Apply For Unsecured Personal Loans For Bad Credit

Some people make the mistaken belief that individuals with bad credit loan history will never be able to obtain a bank loan. Because of bad credit, many individuals become hopeless and tired of being rejected for a personal loan. But what some people do not know is that even individuals with worst credit reports can still manage to get a bank loan.

This is through banks and lenders that offer unsecured personal loans bad credit.  Although of course, the options and opportunities available to people with bad credit are lesser than those of people with good credit, they can still obtain personal loans from some unsecured personal loans bad credit lenders and companies.

Bad credit personal loans can either be non-secured or secured.  In unsecured personal loans bad credit or signature loans, the lender relies solely on the borrower’s signed promise to repay the loan. There is no collateral, down payment, or security deposit required.

The loan is not secured by any asset. If the borrower fails to make repayments, then the lender has no choice but to hand the loan over to a collection agency or start collections proceedings. Because an unsecured personal loans bad credit involves a lot of risk on the part of the lender, you will be charged a very high interest rate.

In fact, it could go as high as the maximum interest rate permitted by your state’s consumer loans. This is one disadvantage of getting an unsecured personal loans bad credit.

The other type of personal loan for bad credit is a secured personal loan. With this type of loan, the lender will require the borrower to pledge collateral (furniture, car, other valuable) against the loan. Once the borrower fails to make payments, the lender then claims the collateral and sells it to help make up for the outstanding loan balance.

Because the lender has some collateral, expect the interest rates for a secured personal loan bad credit to be lower than that of an unsecured personal loans bad credit.

Once you apply for a bad credit personal loan, your credit history will be checked by the lenders. This is for the lenders to assess your loan repaying capacity.  This is considered as a crucial factor, since this will help determine whether or not you can get a loan. Once your application is accepted, you will be given a sum of money, which you are expected to repay on a monthly basis, for an agreed period of time.

For you to come up with on-time payments, it would help to keep the monthly installment amount as little as possible. Remember that this is your chance to clean up your credit background, so try your hardest not to miss any further loan repayments.

If you have bad credit and are tired of being turned down by lenders, then your option would be to approach lenders who can offer you bad credit personal loans. If you don’t want to list down your car as security, then go for unsecured personal loans bad credit. But if you want to get lower interest rates, the option for you is a secured personal loans bad credit.


  1. i would like to barrow 15000 dollar to pay off my bills im retired and my wife is also we make app. 40.000 but we just lost 6000 dollar from being manager of trailer park that was sold and was giving notice so were really in a stress place

  2. I’m trying to borrow money for a purchase of a car and we have the money to pay but our credit is holding us back and will be paying it back when our taxes come but no one will give us the time of day

  3. i need $6000.00 loan to pay back some bills and people i owe but i have bad credit.
    if someone can loan me the money i promise to pay back $500.00 a month tell i pay back the loan

  4. I need to borrow $5000.00 to pay some things not a payday loan…I had two surgeries back to back and just started a new job but my bills are not waiting.

  5. I need a loan personal loan I have very poor credit i am on a fixed income. I want a personal loan no payment up front because this is a scam. I can pay back in time. I need a 6000.00 loan

  6. I need to pay off a few credit cards and would like to take care of some personal things I need 18,000.00 and have bad credit I bank with a credit union and it is in my name only I have a good paying job and just recently was trying to establish credit when I went through some family hardships How could I get a loan for this amount of money

  7. i need a $8000.00 loan but have very bad credit. is that possible?

  8. I am in need of a loan 25,000 to 30,000 dollars. I have bad credit but a really good paying job where I can have the loan paided off in 5 years or sooner. Is there any help?

  9. I need to borrow $5000.00 to pay off some personal debts to family and friends along with some other debts that I am behind on because of divorce. I have little to know credit and the credit I do have is not great. I want to improve my credit and make a better life for my children. All I need is for someone to give me a second chance to prove myself. I don’t have anything worth much to put up for collateral. Can someone tell me of a company that will approve me for a loan that won’t scam me out of the little money I have left.

  10. I need a 4500 loan and I have poor credit but not to poor of credit. Where do I got to get this and no obligations?

  11. My husband and I found a cute house in our town where we live. We have 10,000 to put down on this house but we need 18,000 more to pay it off completely. I know what your thinking a 28,000 home well believe it. Its perfect for us and we wont have to pay on it our entire lives our credit is poor because of or marriages before. All I have ever wanted to do is own my own home it’s right there in front of me and I cant touch it.

    Please help I want to raise my babys in a good safe nice home.


  12. Hi, I am looking for a loan of $4000 dollars to pay off some debt. The company that I owe has made me a great deal instead of paying $13,000 they gave me a one time $3900 offer and would like to pay this off and have it settled that way I would only have to pay off the smaller amount.

  13. Hi. I am in need of 4000 dollars. I have no credit. Any help at all?

  14. I need a loan to consolidate all of my debt of approx. $18,000.00. I want one bill to pay & not have to worry about making sure each bill is paid on what date. If I can have one payment to pay for everything, I would have less worries. I am trying to get through college and it is very hard for me to get funding as well.

  15. I need to borrow 25,000. I have a bankruptcy that was discharged in June 2009. I’ve been working to rebuild my credit but my score is around 580 & I can’t get approved for anything. I have a great career, with great income and have owned my home for over six years now. Our house is upside down & our mortgage has been modified. If I can get this loan then we can finish our basement which we lost & insurance won’t cover & use it to generate rental income & catch up on my mortgage (not even a month behind..YET), pay off a small amount in credit cards & get caught up on bills. I can’t sleep at night. I am able to do auto deductions every two weeks. Is there anyone out there that can help? I have much more details but these are the basics.

  16. Hello, I am looking for a loan for 2500.00 dollars and a pay back term of at least a year. I can do auto payroll deduction, but need time to easily pay it off. I really do not want any payday loans. Thanks for your help.

  17. HI,

    I have bad credit due to a past relationship, the person thought it would be funny to run up all my bills and leave me holding the problems. I need a loan for $6,000 to pay off my lease car, the lease is up in 2 weeks and I would like to buy it outright so I have no more car payment, Can pay the loan back in 6 months.

    Thank you

  18. In need of a $10000 loan to get garage roof fixed, septic fixed and hopefully get a car since my nephew totalled mine shortley after I had major surgery this year. I am disabled but work part time. I need this asap because we are dealing with health and safety issues.

    If I can get a car I can get more work but I got nothing for my vehicle and no one to help me get one or help with the repairs that need to be done before frost. I have been lied to, ripped off, scammed and all I was trying to do was get work and a loan. Will someone please help me out here before we loose everything my parents had for over 65 years.

    My credit is poor because I made sure Mom had all she needed when she got cancer then I got lots of bills and court orders from all the hospitals, medical bills, and people I didn’t even know she owed let alone the mtgs and repairs and everything else I was left with. Can’t sell because house needs work and mom owed more then property is worth plus I don’t want to loose everything my parents worked for and the only home I ever had.

  19. I am in need of a 6000 dollar loan to pay off debts and start saving. Can repay through auto deductions able to pay 500-600 dollars a month.

  20. Hi There,

    I am looking to get a loan of 5000 dollars to finish paying off my debts and hopefully buy a car so my wife can have transportation to get to work and back. My credit score is not good at all I believe its 510 and I was wondering if there was any loan besides a payday loan that I will get?

    I’m also looking to be able to make monthly payments on it over a period of around a year. Do you know of any that I would possible get?

  21. Going through tough tines,wife just found out she has cancer. Looking for a loan for 5,000.00 my credit is shakey I have nothing I can put down I do work full time so I can pay the loan back.

  22. I need a loan to consolidate some medical bills and to pay some late bills. I would like to borrow 3000.00
    I have full time employment. Would be able to make small monthly payments. Thank you. Contact me at (edited for privacy), and leave a message.

  23. Hi there I am in the process of looking for a loan of 8,000 to pay off all my payday loans. The interest alone is killing me and I have a great job and can afford 4-500 a month payments. I would just like to get these payday loans behind me and move on. If anyone has any information that can help, please let me know.


  24. Annonymous says

    I went through a very bad period of Financially difficulties now i am begining to get back on track financially and am trying to get caught up on back bills i really need a personal loan for 25.000 i know it’s a lot of money for someone with bad credit should ask for but i did hear that there are companies that will loan to people with bad credit this loan will help a lot and bring back my good credit i am now able to pay more than the limit on this personal loan if i got it becuse with the loan money i will be paying most of my bills like my cc bills especially. Well my question is does anyone know of a ligit place i can get a Bad Credit Personal Loan.
    Thank You

  25. I need 4000 dollars ASAP , have very good job . I would not have problem with payments . Would like 18 months to pay back but would do it in 12 months . credit not the best

  26. im in desperate need of 6-7000 loan to pay off past due bills and to keep my car i know how to spot scams legitimate help only thank you

  27. Daniel Stark says

    im in a need of 5000 to 8000 loan but i have bad credit can anyone help me?

  28. Hey I work full time and I go to school full time….I am 4000 dollars in debt….and I really have bad credit….plz help

  29. Patricia Dickey says

    We just need some help and there are to many scams out there

  30. My wife & I were scammed by a mortgage modifacation co. & have filed criminal complaints with the attorney general office. We have fallen behind on our mortgage & all other bill. Our house is about to go up for forclosure & my car was reposessed this week. We have exhausted our cc & savings. We have a 2 year old who need food & clothes among other things. All our money goes for him first.

    My wife & I have secure jobs & I just got a part time job that will bring in about 2000.00 a month. Our credit score is alittle over 600 & we are just looking for a lender who will give us a second chance. We need 30,000 to 40,000 dollars. I want that amount of money so we can replenish our checking & savings accounts, put alittle in our sons college account, pay off our car that we have left since the other was reposessed aweek ago.

    I am trying to raise 2,000 to get it back. We also want to get our mortgage up to date. We have a government org. that can give us a 4.06 interest rate fixed when they buy the mortgage as long as we get the payments up to date. We want to pay off three cc so we can eliminate some bills so that money can go towards the loan along with the money I make at the part time job.

    We want to get ouselves back on our feet & start repairing our credit & hopefully pay the loan off within 3 to 4 years. The sooner the better. We just need someone to give us a second chance so we can get out of this hole and never fall in it again.

    Bob K.

  31. Hi im in debt i work full time earn arond 40000 a year i need about 10000 to get back on my feet,can u help?

  32. Need loan asap divorced mom have disabled need car fixed bills computer for our online classes and to get him sumthn nice for xmas. I may have bad credit but I promoise u I can make monthly payments and pay it off at tax time.


  33. Hi I’m a divorced mom and have a disabled son I’m way over my head in back bills and need to keep current bills pd I’m desperate I have bad credit I need 3,500 to get everything caught up and hopefully give my son a decent xmas I have no cash to put down but can make reasonable monthly payments plz plz help

  34. Help! I was in a head on car wreck back in May of 2010 and have about $5000 in medical bills that I have been paying on the best I can. I need $5000 to pay them off and get them off my back and stop them from all going to collections.

    I have very bad credit due to stupid decision i made as a young adult. And now, i need help, and cant get ANYONE to help. I can afford to pay $100-$150 a month back, but that really is it. $200 would be pushing it, but doable!

  35. im a single mother of a two year old girl. i have bad credit bc of an ex. i work everyday and i really need to catch some of my bills up. i need a loan for about 400 dollars. im really looking for a 90 day type loan but dont want to do a payday loan. does anyone know anyone who might be able to help?

  36. I have some student loans, credit card, and medical bills. I need a loan around 6000 to pay everything off and just have one monthly payment. Because of med bills my credit is shot. We had a house fire last year and got behind. We are back on our feet and need to make my credit better. I don’t have any collateral or I would go to my bank.

  37. I’m pretty much in the same situation as everyone else on this page. I have very bad credit due previous marriage and just not managing my finances correctly. I’ve gotten myself into the payday trap and I just want to get my credit back on track.

    I would just need a loan for 6000 to pay off some current bills and get me on track. I make enough to pay this back within a year and then be on my way to rebuilding my credit. Anything to can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

  38. I need a 3 to 5000 loan ASAP…. I have horrible credit. Can you help?

  39. I am a single mother struggleing to get by. I am behind on all my utilities and rent. I have horrible, i mean HORRIBLE credit and need about 4000 to get my head above water and save what i have and get back on track. I refuse to do the payday loan places, they are a rip off.

    I need some one to give me a chance here to prove that I am not a deadbeat when it comes to paying my bills. My credit issues are due to my x husband and him quitting his job a few years ago. I need help!!!!

  40. I have bad credit, but need a really quick loan between $5,000 and $6,000. I’m desperate and need 2 months pay back. If someone can please help me or point me in the right direction.

  41. daniel:thanks for trying i am really battling here and most of all need a loan of about 1800.00 to clear up the ones that are hurting me the most.please stay in touch.larry

  42. Hi Larry,

    I did some digging this morning and unfortunately right now I can’t recommenced any online lenders for 5000.00. Lenders terms are changing all the time and with the recent economy dip they are really increasing their interest rates. The terms don’t favor the borrower and would only hurt you in the end. Your best bet would be to try local banks in your area and see what turns up. You could also try a pawn shop as a last resort if you have something you can use as collateral.

    I will still keep an eye open and if I see a lender with decent terms online I will let you know. Sorry I couldn’t help you out more but I don’t want to lead you down the wrong path and have you accumulate more debt.

    Best Regards,

  43. daniel: i know your probably busy i am very anxious to find someone who may help me.thanks,larry

  44. ty daniel that would help alot.i really appreciate your help,ill be waiting to hear from you.larry

  45. No problem Larry,

    There are a couple lenders that were decent in the past for up to 5000.00 dollar loans. Let me check with a few sources and I will let you know if they are still going strong. It may be after the holidays but I will post back here to let you know.

    Best Regards,

  46. thanks about a loan of 5000.00? would that be easier?i want to pay off high interest pay day loans and make one payment.thank you,larry

  47. Hey Larry,

    I replied to your question above. You are correct from my experience you shouldn’t have to pay any money up front to get a loan and if a “lender” asks for that I would walk away. If I do find a lender that I think would work for you I will email you and post back here.

    Best Regards,

  48. Hello Larry,

    It’s going to be very hard to find a 30,000.00 dollar loan with bad credit. I’m aware of bill pay, Bank of America I believe but I don’t think that will help you right now. Lenders are scared to give 30,000.00 dollars to someone with good credit let alone bad credit because of the economy. I’m not aware of any lenders that are lending that type of cash right now but if I do find someone I will email you personally.

    Larry there are tons of scams online and offline. If you do find a lender that you are considering feel free to post the details back here and I will double check the legitimacy if you would like.

    Good Luck,

  49. Im looking for a bad credit loan to get me back on track a loan of up to 30,000. I have a good job and can afford payments to come out of my check automatically through a service called bill pay where as soon as my check hits the payment is sent. Im tired of all the scams i just need some legitamate places to apply to can you help?


  50. hey Daniel:
    just wandering if you can help looking for a bad credit loan of up to 30,000 i have the job to make the payments,I just want to know of some places i can apply that are actually loan compaines and not rip offs,i will never send fees for a loan to me thats a sure sign its a rip off.Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

  51. Hello,

    I’m looking for a unsecured personal loan for 4000 to get caught up on my bills. I was out of a job and now i have a good paying job and need to get cought up now before loosing my car and home.

  52. I am looking for a bad credit loan to pay off some bills and clean up my credit

  53. Hey Ken,

    You are going to have to find a lender that will work with you. There are lenders out there willing to give what they consider high risk loans but be prepared to pay a high APR rate. The upside is if you can make large monthly installments you can cut down the time you have the loan.

    As I mentioned to Cindy I have been having a hard time finding legitimate lenders, until recently. I will be adding a link to several lenders I have researched in the next couple days. Most likely the links will be highlighted in red under every post on this website.

    Ken if you can wait a couple days you may want to check out some of the lenders I post. I can’t promise anything but it may be worth looking at.

    Best Regards,

  54. I am currently out of bankruptancy discharged with a good paying job. My credit is null in void from not having credit and the fore mentioned. How do i go about getting a loan of $6000 to 8000. I can make good healthy payments just hard to find someone to loan it.

  55. Hello Cindy,

    It’s an unfortunate situation you are in and I would love to help you. I’m in the process of working with several lenders to secure some type of arrangement to help people like yourself.

    Keep an eye out and come back every few days to my website. I will be posting a list of lenders that I feel offer reasonable APR loans for people who are in a pinch. These lenders should allow you to consolidate you loans, ease some stress and may even save you money in the long run.

    Best Regards,

  56. Cindy Fallows says

    I am going through a messy divorce and got caught up in some payday loans. My husband left me with 2 small boys at home and the payday loans. I am trying to pay them off, I have paid one off and 2 will be paid off at the end of this month. My credit is horrible that is why we went throught the payday loans.

    My house is in foreclosure and I am now I am stuck paying the payday loans off myself and I can not get ahead. I can hardly make my bills after I get paid and the loans are deducted. I would like to get a loan for about $2,000 to consolidate and pay these loans off. They are charging me fees every week and I can’t get out of the cycle. Is there anyway you can help me. You can contact me at ( edited for privacy ) or e-mail me at ( edited for privacy ). Thanks!

  57. richard dorsey says

    I need a loan, not a payday loan 6000 for 24 months can set up auto pay just want to do it without all the red tape help if you can please.

    Call anytime cell (***) ***-**** 24/7 lets cut to the chase.

  58. Don’t borrow more than you need. To save on interest payments, keep the term of your unsecured loan as short as possible without causing yourself difficulties.

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