Small Secured Business Loans Now Available

The terrible effects of the present economic crisis are being felt by almost everyone in the world. Buyers are carefully watching what they buy due to their depleting bank accounts. And as a result, there are smaller amount of purchases everywhere.

This is not good news for all the business owners since fewer purchases mean less revenues. Moreover, this occurrence can also have an effect on the day to day operational expenditures such as the rent, salary of the employees, replenishment of stock, and marketing or advertising costs. Definitely, without sufficient earnings, the company’s funds will be used up very quickly. On the other hand, there is still solution to this problem, by obtaining secured business loans you can have the extra funds that you need for your company to stay in business.

Secured business loans are type of loans that are granted to people who want to start a business but do not have adequate funds to start with. The loan can also be use for business expansions. These loans are also ideal for businesses that are experiencing scarcity in reserve funds. There a few things to consider when applying for this loan. Firstly, you must provide some kind of guarantee to the lender. Most commonly, the pledge being given is in the form of major possessions like land, expensive equipments, house, and even a vehicle.

Furthermore, not like the traditional business loans with collateral, the secured business loans have lesser amount of time to be approved. Usually, it only takes 2 weeks before the loan is released, starting from the submission of the application up to the transfer of the borrowed money. Incidentally, it is not hard to comprehend why professionals always advice businessmen to go for secured business loans rather than any other kinds of small business loans. With the number of benefits to be had, this is surely so easy to understand.

Here are the benefits that a businessman can get for choosing this loan:

1.The interest rate that this loan offer is far lower than what is being offered in most unsecured business loans.
2.The borrower has the power to select his repayment terms, specifically, the monthly installments.
3.You, as the borrower can decide on the amount of loan that you can borrow.

You can also use the borrowed money for the following:

1. To buy some necessary equipments for the business like machines and other supplies.
2. To pay some business related credit.
3. For marketing or promotion of the company so as to boost sales.

Moreover, the only drawback of secured business loans is the collateral requirement. Though, this isn’t really a problem for business owners who have map out their business plans very well. Sure enough, operating a business is not just about the right amount of capital and revenue but a good business strategy is also important. Finally, keep in mind that you have to provide the lender with complete requirements so that there will be no problem with the processing of your loan application. And if you want to have your loan money in 2 weeks or less, you must follow the rules set by the lending company. In that way, you can easily have the money that you need in no time.


  1. Being that banks aren’t lending to small businesses the options for small business funding are less than they used to be. Aside from a small business loan, you also have the option of a business cash advance. A business cash advance provides cash up front for small businesses without the need of a collateral. You can also use this towards anything you may need it for in your business. Cash advances generally range from $3,000 to $300,000.

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