Low Credit Score Loans

How to get a bad credit loan with a low credit score. So you finally found that home that would house your beloved family, or that laptop that would kill in gaming. You may have found the car that will drive the girls crazy or the motorcycle that will look good with your leather jacket.

Maybe you have a desire for something beyond any materialistic want; like you just got accepted in the college of your dreams and you’d want more than anything to attend that place.

You only have one huge problem. You do not have the funds or the means to attain these wishes of yours. And to top it off with a poor credit score, you may just throw in the towel. But wait! Are there really avenues that can help you get low credit score loans?

Here are some of the ways on how you may be able to avail low credit score loans without having to go through your local bank.

1.    Online loan sites

Thank heavens for modern technology. Just a few taps on your keyboard and a few clicks of your mouse, you get immediate access to information that can make you get a hold of low credit score loans.

Some websites have flashy signs that say, “Guaranteed approval regardless of your Credit! Even Bankruptcy [is] OK!” Some sites boast that there are no collateral fees needed, or they claim to have the lowest interest rate in the market. Some have paperless processing. Their application form can be filled out online.

Most sites that do this claim that the form you are filling out is secured although the secure icon in the status bar does not pop out. The good thing about online loan sites is that they offers “24-hour” loans whose entire processing takes 24 hours only. This option is offered even to those looking for low credit score loans.

Beware of some sites that request fees from you first. Although not all are scams but some loan sites are not entirely truthful. They usually say this amount is acts as a “reassurance” for the company that you will pay your loan since they will not be checking the credit bureau for that. If you are comfortable with this, by all means, you can go ahead and try it.

2.    Credit union

If you are a member of a credit union, it is good to try applying for a loan on their end as they have better rates compared to banks. To date, bank interest rates are around 1-3% higher than those of Credit unions. They are more lenient as well even if you are looking for low credit score loans.

3.    Loans From Relatives

You may request low credit score loans from your relatives. Some may think this will strain relationships but a properly drafter loan agreement is a no-lose deal. You get to avoid the hassles of requesting loans through your local banks and your relative gets a steady 5-7% interest from you.

These are just some of the ways you may want to consider to get low credit score loans. You may also want to get in touch with families and friends who also have a not so perfect credit score and discuss what options they did.


  1. would like more information on how secure/not secure on line loans are… is it really a good choice?

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