Now Offering Private Bad Credit Lenders Service

Private bad credit loan lenders are private financial firms that offer solution to people with bad credit history. This solution is the opportunity to take a loan taking into consideration the borrower’s high risk potential. These private bad credit lenders will accept applications for loan from people even the credit score is not that good. Though there are few requirements needed to be met, these requirements are far from the strict criteria of the banks and other big lending companies.

The main purpose of the private bad credit lenders is to help people whose status for loan application will not fit in the standards of the bank in terms of loans. However as a borrower, you should be aware of the payment terms and the applicable rates and fees.

The bad credit is caused when the borrower has either any pending unpaid debt or records of consecutive late payments. This situation will hurdle you to apply for another loan. The banks and lending companies will assess and evaluate your credit records. Having a bad credit records will lead to a conclusion that the borrower has a high risk potential. It means the possibility is high that the borrower will again do defaults. Chances are you will not return the money you loan from these lending companies.

These are the same reasons that banks reject and disapprove loan applications from borrowers with bad credit history.

People still take the option of taking loans from private bad credit lenders in spite of the high interest rate for many reasons. Perhaps you decide to consolidate your debts and pay it off from the loan taken in the private bad credit lenders. Maybe you decided to rebuild your financial situation and improve your credit history.

The reasons will be endless however the chance of taking a loan again considering the borrower’s bad credit history, the private bad credit lenders will be the best option.

You may ask why private bad credit lenders allow loans for potential high risk borrowers. These because the loan requirements and policies of private lenders are slight different with more flexibility compared with the bank. Their primary concern is the ability of the borrower to pay the loan on regular basis. So even if the mortgage broker will not allow you a home loan, the private bad credit lenders can.

The private bad credit lenders can extend loans even to people with bad credit score or worst credit history, or the borrower is self-employed and cannot make enough down payments. They don’t mind if you just moved to a new job or if it is your first job ever. Other form of challenging situations such as divorce, or just declared bankruptcy, or properties just being foreclosed are not hurdles for private bad credit lenders.

So if you hit the bottom of your financial needs and you are desperate for a solution, look no more as there is the private bad credit lenders available. This is the best alternative solution for your immediate financial needs.


  1. I am a retired school teacher. I had to take out bankruptcy for a medical bill of 46,000 . I am 45 years old and am having trouble finding a full time job. I am hard working, a single motherr of 3 that put her children through school. Im trying to get my life back together after bankruptcy. I cant find anyone to help me get a loan to get my life back. I am on social security, and have a part time job. I have always had wonderful credit, but with the bankruptcy, I just cant get my finances back in order. If anyone has any suggestions, i would sure love it. I make too much money to get on government grants, but with no savings and small pension, I dont know where to turn.

  2. Renee Anderson says

    I need 1,000 loan to get financially square and to have a bit of a cushion since I plan on moving by the end of 2012. My credit is lousy from getting behind a while back and trying to make ends meet when moving. I have a steady income and can make reasonable monthly payments.

    I have already been scammed for $100, which really messed me up for a while! I will start paying back the month after I receive the loan. I was foolish when I was younger, but I now need someone to give me a chance to get myself clear. Please email me with particulars, but I will not pay anything until after I have received the loan.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  3. I am looking for someone to offer a loan. I have horrendous credit and that is what I am trying to fix. I need a total of 8000.00 to pay off old debt, get current on bills and really get myself restablished.

    I am an honest, hardworking, single mother. I fell behind when my military career was ended by the birth of my little girl and the military gave me the option of giving up custody or getting out. As a single parent, I had to take care of her. This led to unemployment and homelessness.

    I have had to fight back hard, but have gotten into a good situation withj a good steady income, but it doesn’t erase everything that happened. Now my credit is destroyed and I can’t get beyond that. If anyone is interested in helping or providing a loan, let me know.

  4. I am in need of someone to give me that ” second chance”. I need a loan of $7900.00. My credit is very poor and in this day and age, it is very diffucult to provide for a family let alone yourself. I took care of my father just before he passed away this past year, and now I am struggleing to provide for my mother who is also ill. I need this loan and someone to contact me as soon as they can.

    I am unemplyed but I do have income coming in and I am also getting a large sum of money later this year, so paying the loan back would not be a issue. I would go futher to say that a high interest rate is not a concern. Please contact me with serious offers only, as I have been burned and scammed in the past.

    Thank you for your time, God bless.

  5. We need a 6,000.00 for a family emergency that has came in the last few days andwe have bad credit. The bad credit is caused by a long family illness that of course caused medical bills and then we fell behind on our other bills. I have a good job and have been there for 32yrs been in the same house for 27yrs and have been married to my wife for 31yrs and all i getjudgedby is the low credit score.

    We need someone to give us another chance. We will not pay any money out before getting the money in hand. I have been advised if asked for anymoney before getting money in hand that we are being scamed. If you can helpwe can give you all the information that you need.

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