Personal Loans for Poor Credit

Let’s face it; everybody needs a good financial backup from time to time including those people with not so perfect credit history. But this condition should not ask someone to go down to his knee just to plead to a person to lend them the money that they want since there are poor credit personal loans obtainable nowadays, you just have to get a good deal of patience on how to hunt them! Patience is always the key.

Expect the process to be hard particularly if you are worried on bank account over drafting but just go on with the process and look for the best lender and the best rate, in the end you will see that everything is worth the trouble. Of course you don’t want to be manipulated in paying a lot for your loan thus it always pays to do your homework first on the available options. Below are the two poor credit personal loans options that you can choose from although the options are not limited to them:

Payday Loan

This is specially made for those people who would always find themselves in crunching forehead sine they don’t have enough cash until they get their next paycheck. Of course, this kind of loan is smaller in amount that it may even be so hard to qualify for more than five hundred dollars.  But qualifying for payday loan is easy since all you need to have is a checking account in a good standing as well as a proof that you are really employed. The setback is this is available in hefty interest fees that most people find it hard to repay the loan.

Secured Loan Given By Banks

In case you possess a home then you can use it as collateral to get secured loan from the bank or other mortgage lenders. In general, this loan is known as second mortgage given that the amount of money that one gets the chance to borrow is directly relative to the total amount of equity that you used to build your home. This kind of loan is the best for those people who wish to pay off remaining debts and consolidate every amount that they owe in just a single bill.

Secured loans are also often used for home repairs, start a new business, or to buy cars. In fact, when talking about poor credit personal loan, secured loan is by far the best. The only setback is, in case you default on the loan then you would normally lose your home. Therefore it is always best to give your payments on time each month.

As normal to any bad credit loan, you will be tendered with higher interest rates but since you will be given lengthier repayment periods then you need not to worry at all because you can get by fine every month without worrying about escalating bills that needs to be paid. However, the decision to get poor credit personal loan is still up on your personal ability to repay them.


  1. Hi there I.m James I would love for someone that could me with 5,000 loan my credit is shot to hell it a long

  2. Hello everyone, am kindly asking for assistance to anyone whose willing. I need about $300 for me to setttle my license, school fees, and aslo able to sustain my capital to phone business am currently doing. Please i will appreciate to anyone who will willing to help me.

  3. Hello,
    I desperately need a loan this week for 3500- dollars. I am hard working ( two jobs and full time student) . My car broke down and my extended warranty not covering anything . Bill is over 2500 dollars the rest would help with my rent till I can get a roommate. and pay off a few smaii debits the debit settlement company messed me over do not settle for me leaving my credit in woese shape as before. I truly hope someone can help.
    thank you.

  4. I just moved from Michigan to Indiana. The first day I started my job my transmission decided to break. I had to leave my car 4 miles west of where I work. I can’t afford to get the transmission fixed wtihout getting a $2,000 loan. I have horrible credit…can you help please?

  5. Anonymous says

    i am looking or help with my light bill of 2,200.00 and to pay my laywer 900.00 and to pay my bank or over drafting my acc 800.00 can someone help let me know

  6. Im have a beauty consultant business and im looking to get high risk clients personal loans for procedures on top of that im looking for a finance company thats willing to offer me a referral fee.

  7. Hello, I am looking for a company that can help us out, short term. My husband lost his primary job and now has another but does not make what he did before, we also lost our health insurance which we have to have due to he has epilepsy and has seizures and has to have medicine and I had Cancer and am now in remission. We used credit cards for alot of things just to feed our children and pay bills in that time, we need to pay off the creidt cards and catch the past due house bills up, if we could get a 5000.00 dollar loan that would be great, even if I had to take a $2000.00 dollar loan, we do not have good credit but need help badly, we are on our last leg and am not sure I can feed my kids or keep the rental over their heads.

  8. I am in dire financial trouble am in need of 1600.00 for rent arrears as my ex partner has taken me for a ride for years over loans for himself I have an autistic son who I love dearly and I need to keep this house I can make repayments back at 100.00 a week. If anyone can help i would be eternally grateful.

  9. Hello,

    I have poor credit after the bankrupty. I need $2500 loan with payments to spread for 24 months. I am needing of personal loan for vacation and travels.

    Need your help and please email me. Thank you so much!

  10. I recently took a hit on my credit, in the past year in a half. The mother of my child went through some complications during the birth of our child. She couldnt work so I took on most of the bills where she lived as well as mine. Now my home is Mortgage and Lien Free! But I need help remodeling my home but my credit is very poor! However , I can pay up to 500.00 a month if anyone is interested in helping me. I plan to stay in my Home for the rest of my Life.

  11. I am in the military and my wife just took me for everything I am worth, while I have been overseas. When we got married I had excellent credit and she had poor credit and being the husband, knowing I have a steady income I took out joint credit cards to help boost her credit score up. She screwed me over while I was overseas and took off with someone else as well as maxing out all my credit cards and filing for full custody of our daughter.

    My life is ruined… I honestly don’t know what to do, on top of dealing with everything that has happened overseas and now trying to afford a laywer to get custody of my child, i’m clueless. I did nothing wrong for her to do what she did to me, except fo overseas so she and my daughter could have their freedom and now she’s taking me for everything im worth. Im not asking for much, all my deployment money went towards trying to pay everything off.

    My daughter does not need to be with someone such as my wife, All I am asking for is $5,000 tops but anything little thing helps. I have a direct deposit to which it is a sure thing you will get paid back on time everytime. It would be a blessing in disguise if someone could help me if not, I guess it’s my fault for trusting someone like her.


  12. Melissa Schroeder says

    I need a small personal loan because I just moved to a new state. I start new job this coming week. Worst part is that on top of moving costs, I just got scammed out of 866.00 by a fake loan company called Fern Brooks Financial. They called me 24 hours after I had filled out on line application. I am now in need of help asap. If anyone can help please call me. Everyone out there hear this: If anyone asks you for money upfront for your loan, don’t do it. I will be making a solid income and only need a small personal loan between 3-5k.

  13. Hi,

    Like others above I to have made some serious mistakes. I tried getting a loan an got scammed of my hard earned money by a foreign loan company. I have tried payday loans to help get by until I could get a loan.

    But they have soaked me off my pay iIcan not even pay my bills, is there anyone out there who could help? I’ve been searching for a loan company but keep getting payday loans. I would like to get caught up and pay off the payday loans and the rest of my bills. I have a secure job that i have been at for over 22 years. 15 year old daughter, please help would like a loan between 5000-10000.

    Thank you to anyone that is willing to help.

  14. Emergency Home Renovations says

    I’m a single mom with poor credit, I’m self employed and I desperately need a loan for $17,000.00 to get emergency home repairs / renovation needed. I am able to pay the loan back on a monthly plan of $150.00 until I am able to totally pay it off.

    Are there any lenders willing to work with me so that I can get home fixed for the safety of our family?

    Thank you!

  15. have a monthly income of around $3000.I need a loan of $20000 to settle an old debt around august,2011.I am rated by only one credit bureau 634.I am prepared to take the rate on me to a lender.I need just one year to repay.

  16. I am needing $2000.00 with payback in 36 months. Is there any loan company out there who will lend without ripping you off. I do have bad credit and I am getting my credit reports cleaned up. Is there any group out there who can help.

  17. I’m a single mom have disabled son and recently divorced I come to you pleading u can help me before I loose everything I have A LOT of past due bills and current ones that need pd before everything gets shut off I have bad credit no money but I can make small monthly payments to sumone who will give me a chance I need at least 10,000 dollars to get caught up and get things fixed and bought that we need please help!! Email is 4** thank you!!

  18. Francesca John says

    Eviction Prevention help.

    I am a single mother of six ages 16,15,12,12, 10,and 10. Ineed your help to avoid eviction this is the only thing i can think of because we’re such a large family it is hard to find a shelter that would take all of us. So if I do get evicted chances are I would be separated from my child I am all they have .

    If someone will like to help and get repaid in small payments I can do that. My rent need to be paid by 11/18/2010 when I am due in court or the judge will grant the eviction. I wrote a book entitled Delia’s Three Wishes hoping that would help with my finances once published but so far no sales.

    So any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. My income right now is disability for my son Jonathan and Joshua 12 years old, please if anyone can help me.

  19. HELP!

    I have been living paycheck to paycheck for years, in the past i made very bad financial decisions and was very irresponsible with my credit. Little by little bills have piled up and i have not been able to pay many things off so of course my credit has really suffered. My ability to pay now has improved and i have great work history.

    I would love to get a loan to put towards my debt to get the payments down to where i can afford monthly payments or even pay the smaller things off but no one will lend me money due to my credit history. Should I just file bankrupcy??? I heard that debt consolidation is just as bad if not worse on your credit.

    Got any advice? I can not continue to live like this it is haunting me and truley it is not the person i am anymore I do not want to viewed forever as irresponsible.

  20. To the comment above,

    If you currently have a job or some sort of monthly income I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to get a loan. You can apply here if you would like. It takes a few minutes to complete the form and you will know immediately if you are approved.

    Also filing for bankruptcy is not a terrible thing. Don’t get me wrong it’s not great but if it’s something you have to do then do it. I know many people who have come back strong after filing for bankruptcy and are doing just fine.

    The economy is tough right now and you must do what you need to in order to survive. I hope everything works out for you.

    Best Regards,
    Daniel – BCLC

  21. I need $4000.00 to catch up on my mortgage. A business slump and reduced income caused this problem. My good credit went bad for the first time ever. I had to file bankruptcy for debt relief,a terrible thing, not discharged in court yet. however, I am now able to repay a loan to save my mortgage with my new job and less debt.

    Can anyone help me?

  22. I need a miracle says

    I need a loan to pay off some back rent. I just got sold a bad car and that went up after just 6 months and I was spending money I don’t have to fix it. My job is too far for public transportation. I just got a new bank account after like 6 years and i forgot the way the fees and processing time works. Now i’m backed up in rent, I need a new car and I’m trying to move away for college. I have mad alot of bad judgements for paying things back and now I need a miracle.

  23. I am in need of personal loan to repay credit card debt and increase my credit score.

  24. My wife and I are looking for a $20,000.00 loan for approx 6yrs repayment. I want to clean up my credit and payoff a auto loan I have at 29%. Also need to fix my wife’s car which was rear ended and party refuses to pay. So now have to take the party to court. Are there any LEGAL Loan Co that could assist. If need be would put the 2003 F150 and 2004 Monte Carlo SS as collateral, but would prefer an unsecured loan or one that

    If they do have fees, take it off the top of the loan. I was just to be scammed on a $20,000.00 loan, caught them with a Canadian address and they wanted 995.00 upfront first. SHAME On Them for trying to take adavantage of struggling people who have made a few mistakes credit wise, but now want to make ammend and do the right thing.

    Larry K

  25. You should NEVER have to pay any money upfront when you are trying to get a loan. Websites that say they are offering guaranteed loans if you pay upfront are a scam. 99% of these websites that appear to be loan lenders are nothing more then affiliate websites.

    Basically what these websites do is collect your information, they may or may not charge you a fee then turn your information over to a real loan lender. The real loan lender will pay the website owner a “finders fee” and review your application details.

  26. My husband and I are looking to get a loan to get rid of 1 vehicle payment, pay off a couple bills and sadly be able to buy our kids school clothes/supplies. My husbands credit is fair and we understand that we could pay high interest but at this point we have no choice – we need a loan yesterday if you get my drift. All of these sites want you to pay a fee to get a 100% guarantee that you will be approved.

    However they sat it could take 60 days …. we don’t have 60 days nor the extra fee money to make sure we get a loan. It sounds like a scam to me could someone please point us in the right direction to get us out of this slump?

  27. I have poor credit due to divorce. Looking for $2,000 loan with payments spread over 24 or 30 months. Is there a lender that grants loans of this kind?

  28. Hi,

    I am in a need of a loan so I can consolidate my debt while helping my parents out of medical bills and to rebuild my credit. I made BAD decisions and want start over with a fresh and smart start. I’m trying to find a company that lends a significant amount of money with reasonable rates.

    Please email me if you know something.

  29. Hello Herbert,

    There are lenders that can help you out but as I mentioned above be prepared to pay a high interest rate if you have bad credit. I have my list of lenders ready and all I have to do is post them below each post. Check back in 1-2 days and you will find a few that may or may not meet your specific needs.


  30. Herbert A Campbell says

    Would like to apply for personal loan to pay med bills and other bills to be back in good credit standards for fresh start.

  31. I’m going to be completely honest with you ( from my experience ) so you don’t get your hopes up to high. If you have bad credit or low credit the chances of finding a lender that will offer you a substantial loan at a reasonable rate is very slim.

    Lenders offer loans to make money, it’s a business. If you have bad credit you are considered high risk and the interest rate you are offered will reflect this. Now exactly how high your rate is going to be depends on how bad your credit is, current debt and a few other factors.

    I will be posting a link to several lenders in the next couple days which may or may not help you out. I can’t make any promises but I truly wish you the best of luck as it sounds like you are heading in the right direction now.

    Best Regards,

  32. Hi,

    I am in need of a loan so that i can consolidate my debt and begin rebuilding my credit. I made a lot of uninformed and unwise decisions when I was younger and before I had a family and it is now haunting me.

    I am searching for a company that lends a significant amount of money with reasonable rates. Please contact me and let me know where to begin. I’m ready to get my life on track and don’t want to wait too long.

    Thank you so very much!

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