another sceptical person too! says

    I got one of those online loan offers. I want to know if anyone has done business with David Smith loan and investments? This company has BBB documentation but are they legit or scam?

  32. Has anyone come across Access Loan Firm-Charles Twene. Scam?

  33. skeptical borrower says says

    Has anyone heard of silver-throne group? the guys name is bill nikkelson from there? check the bbb and nothing shows up… has a webpage for them but not sure if its a scam?

  34. Skeptical Maria says

    I am trying to refinance my home; and wanted to know if anyone has had any dealings with WestStar Mortgage Co. and if so what is your review of this company? Any info is greatly appreciated.

  35. Anonymous and Hopeful says

    Has anyone heard of certified financial? I have researched it and came up with no results. I was contacted by Kurt Sutter. They want me to send money for collateral since I didn’t have anything else for collateral. They are located

    500 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611
    Ph: 1-855-831-4354

  36. Spring leaf, plain greens and western sky are all legit companies. I have borrowed from them all.

  37. Fahad Malik says

    Any one knows about DAVID FISCHEL offering loans via bells global PLC ?

    Seems to be scammer.
    Fahad Malik

  38. I got the phone called from Toy Scott. Beware of this guy he called from strange number like 203-433-3449 he ask for my banking numbers.

  39. has anyone heard of springleaf lending?

  40. says

    i just got a call from 218 3197254 and they told me i was excpeted for 10,200 grant to call this num 202 4703504 and i had to give them a approvel number and bank info and go to western union or money gram them 153.00 to call back when i get there is it a scam

  41. Dont get ripped off. . Ask loan co. rep for company name and address then search google earth, then go to rip-off If they only accept green dot, wire transfer or similar pay services DO NOT SEND MONEY! They are attempting to hide where the money goes so do not do business with these people.

  42. lendcare is one huge scam

  43. melissa samaniego says

    does anyone know about Clarefield Financial? Approved for loan signed paper then asked and i sent 3500.00 for insurance and security for loan the money never showed up.

  44. My husband got offered a $2,000 loan from a company called Payday Loans of America. They told him that he would need to go into walmart and buy a green dot card and put $150 on it and the money would be in the account in an hour. He checked the account an hour later and there was nothing in it. he called them again and they said he would have to do the same thing again, still no money. Then he called them again the next day and they said that he would have pay $250 for them to western union the money. My husband has been trying to get a hold of them and they do not answer the phone.

  45. James that is a scam you shouldn’t have to pay for a loan that defeats the purpose. Why don’t you just apply on this website at least you know it’s legit.

  46. I was offered a personal loan of 10,000 USD from a company called America Payday Cash. They said they are world wide and have lenders from all over the world. It sounded like it was legit, but when they told me to send $250 to them to secure the loan and I had to wire it to someone in India, I had second thoughts a bit too late.

    They keep calling me saying they have my money, but in order to get it I have to pay another $500 to transfer the Indian Rupees to USD. I have not sent the $500 yet since I don’t have that kind of money currently, and was wondering if I am a scam victim or if this is for real? They keep calling my cell and my home numbers and each time they call, the numbers are different. The original number came out of Washington State, now its somewhere else. They will not let me alone!

  47. Hi,

    I am trying to get a loan online, VIVIAN WALTERS AND her company claims that if I pay 1500 activation fee upfront I will be granted a 100,000 usd loan immediately. I don’t know if they should be trusted?

  48. Anyone know about company call amircapital funding group – Ohio? They ask me for $ 890 as secured for personal loan ?

  49. Montana Finacial Group is a scam. My husband & I sent the over $800 to get a 10,000 loan they got thier money but our bank account does not have the 10,000 they promised us. Beware they will take your money & not give you the money they promise you.

  50. Has anyone heard of Lendcare Financial Services in Pickering Ontario which is connected to AC Tristar Marketing, an independent dealer for Saladmaster Canada? Lendcare loan money to AC Tristar clients who joined the multi-level direct selling business. But there is no loan approval notice, clients usually are ask to sign a credit application with Lendcare by a consultant. It is a deferred payment for 6 months.

    Has anyone been victimized?

  51. I want to know if plain green loans, is a legit lending company?

  52. Has anybody heard from millbrook financial center in75 hill st.#2 , biddeford, ME 04005a

    A man name michael perry said i was approved for a loan, he said i was approved for a loan. 50,000 dollars, but of course i have to pay a security initial payment of close to 1,900.00 for loan to be approved. really not sure, but read most of loans that ask for money before loan approved an wants something other than a credit card or debit , is probably a scam. so i am asking if anybody heard of this company, an what should i do. if it is, i have his number.

  53. Anyone been scammed or done business with e-lending home of Malaysia or Tata Loan services of India? I was scammed by Icapital FS out of Malaysia for the sum of 1250 so was wondering if anyone has heard of any of them?

    Thank You

  54. has anyone heard of woodson loan company?

  55. Hey guys has anyone heard of EuropaMortageCompany they sent me an email saying I was approved for a loan I only had to choose my amount and send them my work info I don’t have to send any money. I looked them up online and found them

  56. single mom says

    Hi has anyone heard of greendot capital loans. They seem legit to me they presented me with three options to secure my loan. They were 1 put something up as collateral to secure my loan 2 get a co signer with colateral or 3 pay an fee for insurance. They seemed legit to me but im afraid to send them money without seeing someone post something about them. They have a website and the people i talked to were american. I googled it and i didnt find anything saying they were a scam. Has anyone heard of this? Do u think its legit?

  57. BEWARE!!! FIRST INTEGRITY LENDING BUREAU Chicago,IL has $4775.00 of my money to fund a loan of $7500.00. 14 separate wire transfers with a promise to fund loan after each one with me getting the money back along the loan. I just had too much in to quit. I finally did and requested a refund. I received email about my refund due 4/16/2012signed by their legal manager. 4/16 comes around and they need $312.00 cancellation fee. I told to take out of refund and of course they can’t. I will the Attorney General’s Office handle it.

    It’s funny I got this website off of their website…

  58. CONCORDIA EQUITY GROUP IS A SCAM! I know this personally. I was scammed out of 786.00. I was “approved” for 5,000 and all I had to do was send this six months worth of 121.00 payments and I’d get my money the next day. As a single mom of three kids under 7, I was more than in need of 5,000 bucks!! So I sent in the money. Of course I then needed “more collateral” of yet another 786.00. I didn’t send it and told KEVIN FERGUSON from the “group” I wanted to cancel. He said it’d take 30 business days to receive it. 8 long months later and I still haven’t gotten that 786.00. I had tried calling them repeatedly and the number was no longer in service. I hope no one else falls for this!

  59. olivia to julia says

    I recieved an email today from Vista Financial saying I got approved for a 7000 dollar loan. I had to pay my insurance that covers it to western union> A guy called Reid something in Toronta and her name is Catherine Ellis. Why would I send money out if I am applying for a loan?

    Is it because I dont have anyything and when u call Catherine its only her direct number. If it was for real it would be a big company with a extension not a direct toll free line. When u look them up on the internet they dont even show up.

  60. Has anyone heard of a Greendot Capital Loans? They say I’m approved for 10,000 and all I have to do is Western Union them 295.00 Sounds fishy to me

  61. Juliaspumenti says

    Hi, i was about to send money via western Union to a Mr Sean Reid in Toronto, Canada. Supposed to be a private lender. He was refered by GC Financial Services by a certain Catherine Ellis (loan manager). She e-mailed me the Contract to sign. The insurance was made by Vista Financial Advisors and the cost was 768$ in advance. I check Vista Financial on BBB; the report was A-. I checked Gc Financial; the report was F-. I’ve tried to find this Sean Reid on the internet but did not find him.

    As anyone ever heard about them, and did you do business with them? Those people play with our lives and they aren’t even ashamed.

    Thank you

  62. Rosalind from Oregon says

    Does anyone know about Ameriloans? Or even 500 fast cash (or something close to that) or western sky? Those are the three that approved me.

  63. Has anyone heard of easy step funding? I looked at their Web site but I would like to know complaints or reviews before I give them my info.

  64. If a loan company is asking you for money then just assume it is a scam. Common sense says legitimate websites make a profit or commission when they take it out of the loan not a payment upfront. I have a difficult time understanding why someone would send a lender money. If they are legitimate they will take the commission from the proceeds of the loan and be upfront about the fees they are charging.

    Never send money to a lender. If they are asking for upfront fees then rest assured they are a scam! The only time you should ever need upfront money is when applying for a mortgage and you have to have a down payment. REMEMBER, Never NEVER NEVER send money to a lending institution unless making payments on a loan already received.. Very Simple.

    Hope this helps save someone their hard earned cash.

  65. Madlo Capital Finance does anyone know anything about this company?

  66. Who can you tell me about Friedman Roberts Financial?

  67. Has anyone heard of LUTHOR COP LOAN HOUSE Funds Ltd.. all of your stories match what they are trying to do to me. I haven’t gave them anything though, but how do I know if it real or not when I can’t find anything about them as a scam?

    No one has came across them yet. I mean I’ve seen all of the one on this page before. I googled them and nothing bad came up. Now there is a first time for everything. I really need money right now, but something is telling me that I’ve been down this road before.

    Can someone give me some feedback on this please.
    Thank you.

  68. Jim from LA says

    Does anyone have info on Capital Finance Solutions, Inc. in London, UK?

  69. Does anyone have information on Credcor Solutions in Yorktown New York?

  70. I got scammed by Grandmont Solutions as well. I too dealt with John Mussino. He had me sign a “legal” contract which would prevent fraud from happening. Hahaha… Jokes on me, I guess. I left a message for him after I did not receive my loan and told him I found out this was all a scam and would file a complaint with the FBI’s internet complaint department and was looking into what type of legal action I can take to get my money back. A couple hours later the customer service department called and left a voice message to call them back. I will be calling tomorrow to see how much more money they are going to try and get from me.

    I did file a complaint on the FBI’s internet scam page. I don’t think they can do much but at least they are aware. I will be looking into what, if any, legal action can be taken from here. I need my money back as well.

  71. @Sidney

    Hello, just wondering if you ended up getting a loan with Friedman Roberts financial? I was approved for a loan and it too looks legit and was looking for some feedback. Thanks

  72. Grandmont Solutions and Green Tree Leending SCAM says

    Grandmont solutions is nothing but a big fat scam. They took 1,544.00 from me. Be careful they usually tell you to apply in the website Green Tree The person spoke to from Grandmont Solutions was John Mussino, and there number is 800-579-1150.

  73. Lo Vonda Johnson says

    Do not use Aerohead or arrowhead…..ITS A SCAM.I JUST GOT SCAMMED OUT OF 12000…

  74. Has anyone had any dealings with “NAMP” or Kat Capital to help reduce your mortgage payment and negotiate new rates? They want me to send them by bank account number up front to start the process.

  75. Do not ever use Windham Loan Company, they are based out of Maine. They seemed legit until they wanted $795.00, upfront. And their website never worked. All BS! If you aren’t certain about a loan company never use them. After further research I’ve come to realize most online loans are scams.

  76. Has anyone ever heard of Arrowhead Lending also know as Arrowhead Loans?

  77. Hi does anyone know about Grandmont Solutions?

  78. Hello

    I will like to know if some one heard about the company At First Carolina Solution? I received a mail, but they want upfront before making the loan available since I was already scammed by one, I took some infos and if they ask for upfront, run, it is a scam I want just to know maybe this one it is not – at least their documents seems real.

  79. I was wanting to know if anyone has had any of the aforementioned problems with a financial company called Friedman Roberts Financial Company, located at Bank of America bldg at the address of 100 se 2nd st miami florida 33131.

    They seem legit but are wanting basically the same type of collateral i have their tax id no. and phone numbers they have main office in miami. [processing center in white plains newyork and north office in calgary ab. The guy that has been helping me is wayne maxwell. the tax id number given is 45-453-1221.

    Please any info would be appreciated because everything else seems legit.

  80. heather santiago says

    @Chris Davis

    Newbrook Loan Brokers is a scam! Scamming people out of thousands of dollars. They got me for $1890! Google newbrookloanbrokers scam and see for yourself! Never send any money to any company up front…. 99% of the time its a scam and once the money is sent, there is nothing you can do!

  81. Up front payments I know u may need the money but never send money to get money big signs of a scam! Good faith payments? sure NOT! Scams are everywhere seen people send money for a car that was suppose to be delivered within 2 days well the car never showed up.

  82. I was wondering if any body has heard of Newbrook Loan Brokers? If so please post here and let me know.

  83. Has anyone ever heard of Alberta Financial Group? Supposed to be located at 409 w. jackson st. Thomasville Ga. phone # is 1-877-785-1507. I was approve for a loan contract looks legit I did some research but could not find them on the map.

  84. Does any 1 have information on loan & finance solutions ltd or welcome loans ltd? They both sent me letters saying I have been accepted but they want a processing fee.

  85. I am supposed to send Welington Liberty Finance 480 tomorrow January. Well its after midnight so today this guy sounds real profesional sorry but this guy is a freaking joke. After I told him this was my rent money he told me to have a little faith and I would be thanking him tomorrow morning. But after reading these storys I cant wait to tell this guy to go f*ck himself or I think i might even pretend that I sent the money and see how these jokers like getting bent over.

    I will just keep telling him I sent it and should be there. Let’s see how he reacts thanks to this site I’m 480 dollars richer.

    Welington Liberty Finance
    Ryan Moore
    25 pearl St
    Portland Maine 04101

    There is no such firm at the above address I talk to the bulding management.

  86. Has anyne been scammed by wellington liberty investments, the sound very profesinal but has anone actually ever sent the money ? I need to know because im contemplating it.

  87. To: flpdoodle

    I also was approved by Wellington Liberty Investments. They requested me to send them funds via Western Union. They said once I send the money they will transfer my loan into my bank account. I have NOT sent the money yet. I was dealing with a Ryan Moore. The person who I would be transfering the funds to would be the person who is lending me the money “Jessica W” not sure what the last name is. I find this really suspisious that’s why I am hesitating to send the money.

    They seem professional, but I am not sure about sending the money.

  88. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has gotten a loan from Wellington Liberty Investments? They sound very professional and legit. I found things on google about them, has anyone ever had to send money before a loan? They told me to gete a co-signer but I dnt have anyone so then they want 480.00 collateral payment, please help asap. They want me to send it through wal-mart, kinda like western union.

  89. Has any one dealt with First Heritage Financial?

  90. Wellington Liberty Investments – Has any one heard of them. They are requesting I send them $750.00 secured amount via western union. I am hesitating about sending this reading the previous comment.

    Has anyone ever sent them money before?

  91. Debbie I just got a call from “Wellington Liberty Investment” right when they told me they wanted an upfront fee I knew it was a scam..
    Usually when you apply for a loan and they require an insurance amount they take it out of the amount you have been approved for.. so don’t do it!!

  92. Has anyone heard of Wellington Liberty Investments and know if they’re legitimate?

  93. Bill I got the same one but I decided not to fax the contract back and I didn’t hear back from them after the 7 days ran out. I still don’t know if it was a scam or not hope you didn’t find out the hard way… let me know.

  94. Just got a call from Wellington Liberty Investment group, said I was approved for loan for $7000, and wants me to send the insurance money of $535.00 through Western Union to a “Heather Davis”. I am suspicious. I need the money, but don’t want to get burned again. Has anyone ever dealt with this company? They are in Portland, Maine.

  95. Stressed and depressed says

    Has anyone heard of Safe House Financial? I got an email stating I was approved for 5,000…having bad credit I was super excited and went for it. They told me I had to send 800.00 WU and my money would be in my account by the morning. Of course my luck I woke up n it wasn’t there. I called the company n they said the lender Michael Cunningham in Canada went back over my history and I needed to send another 800.

    I asked for a refund and they said I wouldn’t get it for 15-30 days but if I sent the 800.00 my money would be in my account in 2-3 hours. In a panic left with .37 cents in my account, 2 kids n Christmas being in a week I asked my dad for the money, sent it, called the company to let them know, and 24 hours later I’m left with absolutely nothing, I’ve left several messages and have gotten no return calls. I have no clue where to go from here.

  96. Has anyone ever filled out an application with The website looks somewhat legit. They have all kinds of info pertaining to motorcycle knowledge. But the biggest RED flag is they do not have a phone number. Only a spot where you can leave your e-mail and someone will contact you back.

    I got impatient and went ahead and filled out the application. But the app didn’t ask for my driver’s license or SSN. Just general info and a few questions about name of bank and how long i’ve had an account with them. It also asks what my credit score is and the last question it asks which the app says is most important is what my credit to dept ratio is so that they can try to get the best rates. So they have a link to a company called which offers a 7 day free trial to obtain my credit scores from all 3 bureaus. So I sign up and got my dept to credit ratio and completed the application. Still I have not received any info from

    I called to ask if they are affiliated with and they said they never heard of them before. So now i’m really worried. I would like to prevent a possible identity theft scam. I’ve searched the web for more info on the company and have not been able to find any negetive feedback about them. I found a few inquiries about other people posting up questions about them asking if they are a scam.

    If anyone knows anything about them, please post it here. I’ll be checking back often to see if there are any updates regarding this post.

  97. Does anyone know anything for sure about ceridian commerce out of Florida?

  98. Chad Turner from Ceridian Commerce out of clear water fl approved me for a 25000 loan but wants 3000 up front do not know if its a scam. Please help dan

  99. philbury says: says

    Do not, I repeat do not get a loan from “ceridian lending group from Boston MA. They are a scam lending group.

    I got a loan from them approved and I was told all was okay and all of a sudden I need to send a “collateral payment of 2500 dollars to them to secure the loan just in case I failed to make any payments. Then I was told they couldn’t negotiate an insurance company to insure the policy and that in order to release the funds I needed to send them the full policy amount.

    Do not do so they are a scam!

  100. need an answer says

    Has anyone ever got a loan from Ceridian Lending Group? I really want and need to know if they are a legit company? I went on the computer and there were comments about their service and none of them were bad. I also did what i was told to do by a lawyer which was look up their address on mapquest to see if there is such an address, goggle the company, so forth and so on and so far things have come back ok.

    I just want to know if anyone has received a loan from them.

  101. Ceridain Commerce is a diffrent company then Ceridian Lending Group. I did get a contract from Ceridian Commerce and are you people getting contratcs to sign?

  102. Diane if there local go check them out ….Lucky, Really!

  103. Has anyone ever heard of Lucky Credit Financial Institution out of Boston, MA?

  104. Yeah sounds the same every time. I filled out aplications for a loan online. I did get a call from One Main financial they’re local so I went to see them and filled the contarct out. I put up my truck for collateral and I did get a check but now I’m waiting to see if it clears… interest was high.

    I got a call the same day from Ceridian. I think there ligit they sent me a contract to fill out and fax back just like One Main. But who really knows if they’re legit just do some research before giving someone money.

  105. So is Ceridian lending group a scam? I got approved for a $7500 loan and they want a title loan, house, or 15% as collateral. Really need the money.

  106. Do not send monly to Ceridian Commerce.Chad Turner

  107. I have just received approval for a 10 000.00 loan from Ceridian Commerce in Clearwater Florida. The mans name is Chad Turner. He wants me to send a down payment of $1200.00 so that I show I can make payments because of my bad credit says I will receive the funds the next day. Is this company real or is this a scam?

  108. Has anyone got a Loan from a company named “Ceridian Lending group ” so far they seem to be legitimate, but I would like to know more information.

  109. Deedee…yes their a scam. Don’t ever send money like that!

  110. First on Line Financial……they sent me an email approving me for $5000 they are in Spain they want $300 western unioned to them. THey have to be a scam RIGHT?

  111. I just got scam by james hampton of pine hurst financial i want to catch them.

  112. First On Line Financing says

    Has anyone heard of First On Line Financing? A man named Hikam said they are in Spain and he offered me a loan of $5000 if I could send a processing fee of $30l That has got to be a scam has anyone heard of them?

  113. Wowwwwwww…I just popped over to the so called website of “ EARLIER TODAY IT WAS STILL THE ONE THAT WAS A SUPPOSED LOAN BROKER OR WHTEVR..WELL NOW ITS TOTALLY DIFFERENT. It’s got stuff for pinehurst north carolina, pinehurst golf course a bunch of stuff. Guess this batch of people they called we were smart and used common sense got them running scared because let me tell you, I have been online NON-STOP looking up all this crap, and calling down there at the supposed address and everything.


  114. Hi all, Phyliss & sim.

    I too got a call from fricking James Hampton from PINEHURST FINANCIAL SERVICES. 600 Galleria Parkway,Atlanta Ga, 30339 phone number 866-729-2823 fax number 678-278-1216.

    He said we got approved for $ 5000.00 loan but I had to do a couple things 1st. Send back the contract he was sending us, drivers license and pay stub then 3 months down payment which totaled $677.52. He said it would “go toward the principal of the loan, that we would not have to make a payment until march 1 2012 and it would just be the regular payment of $225.84.

    Needless to say, he and that place are FRAUDULENT BAST**DS! To prey on innocent people like this is incomprehensible. HE ACTUALLY HAD NERVE TO TELL ME HAVE A BLESSED DAY AND TO PUT THAT AT END OF COVER LETTER HE EMAILED ME WITH CONTRACT.

    Well I hav been doing ALOT of research on this…and the NON EXISTENT PINEHURST FINANCIAL. I have a call in to the realtors of the building and everything @ the 600 Galleria Parkway. Its a 17 story office building by the way, and every one has suite numbers…which “PINEHURST” did not put on anything.

    Lets hope to catch these jerks! Check out the FBI website all…has ALOT of stuff on it ya may find interesting…thanks 4 reading..Lisa MAD AS H3LL IN MARYLAND

  115. I got a call from a place called Pinehurst Financial Services on the 25th of this month too just like Sims from New York. When I tried to call them at 866-729-2823 ext 212 to talk to a James Hampton the service said the wireless customer is not available at this time so they maybe using a different number now.

    I also tried looking up the website at came back undeliverable so I think they are all scams knowing that people need money they want us to pay first, which is crazy as I wouldn’t need a loan.

  116. Has anyone hear about Ceridian Commerce Company? I got a call from them and they said I was approved for $5000 but because I have bad credit I need to pay up front $967 to get my money. I just want to make sure this is not a scam.

  117. Sims Syracuse New York says

    What is the deal with:

    Pinehurst Financial Services
    600 Galleria Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30339
    Ph: 1-866-729-2823
    Fax: 1-678-278-1216

    They want me to send them $700 via Western Union for a 6,000 personal loan to Dawid Migas which he is located in Barcelona Spain.

    Jason Walker
    Senior Loans Officer
    Client Care and Support
    600 Galleria Prkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339
    tel: 1-866-729-2823 x 616
    fax: 1-678-278-1216

  118. Thomas - ADMIN says

    To the last comment yes you have been scammed. You should NEVER pay to get a loan, period.

  119. Hi

    Has anyone heard of Bradley Investment Service Inc. located iat 680 N Lake Shore Dr Suite 2120 Chicago Il 60611?

    Contact was May-Lee Hobbs number is 18552801345 x 430. When I try random extensions a voice comes on and says test then line goes dead. I have sent them 940.00 of which I dont have by western union to a Jessica Paisley in Chatham ON even though this is a US lender? Have I been scammed I am so desperate to know.. in bad situation.

  120. Dose anyone know anything about financial

  121. Kat this is an obvious scam, come on. First it’s in Malaysia and secondly you never have to pay to receive a loan, what kind of sense does that make?

  122. Has anyone heard of : Eastern Financials Service Kuala Lumpar, 55100 Malaysia? They soliciated me for a loan $5000.00 @ 3%..Want a $215.00 wire transfer first for a Due Diligent fee? I have not done anything yet it feels ok, but yet a little uncomfortable?

    Please respond Asap
    Thank You, Kat

  123. Mother of Graduating Twins says

    Has anyone heard of ( Helping Hands Financial or Prosper ) I am in desperate need for a unsecured loan for $10000.00. I have fair credit but have an excellent co signer if needed. Problem is I need it today. I have substancial equity in my home also. would anyone have a safe online answer?


  124. Has anyone herd of Alina Finace

  125. Has anyone heard of the “Boston Standard Lending Bureau”?

  126. I just wired steppe financial solution 1600 dollars. They never asked me for money only when I was unable to get a Co signer then they ask me to buy an Insurance policy on the loan. Then it would be released and no money in my account. It’s a scam I lost all the saving I had don’t do it.

  127. - Dr. Fedonanson says

    Don’t do any business with a Dr. Fedonanson at, he will tell you anything & Lie Lie Lie, don’t believe him. I read on the 360 Degree site so many people said they got their loan from him and if you wanted a company that was legit this was it. So now I know not only is he NOT legit but neither is the person who posted the article. Really pisses me off that they can tell you just about anything, & being so desperate you try them out, bad thing to do.

    But I would like to know if there really is a legit business out there who you can trust to make sure you get your loan, I would love for some one to give me a name.

  128. Is Easy Financial Service a scam?

  129. Wall Street Lending Firm is not a true company. They will keep asking for money from you through money gram and western union. Do not listen to them. They are scams. Wall Street Lending Firm should reported to FBI and the most wanted. They scam many people and should be stop now, right this moment. The FBI should be looking for them, all the people involved with Wall Street Lending Firm. Anyone who had been scam should report to the authorities and also get a lawyer to sue them to get your money back.

  130. glad i found this site says

    i just recieved a call from Intervest Capital Partners and the call came in unknown. i just so happen to answer the call and a guy named Graham F. Cole called me saying I was approved for a 10,000 loan and i had two options.

    1. use a car as collateral
    2. send in 4 monts payment totaling 808.56 and the funds would be deposited the next day.

    I am so glad I found this website because I desperately needed a loan. These people need to be found asap. Do your research people when it sounds to good to be true…it usually is.

  131. I just recieved a phone call from Kevin at Concordia Equity Group in Florida. I am in need of a loan to be with my son and daughter in law for my grandson who is 2 and having open heart surgery. This money would come in handy but I would not have the funds untill next week for the loan.

    RED FLAG today I spoke with Kevin asking if I could have untill next week to send the money and of course YES was the answer, but I lied I told him I sent my documents all signed and faxed to him (WHICH I DID NOT FAX) AND I asked if he received my documents he replied YES.Then I knew it is a scam do not send any money to this so called loan company. A real loan company would have told me they did not get my doc’s and would have me resend to them.

    Concordia Equity Group is a scam.

  132. Yes Larry it’s a scam. There are posts here from other people who have been scammed by Tribeca Equity Group.

  133. Has any one used Tribeca Equity Group my daughter has asked me to leand her the money to send them for a loan. Everything i find about them witch is not much tells me it is a scam. There website has been up less than a month and they told my daughter they have been around sence 1998 please help me out.

  134. Intervest Capital Partners says

    Are you kidding me of course Intervest Capital Partners is a scam. There website is basicly no existent it’s just a bunch of AD’s and crap.

  135. Has anyone heard of Intervest capital partners is this a scam? Their website is

  136. Signs of scam are so clear:

    – Money upfront, masquerade as insurance, refundable deposit, or whatever.
    – You cant google their company whatsoever…unless u look under scams.
    – Still be careful…in my case, A1 World Financial seems to exist, but when called, they are NOT related at all with this scheme…they may use real co. names.
    – The interests are simply too good to be true for our type of credit…7 or 8% APR…come on! Bad credit rates are like at 30-50%, minimum, usually thru loan sharks.

    And, this is NOT the first call I have had…the very first time i was contacted, Oh boy…I was at work, and going thru a really bad financial path, so I was jumping of joy and couldnt wait to get home to get my paperwork together to fax them next day and also send the $876 they asked to guarantee loan…Gosh, did I feel stupid when a little bug inside my kind told me “google it”…and when I did, no website existed…I called my BF, and he advised me it was most probably a scam and “Dont even try”…so when I called back from home, at first the phone seemed unavailable, and when I finally got thru and asked directly the guy what was going on, he started getting sarcastic and rude because he knew I uncovered the scam and he wasnt going to get any money. After that, phone has been unavailable.

    So there you have it people. Hope this helps some people avoid losing money :)

  137. So have anyone heard of A1 world Financial Group?

    I can’t really say but it sounds like a scam to me. They want you to send them $765.00 for insurance before they give you the loan. Now being in the military we have a pretty gut feeling when something isn’t right and I got that all the way with this company. I’ve never heard of a loan that want you to send them money before they send the money to you.

    It suppose to be located at 39 Hudson street, Hackensack NJ

  138. I’ve learned the safest way is to not give anyone money up font. I gave Stepps Financial 700 dollars total to get a grant that I got screwed on and then 775 dollars on that loan. Stepps Financial sent me so called legit documents but they can shove those documents up there butt. This is why we don’t need to worry about other countries let them all just be bums and starve to death for all I care.

    How someone can be that lazy and have a job where you steal from someone over the phone these people need to have there heads removed. If I get another call about a loan where I have to send money or a grant where I have to pay a “processing fee” I hope those scammers know what’s coming cause it won’t be pretty! It would have been nice for a loan but instead I’m behind on rent I can’t pay to feed my son, I cant buy nice things because I’m always broke giving money to those scumbags.

  139. I’m not sure about the Tribeca company but it just doesn’t seem right.

    I am in a bind myself and could use a loan to get me ahead. I have also received an email about the Tribeca loan and that I was approved and it gave me two options to do a collateral loan or do 781.00 upfront then the loan of $5000.00 will be funded to me in 1 business day. I don’t believe this to be true.

    I mean think about it, if you go to a regular bank and request a loan, you have to fill out documents and loan papers, they check your credit and based on that information you are either approved or not. If you are approved then you will receive a check right then with no money up front. Even payday loans don’t require money upfront.

    I am asking and telling everyone if you have to question it don’t do it. They are all scams if they are asking for money upfront. If you are not sure, go to your local bank or credit union and ask them for the loan processing information or at least speak to one of their loan officers before doing something like this that you will regrete later. These people should be ashamed of themselves for preying on the poor, unfortunate and those who are caught in a bind. They wouldn’t go to anybody rich because they don’t need loans like this so this is who they attack. Please spread the word and lets help one another out by not falling for Scams!

    God bless everyone and stay safe!

  140. I am checking to see if Tribeca Equity Group is a real loan institution?

    The address they give is 1 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10119 with a phone number of 1-877-343-4760 and a fax of 1-646-810-3339. I just find it strange that nothing comes up when it is googled. I googled the address and it does not show that business. The name of the CEO is Timothy S Morgan. The name of the person I have spoken to is Michael Hayden.

    I just want to make sure the company is not a scam. If anyone knows anything please post it.

  141. I thank you all for sharing your stories about Stepps Financial Solution because I almost gave them $600 today until something came to me and said look them up.

    After telling Betty White I know they scam people she still tried to get me to send the money and said that’s why she provided me with a security code number to protect me. She said because they are dealing with employees that were not honest with the company and they are the ones who were scamming. She claimed they are dealing with the police but I don’t trust it so I told her to stop calling but she keeps trying to convince me that they are legit.

  142. Is Tribeca Equity Group a scam or not?

    I received a call from a Brandon Miller stating that i was approved for a $10,000 loan. But i wouldhave to pay 10% my 1st 5 months up front and that it would go straight to my principle on my loan. I never got a loan on line or heard of someone asking for money up front. I have till the sep.29th to fax my contract signed and money so I just need know something.

  143. Stay away from Webster Lending Group. They use the names Sasha Smith and Rachael Mullins and are running a scam. I am contacting the FBI and Miami police. I will file civil papers.

  144. Stepps Financial. I applied for personal loans trying to get approved and Ashlee Parker called me and said I was approved for 5000, that I would have two options either have a collateral using my car title or pay 3 months in advance. Well I don’t have my title yet. So I asked I I could get approved for more she put a request in for 15000 and said we got you approved for 10000 so I said great I sent the 775 to them and they sent my paperwork through loan release.

    Now I’m dealing with Danny Patterson that is saying the lenders that he’s talking to is wanting an additional 800 and I said no I am in the negative right now I either want my loan or my money back and he said that he would find a lender that would not ask for additional funds an that’s where Im at with it. He said that I can get a refund of my 775 I I choose bit it would take 30 days to get back to me. I don’t have 30 days Im late on rent I owe a bunch of money which is why a 10000 dollar loan would be great!

    If anyone knows of a legitimate loan online that could help me with a personal loan of 5-10K let me know please thanks.

  145. I am trying to take a loan from Tribeca Equity Group are they real? Their website looks real and I have been Googling but I cant find any complaints. If anybody knows anything about this ccompany let me know.


  146. First Financial Security Loan Corp with Peter Allen left a message on my phone today stating that I had been approved for a $8000.00 loan. Of course that got my attention so I call back the phone number left and gave him a cell number to return the call. When the call came in it was restricted, 1st red flag. He went on to congratulate me and started with that since my credit was not great they would be using a private lender but needed some security first. Asked if I had a car, could pay at least (5) payments or purchase insurance before they gave me the loan. I clearly told him that to have the money would be nice, but I would have to decline because if I was trying to borrow money why and how would I pay for it?

    Sounds like a scam to me.

  147. Everyone Beware of Concordia Equity Group they are NOT a legitimate loan company.

    I have been in contact with them over the past week and they told me I was approved for a $5,000 loan but, I had to complete the paper work, send in my identification as well as pay stubs through fax. Needless to say, all of these steps were done. Then I was told to send the money through western union in the amount of $806.05.

    Thank god my boyfriend found this website before we lost out on $800.00. If it is a legitimate loan, they will never ask you to send money up front to secure the loan. Please see the previous posts about this group above. I also delt with Justin Newman as have others here who have commented.

  148. Stepps Financial says

    Stepps Financial tried to scam me too Missouri2008 sorry they got you. Have you tried to apply for a loan on this website because it looks like they offer bad credit loans?

  149. Stepps financial has me already for 775.00 dollars and they said I could get a full refund if I want. Danny Patterson said he had another meeting with a financial lender to see if they would work with me. I told them they won’t get another dime out of me and I want either the loan or my money back.

    Does anyone know if there is a legit bad credit loan on the internet where I can get a loan to help me out with my bills and debt?

    I need to know ASAP Thanks

  150. Been had by stepps financial solutions says

    Do not trust Stepps Financial Solutions! As legit as they seem, they are scammers! They got me for $650 and those greedy bums tried me for another $500 last friday..

  151. Does anyone know how to get your money back from the scam artist Cocordia Equtiy Group? …or take legal action? ..let me know..thanks

  152. David Mostella says

    Thanks for alerting me about Cocordia Equtiy Group. They are obvious scammers. Informed I was approved for $5,000 but would need to send them $806 as collateral. Received the same bogus loan deal from Robin Lee at Torrex Financial. Torrex wanted $600 for a $6000 loan. These people need to be found and locked up for life.

  153. Does anyone knows about Stepps Financial Solution?

  154. Stepps Financial Solution anyone have any problems with them? I hope it’s legit I have her email and they sent the contract and I’ve been in contact with Ashlee Parker let me know.

  155. Hasanyone dealt with stepps financial?

  156. @ paul g.

    Third Street Equity Group is a scam! They sent me a “contract” and it looked legit. It told me to send in the first two payments and (983.00 USD) and I did via western union to some international lender named Gonzalo Claver.

    After I sent it and I called them back Micheal Ellis the guy I was talking to told me that my funds would be wired the next day in my account. The next day guess what? No deposit. So I called them back. He answered and told me that my files got moved to his senior manager and he will now take my case. So I talked to Jack Simmons (senior manager) and he told me that in order to get my loan (15000) I would have to pay an addtional 1400 to clear it.

    So now I’m working with a lawyer to get Third Street Equity Group brought down. I need my 983.00 dollars back. So yeah Paul stay clear of this website!

  157. This message is for Dale. Do not send Wall Street Lending firm your money they are a scam. Im sure of that because believe it on not they SCAM me so its very important that you all understand they are a scam.

  158. Hello

    I was wondering if anyone ever heard of Alliance Credit Relief Co? The number is 1-(855-671-8988).

    We recently sent in an application. We too had to put a Collaterall payment of $1000. We sent the money yesterday to a different name, Christine Brown and were supposed to be getting a loan of $8000 deposited into our account in four hours. Now we are trying to call and the number is temporarliy unavailable.

    We sent emails and no one replied. Everything looked legitimate, the contract and the website which is . I dont understand whats going on. If anyone knows about this company please let me know.

  159. I received a call from Concordia Equity Group and I have also been approved for a 5,000 dollar loan. I am so glad that I found this website because I find it very strange that several other people have been approved for this very same amount.

    Anyhow I was emailed some documents that looked legitimate. I raised a red flag when I was googling the company and I cannot find much information from them, and this is extremely odd because I was told that the company has been around for “13 years”. I am pressed for cash I was actually thinking about sending in my money, but when I called the company to get more information I began to feel really weird about this whole situation.

    I was told by Justin Newman at Concorida that I could look at a yellow pages add to ensure that they are a real company and well as look at their website. Anyone can make a website as well as put a add in the yellow pages. And after talking to friends and reading several articles off of the website I know that in order to get a loan you should not have to send any type of money, because the only reason you need a loan is because you are in need of funds.

    I believe Concordia Equity Group is a scam.

  160. Does anyone have any horror stories about Third Street Equity Group. I’ve been out of bankruptcy about 5 months now and need a personal loan. I was looking online for a lender that gives out personal loans to people with bad credit. I found this broker called Third Street Equity Group. The same story that people have posted is the same story that was given to me! They are telling me to send $1400 to get a $10000 loan. I really need the loan, but my gut tells me this is a SCAM!!! Any info on this company would greatly be appreciated!


  161. Hello,

    I too was approved for a 5,000 loan from Concordia and I am in desperate need for need cash. Does anyone have any horror stories about this company?

  162. Hey Carlette, Sept. 12th, 2011.

    I just got a call from them today for my husband for a 5K loan, so I checked on here. They are out of Orlando Florida and my guess is they are just as much a scam as the others list here! I’m not even telling my hubby about this call because last week we got a call from another company too saying the same thing. They also wanted us to cough up cash to get cash (which when anyone tells you that you have to send any money to them, 100% chances are its a SCAM!).

  163. I was contacted by Concordia Equity Group and they approved me for a loan of 5000.00.

    They emailed me the contract and I read through it and it seems legit. They gave me three options to receive the money. Either take it out on collateral or have someone with a credit score of over 700 cosign or pay five monthly payments in advance which equaled to 806.05. They called that payment upfront a collateral payment. They asked first for us to sign the contract and send them a copy of the signed contract and paystub and photo ID. So far this all sounded legit until we told them we would do the collateral payment.

    They then gave us three options.

    Either money order them the money which would take 7-10 business days to process or put it on a greendot card and send it that way which would take 3-5 business days to process or the final option would be to western union it and we would get our money the next day. We said we would do the western union option. They then gave us the info to send it and this is where it got hairy. The said my loan was an international loan and I would have to send it to Spain to some person. I asked them why and they said it was because in order to get such a small interset rate they had to get a lender from eroupe.

    I then asked why I couldn’t just send them the money and they said I could only do that by the money order or greendot card. They sound legit other than the sending my money to spain to get it. Im so confused and so in need of money that im tempted to do it, but im scared at the same time that there is nothing I can do to get my 800.00 back if it is a scam.

    Please someone help me.

  164. Has anyone heard of Concordia Equity Group in Florida?

  165. Has anyone heard of Stepps Financial Solutions?

  166. Has anyone heard of these two companies ezaxsgroup or lendwithease? Do you know if they are legit companies? Was thinking about trying to get a loan through them, but they do not have a phone number or address where they are located on their websites only email address for US and Canada.

    Just Curious
    Thank you for your help

  167. Can someone relate their experience with Wall Street Lending Firm? I am skeptical but they seem legit. I know there are a couple posts on here already, but I was wondering if someone could elaborate a little bit on exactly their experience. Thanks, Dale.

  168. Take it from me Webster Lending Group is a scam. I foolishly gave them 1300.00 dollars to secure a 5000 dollar loan. I have been unable to reach them since, those soulless bastards! Beware of Sasha Smith, Rachel Mullins and Jessica Diaz. I’m contacting several agencies including the FTC, FBI, the Miami police and my lawyer.

  169. I got a call from Webster Lending Group. They told me I was accepted for a loan of 10000 dollars and that I just had to Western Union them 825 dollars. I would receive my 10000 dollars in the bank in 6 -8 hours.

    Well me like a dummy I sent them the money and now I’m not hearing any answers from them. How do I get my money back? They should burn in hell for takeing advantage of people. They are a complete fraud so beware people the woman that are involved is Sasha Smith and Jessica Diaz . So beware of those woman in Webster Lending Group.

  170. Armstrong is for sure a scam. They had me send money to Jamaica and like a fool I did. I just attempted to call their 800-225 3904 and the 206-694-2209 numbers and guess what they are disconnected. Nice scam Joy Camble and Pam Davis.

  171. Webster Lending Group and Wall Street Lending Firm says

    Webster Lending Group and Wall Street Lending Firm both tried to scam me. They are evil crooks that run fraudulent businesses, beware!

  172. Skyview Financial is a scam. Please dont send them anything they are only going to take your money and dont give you nothing in return. I was a dummy and did it and I lost out on a lot of money.

  173. Has anyone heard of cheap fast loans. They want first month up front before releasing the funds, very dodgy if you ask me. I told them to get lost.

  174. Has any one heard of cascade investment partnership?

  175. Heather Moreau says

    Has anyone hear of Skyview Finanical from Fairfield CT? They told me that I am qualified for a 12,000.00 loan but I have to pay a 1,000.00 security deposit for the loan using Western Union. I am just wondering if this a scam.

  176. Willie that is the most obvious scam I have ever seen. First they are asking you to send money out of the country. Second they want the money sent by wire transfer which you can’t trace. Third the name is Ben Loan Firm with a free Yahoo email account.

    Yes that is a blantent scam.

  177. Hello does anybody know anything about a company called Ben Loan Firm @ They said that I was approved for a loan and ask me to send $200 up front for out of country tax sent by wire. I said no thanks because I thought it was a scam but does anyone has information on this guy?

  178. I just got my contract email sent to me from them and when I called them back there was no answer they want me to pay $480 before they give me a loan of $3000.00. I’m not convinced, they wont be getting any money from me. (nice try though)

  179. Does anyone have any information about the company consumer

  180. Armstrong financial also called me. They are good scammers they said everything can be verified by a lawyer or financial adviser but don’t do it. My lawyer said that any company who wants money to receive money is a scam. It is sad that in financial hardships that people would take advantage of you especially when we are trying to get ourselves back on track. Please don’t get messed up with this, it is wrong.

  181. Armstrong Lending been calling asking me to Western Union them money in order for me to receive money im not sure if its a scam.

  182. Skeptical 2 says

    I just received a voice mail message from a Joyce Campbell of Armstrong Lending Services of Seattle indicating that I had been approved for a loan. She left her number (206) 299-0786. She requested I call her back immediately to begin the loan process. I was skeptical because I have never heard of this company and to just call and tell me I am approved a loan without additional information.

    Thanks for your posts – lets me know this company does not exist (a clever fraud)

  183. Thank you for clearing my head about Armstrong lending services. They called and I always missed their call and when I call back, its always no one that can live up to the purpose of their business. I will not be dealing with Armstrong. Thanks truely for all of your helpful information.

  184. Thank you Amstrong Lending Services just called me again so I take it this is a scam and no one has received any money from this company? What a terrible thing to do in these hard times! I knew it was too good to be true.

  185. 888 826 4834 is the number for Amstrong Lending Services. if you can catch him please make them pay back the money.

  186. Yeah these guys Amstrong Lending Services are running a scam. I called the licensing office in Seattle and no license is issued to that company pass the word around.

  187. Anyone heard of Mary Morgan Loan Firm?

  188. McWilliams says

    Don’t do it. Armstrong is a scam. I gave them my money and now they are talking about needing more money from me.

  189. So have any of you guys got the money because Armstrong Lending harass me all day. It’s always the same guy answering the phone.

  190. Wow, this is strange! They just called me and told me I was approved for a loan also. I keep missing the call because they call from a private number and I dont answer those calls but they do leave a message. The phone number is 206-299-0786 and the website is . I can’t find information on this company anywhere also so I am concerned as well.

  191. Wes Hopper says


  192. Good queston they just called and said I was approved for a loan. I have searched the bbb and the local chamber of commerce and still no information.

  193. DFI of WA State says

    The Dept of Financial Institutions would like to know how to contact this Armstrong Lending Services of Seattle. Thank you

  194. I just got a call from them to and when I checked the bbb the said there is no such company.

  195. Where did you find Armstrong’s website? And did you find any info on this place?

  196. Skeptical Borrower says

    Hey Rosie we must have posted at the same time. If you find anything out please let me know I think they may be a scam but I’m not sure.

  197. Does anybody know of a lending company called armstrong lending services of Seattle?

  198. Skeptical Borrower says

    Does anyone have information on Armstrong Lending Serevices of Seattle? I havent been able to find onything on thek other than the website.

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