Instant Secured Loans with Bad Credit Apply Here Today

People with bad credit loans history always have a hard time applying for loans. Many financial institutions always turn down loan applicants because of their low credit score. If have bad credit records and in desperate need for extra cash, you can still be able to avail of the secured loans with bad credit.

Before you can be approved in your secured loan application, you still need to present a collateral which proves that you have the capacity to repay your debts. The failure to repay your debts on a particular period of time gives the lender the right to take away the collateral and do anything about it such as sell your collateral in order to recover the borrowed money.

Secured loans cannot only be availed by people who have clean credit records but also by those who have poor credit loans. Secured loans with bad credit give people the chance to solve all their financial troubles. The security deposit or otherwise known as collateral gives the lender the guarantee to recover the borrowed money.

Those who apply secured loans with bad credit usually make their prized possession such as real estate and cars as their collateral. There are also other types of collateral as long as it can be equivalent or greater than the value of the intended amount of money to be borrowed.

But since cars are mostly used on ones day to day activities, you can sign a note that gives the lender the legal right to the car’s title. This way, you can still use your car as you continue in paying the dues of your loans. But if you have failed to pay your debts on time, the lender can now fully take your house or car and not just the title or the deed.

If the company takes away your car, it is called repossession. But if it is your house, foreclosure is the right term. Aside from cars and real estate, some people use jewelry and other important collectibles as a form of collateral. Some lenders favor jewelry as a type of collateral since they can be easily sold and could have a great value.

You can always apply for secured loans with bad credit virtually everywhere. However, the banks now mostly prefer second mortgages. But still, there are other financial institutions that deal exclusively with secured loans with bad credits. You can easily check the internet for these financial institutions so you can easily contact them.

If not, they are also listed in the phone book or other newspaper advertisements. You can request a loan rate quote from the different lenders you find. Compare each lender and decide which will give you the best bargain. If you have already decided, you can contact them and talk to their representative.

Their representative will explain to you on how the secured loans with bad credit work. They will give you a detailed information on the interest and other finance charges and fees. You need to be wise in choosing the best financial institution that best suits your needs.


  1. I need about $7,500 to $10,000 to pay off bills and I need equipment for a business I am starting. I have bad credit do to some medical bills and the expenses from a son’s death. I do have a piece of property that is totally paid for valued, according to my tax appraisal, for approximately $22,000. Please tell me there is help for me. I am desparte. Thanks, Mary Walker

  2. I went on disability 2 1/2 years ago the severly lowered my income. I could not pay my unsecured loans or my mortgage. I have been able to keep payments up and never missed a payment on my 10 acres with a Mobie home on it worth $80k. Last week a balloon payment came due on my 10 acres for $18k. I would like a loan for the $18k.

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